The Warlock's Trial (Inspired by World of Warcraft)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Mind Control, Magic, Slavery, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Big Breasts,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lhiren has been searching for Gh'den's legendary spell book for more years than she would like to admit, but once she finds it and summons the great warlock's minion, there's no going back.

"There it is," Mjen waved his torch through the cavern's opening burning off a number of spider webs that had gathered over the millenia. "I told you we would find it." He looked back over his shoulder to where Lhiren was still crawling over the edge of a damp rock formation that had made the last few hours of travel exceptionally difficult. Her face, lit by the small sphere of magic fire she had conjured, was bright pink from the effort. She got to her feet and wiped the cave scum onto the green fabric of her robe where it immediately lit and fell to ash.

"This is where they put it?" Lhiren pushed her dark hair out of her face.

"Undoubtedly," the Orc smiled and his lower canines gleamed in the firelight. "It's your map," he waved a tattered scroll toward the warlock.

They had been exploring the cave on the far side of the ancient, Orc fortress for more than two days, sleeping in the wet darkness and encountering everything from cave bats to shoulder-deep rivers of water. Some of the cavern rooms had pits that seemed impossibly deep and rock formations that seemed to move like shadows.

It had been one of the most grueling physical journeys Lhiren had ever embarked on. Even the final tests, the proving ground for those who chose the path of the warlock hadn't left her as tired as the cave had. There were cuts and bruises she would have to address with magic later.

"Come," Mjen grinned, "let us gather your prize." He stepped into the cavernous room and waved his torch back and forth.

"Yes," Lhiren waved her hand and the little spark of fire that floated beside her flared brighter, "my prize." She stepped into the room and knew immediately that the map had been right. Along the walls near the door were markings and small wooden structures that looked like single rooms. She stepped over to one and saw a small meditation mat, some clay vessels, and smudges of black smoke from the empty oil lamps that hung against the walls.

"This is where they came to meditate," Mjen stared around the room and Lhiren could see that the place meant something to him, to his people. The ancient fortress, once the stronghold of the Orcs, was an almost mythical place. The beginning of the Orc's greatest heroes began in the fortress above them.

Mjen started toward the center of the room. "The sky once poured through those crystals," he pointed to a place along the ceiling where massive blue and red stones had been set into the walls. A few were missing, broken by the collapse of the fortress above, but the light from Mjen's torch and Lhiren's fire was enough to lend the chamber some of it's old luster.

Lhiren almost couldn't believe it. She had done it. The great Orc's spellbook rested on a simple stone altar in the center of the room. Everything was exactly like the legends had said.

Surrounded by piles of wax - the remains of long dead candles that once stood vigil around the sacred text - the book sat atop a pillar of carefully placed and glyphed stones. She swallowed hard and glanced at Mjen.

"Still think you can break the spell?" Mjen stood a few feet away looking examining the glyphs and guessing that the spells would be even tougher than Lhiren had thought.

"I believe so," Lhiren stared at the small, wooden-bound book and the symbols engraved around it. "We are going to need a few things," she toward the dilapidated huts that had once housed the most powerful warlocks in the land.

"Fetch me a shard of the topaz, the blue stone, from over there," she pointed toward the far wall, "I'll get a scrap of cloth from one of the mats." She started across the room and it felt like she was floating.

For three years, she had sought the ancient text. She had wandered north beyond the great ice castle of Kal and south of the barren wastes but only to hear the stories, or gain some tidbit of knowledge - never to find anything real. Over the past months she had begun to doubt herself, to wonder if finding the book was even possible.

Across the Great Sea, she had wandered the forest of the Dark Elves and the Ogre plains, sought out the mighty shaman Gh'lur, and then the witches of Falls Vail. Scraps were all she had ever gained, the next leg of her journey, a torn map, a story, a whisper about the legendary Orc and where his followers had hidden the book.

Now the exhaustion and frustration melted away. She had made it, had found the book, and soon, she would hold the secrets of the mighty warlock.

Lhiren tore a scrap of fabric from one of the mats and stared down at the Orcish pattern still visible beneath the grime of a thousand years.

"How big a piece?" Mjen's voice echoed across the milky darkness.

