My Daughter Madison
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I am a stay at home father. Working out of my house, I sell some pieces of art. I also service neighborhood ladies because my wife seems to be frigid. But my teenage daughter, Madison, learns of my transgressions. She has needs too.

My marriage had lasted over twenty years, but it had stopped being a real marriage long before. My wife had wanted a career of her own. I was fine with that. It left me time to stay at home and do my artwork. I sold enough pieces to make it worthwhile. And it gave me time to raise our daughter, Madison, whom my wife had by accident and hardly even acknowledged. Except on special occasions, like birthdays and holidays.

Of course, Natalie, my wife, worked late often. She was a lawyer. Because of this I decided to ride it out and just take care of Madison. I knew my wife well by now, and she would have raked me over the coals in a divorce. I just learned to bear the pain of rejection and went on living.

One way I was able to accept the situation was to have friendly neighbors, several of whom were women of a certain age, and in need of special treatment, if you follow my drift. For almost ten years I had been having affairs with as many women in the area as I could accommodate. Of course, I kept this from my wife easily, but as Madison aged and became a young lady of fourteen it became harder to hide my secret life from her. She was more aware of the things her Daddy was doing around the house.

I had kept my affairs active during the hours that my wife worked and Madison was at school. However, when Madison finished junior high school she was at home more and more often. She was out doing things with her young friends, and was gone most days. But she sometimes spent the day in, or came home unexpectedly. It caused me to modify my affairs quite a bit. Still, I managed to retain some of my fun.

One day Faith, my neighbor from down the block, had decided to drop by in the afternoon. I left my brushes and proceeded to give her what she needed. What she needed was some good sex. Faith had tits to die for. Large and suckable. And her figure was the classic hour glass that men all secretly desired. Before my brushes had dried from being cleaned we had stripped and I was mauling those tits with my hands and mouth, while Faith jerked on my cock, getting me harder and harder.

When I had enough of her tits we decided to service each other. We made ourselves comfortable on my daybed in the studio and began making love to each other with our mouths. Faith absolutely loved cock sucking. She had done me many a time. And I loved the taste of her pussy. She always tasted of honeysuckle nectar.

As she sucked my cock into her throat I rammed my tongue into her pussy. My chin was rubbing my afternoon stubble against her clit and she was frantically sucking and humping my face, both at the same time. I decided to make her cum a few times, then I gave her the reward she expected. I shot a huge wad of man juice down her throat and she swallowed it all, with gusto.

As we both came, I took my face from her cunt, glancing up, as I heard something. I saw Madison's back as she scrambled out the studio door. Well, this was a situation. I helped Faith get herself together, not awkwardly, but with some haste, telling her a little white lie; that Madison was due home any minute. Faith gave me my kiss of reward for pleasing her and then left.

Now I was in the position of trying to explain to my daughter what she had seen, in some plausible way. I couldn't figure out what I was going to say, but I went to her room, hoping to come up with something. As I approached her room on the second floor I heard a slight buzzing sound. It intrigued me. I guessed it was her bed moving, perhaps. Why would that be? So I moved more stealthily than I might have otherwise. I came to Madison's door, saw it wasn't quite closed, and opened it quickly.

To my great surprise I saw my little Madison, all of fourteen years of age, but still my little girl, with a vibrator tickling her little pussy. My first thought was she wasn't a virgin anymore; my second was the thought that I wished it was my cock instead of the vibrator.

I loved my daughter. This wasn't the first time I'd had these kinds of thoughts about her. I had often imagined taking her with my hard prick, fucking her deeply and roughly. But all my neighbor ladies had kept me satisfied. Now I knew I would never be truly satisfied until I fucked my own daughter.

Madison saw me, and immediately withdrew the vibrator, turning it off. But she made no effort to hide her little pussy, or the tits she had been squeezing with her free hand. That sweet cunt was so tempting, with sparse pubic hair covering it partially. With her dress unbuttoned and her bra slipped off her mounds she was still almost fully clothed. But her panties were gone and I could see the juices leaking out of her cunt.

I sat down and started to tell her a story about what she had seen, but she stopped me. She told me she had known about the other women for a year or two. But she had loved her Daddy so much. And she knew her mother so well. She was glad I was being pleased. Her only regret was that she had not be part of it.

She told me about often peeking into my studio. She had been watching me fuck and suck all the ladies from all around. She always played with herself afterwards. First with her fingers in her cunt and on her little clit, then with the vibrator other girls had told her about. In fact, they had shown her how to use it in little gatherings of eighth grade girls. Virtually all of her friends had lost their virginity in this way. None of them had used the uncouth boys they had to choose from. But my baby had saved her flower for me.

This was all a revelation to me. But most revealing was what she told me next. She had been wishing and hoping for a weeks now that I would start looking at her as a woman and not just her daughter. Well, she had succeeded with this little vibrator display. I was hard again with my cock straining to be free.

I'd had a blow job today. Now I wanted to fuck some pussy. Some daughter pussy. Some hairy, tight, daughter pussy already leaking cunt juice. I could see it and smell it.

