Is It True? II
Chapter 1

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Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dave tries to capitalize on some word of mouth advertising. Lisa continues blowing hot and cold, but other possibilities become more apparent.

My problems with Glen Snyder continued on for another three weeks. I was careful to never let myself get into any situation where he could corner me. The whole school knew that Glen was going to beat me senseless, because I'd gone over to our ex girlfriend Lisa's house a few times after she had caused him to dump her.

Glen's public tantrum in the school cafeteria had caused Lisa to decide to stop letting me come over to see her during some week day afternoons. I'd had another two weeks with her until Nora had spread the news that Lisa was back to fucking me. Getting herself exposed like that had embarrassed Lisa, and she decided the whole thing was again my fault.

After that incident in the cafeteria with Glen, I started getting increased signs of interest from three girls. Each of them had steady boyfriends, but each had also hinted that they were at least partially dissatisfied with the relationships they were in. None of the three had specifically mentioned that the problems were of a sexual nature.

The day finally came, as I had known it would, that Glen succeeded in catching me, all alone, in an otherwise empty class room. As soon as I saw the situation, I was certain that I was going to have to take a serious ass kicking. I was almost relieved to get it over with. Almost, but not quite.

"If you do what you're planning to do Glen, I promise you that you'll regret it for the rest of your life." From the tight smile on Glen's face I knew I wasn't getting through to him. His look of determination as he advanced towards me was very intimidating. "Hit me, and by tomorrow, every girl in school is going to be laughing at you. Lots of the guys too."

"Are you sure they'll be laughing at me, Dave? Usually it is the guy who got his ass kicked that they laugh at, not the one who did the kicking."

"They'll be laughing at the reason why Lisa dumped you, Glen. I know it isn't right, but people do laugh when they hear something funny about someone else. High School kids can be very cruel, given half a chance."

"I broke up with her, not the other way around. I finally decided that you were right about her, and I didn't want her to be with other guys. That was the only reason we broke up."

"She told me it was because your dick was too small to bring her to the finish line. That's why you should rethink this whole idea of beating me up. If you do it, by tomorrow, your name will cause lots of laughs and smiles around here. Is that really what you want?"

I took no pride in seeing the look of horror on Glen's face, as he contemplated the potential scorn and derision he might face, once I told people the real reason Lisa had given me for not being satisfied with his sexual efforts.

"You're disgusting! I should just go ahead and kick your ass regardless. It isn't even true, you know, my dick is actually about average."

"It might be close to average in length, Glen, but it certainly isn't average in girth. Lisa likes fat dicks, and yours definitely isn't."

I felt sorry for him, but not so sorry that I wouldn't go ahead and put the word out, if he did decide to go ahead and beat me up. I wasn't just going to stand by and take it from him either. If he started hitting on me, I'd fight back, as well as I was able. I knew I'd lose, but I also knew Glen would end up losing his reputation too. I hadn't set out to hurt him, not like he was getting ready to hurt me. All I wanted to do was dissuade him from taking out his hurt feelings on me.

I was very relieved to see Glen turn around and walk back out of the class room. Whatever shame I felt for threatening him was overshadowed by my relief at not having to suffer a beating at his hands.

Glen spread the word that he'd finally cornered me in a class room, but had decided, at the last minute, that I wasn't worth dirtying his hands with. He even exaggerated how afraid of him I'd been. I decided to just not make any comments to refute what he'd claimed. I didn't have any reputation as a fighter anyway. I took some teasing, and more than a few put downs from some of the guys, but it all blew over within a few days.

The next Saturday afternoon I got two very interesting phone calls. The first, from Barbara Allen, one of the three girls who'd shown some dissatisfaction with their current boyfriend, had started out under the pretext of wanting my help with a Geometry assignment. That only took about five minutes for us to handle. She wasted no time getting into more personal business with me.

"So, Dave, is it really true that you and Lisa are back together again?"

"No, it isn't. Lisa has made it pretty plain, to anyone who'd listen, that I suck as a boyfriend. The last I heard, she never wanted to see or hear from me again."

"That isn't what I heard. Nora is telling everyone that you spend more time at Lisa's house than at your own."

"Nora is a lying pig. She wanted me to do more stuff with her, and I refused. Ever since, she's been spreading lies about me."

"Why didn't you want to do more things with her? Didn't you like what she let you do?"

"It was okay, but I wasn't too happy with her attitude about everything. I prefer a girl who has her fun and keeps quiet about it. There are some things that should stay private, don't you think?"

"I do. I don't talk about what happens when Carl and I go out on dates. Not that we really do anything worth gossiping about." She laughed, kind of an embarrassed laugh.

"That's what I meant. Most people like to keep private things private. I don't believe most people want to know how many orgasms a girl had over the weekend, or about how so and so lasted for forty five minutes without stopping."

"Did you say forty five, or four or five?"

"I said forty five, but I don't think stuff like that really matters anyway. The main thing is that both people finish up being satisfied."

"Nora never said anything about how you did it, but she did mention that she was very happy with how things turned out that time at the party. Girls do listen when other girls talk about their experiences. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have happy experiences all the time."

"Mostly, it's the girl who controls how things like that work out."

"The girl? I never heard anyone else ever claim that. I think you're mistaken. It takes both parties to make something good happen."

"I guess we'll just have to disagree about that. The girls I've been with, they let me know what they liked the best, and all I did was follow their instructions."