Lhiren sighed, "The size of your fist is plenty." She thought of the spell she had written to break the ancient glyph magic the warlocks used. She was confident, but unsure. The spell had never been used on something as large as the altar or with bindings so old. Some of the glyphs she didn't know and legend warned that the highest warlocks ever taught by the mighty Orc had protected the book of spells so that it couldn't fall into the hands of anyone with nefarious intent.

The Orcs did well. Lhiren looked back towards the stones and the book. Even from across the massive cavern, she could sense the protective barrier, the magic that had been imbued upon the structure were impossibly strong.

"Will this do?" Mjen stepped across the cavern and opened his hand. He showed the warlock the chunk of topaz he had retrieved from one of the shattered sky stones, a large blue piece the size of a knife blade.

"Yes," she glanced at the tattered bit of cloth in her hand.

"What else? You said you had a list?" Mjen's eyes glittered in the torch light and Lhiren thought back to their first meeting.

She had been sitting outside at the only inn in Riven, a small affair run by a couple of Dwarves who did nothing but bicker and snipe at each other, when one her contacts, a thief by the name of Anha brought the young Orc to her table.

"This is the guy," Anha had sat down and motioned for Mjen to do the same.

She had looked the Orc over carefully then. There was no way to be sure Anha was right, but she had never known her to be wrong. "You're sure?" It still seemed like the appropriate question to ask.

"I would bet my left tit on it," Anha had kicked her feet up on an empty chair before looking around at the empty tables of the inn and shouting. "What's it take to get an ale around here?"

"Sure about what?" Mjen had looked confused, "whether or not I am a good guide?"

Lhiren had glanced at Anha then. "Yes, are you? The place we're going has not been visited in a very, very long time."

"You'd be hard-pressed to find a better guide through the old Orc capital." Mjen had smiled and his face had almost disappeared his mouth was so big.

The Orc hadn't been wrong. Mjen had led her through more cave tunnels and passageways than an Undead capital had streets. But that was only part of the guide's responsibilities.

She slipped the small leather satchel over her head and started toward the altar. "We're going to need one more thing, but let me get everything ready first."

Mjen followed her to the foot of the altar. "My ancestors were taught in these caverns," his voice was soft. "I come from a long line of locks that goes back further than anyone can remember, but I don't have the gift."

I can't wait until you stop talking. Lhiren tuned the gravel-toned voice of the Orc out and set the little patch of cloth on the ground, before she laid the piece of topaz on top. "You're related to the great one himself."

"Me?" Mjen laughed, "no, not quite, but I am an Orc and my great, great, great grandparents were warlocks so there's a good chance they learned the craft from Gh'den himself."

As soon as the name was uttered, the stones of the altar changed. The gray, moss-covered stones transformed into what looked like polished emerald. Mjen's eyes went wide and he took a few steps back. "Did I..."

"Yes," Lhiren pulled out a small knife and set it beside the stone and cloth, "the magic knows it's master."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." Mjen apologized.

"Quite alright," she pulled a small, leather pouch free, reached inside, and pinched a small amount of earth in between her fingers. "Mjen?" She looked over her shoulder, "I want you to know that you have done what no one else has been able to do."

Mjen smiled. "Thank you, I thought it was a great adventure. Your map did most of the work, I mean, I got us past a few tricky spots, but..."

"You did well," Lhiren pulled her hand from the pouch and blew the white dust toward the Orc. "Thank you." She drew a strange symbol through the dust's haze and looked into the Orc's small eyes.

"It was really no trouble, I mean..." his nose tickled and he sneezed. "Sorry about tha..." Now his lips felt numb and everything seemed a little blurry. "Oh, wow, no really, it was such a great..." He felt a chill move over his body. He rubbed his thick hands along the green skin of his forearms. "What is... ?" His tongue felt cold and then seemed to stop working. His eyes, usually small, went wild with fear. He took a step but only landed one foot before he couldn't lift the other.

His breathing slowed. His eyes glazed over. And he stood as still as a the altar he stood near.

Lhiren stared at the Orc, caught in the entrapment spell, stunned, and unable to move. "I should put you to sleep, but I am afraid you would die if I did."

