Nocturnal Nurishment
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Analingus, Size, Doctor/Nurse, Violent,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wendy is certain she needs some more spice in her life. Perhaps her behavior modification schooling did not work after all.

My name is simply Wendy. My last name is unimportant and I must give my new spouse some modicum of privacy that my disclosures might expose.

In my fanciful youth, I was much given to flights of imagination about pirate ships and "Lost Boys" and pretty little fairies that flew around my head when I was naughty. The internationally acclaimed Doctor Krankenhous from Oxford had informed my parents that I needed the discipline that his institute was able to apply with guaranteed success. Those years in the Krankenhous Institute were still firmly entrenched in my memory even to today. I will tell you a little bit about his methods even though they are of painful retrospection and force me to secretly imbibe spirits before tea time.

I sit at this writing desk in the study of my esteemed husband wrapped in the finery of an upper-class lady with my devious juicy slit fair weeping with the thoughts of the discipline that the sly Doctor Krankenhous personally dished out to all of his female patients in the middle of the night. Of course, the rumors were rampant in those upper class societal circles where the truth was suspected with regard to his methods but neither the authorities nor the hoodwinked families had proof of his insidious process in curing imaginative minds. My own family was totally clueless of the tortures I had endured under his control and I was loath to impart the truth for fear of causing them discomfort.

My true name is actually Winnifred but I desperately distain that name as well as the diminutive of "Winnie" which strangely reminds me of a bear. No, it is "Wendy" for me and thus I shall remain even when it is on the lips of the dreaded Doctor Krankenhous. I remember being stretched out on the cold table in his basement after midnight on a night of his treatment and being subjected to the introduction of his merciless instruments into my private place to instill obedience into my demeanor.

I squealed and I squirmed but to no avail because he was relentless in his pursuit of medical science. Eventually, my weakened thought process saw the wisdom of bending to his detestable will and I started down the path of proper thinking. The only thing that I found completely disconcerting was his employment of simple "water" to induce cooperation in his patients. I had always had a particular attachment to water. I loved to bathe and to swim in the stuff and I found it to be the most nourishing of liquids to pour down my gullet. Doctor Krankenhous had discovered in its very simplicity a devious use for structuring correct-thinking graduates of his successful system. I knew that the "water" cure was to follow whenever the nasty lower class nurses stripped me of all my clothes including my knickers and strapped me firmly to the tabletop. No amount of squealing or squirming could save me from the process and I was so fearful of the sense of drowning that I lost all dignity with my pathetic pleading and sobbing for mercy when I knew mercy was not in the nature of Doctor Krankenhous's methods.

The sounds of the big-bosomed nurses laughing at my feeble thrashing on the tabletop filled me with justified anger at my treatment but there was absolutely nothing I could do to forestall the Krankenhous methods. I fear that in many instances, I could not control my bodily functions and it was necessary to hose me down with the sprinklers to present a clean surface to work on. Several times I wondered why the dirty-minded doctor did not use his own flesh to stretch my female orifice or even my posterior entryway but used the male nurses to instill the spirit of obedience into my resistant nature. It came to the point that I could identify the nurses by the length and the girth of their cocks rather than the ugly features of their common faces.

It was after a particularly harsh session of multiple anal stretching that I came to see "the light" of Doctor Krankenhous's methods and became sufficiently docile to qualify for graduation and the label of "cured". The nurses were all beaming with the delight of my success and gave me extra treats in the form of little sweets and even single flowers to show their pleasure in "saving" another soul from the despair of an over-active imagination.

When I greeted my parents, I kept all of my dirty thoughts buried inside me and charmed them with my devotion and eagerness to please. My old beau, Captain Hedgespeth gave me a spray of flowers that perfectly matched my graduation gown. It was not difficult to convince him to come with me to the upstairs library to discuss our future away from my parents.

As soon as the library door closed, I told Captain Hedgespeth to quickly unfurl his needy cock as I had long missed its deserved entrance into my deprived slit.

"Quickly, Hector, I need it so badly."

He dropped his trousers at maximum speed and I presented my flanks for his perusal. Seconds later, he was fully buried deep in my vaginal channel and we were both breathing a lot faster and our grunts of pleasure filled the small library with obscene echoes. In my secret thoughts, I was already planning the order of sampling of my former beaus in order to select the proper mate to bring me the pleasure I most certainly deserved.

I seldom socialize with my siblings any longer because they have families and responsibilities of their own now. None of them remember the days of our youth and young fancies. My poor parents are aged now and more interested in the garden and the newspaper than in listening to my thoughts and issues. So, I have immersed my activities in presenting my person for my husband's pleasures and maintaining a social calendar of dutiful upper-class activities.

I had hesitated to suggest to my devoted spouse that we might engage in some anal bedtime sports because I knew from our spirited coupling that he was particularly shy about any touching in that sensitive region and was fastidious about cleanliness to the point of even being distainful of the passing of natural gas from that delicate region. Rather than offend his sensitivities, I decided to find a few young lads of common background to pound my bum appropriately when the need arose in my kinky nature.

