A Different Kind of Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Teenagers, Post Apocalypse, Zombies, Light Bond,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brasso and his friends try to find safety and happiness in a world where the rules of biology have just been rewritten. This is a parallel story to 'Love, life and all that' and you should read that first to understand all the references and characters. Not all codes are listed as I like storyline suprises.

About four billion years ago...

The surface of the planet was covered by weathered slopes and valleys of rich red rock due to the prevalence of iron oxide in its soils. Huge lakes of water lay in the valleys, almost like small seas. There was a well-developed atmosphere that filtered out much of the solar radiation and the temperatures were in the main, around 15 - 30⁰C at the equator of the planet. The recent history of the planet was quite stable, and the surface had been able to form free from external interference.

Into this period of stability the germ of what we call life had formed. Incredibly small and simple bacterial type life forms had evolved in the warm seas. The conditions were perfect with the right chemical cocktail found in the warm oceans. Less than one percent of the size of E. coli, the most common bacteria found in the human gut and with DNA only 500 kilobases long compared to a humans' DNA which is three million kilobases long. They fed on the chemical reactions of undersea thermal currents and volcanic vents. Others met their energy requirements by oxidising ammonia. They were what a modern microbiologist would call extremophiles, life forms that could cling to the fringes of environments. They packed a lot of punch in a small biological package.

This stability was in stark contrast to the next planet in the system. It that had suffered from constant bombardment by asteroids over hundreds of millions of years. A mere 250 million kilometres in distance separated them, but in that small slither of space this planet had been pounded by uncountable numbers of asteroids, some the size of marbles, others the size of small planets. These had left craters that ranged in size up to 5,000 kilometres in diameter. The surface of the planet was a vision of Dante's hell as these impacts had reopened the recently formed crust. The impacts alone released enough energy to boil off entire oceans into the new fragile atmosphere. The last few million years had seen abatement in this pounding, and while the heat flow was still very high there were pockets of ocean that were relatively stable.

It was into this scenario that a cluster of asteroids descended on the red planet. The first was massive asteroid 12 kilometres in diameter. Traveling at a rate of about 20 kilometres per second the impact vaporized eighty five cubic kilometres of rock in a huge energy-intensive explosion. This ejected huge sections of the red planet out of its gravity well and into space. Several of these impacted with the next planet, and one deeply fissured piece landed in the depths of the stable pocket of ocean.

The remaining impacts from the asteroid cluster created so much destruction that the red planet boiled off most of it oceans and lost most of its atmosphere. A barren wasteland remained and any life remaining would have to be tough, fast and adaptable to survive. By contrast in the oceans on the other planet the transplanted life found a gentle niche in which it could flourish.

Thus it was that at the very end of the Hadean Eon some four billion years ago that the germ of life was transplanted from Mars to Earth.

Over ten years ago...

Brad Cowley and Andre Premeko were mates, had been ever since Grade 4. For the last three weeks they had navigated the confusing world of high school and Year 7. Brad was a lightly built, blonde haired boy who still looked like he belonged in Grade 4. He was physically small but well able to protect himself with his wits. Andre was a complete contrast. Although only thirteen he already topped six foot and weighted in at over seventy five kilograms. Andre was what his Aunt Polly called a 'large lump of lad'. Andre also had dark features and black hair to complete the contrast.

As teachers and students had discovered, individually they were pains, but together they were a nightmare. Brad had the disposition to be a bully without the physique to do it. Andre had the physique but lacked the intelligence. Andre had quickly worked out that things went more smoothly if he did what Brad told him to do.

Brad was feeling a bit toey today. His old man was due to be released from prison today after a long stretch inside. The father - son dynamic was not what would be considered ideal. Brad's father spent time at Her Majesties' pleasure because he had a violent temper and not much in the way of control. It also didn't help that he would rather steal something instead of getting a job. Brad's mother had obtained an apprehended violence order against Pater Cowley banning him from being within 400m of either of them, and she had reassured Brad that he would be safe. Brad was more of a realist than his mother was though. He understood that his father spent much time in gaol BECAUSE he was violent and didn't pay much attention to the law.

Best to avoid his father at present he thought. This view was largely because he had taken the opportunity to taunt his father with rebellion on the last visit, this had seemed a safe thing to do in a room with prison guards. It had just been too good an opportunity to miss, a chance to show his father he didn't fear him. He didn't feel so clever now.