Mjen didn't move. He could have been made from stone and painted as still as he was. Lhiren stared at him. She had no trouble with the loss of the Orc, killing people was not something she enjoyed, but she could live with it. Besides, Mjen knew far too much.

She stood up and walked over to him. She had never used the spell in close quarters before and there was something fascinating about the way the Orc had simply stopped where he stood. Wondering if he would feel like stone, she reached out and touched the dark, green skin but, to her surprise, it was still warm and fleshy. She ran her fingertips down the Orc's arm and watched the thick wiry hairs spring back from under her finger. She traced the curve of each of Mjen's teeth and stared into his eyes.

Since they had gotten to the cave, she had been fascinated with Mjen. He was unlike every other Orc she had ever known or seen. Instead of the massive brutes the Orcs usually were, Mjen was like the runt of a litter, only a hand taller than she was. But he was shaped more like the brutes than a human with broad shoulders, and thick limbs. She had spent a few of their nights together wondering what he would feel like under her blanket.

Now she ran a hand under his shirt and across his chest where she found muscles as thick as rope across his belly. Unlike the muscle and tone of a normal Orc, she was impressed by Mjen's form. She liked the idea of strength, raw force. She ran her hand down across the front of his pants and felt the flacid penis. I bet it's huge.

But the only way she would ever know would be to break the spell and there simply wasn't time for that. She ran her fingers through his wiry hair and smiled. "I will see to it that your family receives the sum we agreed upon." She wondered if the Orc could hear her. "I meant it, you did something amazing."

She turned back to the altar, the reason she had come, and took a deep breath. Soon, she would have the power of Gh'den himself, the legendary spell book of the first being to tap into the void and nether dimensions. She pulled a small vial of colored sand from the leather pouch over her shoulder and drew a circle around the altar. After which she pulled another vial of sand and drew another ring around the first, this one green.

Every step she took around glowing green stones made her heartbeat faster. How many years? She remembered the first time she had heard of the mighty Gh'den, sitting in the circle of the learned her master read from the chronicle. And with the spell, Gh'den opened a portal to a place no one knew existed.

Lhiren picked up the scroll and started the incantation. The blue sand became a circle of light, pulsing with every syllable of the Orchish she spoke. She concentrated on the spell, doing her best to think of nothing else. The second ring of sand burst into angry red flames that glowed violet against the blue light of the first binding ring. She finished the first incantation and picked up the knife.

"Now the rest of your responsibilities." She lifted Mjen's hand, pricked his finger, and then her own. "Blood relation." She mixed their blood and picked up the blue sky stone.

I'm going to be able to summon demons. She stared into the crystal and spoke began the spell to fool the warlock bindings. Light blue veins of magic began to move around her like sparks from a blue fire. She closed her eyes and thought of each part of the spell.

Within moments, she was completely surrounded by a million tiny bits of magic energy. She picked up the scrap of prayer mat and stepped in between the binding circles. The magic moved around her as if she were underwater surrounded by a blue bubble of air.

Her heart raced and she held her breath as she stared down at the ancient book of spells. She reached out not completely sure that she would be able to or if the magic protecting her wouldn't break and turn her into a pile of ashes. But her hand moved until her fingers touched the hard cover of the little book.

She relaxed. Everything was working. I'm touching it. Gh'den's spellbook is right there. She traced her fingertip across the intricate carvings Gh'den had cut into the wood over the span of his life. Some symbols she knew, others she didn't. She slipped it into her hand and stepped out of the binding circles with the book.

The blue light around her slowly faded. The emerald light that came from the stones disappeared. And the binding circles became nothing but sand around a neatly stacked pile of gray stones. She stood still. The air moved around her. I've got it. The thought slowly made it's way through the haze of her excitement.

She turned the book over in her hands. She could barely believe it. Her hands shook as she touched the binding and cover. I've got it. I'm holding the spell book of the most powerful warlock ever.

Carefully, she opened the front cover of the book and saw the slanted curve of the warlock's writing, the thin scratching of nib and flowing ink across thick, uneven paper. Strange twisting energies. Powers culled from the fel flames. Nether regions. Portals to the unknown. Her eyes scanned the words as she flipped through the pages.

