Paying Debts

by blackrandl1958

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, InLaws, Group Sex, Interracial, First, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: His brother is gambling and abusing his family. They come to him for help and then things get interesting.

I was working late again. The weight room was deserted and quiet and I was finally done with my workout. I was just getting ready to shut off the lights when my sister-in-law Joselyn and my niece Stephanie came in. I'm the football, track and strength and conditioning coach at the local high school my niece goes to. I had seen her earlier at track practice and coached her up a little. She's a sprinter and she long jumps. Everything had seemed fine and she had hugged me and laughed at one of my corny jokes. She wasn't fine now and neither was her mother. They had both obviously been crying for a while. The side of Joselyn's face was swollen and red and their eyes were red and puffy.

"God, Jos, what the hell? Are you ok?" I hurried over to hug them. They were both crying so hard they couldn't talk. I led them into my office and shut the door. I sat them down on the love seat in there and got them a Gatorade. I handed them a box of tissue and rolled my desk chair over in front of them.

"Jos, what happened to your face?" I asked her.

"Ruben hit me," she sobbed.

"Jesus Christ! What happened? Were you arguing?"

"I got a call from the mortgage company today," she cried harder. "They told me we're seven months behind on the mortgage and they are going to foreclose on us. I called the bank and we're broke. Our IRA is gone, our savings is gone and we have two hundred dollars in the bank from my last paycheck. Our credit cards are maxed out and we owe a lot of money. I asked Ruben about it and he told me he's been gambling again. I got mad and started yelling at him. He's lost everything we had! I yelled at him and asked him how he could do this to Steph and me and he hit me. He slapped me so hard I fell down and hit my head on the refrigerator. It kind of knocked me out for a minute and when I woke up he was gone."

"Damn, Jos, what do you want me to do? You want me to beat the shit out of him?"

"No, I know he's your brother, Salinger. I know you love him. This isn't the first time he's hit me."

"I want you to beat the shit out of him," Stephanie spoke for the first time. "I don't care if he's your brother; he's an asshole. He's mean to us all the time. He calls us 'nigger bitches' all the time when no one can hear him."

"Holy Christ," I said. "I had no idea, girls. I can beat the shit out of him, you know."

"Yes, I know how strong you are, Sal," Jos said. "I want you to do something else for us though."

"You know I'd do anything for you," I told them. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to come home with us and stay there while we pack our stuff. I've had enough, Sal. I'm not going to take it anymore. I'm afraid of him. I'm afraid he'll be there. Can we come and stay with you? It will only be for a little while. You know I work hard and as soon as I get a couple of paychecks we'll look for our own place."

"Yeah, if you can stand to have two nigger bitches stay with you," Steph said bitterly.

I rolled my chair over in front of her and cupped her cheeks in my hands. I made her look at me and her huge green eyes were full of tears.

"I'm not him," I told her. "If I ever hear you talk like that again I'm going to run your ass off in practice. I love you Steph. I've loved you since you were a baby. I've never done anything but love you and I don't deserve that from you."

She sobbed miserably and threw herself on me. My chair almost turned over and I flailed around for a minute. I pulled her onto my lap when I got my balance and held her as she shook with sobs.

"I'm so sorry, Uncle Sal," she sobbed. "I love you too. I've loved you since I was a baby too. I'm just so wretched and miserable. I'm so sorry I said that."

"It's ok, baby; I understand. Just remember I'm not him. He may be my brother, but that doesn't mean I'm like him. I never wanted your mother to marry him. I'd never say anything like that to you. I'd never even think it. I love you because you're my niece and you're who you are. I know being black is hard. I've seen you struggle with that and it breaks my heart. Hell, being a teenager is hard enough." I held her and she slowly calmed down.

"I'm not saying I told you so, Jos," I told her. "I did try to tell you. He always thought you were some kind of trophy he bagged because he got in a black girl's pants. He's a sick fuck. Let's forget about him. Let's go get your stuff. Of course you can stay with me, forever if you want to. Let's take my truck and we can get everything you want."