He was musing about going to his Auntie's place tonight. That would keep him out of the way in case his father appeared. Also the added benefit would be his cousin Abby would be there, she was an early bloomer and at 14 was a sight to behold. That she was keen to experiment with Brad was a bonus. This musing was interrupted by a blinding flash in his vision.

The next thing he knew he was down on the ground and getting the shit kicked out of him. It seemed Pater Cowley only seemed to be encouraged by the sound of his son's ribs breaking. He was in a blind state of anger, fuelled by several hours in the pub drinking and nursing said anger.

The next thing Cowley senior knew a body crashed into him and slammed him into the chain-link fence. He was collecting himself to beat the crap out of the bigger dark haired boy who had interfered when he saw a blue uniform running across the oval towards them.

"Say nothing boy." He growled and made off into the alleyways next to the school.

Brad had no illusions. The cop coming over had seen his father off, but Andre had been the one to save his arse. He probably owed his life to Andre; his old man had that wild killer look in his eyes. He would tell the cop nothing, as his father would come after him again the minute the cops turned their backs. And the cops would turn their backs on the likes of Brad and Andre the minute they could get nothing from them.

"Give em nothing boy" he thought.

Harry Ibrahim sipped on his cup of instant coffee in the staffroom of his old school. As a success story of the school, his old Legal Studies teacher, Brian Olsen had asked Harry to come back and talk to his Year 12 class. Harry was a sworn officer in Victoria Police with his law degree and a healthy dose of ambition. The force had seen him through his articles and on to registration as a solicitor. But Harry really craved a bit of action, he wanted to be a copper as well as a lawyer. Harry had a dose of adrenaline junkie inside of him. He was assured that with his qualifications he would continue to rise through the ranks quickly. Therefore he needed to get any action early on, before he was cast in the mould of senior policeman and lawyer.

He was happy to come here and pay a little bit back to Mr Olsen. The man had been a great teacher and had taken him aside in Year 10 and told him he needed to decide if he was going to be a wannabe gangster or amount to something real in life. Many of Harry's schoolmates also had strong involvement with the law - albeit from the wrong side. Life in the Northern Suburbs could be tough.

He had been standing there looking out the window when he'd seen the little kid cold cocked over the other side of the oval. He'd been out the door in time to see another big kid slam the attacker into the fence. He'd called for divisional or 'divvy' van to respond, and as expected all bystanders refused to identify the attacker. No one could recall any details of him. Brian Olsen had indicated that the boy's father had just got out of gaol, but without witnesses nothing could be done.

Harry couldn't dwell on it for too long. He had to get home pronto. His wife Ayah and daughters were due to go over to his cousin's house. Family get together. Soraya and Aisha were keen to see their cousins and show off the dresses and bikes they had got for the recent Eid celebrations. Eid at the end of the month of Ramadan fasting was like Christmas for Muslim kids. They got spoiled rotten and everyone ate and drank too much.

Seven years later...

Two days in and Jodi was happy to be on this camp. The food was good, the camp leaders were nice and they did fun things. She'd liked the horse riding, swimming in the Murray River and the discos and dances run at night. It was also good that she was away from her newest 'stepfather'. Her biological father had disappeared soon after her birth. She knew her mother was a prostitute. The latest boyfriend, actually pimp, whom her mother had acquired, had taken to visiting Jodi's room late at night. So far all he wanted was blowjobs and Jodi knew how to do that courtesy of her previous 'stepfather'.

She'd taken to giving blowjobs at school for twenty dollars. It was a large high school and as a relatively cute looking Year 7 there had been plenty of interest, she'd soon raised her price to fifty dollars. Jodi had already got up to over one thousand dollars when she'd come to the attention of the school's welfare department. Identified as an 'at risk' student, the kindly welfare coordinator had heard the stories. He had sent her off on this camp for the mid-term break. She would miss two weeks of school and her holidays, but it was deemed worth it. Her mother had only signed the permission form when it was clear that no money was required from her.

Jodi had arrived at school the Sunday evening before with some spare undies and a toothbrush in a plastic bag at school. It was a cool day in Melbourne but she wore only a thin, dirty hoodie and shorts with sandals. The bus was picking her up at 6am on Monday, but she'd decided to stay overnight at the school. She knew how to get into the maintenance shed and could sleep there. There was no way she was going to miss the bus tomorrow. Also she'd rather not be where that bastard stepfather could find her tonight.