She saw the Orcish word for minion and stopped. The legend of Gh'den said that he bent the will of even the most powerful demons, the captains of the great masters beyond the portals obeyed his every whim. It was said that with a few words the mighty warlock could summon a demon strong enough to lay waste to an army, or a horde of imps that could set a city on fire.

Succubus - Dh'lencia. Lhiren ran her fingertip across the scratchings and symbols Gh'den had used to create the spell of summoning. No warlock had ever succeeded in pulling a demon as strong as a succubus from the twisting void.

Futanari Sex Story - The Warlock's Trial

Lhiren took a deep breath. This is what I came for. I will do what Gh'den did and more. I will be the next Gh'den, the next legendary master. She read the incantation. Through the door of darkness, she translated the Orchish in her thoughts, you are commanded to appear. Serve your master and walk beside me. Answer my call, heed my words, obey your master. She opened her hand and green flames sprang from her palm, until she held a sphere of fel flame the size of her head.

A breeze moved around the cavern stirring the musty air like a tunnel had been opened somewhere in the cave, but Lhiren did not stop reading the spell.

The strange flames dripped from her hand and pooled on the floor in front of her, still burning, but moving like it was alive, an ooze of greenish flame driven by her will.

She focused her energy as the power welled inside her.

The fire became a pool of flame on the cavern floor. Lhiren's eyes began to glow. "Answer my call, heed my words!" Her words echoed off the stone walls. Her robe, billowing in the strange wind, shimmered and reflected the fel flames. "Through the door of darkness..."

The flames disappeared leaving behind only a faintly glowing pool of sickly green light. " ... obey your master." The green light shifted and moved. "Serve your master and walk beside me." She glanced up and a form began to take shape, rising from the pool.

"Ha ha ha," a woman's laughter echoed around the cave and a chill rolled down Lhiren's back.

"Answer my call, heed my words," Lhiren shouted the words as the glowing light of the pool disappeared and left her in darkness.

"Answer your call?" The woman's voice sounded like it came from every direction at once.

Lhiren took a deep breath and held the book tight. She was afraid, but not terrified. A succubus was not like an imp, a succubus was powerful enough to command demon armies. It would make sense that it would have some ... personality. "Show yourself!" Lhiren thought of a binding spell and wondered if she had the strength to hold a being as strong as a minion of Gh'den.

Darkness surrounded her. The earth below her feet shook and she heard the crunch of crushed stone as something stepped forward, past the altar. She wanted to cast light, but decided against it. Instead, she stood still and waited. The being took another step toward her and she could feel it. Not a great deal of heat, but like she was standing next to a campfire or a cook stove still warm after a meal. It's either bending over or as tall as me then.

And then it opened it's eyes.

Lhiren sucked in a breath. The demon was close enough that she could have kissed it. "What do we have here?" The glowing, emerald eyes narrowed and Lhiren felt the beings breath, warm and damp, roll across her face like smoke.

"I am your master," she couldn't believe how sheepish the words sounded.

Light filled the cavern as every lamp along the wall lit and dripped the greenish fire.

Lhiren's eyes went wide. What stood in front of her was like nothing she had ever seen before.

The two stared at each other for a moment, each taking in the existence of the other, each measuring the strength, power, and beauty.

Lhiren ran her eyes over the demon. It was only slightly taller than she was and, for the most part, built in the fashion of a female.

From the head, where long, dark hair fell across flesh-colored shoulders, were two obsidian horns that emerged from the back and rolled forward to dangerous points near her forehead. Her ears were longer than a humans and pointed like those of the Elven people, but her face was almost perfectly human, with a narrow nose and full lips.

She was female from the waist up as well, with large breasts held tight against her body by carefully wrapped black cloth with strange silver bandings. Her arms and hands were like Lhiren's except the demon seemed fond of longer nails that were colored silver like the brocade work of her clothing.

Two legs descended from the wrapped black and cloth, but both legs were shaped like those of a fawn or a horse and covered in short black hair that reflected the torch light. Her humans have feet, the demon had black cloven hooves adorned with more of the silver brocade.