"I should hire you to give Carl lessons. He never listens to me when I tell him what I like best. He only cares about what he likes."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I guess it must work for him, or else he'd try something different. That never worked for me. If the girl wasn't happy when we were done, then it wasn't likely that I'd get a second chance with her."

"Well, thanks for helping me with the Geometry problems, Dave. Thanks also for clearing up things about you and Lisa. You aren't dating anyone else either?"

"No. I'm kind of giving dating a rest. I'm not good with all the dating parts, and Lisa wasn't the only girl who has told me that. They seem to all like the making out part of it, but not the attention or romantic parts they got from me. I'm just lucky that a couple girls are still friends with me, or else I'd never have any kind of social life."

"Are you talking about booty calls?"

"You know I don't talk about things like that, Barbara. If I go around bragging about things like that, soon there wouldn't be anything left for me to brag about."

"Do these other girls that are friends of yours also happen to have boys that they date, besides you?"

"I don't date, Barbara. I told you that. I don't get involved with that part of a girls business. If they're dating someone else, but still like the way we make out together, that isn't any concern of mine. All I concern myself with is whether or not we enjoy ourselves when we get together."

"It might be fun to have something like that. Something that wasn't serious, but would still help a girl, if she and her steady boy were having problems relating that way."

"You mean one boy for all the delicious secret orgasms, and the other as the serious, committed, steady, boyfriend?"

Barbara laughed. "You make it sound so easy, but it isn't. Too bad you aren't boyfriend material. I need to go now, Dave. Carl's coming over in half an hour, and I need to make myself look good for him."

"Go if you must. It shouldn't take too much to make yourself look fantastic for him. Carl is one lucky guy to have a beauty like you. I hope he appreciates you like he ought to."

Half an hour after I got off the phone with Barbara, Lisa phoned me. It was the first time I'd heard from her since the call she'd given me to tell me that she didn't want to see or speak to me anymore, after the cafeteria run in I had with Glen.

"Dave, what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Hello, Lisa. Let's see, tomorrow is Sunday, so I'm probably going out to eat with my parents. I don't know that for a fact, but that's what usually happens on my typical Sunday."

"That is too bad. I'm going to be home, all alone, all day tomorrow. I thought you might come over, and we could watch some TV, or else study together."

"Am I to conclude from this invitation that you are all done with that fit of pique you were having a few weeks ago, because Nora told everyone that we were back fucking each other again?"

"I was trying to forgive you for that, but your crass words make it so difficult."

"I might have a meeting tomorrow anyway. I guess Nora's been telling half the girls at school that you and her just loved the way I made the two of you have so many orgasms. I have no idea why that girl can't learn to keep private stuff private. As hard as it is for me to believe, several girls have expressed an interest in finding out if Nora painted an accurate picture of my abilities."

"They'll end up just as disappointed as I was."

"Doubtful. These girls already have steady boyfriends. They have no interest in dating me. They just want to put a little pizzazz into their sex lives. They aren't interested in doing any of the stuff that I'm bad at with me. They just want the one thing that Nora convinced them I'm good at."

"You wish!"

"All I can go by are some conversations I've had with them. I don't really care that much if it happens or not. If it does happen though, it will be on my terms. I'm not going to put up with the kind of crap I went through when we dated. By the way, I finally got things straightened out with Glen. We agreed nothing had happened that we needed to fight about."

"I heard you begged him not to beat you up. I heard you started crying too."

"I didn't beg him, and I certainly wasn't crying. I told him it wasn't my fault that you liked big fat dicks."

"That's such a lie!"

"You don't like big fat dicks?"

"That wasn't why he broke up with me, and you know it."

"He broke up with you because he knew that you'd end up cheating on him, because he knew he couldn't satisfy you."

"So, who are these sleazy girls that plan to cheat on their boyfriends?"

"Really? You think I'd tell you? I know how you do things. By Monday, you'd be having Nora spreading their names all over the school. You don't ever do your own dirty work. So, was there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Not really. I was just thinking about tomorrow and didn't want to end up being bored here all alone. I'll just call someone else, if you don't want to come keep me company."

"Call Nick or Clancy, they both have good memories of you."

"Shut up about them, Dave. You really don't want to come over tomorrow to see me? I'll do that thing you like, with my mouth, if you come over."

Lisa's blow jobs weren't much of an inducement. She'd only done it for me twice, both times after I told her I wasn't going to do certain things for her if she didn't do them for me too. Both times it lasted about thirty seconds, and hadn't led to anything like the satisfaction my oral efforts usually provided to her.

"I need to think about whether or not I want to get things started back up with you. I wasn't happy with either of the times you ended things with me before. I think I'm going to take another week, or even two, to find out whether or not my prospects are as bright as I think they are. If it turns out that they are, I won't be coming over to see you any time you decide that you're horny. I'll be spending all my free time with girls that just want to try my big fat cock, hoping that I can make their pussies cream. On the other hand, if it turns out that all this is just a pipe dream, the next time you call me, I won't have anything more important I need to take care of."

"There won't ever be a next time, Dave. If you won't make time for me now, then I won't make any time for you later."

"Fair enough. You might ask yourself one question though, Lisa. Why is it you always call me whenever you want someone who knows how to scratch that little itch of yours?"

I swear, half of all the phone conversations I've ever had with Lisa have ended with her slamming down the phone as she hangs up on me. She can't seem to accept the idea that she can't always have things the way she wants them.

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