That was before she'd run into her maths teacher Mr Delfoy. He'd been there picking up some marking. He had taken one look at her appearance and she had seen his face fall. Within minutes Jodi confessed her plan to him. She felt awkward and embarrassed when she saw moisture form in his eye.

"Do we have a good relationship Jodi?" Jodi nodded in answer, thinking about her recent activities. She knew how to keep guys happy if required. Thinking about that and how nice he'd been to her in the past she then nodded more enthusiastically. Her stepfather had found her cash and taken it, she could do with some more money for the camp.

"Good, come with me." He added kindly.

They got in his car and he drove her towards his home. On the way he explained he was divorced and lived alone. He had a daughter who had left with her mother. The daughter was now eighteen, and due to a late growth spurt a cupboard was now full of good clothes. Given Jodi was relatively slight he thought they would fit. They stopped at K Mart on the way there and Mr Delfoy made her go and buy a weeks' worth of underwear, a toilet bag and various toiletries. She got red faced and then he got red faced as she went back for tampons before they got to the checkout. Jodi decided he was rather cute at that point, whimsically she imagined what life would have been like if this man had been her father.

They'd picked up a large pizza which Jodi had pretty much inhaled. She had taken a long hot shower and changed into clean clothes. She now had a large suitcase on wheels full of clothes, bedding, pillow and sleeping bag. All the things they'd found on the packing list for the camp. She also had a smaller daypack containing copious snacks and an unused iPhone from his draw with earbuds and loads of good music. Apparently he had bought it for his ex-wife just before she'd left. He'd even given her fifty dollars to be used on camp if required.

Jodi had decided she liked Mr Delfoy. Although at school he was a good teacher and the kids liked him, she'd discovered he was a funny guy who could tell jokes and have fun as well. At 10:30pm he pushed his chair back and made to stand up.

"Right, time for bed my girl..."

Jodi shrugged off her nighty and sat naked in his nap quickly. She was startled when he tried to leap up and they both collapsed on the floor. His face was stricken.

"What the bloody hell are you up to Jodi?"

"Well um, you heard what I do for fifty dollars, and you gave me all this other stuff..." She was snuffling now. This was not what she'd expected.

He stood up and passed her the nighty. He gave her his hand and helped her up. She hurriedly put the nighty back on and was busy bawling out tears, she was embarrassed and scared. He was sure to take away all the things he had given to her. He saw her eyes flick to the door. He quickly decided he needed to take a risk, a big risk.

He reached out gently and pulled Jodi into a tight hug. She collapsed into his arms sobbing furiously.

"The only thing I want from you is a promise to stay in school. I know it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle, you have discovered how to make money fast, but unless you get an education that is all you will have. It hasn't worked so well for your mother has it?"

He was pleased to see she was smiling and nodding through the snot and tears. They talked for a bit more before she went to a bed of her own.

He'd woken her the next morning at 5am and taken her to meet the bus. Jodi had given him a big hug just before she got on the bus.

Two days later...

Only Jodi and one other girl called Cindy had wanted to try archery. They were standing by the butts when a tall angular man with grey hair that didn't match the age of his face came over to them. She was taken with his pale blue eyes and big smile.

"Hi my name is Jason Royle and I'll be taking bushcraft, and due to the fact I can use a bow, the powers that be have decided that archery falls under bushcraft. Are you girls ready?"

Over the next hour he took them through holding and drawing the bow, sighting and releasing. Jodi showed aptitude but Cindy rapidly became frustrated as she instinctually closed her eyes when releasing. It became clear barn doors were safe from Cindy, even at short range.

Within the next hour Cindy had decided she'd join the horse riding group, but Jodi was hooked.

Jason pulled her back further and further and she still hit dead centre. It rapidly became clear the kids' bows didn't have the range to suit Jodi. Jason looked around and walked over to his Landrover. From the back he took out a larger bow and longer arrows.

"You are a smaller girl, but you appear strong, how many chin-ups can you do?" He asked.

"I dunno, ten to twenty I guess" she replied.

His eyebrows went up and he gestured to a bar high on the fence nearby. She was surprised when she punched out thirty. What Jodi did not say was there was a set of monkey bars in the park next to their housing commission flat. Whenever her mother had a male 'friend' over for a short visit, she preferred the park to being ogled. Jodi was somewhat obsessive about working out her frustrations on those monkey bars. Her anger and fear gave her upper body workouts an elite gymnast would fear.