"What is your name?" Lhiren spoke the words in Orchish.

The demons eyes fell on the book in the warlock's hand. "You know who I am, Dh'lencia, a succubus. I was your master's minion." The demon spoke the common tongue.

"Dh'lencia," Lhiren spoke the demons name. ****

The demon grinned. "A human warlock?" She looked Lhiren over with an appraising eye. "Why did you summon me?" Her long black tail swept around Dh'lencia's waist and then moved across her thighs.

Now it was Lhiren's turn to smile. "You are mine now. I am your master."

Dh'lencia chuckled. "You?" Large black wings snapped open behind the demon and the rush of air tossled Lhiren's hair, but the warlock didn't move. "Do you know who I am? What I am, little human?" She sneered.

Lhiren closed the book in her hand. It was true, Dh'lencia was powerful, probably the strongest demon summoned since Gh'den, but she could already feel the power of the spellbook binding to it's new owner. "You are the demoness Dh'lencia, once the minion of Gh'den, now the minion of Lhiren." Her voice was matter of fact, a simple statement.

The demons laughter echoed around them. "You over estimate yourself, young one," she stepped forward, her leather wings unfurled, the long tail moving like an angry cat's. "But I will fix that for you." Her hooves clomped and scratched at the stone until she was arm's length from the warlock. "Kneel," she said.

Lhiren felt the force of the demon's power. It felt like she was underwater, too deep to reach the surface and sinking faster with every breath. She struggled against the force. You have to be strong. She focused on a protective spell, a barrier, but the weight was too much, it was all she could think about, all she could feel.

Her knees weakened and bent toward the ground. No, I am the master. Despite her efforts, her body wouldn't stop. Her knees pressed her robe against the hard floor of the cave and relief washed over her instantly as if the demon rewarded her for obedience.

"There, that's better." Dh'lencia stepped forward until she was towering over Lhiren.

Lhiren didn't look up. Instead, she concentrated on the spellbook and the carvings across the cover. She needed to find a way to tap into the great warlock's power, a way to strengthen herself.

"Now to see about this," she vanished and reappeared behind Mjen. She leaned forward and smelled the curve of the Orc's neck. "I know this one," her voice was soft. "You didn't mention that you had brought me a gift, Lhiren." Her voice mocked the kneeling human.

Lhiren opened the book and desperately started to search for a spell that would give her dominion over the demon.

"And you kept him alive, how sweet of you." The demon vanished and reappeared in front of Lhiren faster than the warlock could blink. "Still looking for a spell that will give you what you want?" She laughed as Lhiren desperately searched the ancient text, rifling the pages and mumbling to herself. "I'm glad I decided to answer your call though," she stepped back to the altar and sat down on the structure. Her wings folded behind her and her tail wrapped around the stack of stones like a snake. "I haven't been here in a millennium," she looked around the cave. "How much do you know about us?"

Lhiren looked up, a bit confused by the question. "What?"

"How much do you know about us, about demons, about my kind?" Dh'lencia tucked a length of her hair behind her long, pointed ears and sat waiting patiently.

Lhiren looked the demon over. It was strange how human the being was. Every description she had ever read or heard described demons as monsters. And certainly everything she had ever summoned or seen summoned fit the criteria - fire imps were mindless little beasts as were the hunters and their tall, armored masters. But Dh'lencia was far above those creatures. She was intelligent, strong, and quite striking really. "Little," she said, "only stories". It was true, the last thing she had expected when she had summoned the demon was someone like Dh'lencia.

"And yet you think you are the master of us all," she stood and walked back toward the warlock. "I think it's time for you to learn a lesson, little warlock." The demon grinned and the silver fittings around her body glowed with power.

An invisible force gripped Lhiren's arms and legs and hoisted her into the air.

"Stop! No!" She tried to fight the force but her limbs were held tight and her body taut in the air like two children holding a rag doll on either side, ready to pull. Terror knifed through her. She uttered a spell of protection and the saw the pale sphere of energy bubble around her. But it did not stop the demon's hold.

"Aw," Dh'lencia walked around the magic sphere and scraped her fingernail along the surface. Blue sparks lit off where she touched it. "A shield? From me?" She opened her hand and laid it flat against the spell. The sphere turned from blue to green and then vanished.