Their car was parked by mine and they got their stuff. Steph had her backpack from school and Jos had her purse. We drove to their house and his car was in the driveway.

"Ignore anything he says to you," I told them. "I'll take care of him. You just get your stuff and put it in the truck. Tell me if you need help with anything."

I went in first. He was sitting on the couch watching TV and drinking some redneck beer. He looked up when he heard me. He was obviously drunk.

"So, the nigger bitches went crying to little brother," he sneered. "Get me another beer, bitch," he said to Jos.

"Shut the fuck up," I told him quietly. "You don't know how bad I want to kick your ass right now. You say one more word to either of them and I'm going to fuck you up."

He got up and bowed up at me. "Yeah, who's going to help you? You think I'm afraid of you? I kicked your ass when we were kids and I still can."

"Go get your stuff, girls," I told them. They didn't move. I could see Jos was very frightened and Steph had an almost eager look on her face.

"Yeah, that's right; these bitches are mine," he sneered. "They do what I say."

"Not anymore," I told him quietly. "I think you should sit down now."

He walked toward me and I could tell he was going to take a swing. He was drunk and slow. I caught his arm easily and punched him in the gut as hard as I could. I bench 420 pounds and I thought I was going to break his backbone. He collapsed to his knees and I bitch slapped him. I grabbed his hair and slapped him three more times.

"You like that?" I yelled in his face. "Who's the bitch now, bitch?" I slapped him four more times and pushed him over on the floor. He puked all over himself and I stepped away from the mess.

"Show's over girls," I told them. "Go get your stuff."

They were frozen in place. "Go!" I said a little louder.

They started and Steph climbed the stairs to her room while Jos got suitcases out of the hall closet. They made trip after trip out to my truck. I helped them carry the heavy stuff and in an hour they were ready. Ruben lay on the floor the whole time, sobbing drunkenly. I walked over to him before we left and knelt down. The stench was horrible. He had pissed himself.

"If you ever bother these girls again I'm going to find you and fuck you up bad," I told him. "If they so much as tell me that they've seen you I'm going to fuck you up. I think you should leave town. If I see you in the street or at the store, I'm going to come back here and fuck you up."

The girls were standing at the door listening and they took my arms in their little hands as we walked to the truck. They didn't say a word until we were almost at my house. Steph was sitting beside me and she was holding my arm with her cheek lying against my shoulder. I petted her mop of curly hair and she rubbed her cheek against me.

"I'm sorry you had to see that, girls," I told them. "I tried to get you to leave. Are you ok?"

Jos nodded and Steph said she was ok. "Jesus, Uncle Sal; you did beat the shit out of him!"

"I hate men that hit women," I told them. "We weren't raised that way. I don't know what went wrong with him. He thinks because he's a cop he can get away with anything. He's had a lot of excessive force charges filed against him. He hit your aunt Beth once when we were all kids. She was thirteen and I was fourteen. That was the last time we fought. He kicked my ass but I hurt him bad enough so that he didn't do it again. Let's forget about him. Did you girls have anything to eat?"

They hadn't and we had pizza delivered. By the time we got their stuff carried in the pizza came. They sat on either side of me on the sofa and we ate. We talked about what they were going to do for a while.

"I know you don't want two girls living with you," Jos said. "I promise we'll be out of your hair as soon as we can."

That hurt my feelings. "Who told you I don't want two girls living with me?" I asked her. "I don't want you out of my hair. So my brother is an asshole. I love you girls and I don't want you out of my life. My God, it would be like somebody tore a hole out of my heart. Maybe you should ask me before you decide what I want."

She looked up at me and her big brown eyes were full of tears. "I'm sorry, Sal. I didn't think ... I thought you ... wouldn't want us." She broke down and sobbed.

