Director's Cut
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Catherine (Cat) Anderson, 40, was a professional film director, a good one. While her métier was documentaries, she funded them by directing commercials and porn films. Cat brought all of her films in on time and on budget. Annie's daughter, Kit, was 16. She not only knew about her mother's porn career, she had served as a part time fluffer for years. Cat's son, 14-year old Tom, was vaguely aware of his mother's porn involvement, but was curious. The kids' second mother was Simone.

Tout le monde, in Hollywood anyway, knew that Bradley Bishop had fathered Catherine (Cat) Anderson's two children. Neither parent discussed marriage nor abortion nor adoption.

Bradley and Cat had no interest in matrimony. Bradley left it up to Cat to decide what to do with the kids. None of his business, really.

Cat Anderson, 40, and her two children -- Kit, 16 and Tom, 14 -- all got along with Bradley. If it wasn't quite love, it was certainly affection. And some pride mixed in as well.

Bradley was a well-respected second-tier actor. Never the leading man, but often the pal, the foil, the loser of the girl. He had won several film, television and theater awards. Bradley even had a Best Supporting Actor Oscar on a closet shelf. He brought it out only when someone insisted.

Cat wouldn't accept child support payments from her kids' father. She was independent in almost every way. Kit was a mirror image of her mother. Independent, mostly fearless, strong.

Both mother and daughter were protective of Tom. He was a follower. From the very beginning, Kit seemed more like a mother to her younger brother. She defended him fiercely. Never teased him, somehow sensed that he needed protecting.

Cat had a rather laissez-faire parenting approach. She basically left her kids alone to explore, fuck up, find their own way. She was pleased that Kit had taken over responsibility for Tom.

From before her children were born to this day, Cat was mostly in love with Simone. Simone, a Paris-born torch singer. A smoldering, dark haired pixie. A pixie who had loved Kit and Tom from birth.

Simone lived, except for an occasional family trip to Paris, with Cat, Kit and Tom. It was a mutual admiration society. The kids had grown up with two mothers and accepted it just as naturally as they had their absent father. None of their friends had two traditional parents -- who did these days? In L A, anyway.

Cat was, physically, a contrast to Simone. Cat was 5' 8" with short-cut auburn hair. Slender with wide shoulders, small boobs, a tiny waist and long, long legs. Fiery green eyes, a good chin and strong but delicate looking hands. High cheekbones. Cat was, in industry parlance, a babe. At 40 she was well past her sell-by date, but a babe nevertheless.

By the time Kit was 8 and Roger 6, Cat had turned over most of the parenting role to Kit. Roger adored his older sister, imitated her, obeyed her, followed her. He was a listener, Roger. Kit was a talker, but also a doer.

She selected Roger's clothes, checked his homework, vetted his friends.

The four of them -- Cat, Simone, Kit and Tom -- lived in a home high in the West Hollywood hills. Scenic views of L A. Both children attended Hollywood High School. Kit drove a secondhand BMW given to her by her father.

Even though Simone spoke English fluently, everyone spoke French at home.

The house was a U-shaped hacienda style home. There was the standard swimming pool surrounded by the house and bamboo shrubbery on the fourth side.

The four of them skinny dipped, always had. Kit taught her younger brother how to swim. And everything else. Like how to masturbate. Cat smiled at Simone when she heard her daughter tell Tom, "Don't cum in the pool, that's gross."

"Okay Kit."

"Cum in the grass, that's fine."

"Okay Kit."

The comfortable five-bedroom house was furnished eclectically. It was so effortlessly together, you would think a professional decorator had been involved. But it was mostly Simone's innate good taste that married Mid-Century with Art Deco, with antiques, with Art Nouveau with Moderne with modern.

It just worked.

While Simone would be viewed as a stay-at-home mom, she was mainly Cat's companion. Simone had enough family money to pay her share of the mortgage and other expenses.

But for actual mothering? Cat and Simone left that up to Kit.

Cat and Simone sometimes necked a little in front of the kids, but nothing more. Cat ran an open house, but not that open.

Tom was another matter. Once he asked Kit about his first wet dream, she began his sexual education. Starting with how to masturbate. Kit didn't bother with the 'everyone does it, it's natural' bit. She jacked him off under Cat and Simone's amused eyes.

Kit told her younger brother, "Do it whenever you want. It feels good, so why not?"

Being utterly unselfconscious about pleasuring himself added to Tom's slowly emerging self confidence. Which was Kit's intention.

In her chosen profession -- filmmaking -- Cat was respected in the Industry. Her documentaries came in on time and on budget. Her commercials came in on time and on budged. Her porn films came in on time and under budget.

Cat protected her career independence fiercely. She funded her own documentaries through the constantly evolving porn world. Cat had started as a porn actress herself. Beginning as soon as she had been able obtain a good-enough set of ID to get hired. After her third film, Cat began thinking beyond the genre. Began thinking about film in general. She was in middle school at the time.

She put herself through film school at UCLA where she met Bradley. She was a freshman to his sophisticated senior, but Cat's six years in porn films had given her a perspective on men that most of her fellow students lacked.

Cat held her own with Bradley and moved in with him and his two roommates, also would-be actors. Bradley was the only one who made it.

Shooting porn, Cat moved from in front of the camera to behind it. She found she could write better, more believable scripts, and write them faster than any of the veteran screenwriters.