Dh'lencia held her hand up to her mouth and smiled as her forked tongue darted past her lips, wrapped around each finger in turn, and licked them like they had been covered in honey. "You have a great deal to learn, little warlock." Dh'lencia walked up and slipped the spell book out of the warlock's hand. "One is that you are not strong enough to wield Gh'den's magic." She set the book back on the altar and stared down at if for a moment as if she were remembering something almost fondly.

Lhiren felt weak. The demon had broken through the protective spell like it was made of paper, she had absorbed Lhiren's power, sapped it from the shield."Now, I think you will be my minion for awhile," She spun on the warlock. "Do you have any idea what a succubus can do?"

Futanari Sex Story - The Warlock's Trial

Lhiren had heard stories, horrible stories. Mind control was supposedly one of their innate abilities, a thing they did as easily as breathing. The legends said they could overpower a person's mind and make them to do their bidding in the time it took to blink. She tried to clear her mind. She looked at the spell book a few feet away. If I could get it, if I could find a spell. No, I need to find a way to overpower her. What can I do?

Dh'lencia stepped forward and ran her fingertip along Lhiren's neckline. I am going to have some fun with you." Her eyes narrowed mischievously and her tongue flicked out like a snake's. "It's going to hurt, but trust me, you're going to like it."

Lhiren stared into the pools of light that were the demon's eyes and felt her will begin to dissolve. "Never," she struggled against the invisible force holding her off the ground. "I'll never let you..." And then she couldn't remember what she was going to say. I'll never let you ... what? The force that held her slowly lowered her to the ground, but the warlock barely noticed. No, I was going to say something. What was it?

The demon stood in front of her. "What were you saying, dear?" She ran a hand through the warlock's golden hair.

Lhiren couldn't remember. She had wanted to say something. Was I angry? "No," she said softly, "nothing..." Was I about to say master? What is happening, what is she doing to me?"

"Good," Dh'lencia walked behind the warlock, "you are quite pretty, you know." She waved her hand along the little row of buttons on the back of Lhiren's robe and they fell open revealing the warlocks pale, smooth skin. "I'm glad I decided to answer your call," she chuckled.

Lhiren closed her eyes and searched her own thoughts. Everything was wrong, she could feel it, but she couldn't remember what it was. Dh'lencia, the demon. Gh'den's minion. Her eyes are like pools of light. She's a succubus, capable of ... She felt her robe go slack across her shoulders. What is she doing?

The demon stepped back in front of the warlock, waved her hand, and green robe fell around the humans ankles. Dh'lencia's face lit with delight as she took in Lhiren's body. "Human bodies are so..." Dh'lencia ran her fingers around the curves of the warlock's firm breasts, "supple and soft."

The demon's touch was warm, almost hot, but Lhiren couldn't focus on it. All she could about was pleasing the demon. She watched the long fingers and silver nails move around her breasts and felt her chest fill with pride. She likes my body, the way I look. I please her. Excitement tingled through her.

"I have never had a human woman before," the demon leaned in and whispered the words in Lhiren's ear.

"I am yours," Lhiren heard herself say. "Take me."

The demon's tongue ran along the curve of Lhiren's neck and she sighed happily.

"I intend to, young one." The demon stepped back and slipped on of the silver bands from the black cloth that wrapped around her. In a puff of gray smoke, the cloth and bands disappeared leaving the demon in her natural form, nude like the warlock.

Lhiren's eyes went wide. The demon's breasts fell forward like a humans' breasts, but they were larger than her own and capped with dark areolas and thick nipples. Lhiren wanted to take one in each hand and squeeze them. She wanted to slip the hard nipples into her mouth and suck until Dh'lencia moaned with pleasure.

Her body quivered at the thought of the demon's moan. I will please her. She stared down to where the shiny fur began at the demon's waist. The fur is so perfect, so black. She wanted to touch it. How soft is it? Next she looked for the familiar swollen mound of pink lips like flower petals, but instead was greeted by a long, thick tool that reminded her of her stallion's cock. Gods look at that thing! It's a horse's cock.