"Am I insane?" I asked her. "Who would want the two most beautiful and sweetest girls they ever met to 'get out of their hair?' I want you here as long as you want to be here. You're my family, for God's sake. That means something to me."

She looked back up at me with those red, swollen eyes, her beautiful face bruised where he had slapped her. "God, I love you, Sal," she said. "Why didn't I marry you?"

"I've always wondered that myself," I laughed. "I don't think you should go to work tomorrow, Jos. Why don't we all take a day off and get things settled?"

Steph was all in favor of not going to school. "Will you make me run for missing track practice?" she asked.

I laughed again. "No, since your coach is missing too, I think I'll let you slide. Let's go to bed, girls. The sun is going to shine again tomorrow, I promise."

I took them to their bedrooms and hugged them goodnight. I showered and I heard their showers running. I went to bed and it took me a long time to sleep. I don't know how long I slept when I heard a soft tapping on my door. I got up and Jos was standing there when I opened it.

"Sal, I'm lonely," she said. "I'm scared and sad and I can't sleep. My life just blew up today and I'm so miserable."

"Do you want to stay with me?" I asked her.

She nodded, sobbing a little. I took her hand and led her to the bed. I pulled the covers back and she climbed in. I covered her up and went around and got in. She lay there on her back for a minute and I could feel the bed shake with her crying. She was breaking my heart and I couldn't stand it anymore. I rolled onto my side and pulled her over against me. I rolled onto my back again and held her, lying half on top of me. She shook for a while and I could feel her tears, wet on my chest as I petted her hair, marveling at the texture of her curls.

"I'm sorry, Salinger," she said. "I know you don't want a weepy girl in your bed."

"It's ok, Jos," I told her. "I know it seems like everything is a mess. I know this isn't how you planned your life going. It's going to be ok. You're going to start over right now. It's going to be hard but I'm going to help you. Steph will help you too. You've got people that love you and you aren't alone. I know you were an orphan, Jos, but you've got family now. Just give it a chance and you'll see what a difference that makes."

She pushed herself up, her dark eyes searching my face. "Do you really love me, Salinger?" she asked.

"Yes, I do. We were friends before you even met Ruben, Jos. I loved you before you married him. I still do."

"Show me," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

She scooted up and kissed my lips; her full luscious mouth alive on mine. "Make love to me," she whispered.

My cock was erect and rock hard in seconds. I wanted to make love to her, but this was the wrong thing to do. I kissed her again and she was all warm woman against me. When she broke the kiss I pulled her firmly down.

"No, Jos; I'm not going to do that now. You would hate me in the morning and I'd hate myself. You're emotional and in no shape to make a decision like that. Ask me again in a week, but I'm just going to hold you now."

"I knew it," she said bitterly. "You don't want me. You used to want me, Sal. I could tell when we were in college. What's wrong with me now? Is it because I've been with Ruben?"

I took her hand and placed in on my cock. "Does that feel like I don't want you?" I asked her. I pulled her hand back up and kissed it. "I would love to fuck you until you can't walk, Jos. I always wanted to do that and I still do. You're a little broken now and it would be wrong of me to take advantage of you while you're so messed up. Like I said, ask me again in a week and see what happens."

She lifted up again and kissed me. "You're the sweetest man I know," she said. "I'm sorry I said that. I just feel cheap and dirty. I didn't think you would want me. I'm sorry, Sal. I am going to ask you again in a week."

We held each other for a while and I heard creaking in the hall. Steph was up and moving around. She knocked on the door. "Can I come in," she asked.

"Yes, baby, we're in here," I called.

She opened the door and slipped in. "I was looking for you, Mom. I was lonely and scared. I guess you felt the same way. You aren't ... doing it or anything, are you?"

Jos laughed. "No, baby. To tell you the truth, I wanted to, but your Uncle is too much of a gentleman to take advantage of a broken girl. Do you want to get in with us?"

