Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - younger girl takes charge of him

She came up to me in the hall between classes as I was standing at my locker. I barely noticed her at first; she had long dark hair and was about a foot shorter than me. Besides, she was obviously two years behind me in class so why should I notice her. But as she lingered beside me I finally turned and looked down at her. She seemed very nervous.

"I want to date you," she said unceremoniously as she reached out to hand me a small envelope. "Call me at seven ... sharp. And don't be late."

I smiled condescendingly at the uppity little freshman as I benignly took the note from her trembling hand. As she turned and walked away I marveled at how brave she was. It must have taken all the courage she could muster to approach a guy she had never met and ask him out. But she hadn't just asked me out, she wanted to "date" me. She was asking me to be her boyfriend. No, wait, she wasn't asking me, she had been telling me. I smiled to myself and shook my head in disbelief as I put the note in my pocket and walked to my next class. The little girl had balls.

It wasn't until about half way through my next class that I started to get bored with the lesson and remembered the note. I surreptitiously pulled it from my pocket and opened it.

It was no ordinary note. It wasn't the kind of note kids in school usually pass around. This was a formal note on expensive paper in an expensive envelope. Curiously I opened it to see what was the brave little girl had written. Inside was just a name, "Valerie" and a phone number; they weren't written, they were typed. Amazing.

As I returned the note to my pocket my mind wandered to the young lady who had given it to me. She was a little young for my tastes, but she was cute. Normally she would have been just another face in the crowd and I probably never would have noticed her cute dark eyes and her very erect way of walking. I was sure that she was considered quite cute for someone her age but what could I possibly have in common with a younger girl like that? I wasn't the cutest guy in school but I had dated around some and there were certain girls who liked my type. I guess she was one of them.

Later that night as I was doing my homework the thought of that young lady kept popping into my head. I did admire her spunk. So, around 6:50 I decided that she deserved to be rewarded for her bravery and so I thought I would call her and let her down gently.

She answered after the second ring. "Hello," she said.

"Hi," I said casually, "this is Mark. You handed me a note today."

"I told you to call at seven. It is now 6:50." Click.

I couldn't believe she had hung up on me; the little bitch. I blushed in shame and anger and threw my phone on the bed and went back to my homework. Damned if I was going to call her again.

But something about her had struck a cord. Although I didn't want to I found myself calling her at 6:59 and then stopped myself. I actually waited until 7 and hit the call button.

Again she answered on the second ring. "Hello?"

"Uh ... um ... uh ... this is..."

"Mark. How delightful. Thank you for your punctuality. I like young men who obey orders. You do like to obey orders don't you? Because I plan on ordering you around; a lot."

I was stunned. The nerve of this little bitch was too much to be believed. I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I blushed so hard I thought she must be able to hear it over the phone.

"I knew it," she said after a moment when I didn't say anything, nor did I hang up. "Come to 717 Darling Lane tomorrow night at 7:30. You are going to take me to the movies. And dress nicely; I can't stand a poorly dressed slob."

I was too shocked to speak.

"I won't make you bring flowers ... this time. But next Friday I expect flowers." Click.

I tossed and turned that night. Every time I thought about what had happened the blood rushed to my face. However, the worst part was, that just as the blood rushed to my face it also rushed to my cock. I kept getting erections one after the other until I finally had to look at some porn on the internet and jack off to give myself some relief and get to sleep. However, I intentionally looked at only blondes so as to not think about Valerie when I came. My orgasm that night was intense. I shot so high it looked like one of those water fountains in Vegas. Afterward I slept like a baby.

All day the next day I told myself there was no way in Hell that I would pick that little girl up for a date. But after school I found myself pulling my Sunday slacks out of my closet and putting on one of my nicest shirts and a tie.

"My, don't you look spiffy tonight, Mark." my Mom said as I walked down stairs. "Who is the lucky young lady tonight, dear?"

"Uh ... uhm ... no one you would know, Mom. Just someone I met yesterday."

"Well she must have made quite an impression on you dear. You usually only dress that nicely when I drag you to church with me."

"Uh ... uhm ... okay, Mom" I said feeling very flustered and confused. "Bye. See you later."

"Bye, bye, Dearie. Be nice."

I loved my Mom but she had a way of being very manipulative that I hated. I always sensed that she was one step ahead of me and having fun at my expense. So as I drove my used Camaro to the address Valerie had given me I was feeling especially confused and anxious. What in the heck was I doing. Since when did I become a boy toy for some underclass student?

But exactly at 7:30 I rang her doorbell.

An hour later I was sitting in the back of a darkened theater watching a chick flick with my pants down around my knees and Valerie's hand slowly stroking my engorged hardon.

"You see, Mark," she said as her hand made exquisitely soft and perfect strokes up and down my penis, "I can make you very happy or I can make you very sad. The choice is yours. Now are you going to do what I tell you to do?"

"Oh ... o ... oh ... oh ... God ... Valerie. Yes ... yes ... yes ... whatever you say Valerie."

"Very good, Mark. You may cum now."

I couldn't believe it. Right on cue, just as she gave me permission, I shot a load up into the air and watched as it arced back towards my stomach to land all over my nice Sunday shirt. God damn it but she was good. Where had she learned how to do this? Who cared? I was getting the best hand job of my life and I was in heaven.

"From now on, Mark, you are not to masturbate unless you have my express permission. Is that understood?"

"B ... b ... but ... I ... I need to..."

"I will tell you what you need. You will call me if you cannot hold out and you feel you must beat your meat but you must call me first. Do you understand?"

"B ... b ... but..."

"Very well then" Valerie said sternly and stood up to leave.

"O ... o ... OKAY" I said to her retreating back. "I'll do what you say."

"It is not what I say, Mark. It is what I order. Do you understand?"

"Yes ... yes ... yes." I couldn't let her get away. That had been the most intense orgasm any guy ever had and I wanted to have it again ... and again ... and again ... and...

Valerie sat back down next to me as I reached down to pull up my pants and briefs that were still around my ankles.

"Leave them, Mark. I want to look at your flaccid penis through the rest of the movie."

I hesitated and then I let them fall back to the floor and sat back in my seat. When I did Valerie turned to me and slapped me, hard, across the cheek. I reached up to my cheek. "Put your hands on the armrests, Mark." she said evenly.

"But ... but ... but"


I moved my hands to the armrest.

She slapped me hard two more times and then she leaned forward and spit in my face. I wanted to die but I didn't move my hands. I just sat there watching the movie with my pants around my ankles and Valerie's spittle sliding down my cheek.

As Valerie watched the movie she reached over and began to fondle my dick with her hand. I moaned in pleasure.

"You see, Mark. I can be very very nice or I can be..." she turned and spit on my face again. "The choice is yours."

At this point I didn't know whether to shit or go blind.

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