Inside Stian's Office

by livobeornwulf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Safe Sex, Cream Pie, Size, Hairy, Big Breasts, Slow, Nudism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A wife visits her husband at his office, and ends up fucking him hard and nice when the lights go out.

Whilst in Stian's office...

It is dim and gloomy; all so shadowy and lightless. I can not glimpse or make out anything at all with my bodily eyes. I cannot perceive and sight Stian Elbert ... my very own possessed and pleasantly handsome spouse. Of course! He is somewhere here with me in this bulky, sumptuous murky room of his office here at Rovich Central Hospital. I feel like I am all alone in the whole world; all alone ... with no one to stand by my side and alleviate and assist me out in any class of dealing and commerce at all.

The door squeals close and the padlock snaps and clinks instantaneously. My goodness! What could that be? Stian—or someone else locking us up inside here?

"Stian," I yell out, worried and appalled at the same time.

He answers straight away from somewhere about in this immense gloominess where I cannot see. It seems that he is behind me ... if I am not misguided and in the wrong. Nonetheless, I make out and faultlessly comprehend what he is saying out to me with my ears. "Yes, Mrs. Ragnhild Ascwin Elberd. What it is that you want to declare to your husband?"

"Stian, where are you?" My breath glitches and hitches out piercingly. I am astound and alarmed at the same time. When are the lights ever going to come back? Since the long-ago five minutes or so, every room inside the gigantic and mammoth hospital—a skyscraper made of untainted ravishing glass with fifteen floors and over six hundred massive rooms in it—had been dispossessed of electricity and left us in the dim and unfamiliar as an outcome. I am outlandishly starting to become frightened and horrified. Damn me for it!

From behind me, Stian reaches me, knocking himself against me intentionally and seizing me close and tight toward himself. How is he able to glimpse and spot me in this infinite gathering and mound of darkness while I myself cannot see anything at all? Is it a paranormal or mystical endowment of his or what? I cannot tell...

At a snail's pace and quietly, his hand attains for my gear—I am wearing a tawny-colored trousers suit—and he yanks my trousers down warily so as to bring my within scarlet panties before his reach and have himself without difficulty locate his probing fingers straight into my vagina and shocked pussy as an effect. Arghhhh! This is so abrupt and so unanticipated. I was not expecting it at all. And it is all so sweet and pleasurable. But do we have to be doing this here in his office in the first place?

Arghhhh ... His fingers mine and quarry deeper into my vagina, rousing and whipping it up to the pleasure and enjoyment, pitching about helplessly in the substance mass progressively and leisurely and conscientiously nice. I like the way that his fingers rub and scuff deep into my sex. It is like he knows the exact points and spots to tap as well as how to fondle and caress them. Of course, the way his fingers feel and stroke my inside is this astonishingly very poles-apart and unusual indeed. I wonder for how long he has been doing this. A year? Maybe two or three? Or for as long as he gained knowledge of how to lay a dick into a woman's cunt and beat and whip it about aggressively and frantically inside there?

Arghhhh ... Stian reaches down to snog and smacker my neck from behind me. With one hand, he cuddles and has fun with the edges of my enormous breast nipples; which I love and find irresistible so very much. Ashhhh! There is just a certain itching and prickling sensation to his fingers fiddling on my breasts that I cannot assist and help in any way probable. We are in a great lot deal of darkness ... and yet we are having and enjoying sex so very much. This tastes like heaven indeed. I luv it!

Faster; quicker; and more rapidly; Stian burrows and nudges deeper and more quicker into me with his fingers from the other hand, generating and crafting and building such a grand and high-speed locomotion that produces and spawns inside me immense and bonfire-like happiness and contentment. Ashooo-h! Deeper and more deeper his fingers travel about and survey into the depths of my vagina, arousing me and preparing me up for an even greater and hotter fucking. My God! I want to be fucked and spanked up real hard and real high-quality right now. My vagina is geared up and all set to receive and amuse and put up with his humongous and GR8 penis. It is all soaked and drenched already.