Steph just slipped under the covers and joined her mother lying across me. This was going to be torture. I had two of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen in bed with me. They were both half naked and they smelled and felt so good that my erection was never going to go down.

Steph put her leg over me and her thigh rested on my cock. I groaned. "You girls are going to kill me."

She giggled. "He's hard, Mom. Did you do that?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, Salinger. That wasn't nice. Are you going to be ok?"

"Of course he's not, Mom," Steph said. "He's going to have blue balls."

"What should we do about that?" Jos asked her.

"We could make him cum," Steph answered.

"Hey, I can hear you," I said. "I'm right here."

"Let me make you cum," Steph said. "I've done it to a couple of boys before. It's ok, I like it."

"Jesus, Jos," I said. "Why haven't you been watching her better?"

"I like it too," Jos said. "What was I supposed to do, tie her up? Can we, Sal? I promise it won't be anything else."

Steph didn't wait for an answer. She just reached down and pulled my cock out through the fly of my boxers. I felt Jos's hand join hers and they giggled.

"Damn, Sal," Jos said. "You could hurt someone with this. I guess what they say about white men isn't true!"

"No, I can jump," I told them.

They laughed hysterically. The tension was broken and I just had to get a feel of these girls. I slid my hand inside Jos's pajama top. Her breast was one of the wonders of the world. It was full, big and firm. I could feel a hard nipple on the peak. It wasn't long but it was fat and sexy as hell. I pinched it and she shivered. Steph had on a tight undershirt and I slid my hand up under it and over one of those teenage titties I had admired so many times in her skimpy little track outfit. It wasn't as big as Jos's, but it was still quite a handful. On her slender frame it felt huge. She had puffy areolas and her nipple was a hard little peak on top. Her shudder was nearly identical to her mother's when I rolled that sweet little nipple. I played with them while they played a lot more seriously with my cock. I warned them before I came and Jos quickly moved down to envelope my cock in her mouth as I came as hard as I ever have in my life. She choked a little but she hung in there like a champ as Steph pumped my shaft into her mother's mouth.

When it was over, Jos moved back up, cleaning her lips with a finger and licking them clean.

"Oh, my God, girls," I was finally able to talk. "Damn you're amazing. Have you two been practicing? I can't believe you took all that Jos!"

"We didn't want a mess to clean up," she grinned. "I've been practicing for years, you Steph?"

"No, that was my third time," she said. "Next time I'll be better. I want to suck him next time though."

My heart was going pitter-patter. There was going to be a next time! I knew there was going to be a long, difficult talk tomorrow, but right now I was the happiest man on earth. I pulled my two princesses close and we all drifted into dreamland.

When I woke up I was buried under a little mound of brown girls. Two sleeping little angels were still wrapped in my arms. I couldn't feel them because my arms were asleep. I shifted them around a little and they made little protesting sounds and snuggled back in. Life came back to my arms and I pushed the covers down a little so I could look at them. Jos's pajamas were still open and Steph's top was still up. I could see one breast on each girl.

The contrast in black and white looked amazing. Jos wasn't dark complected for a black woman by any means. Her skin was a beautiful dark honey color and her areola was a shade darker. Her fat little nipple was a milk chocolate and I wanted badly to kiss it. Steph was lighter still, just a smooth caramel color. Her areola was nearly invisible. It had just a tint of pink to it but it was a little thicker than the surrounding skin, capped by a cute little nipple of the same color. Her areola and nipple formed a little cone on the tip of her breast and just begged to be sucked. I had seen them hard under sports bras before and she was a conversation killer when she walked into a room. They wore their hair in a similar way, bunches of loose curls forming mops on top. Steph wore hers short on the sides so the mop was just on top while Jos had longer sides. I looked at those sleeping faces. They were stunning girls. High cheek bones, slightly hollow cheeks, a strong jawline and aquiline noses made them in the top ten most beautiful women I had ever seen. Their almond shaped eyes tilted up at the outside corners giving them an extremely exotic look. I couldn't believe there were in my bed. I didn't know where this was going but I liked the ride so far.