"Yes," Dh'lencia chuckled and pointed at the slowly lengthening rod, "you didn't expect that, did you?"

The massive cock slid forward, growing until it was almost as long as Lhiren's arm and standing straight out.

Lhiren looked into Dh'lencia's eyes and found the same beautiful, calming swirls of color.

"Come little one," Dh'lencia waved her hand and Lhiren's robe moved across the cavern floor until it was a blanket of green fabric. "Kneel."

Lhiren lowered herself to her knees and stared at the head of the massive cock waving in front of her face. It's so big. It'll never ... She shook her head, something wasn't right. There was something else, some thought just out of reach. What was I thinking?

Dh'lencia wrapped her hand around the base of the trunk of flesh and slowly started to stroke. "You will please me," she leaned forward so that the almost square tip of the phallus touched Lhiren's lips. "Taste," the demon looked down at the golden-haired human waiting on her knees like a faithful servant.

Lhiren looked into the demon's eyes. "Yes," she said and opened her mouth for the beast.

The sound of crushed stone echoed around them as Dh'lencia took a half step forward and pressed her member into Lhiren's hot mouth. The warmth tingled across her skin.

Lhiren's tongue explored the head and hole of the red, hot flesh in her mouth. Energies. Magic. She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around the shaft. I will please her.

Dh'lencia sighed. "Yes," she whispered, "yes." The demon clenched her buttocks and felt the pre squeeze into the warlock's waiting mouth.

The salty sweetness of the demon's pleasure washed across Lhiren's tongue and she began to bob her head, sliding the red, vein-covered shaft deeper, swallowing greedily. Give me more. She thrashed her tongue around the heft of the cock and pressed even further forward, filling her mouth and pressing the massive head against her throat.

The demon moaned softly. "Yes, my pet," she ran her fingers through the warlock's golden curls and slowly began to thrust into the waiting, moaning mouth.

She tastes so good. So sweet. And every moan is like music. She opened her mouth as wide as she could to accept the slow push and pull the demon was giving her. The cock reached the back of her throat but when she thought she would choke, she didn't - the cock just moved deeper her throat a velvet sleeve for the horse-sized shaft.

"Yes..." the demon hissed her pleasure as the urgency built inside her, forcing her to thrust her hips faster.

The warlock dug her fingers into the soft fur of the demon's thighs and braced herself against the pressure of demon's fucking. So soft. She trailed her fingers through the fur. Give me your pleasure, master. I am yours. She looked up at the demon and saw the pleasure on her face. Lhiren's quim was wet and hot. I am yours. Give me your pleasure. The demon's hips fucked the massive cock down the warlock's throat faster and faster until the phallus began to swell and throb.

"Drink!" The demon groaned.

Lhiren closed her eyes as the cock in her mouth stretched and throbbed. Yes, master. Bathe me in your bliss.

The demon pressed deep into the warlock's mouth and the first geyser of cum blasted down her throat, a hot torrent ecstasy that warmed every nerve in the warlock's body like she was standing hear a warm fire.

Lhiren swallowed, but it was too much. The next bolt of cum filled her mouth faster than she could swallow and burst past her lips and ran out of her nose. She tried to pull away, but Dh'lencia held her firm, both hands on the back of her head as she fucked the humans mouth.

The cum dripped down her face and rolled off her breasts, light blue and steaming with energy as it pooled on the robe between Lhiren's knees, but she didn't care, all she wanted was more. The pleasure the demon felt filled the warlock with intense pleasure. She swallowed again and again as much as she could, but the demon kept coming. Buckets of the stuff poured down her throat and spilled from her lips unitl she was covered in the strange, tingling goo.

Her cock still swollen and dribbling the last of her euphoria, Dh'lencia stepped away. "Nicely done, my pet." She leaned back against the altar and smiled down at the human.

Lhiren sat panting on top of her green robe, her body plastered in blue semen. Her jaw ached and her lips were numb, but she couldn't stop herself from sliding her fingers through the liquid and sucking it into her mouth. There is something about it, something addictive almost, I need more. She eyed the dripping head of Dh'lencia's cock greedily.

"Master," she cooed, "is there more?"

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