"Arghhhh!" I whine out, at last unable to hold the great delight I am experiencing to myself. Stian takes heed of it, and I can visualize him grinning and smirking wickedly behind me in this insurmountable cloud of darkness ingesting us. Yes. He likes it so very much when I undergo and stumble upon good quality orgasms. That consistently makes him seem like an actual and authentic man who is able and knows very well how to thrill and make happy a woman. What style of underwear is he dressed in today? I have a deranged mania and fixation of men's sexy undies, I must come clean to you. I like the way that their delectable and lip-smacking thighs are stripped nude and uncovered as well as the luscious and appetizing approach that their butts and bottoms are attired and arrayed shapely and satisfactorily. That picture drives me sexually and lustfully nuts, I must acknowledge. I can never resist or turn away from it. Is it normal and up-to-standard of me? I do not care. Who is one hundred per cent normal and faultless in this world of ours? No one at all; come hell or high water.

"Shit," Stian puts this into words in my ears, murmuring softly to be precise. I am keen on it whenever he nibbles and gnaws into ear. I all the time adore it; and this, merged and combined with the fingering and sweeping up of his fingers inside my pussy—it is just plain twofold and two-times bliss and delight indeed. Uhhhh! I enter my first round of orgasm while he carries on, "You are soggy so soon ... that is good quality, Ragnhild. I am going to fuck you in no time from now."

"Fuck me already, Stian," I make known reverse to him. "Fuck me hard and tough indeed. I can't wait for my cunt to receive that ever giant dick of yours. Put it inside of me. I beg you."

"You are begging me to rumpo you up, aren't you?"

"Do it now. I cannot wait." That precise moment, he shoves me from where I am standing, spinning me around as he does this until I batter my back on a well-built wall, walloping and whacking my head against it what's more and I notice Stian make it to me afterwards, and as I am respiring and breathing out serenely but fretfully, he grabs my stretched light brown hair towards himself and then hurriedly and charily compresses himself against me. I can feel his huge schlong and joystick become erect and unbendable. Yes. I am going to be fucked real good and real hard; and I won't ever feel sorry for it later on.

"Unfasten my zip, Ragnhild, will you?" As Stian states the words out, the light breeze coming out of his mouth gusts and flurries into my face. Yes. He is taller than me. A little bit high and soaring than I am; and I am not bothered by it at all. I do as he instructs me, undoing the zip of his pants, speedily and warily. That appears to electrify and excite him so very much. How do I know it? He rumbles and grumbles out gleefully and contentedly as I take appropriate and wary hold of his mammoth phallus or Willie that is secreted and covered in his linen-made underwear. Yes. His dick is so large and totally straightened perpendicularly even now. And I want to taste it inside my punani—or enthusiastic cherry pussy. I want that enormous dick of his so, so bad. Honestly speaking. I want it badly—even right this instant.

"Play with my dick, will you, Ragnhild?"

He desires me to play with his dick? Heck! How am I supposed to do that? I pet and stroke it tenderly and flippantly all the same, feeling my body tense and warm up in sexual tension and strain as I delay and dither all the more to grip and fix it straight into my pussy.

He then rebukes me, "I don't mean that, Ragnhild. I mean to say you butter up and suck my dick. That is what I want you to do. You understand that?"

"I grasp it well, Stian."

"Good; go ahead and do it then."

I tilt and skim down with my back against the slicky and slimy like wall. I must suck Stian's chopper; I must lick his dick; I must do it. I open wide my mouth ... and then place his whang and big schlong inside there. Yes. He grunts and whimpers out in utmost delight and bliss the moment I do that. Damn him for making me clean his filth and muck!

"Yes ... Ragnhild. Do it just like that. Yes ... keep it on, baby."

I am on the alert and attentive not to crunch his willy with my teeth. My teeth are this pointed and spiky and razor-sharp and I can simply gnaw and injure him at any over-sighting and mistaking. I am not used to doing this. Neither am I a specialist at it. But I have to do it anyway; just like he wishes me to. As I gulp and swallow more of his extensive and full-size dick into my mouth, I feel and handle nicely his haunches behind and shake and swing along with them. He lets go and frees off sperm into me in no time. I have a compulsion and responsibility to ingest and sip it well and fine, I am conscious. Damn it! I detest having semen gathered and collected in my mouth; and instead I love it filling up and packing plentifully and richly in my vagina.

"Good girl, Ragnhild. Go on with on with it, baby. A hard and pleasurable fuck is awaiting you, sweetie."

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