Ancient Abilities 2

Part 2 of Ancient Abilities is a continuation of Part 1 that has a slight overlap with Part 1. Part 2 of Ancient Abilities is also a crossover story that merges its storyline with that of Chocolateen Part 2. If you have not read the two parts of Chocolateen, you may wish to do so to fully understand the later chapters of Ancient Abilities Part 2.

I suggest that you read the three stories in the following sequence: Ancient Abilities Part 1, Chocolateen Part 1, and finally Chocolateen Part 2.

Scenes from Ancient Abilities Part 1 are discussed in Chocolateen Part 2. They are also included in Chapter 1 of Ancient Abilities Part 2 to set the scene of where the Part 1 story ended, but this information is presented in an abbreviated fashion that provides additional insight into the effect Cathy's death had on Jim Conrad's life.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the story.


P.S. During the first five chapters of Ancient Abilities Part 1, the story presented two young people who were destined to live a very interesting life together. But the story up to that point was about setting the groundwork for a major shift in the storyline that would reveal the story's actual plot. Cathy's death in Chapter 6 was upsetting to readers for it was a totally unexpected event. However, her death was necessary for setting up the rest of the story, and as defined in the last two chapters, she was returned to life elsewhere.

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