As a director, Cat learned that the Hollywood cliche -- the best actors in the Industry are behind the camera -- was true for both her documentary and porn careers. She had to cajole, browbeat, beg, threaten, in order to bring out the best in her subjects. Her documentaries looked spontaneous, ad libbed, off the cuff. They weren't.

Cat had two documentaries nominated for an Oscar. She had won other awards, but still waited for the gold statuette.

She told Kit, the second time she didn't win, "I had my speech ready -- two words, "Thank you."

"You'll win next time Cat."

Simone accompanied Cat to every Oscar ceremony whether her lover was nominated or not.

Tom always showed the most emotion, crying the two nights his mother didn't win.

On her brother's 14th birthday, Kit sucked him off as their mother and Simone watched, surprised. Later Kit told her mother, "I haven't decided to fuck him yet."

"That's a big step, sweetheart."

Cat didn't say anything more on the subject. Kit had been sexually active for years and years. Kit loved her little brother. Cat would leave it up to Kit to decide one way or another.


Simone told Cat, "If Kit wants to get him laid, I'll fuck him."

Cat shrugged, "Let Kit know."

Cat loved her two kids, but hadn't been in the parenting game for years. Kit didn't need it and Kit took care of Tom.

If pressed, Cat would categorize herself as a lesbian. But, with the full approval of Simone and Kit, she was occasionally in the mood for a man. While tempted by this porn actor or that one, Cat would never fuck anyone in the business. It could lead to trouble on the set and Cat didn't allow trouble on the set.

When the Kit and Tom were born, Bradley continued to fuck Cat for a while. But now, at 40, she was a good 20+ years too old for his taste. Cat didn't resent it in the least. Men were the way men were.

Besides, she wasn't above seducing the occasional teenage boy herself.

Cat's porn films, tight, believable stories, brought out the most that her talent-limited actors had. Cat had a good reputation in The Valley. Her actors were tested regularly, showered before every scene, even brushed their teeth.

Beyond cleanliness there was a general on-set understanding: be kind.

Actors and crew members preferred working with Cat to anyone else in the field.

Kit was more than Cat's daughter, more than Tom's surrogate mother. She was, along with Simone, Cat's best friend. Unlike with her more delicate son, Cat told Kit everything. Never lied, never evaded.

Consequently Kit knew about her mother's porn career ages ago. Cat let her watch some of the better films when her daughter was much younger. Cat told Simone, "Kit's got a good head on her shoulders."

Simone nodded.

Kit began studying the porn industry. Tracked the AVN awards that her mother won regularly. Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay. Cat's actors also reaped AVN awards from the most respected director in the small, incestuous world of porn.

The first time Kit asked to visit a porn set, Cat agreed. Kit had seen her film documentaries, she knew how much down time there could be, how boring it could become. Although Cat's porn shoots usually moved along at a fairly brisk clip.

Her first day on the set -- which was dressed to look like a Nevada whorehouse -- Kit nodded at a grandmotherly woman who was reading War and Peace, "Who's that?"

"Joan. She's my fluffer. Sucks the guys hard right before the shoot."

"I could do that, Cat."

Cat knew that her daughter had been just like herself -- sexually active for years before society and the law would approve.

Cat shrugged, "Remind me for my next film."

The casts became used to seeing the little girl, with her backpack from school, textbook open, suck one cock after another. Cat's only instruction to her daughter, "Don't make them cum."


Cat limited the pre-editing process to one day of shooting. Often, with a polished script and a veteran crew, she could shoot enough film to edit down to 90 or so minutes in just a few hours.

On her third film, Kit, without asking her mother, stripped naked. The crew soon grew accustomed to seeing little Kit, no boobs yet and that tiny bald pussy, sucking cock after cock.

At home, Cat told Simone, "She's actually getting them erect faster than Joan can."

Tom was a typical 14-year old boy. Horny.

With three often-nude women right there in front of him. He lusted after his sister, who regularly sucked him off. All he had to do was ask.

Tom lusted after Simone. So petite, so sexy. He was already 6 inches taller than the gamin-like Parisian. But he didn't do more than look. Kit had told him in a friendly, sisterly way, "It's okay to fantasize about Simone, but she's off limits. She's Cat's."

"Okay Kit."

But most of all, Tom lusted after his mother. He loved her of course. And he was in awe of her documentary career, the famous Industry people she knew.

But he was knocked out by her appearance. Cat couldn't read him like his sister could. But Cat would sometimes shoot a knowing glance at him and it was like she was seeing into his soul.

That, plus her beauty. Face and southward. Simone, who kept a neatly trimmed black triangle, waxed both Cat and Kit. Tom had grown up watching the routine. None of the three females in his life bothered with privacy.

Nor did they give him any.

Years ago, Kit said to her mother and Simone, "I told Tom it was okay to jack off to you." Simone gave a Gallic shrug. Cat said, "Fine."

Back then, back before Kit was sucking her brother off, Tom would jack off four, five, six times a day. Usually out by the pool. Cat and Simone rarely paid any attention. Although once in a while, one of the women would smile at the eager little boy and spread her legs to give him a better view.

Kit told her younger brother, "It's okay to jack off on me when I'm naked. But don't cum on Cat or Simone."

"Okay Kit."

Sometimes Cat or Simone would give Tom's erection a friendly squeeze, but that was about it.

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