As part of my society conscious activities, I had started a small soup kitchen for the poor unfortunates who seemed to have multiplied of late due to economic reversals in our trade practices with other nations. I deigned to select two muscular males with pleasing facial characteristics to labor in my gardens as a form of benign upper-class bestowing of employment to the lower classes. I made certain neither of them were married as I hated the thought of my chosen "buggering" mates to have steady relations with a person they might have affections contracted for. Besides, it would make them more compliant and desperate for entrance into an available entryway belonging to an upper-class female of superior intellect and status.

The younger male was called "Jack" and he was a sturdy lad with admirable strength in his lower body and impressive development of his male organ. My mouth was drooling at the thought of bending over for his pleasure and I was instantly wet picturing my poor bum being battered by his manly flesh and being helpless in his controlling hands. I even had thoughts of him exploring my nether regions with his lips and tongue but knew that most virile males were not of this kinky persuasion unless properly trained by an experienced female with unusual tastes.

The other new employee in my garden was called "Andy" and he was an unusually tall specimen of masculine excellence. I had heard two of the kitchen wenches giggling about the length of his member and it caught my attention immediately making my carefully hidden active imagination to draw detailed pictures of his impressive staff sliding into my bum with determined force. I knew I would be in breathless anticipation until that moment when I felt his strong hands on my hips and with me bent over in front of him waiting for the touch of his cock on my greedy brown eye.

I introduced both Jack and Andy to my husband on the morning of their first employ and I sensed right away that he was amused at my choice but had none of that stench of jealousy that men often emit when they believe their territory to be encroached. I promised him that I would be overly discreet and he would have no cause for recrimination. He just sighed and made me promise to use my oral skills at the earliest opportunity to give him that certain tingle that made him enjoy his pipe with added satisfaction. I nodded my assent because in all honesty I found my husband's cock in my mouth made me suitably "complete" and stimulated me to the degree that the touch of my little finger on my quim was all I needed to explode with unladylike severity.

My Donald enjoyed watching me convulse in orgasm with his prick inside my lips and it was usually all he needed to shoot his load into my throat with gleeful accomplishment. I had been carefully groomed by Doctor Krankenhaus to savor the taste of the male organ and to accept the slimy emission into my digestive system as if it were nourishment from the Gods for obedient females. He never failed to complement me on my swallowing talents and I visibly preened like a street corner doxie basking in the depraved praise.

After my husband departed for work, I watched the two men working in the garden with their shirts off. Their muscles were gleaming in the healthy sun sweating with their exertions and I could see little rivers of perspiration running down their sun-browned skin like someone had poured a jug of water over their head. When Jack bent down to extract an errant weed, I could see the full package of his male equipment hanging down like the accessories of a Greek God waiting for joyful display and intimate exercise of the erotic kind. His flanks were taut and tightly clenched eager for anticipated humping if any female of merit came within his reach. His companion "Andy" was pacing his labors as he worked his way steadily down the row of flowers in need of weeding and fertilization. I could not help but think of my own little feminine garden in need of such tender loving care to cause me to flower with vibrant color and voice my wanton pleasure at the attention granted by his cock. I almost hesitate to relate that the image of both of the man working their way with my flesh at the same time made me almost swoon in sheer joy.

I walked out onto the veranda and waved to them to approach and then told them,

"You boys have been working so hard in the sun; I fear it is a necessity for your health to come into the house and drink some of the delicious lemonade I just made for the noonday meal. I am certain it will quench your thirst and cool you off for more strenuous labors."

They followed me obediently and I made certain my hips were swinging with enough circular motion to attract their attention to the fact they had an upper-class female of respected gentility servicing their physical needs and that they might become more demanding on my person for additional favors.

I was rewarded in my machinations when Jack became bold enough to cup my breast when I bent down to serve him his drink. I pretended not to notice and this made him bolder still. Soon he had his hands all over my heated bum trying to feel my hidden flesh like I was some immoral seller of flesh to any male with a coin in his pocket. I continued to ignore his indignities acting like it was all proper and not degrading in the least.

The puzzled Andy joined in the festivities and was slipping his recently washed hand up under my dress to explore my female territory usually reserved by well brought-up young ladies for their spouses or intended alone. I merely opened my knees in compliance and both men realized I was available for their dalliance in any way they were of a mind.

It was a quick move to the comfortable sofa that soon found me down on all fours with one lad between my legs and the other riding my face with his rampant cock. I was totally played at both ends like some grand musical instrument and the sounds I made with my joyous lips were blended between the shy whimpers of an inexperienced bride needing the practice of a skilled musician and the more guttural expressions of passions that confirmed the extent of my depravity.

Both men shot their loads and then switched positions to start all over at the other end. It was only because I expect my husband to return for tea that I had to ask them to desist and return to their gardening labors with a promise to give them a similar personal reward on the morrow.

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