I pulled Madison up. The I hurriedly took off her clothes. I did the same with my own clothes, showing her my body, with the hard cock raging. When we were both naked I looked at my nude daughter and took in her real, actual beauty. Her hair was black as ebony, cut in a page boy. And her tits were small and perky, with her nipples pointing upward. Her little pussy was so fucking edible. Her labia were precious to behold. Her hips were ample and her ass was to die for. It was round and luscious looking.

I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted her pussy. I wanted to fuck her doggy style so I could admire that ass at the same time. I turned her around, after giving her a huge embrace, and placed her on her hands and knees with her ass pointing back to me. First, I crammed some fingers into her pussy, getting her juices flowing again, and spread some of it on my cock as a lube. Then I entered her, with my cock head spreading her cunt lips, and she moaned with pleasure and happiness. Her dreams were coming true.

I pushed in, finding that she was, indeed, still a virgin. Her vibrator had never penetrated deeply enough to deflower her. I got that pleasure. So I started thrusting and ramming with all my strength and her whole body shook with the onslaught and she started squealing and crying with joy. She came so quickly that I knew this was something she had needed for a long time. I fucked and fucked and she came and came. I could see her asshole winking each time I pulled my cock out. And it squeezed tight as I thrust inward.

"Oh, god, Daddy, please fuck me Daddy. Oh, shit, fuck me, fuck me. Sweet Daddy, fuck me harder. So fucking good. I wanted this so long Daddy."

"Yeah, you little slut. I knew it, I fucking knew it. Yeah, Daddy loves you baby girl. Oh fuck, tight pussy."

I knew she was not a virgin in the cunt anymore. And I knew her ass was still totally virgin. We would soon find out. I made her cum more and more as I fucked her. When she couldn't hold herself up on her arms anymore from the fatigue she slumped forward and her ass really presented itself to me. I wasn't going to pass on an ass like that.

I pulled my prick out of her pussy. Then I told her she was going to feel very good again soon. She only whimpered and waited for the next thing to come. I again took some pussy juice from her cunt, spread it on her ass hole, and started drilling for anal gold. My cock could barely stretch her virgin ass open enough to fuck, but I finally had enough in to really start working it. As I worked more and more in, she whimpered and moaned louder and louder. Then she started pushing her ass back to get more.

I reached around and diddled her clit with one hand and with the other mauled one of her perky tits, all the while slowly fucking her ass, in and out, and her loving every inch that entered her ass.

I finally couldn't hold it any more and shot my second wad of the day up my daughter's ass hole. Then I withdrew slowly, and watched as the cum trickled out and down her ass into her pussy and down her thighs. She collapsed on the bed and moaned with pleasure. I just grinned in gratitude to my precious daughter, Madison, for making Daddy so happy.

I fell down beside her and, like lovers, we cuddled and fondled each other. That went on for almost an hour. We were getting to know each other in a really new way, and a very good way, it seemed. At least, I was happy, and she certainly felt good and happy in my arms.

We almost fell asleep that way until I realized that Natalie could come home anytime. I told Madison to take a shower. Then I would do the same. And we would act as if nothing happened when her mother came home, whenever that may be.

As it turned out, I made dinner and only Madison and I ate it, together. As almost always Natalie was late. And as always when late she had eaten out at a restaurant with colleagues. So we had worried for nothing.

Natalie and I slept in separate bedrooms, so she could work late in bed, if necessary. Madison slipped into my room and we spent the night together but we did nothing but hold each other. Honestly, I was afraid that bitch in the other bedroom would find out and ruin both of our lives. I had Madison leave my room early before Natalie arose. Myself, I hardly slept a wink.

After Natalie had left for the day I called my scheduled treat for the day, Gwendolyn, down the street, to cancel our session, and prepared to enjoy my daughter again.

This time, Madison was the aggressor. We went into my studio, the place she had seen me service so many other women, and she told me it was her turn to service me, properly, as a good daughter should for her Daddy.

First, she took off all her clothes for me, because she knew that I loved that sweet little body of hers. Then she made me let her take off all of my clothes. She started with my shoes and socks, kissing my feet. Then she stood up and peeled off my t-shirt. Then the belt buckle was loosened and my pants dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them, and she struggled to take off my boxer briefs, with my already hard cock obstructing the removal. Finally, my cock sprung free and she knelt in praise of my prick.

She had never done this before, she said, but she was going to take her time and get it right. Just for her Daddy. So she cuddled my ball sack in her little hand and with the other held my twitching cock steady and kissed the head, getting some pre-cum on her rosy, soft lips. She licked it off, then began licking my cock head, and then down the shaft. She sucked softly on my nuts then licked up my shaft again and suddenly took my whole cock into her mouth and began to softly chew on it, as her saliva dripped down my cock and onto my balls.

She began to stroke it keeping her mouth on the cock head. She stroked harder and more quickly. She took her mouth off, looked up with loving eyes and a grin and kept stroking. I could not for the life of me hold it any longer. I told her I was going to cum and she stroked and aimed my cock at her wide open mouth. I squirted a stream of cum into her mouth and she started to gulp and swallow, all the while cramming one hand into her pussy to make herself cum.

When I finished shooting she licked me clean.

Then she said, "Tomorrow, it's your turn, Daddy dear."

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