"OK..." he started, "careful with this one and draw cleanly, you've been using bows with a twenty pound draw and this is an eighty five pound long bow.

This bow was so long that she felt like it would touch the ground when she drew it, she had to hold it at an angle. Whereas the other bow flexed readily this bow was stiff and barely moved.

From over her shoulder Jason spoke quietly. "Use your shoulders, not your arms. Also harness your strength with your anger. Picture your enemy on the target."

He watched as she lifted the bow again. He heard her mutter "eat shit and die Brad, you can suck your own cock..." The muscles across her arms and shoulders bunched up and rippled under her skin. He stared with amazement as the big bow flexed and the arrow fletching travelled back to her cheek. At that point there was a twang and the arrow thrummed and flew off. It missed the target by a huge margin but proceeded to fly over a hundred meters until with an audible 'thwack' it buried itself deep into a tree trunk.

Jason stared in amazement, he'd intended the bow to be a lesson in the requirements of a 'real' bow. Barely fifty kilograms of girl had drawn and released a war bow. Her strength to weight ratio had to be off the charts.

"Fuck me girl, but if you learn to control that bow you could become a hardcore killer. By the way who is Brad?"

"Mum's new boyfriend..." came out of her mouth with a huge grin before her mind could process the message.

Before she could escape he grabbed her by the shoulders. Looking into her eyes he spoke quietly and calmly.

"I teach the bushcraft section. I am on release from the army as a goodwill gesture and experiment for Children's Services. So far no one has signed up. Everyone wants to do computers or mechanics. In the army I teach survival and unarmed combat. Spend the next four weeks with me and I will teach you to hurt those who would try to hurt you. If anyone asks you we are going to learn to identify bush plants, sing uplifting songs and do boring hikes."

Jodi looked up at him and nodded.

"Ok hun, first we're going to learn something called Krav Maga, the Israelis teach it to their soldiers. It was started by this Hungarian guy who learned all his dirty tricks by fighting Nazis with his bare hands. By the way you need to practice with the bow. You have the strength, only practice will give you the control."

Three weeks later...

Brad locked the door and walked through the car park from the flat he shared with his latest skank. He was set to fuck off; she was starting to become whiney. If it wasn't for the little cunt that was due back in a few days he would have left. After finding her stash of money, he knew that she was on the game. He would be able to make more out of her in a day than her mother made in a month.

The next thing he knew a hand flashed out from a dark corner and clamped like vice on his throat. He felt himself lifting off the ground. He managed to rasp out a loud "Andre!..."

Next he looked into some pale blue eyes that glittered with malevolence from a sharp angular face.

"Sorry, but your mate isn't waking up for a while, you and I need to come to an understanding. Listen shitface, I'm coming back in a week. If you're still around you will need a wheelchair. If a hair on their head of either Jodi or her mother is harmed we will take a drive into the country and you will dig a shallow grave. It won't be for me."

After a pause the man tightened his grip. Brad felt his vision get hazy and a sensation of wet warmth in his crotch.

"You do believe me don't you Brad?" the man continued.

The next day...

Jodi smoothly drew the bow and held the arrow steady until she 'saw' the target centre. Gently breathing out she felt the arrow thrum from the string and watched it flex in flight, as if in slow motion, rolling in the air. Then the world sped up to normal, with a loud thwack, the arrow sank deep into the target 150 meters away. Eight other arrows lay in the centre area of the target.

She smiled with satisfaction. Beside her Jason handed over a folded sheet of paper.

"That's my personal details including address and phone numbers. Brad won't be there when you get back. I doubt your mother will take long to find an identical replacement, but if the replacement gets hot and heavy call me and I'll talk to him." He turned and handed her an envelope. "Brad thought this was rightly yours as well."

Jodi opened an envelope that had just over a thousand dollars in it. Brad hadn't really thought that, but he had really wanted Jason to take the knife blade off his cock.

"Wanna blowjob Jason?" She asked.

"Yeah, but not from you squirt..." he grinned and hugged her. She hugged him back fiercely. Both of them had barely contained tears in their eyes.

She'd spent the month with him, and they were usually alone. She knew how to survive in the bush using knife, hatchet and other bushcraft tools. Her fighting skills had improved as well. She'd be OK in the urban jungle too. Jodi had arrived as a kitten and was leaving as a budding tigress. She went to give him back the bow.

"No hun, it's yours now. I'll make myself a new one."

She of course hugged him again. This time he loved the girlish squeal.

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