I eased out from between them and they clutched at me. They looked up at me with sleepy eyes.

"Come back to bed," Jos told me.

"I need to pee," I told them. "I'll fix breakfast and bring it in."

They cuddled up to one another and went back to sleep. I made biscuits and scrambled eggs with sausage patties. I thought about making gravy, but decided it was too messy to eat in bed. I buttered the biscuits and put honey on them. A search turned up a big tray and I poured three tall glasses of milk.

"Wake up, cuties," I said when I carried the tray in. They stretched like big sexy kittens and we put the milk on the bedside tables. They scooted apart and I climbed up between them while Steph held the tray. We fed each other and they got honey on their chins. I licked them clean and they giggled and squirmed. The milk disappeared and Jos put the tray down by her side of the bed.

I cuddled them up and it was time for that talk. I didn't know quite where to begin. I collected my thoughts for a minute. It felt like they were holding their breath, waiting for some bad news. I didn't have any bad news, just a lot of confusion.

"Jos," I began, "I don't know exactly what to ask first. What you two girls got up to last night was very ... unusual. You didn't seem to mind Steph being in bed with us and doing sexual things with me. Was that just a onetime thing, or are you really that relaxed about it? Steph, same question for you? What are we doing, exactly? I'll ask more questions later. Who wants to go first?"

"My answer depends on Mom," Steph said. "I'll let her go."

"Well, it just felt right last night," Jos said. "No, I'm usually not that relaxed. I just knew that Steph has been in love with her Uncle Sal for a few years. I think she's old enough to know her own mind. I don't know about it being a onetime thing. That's up to her. I intend to spend every night here in this bed for a long time; maybe forever if you let me. You said you'd let us stay, Salinger. If Steph wants to be here with us, I'm ok with that. You said if I asked you to make love to me in a week, you'd do it. I intend to do exactly that. You're the man I always wanted, Salinger. I know that now. Steph may feel the same way. I'm pretty sure she's a virgin. If she wants to make love with us, that's good with me. She deserves to be happy after the shitty life I've given her so far." She cried a little when she said that.

"It's not your fault, Mom," Steph patted her shoulder. "I can answer now. I want to be with you too, Uncle Sal. I've been in love with you for two years. I've tried to let you know. I hang out with you all the time. I try to make you proud of me at track. I hug around on you all the time and rub my boobs on you. You never seem to notice me."

"Oh, I notice you all right," I told her. "What do you want me to do? Walk around at track practice with a hard on all the time? I have to make myself not stare. Now, you can just keep it in the house. You can rub your boobs on me any time, just do it here. I promise I'll notice."

"Ok," she giggled. "I am a virgin. I'm only seventeen. I want to learn about sex stuff. I want to be here in this bed too. There's no doubt in my mind that I want it to be forever. I always have. When I spend the night here it's all I can do not to come in get in bed with you."

"Well, that clarifies things some," I thought for a minute. "We'll just see what happens. Jos, I think you should divorce Ruben. As long as you're married, his debts are your debts. There's no doubt that you're not going to start getting out of this mess until you get rid of him. You're probably going to struggle for a while financially until you get your debts paid."

"I should have done it years ago," she said bitterly. "I'm weak, I know that. I'm going to change though. He made me feel worthless and inferior. I've always felt like that, I guess. I mean, my parents didn't want me. They abandoned me. You're the only person that ever liked me just because you liked me, Sal."

"You're not worthless, Jos," I told her. "You're a gorgeous woman. Any man in the world would give his left nut to be with you. I know I would. Ruben is a small, mean person. You're smart; you have a college degree, a good job, a beautiful daughter and a man that thinks you're very special. I know it's going to be tough to start over at our age, but that's what you're going to have to do. You're thirty five and that's still young. Hell, my Mom was thirty five when Beth was born. You're an attorney for God's sake. You've supported Ruben's deadbeat ass for years. It all starts with you getting rid of him. You know lots of lawyers. Don't let him have any rights to have anything to do with Stephanie. You can do this."

"I'll start tomorrow," she promised. "I'll get a restraining order against him. We're victims of domestic abuse and I know I'm in a strong position."

We talked for hours and got everything sorted out. We eventually got up and got dressed. Neither girl had much in the way of clothes and personal things. I knew Jos made good money, but Ruben had kept them broke for years. I'm actually very well off. I don't make that much teaching. Coaching pays better, especially if you're me. I have winning programs. We've won our conference five out of the seven years I've been at the school and we won state twice in football. Our track program is the best in our state and the school is grateful. They match any offers I get from bigger schools and even colleges. My parents had owned 6000 acres of prime farmland and they left it all to Beth and I. I'm no farmer, but Beth and her husband are and they bought me out a few years back. I'm not as wealthy as some people but I'm well off. I teach and coach because I like it, not because I need to. To make a long story short, I was in a position to help my girls. I took them shopping.

They were like kids in a candy store. I left them in a department store trying on clothes and drove across the street to an electronics store. I knew Steph needed a computer. The school provides one but they suck. Half the time they can't get on the network. I got her a new iBook. I got her a new iPad too. I had seen her on the bus sharing an earphone with other girls on the way to track meets. I wanted her to have her own and I got her a good set of those Beats headphones all the kids love. I got Jos the new iPhone and I bought them a card for the app store.

When I rejoined them they had all kinds of things to show me. They held up clothes for my approval and insisted on modeling a bunch of them for me. I enjoyed the fashion show. God they were sexy! Some of Steph's choices were pushing the line and I absolutely forbid her to wear a couple of things outside the house. She laughed and told me I was old, but she never pouted or sulked. We went to a dozen different stores and then back to a couple that we had already visited to get the stuff we had already looked at. It was exhausting for me and exhilarating for them. I remembered why I wasn't married.

By the time we got home I was ready to veg out on the sofa and watch a game. We stopped by and got their car and they went grocery shopping while I went home and got comfortable. I drank a good lager and relaxed. My team was getting their asses handed to them and I fell asleep. When I woke up two girls were tiptoeing around the kitchen, talking in whispers and putting groceries away. They saw I was awake and Steph came and climbed on my lap. Jos brought me another beer and they sat with me for a minute.

"Uncle Sal," Steph began, "we want to thank you for being so nice to us. Mom and I have decided we're going to make sure you like having us here. We're going to take care of you like you've never been taken care of before. We'll cook and clean and do anything you want us to do."

"Whoa, whoa," I told them. "That's not how it's going to be. I appreciate all of that, but I like to cook. I don't need maids, I need buddies. We'll share all that stuff. I like having you here. If you just act like this is home, that's all I want. If you feel like doing something, that's fine, but you don't owe me. I like making you happy. I like just looking at you. Can we be buddies?"

Steph looked up at me. "Fuck buddies?" she asked.

That cracked me up and I tickled them mercilessly. They squealed and fought until I gathered them into my arms and squeezed the breath out of them. They were amazing! They got up and went to cook dinner. It was amazing too. These girls knew how to cook! I'm better, but I don't do it every day. I eat out a lot or just nuke something and this was going to be a welcome change. We ate at the table and that was a change too. I had rarely used my dining room. I usually just eat in front of the TV. I argued with them about washing dishes. They insisted they were going to do them and I insisted that they weren't.

"You cooked I wash; that's the rule. I cook you wash. That's the way it's going to be."

I shooed them out and they disappeared into their rooms. I had half a chocolate sheet cake in the fridge and I cut pieces and put one candle on them. I took them to the coffee table and lit them. When I called, they came in and I gave them their presents.

"What's going on?" Steph asked. "Neither one of us has had a birthday."

"This is the first day you've lived with me," I told them. "We're celebrating."

I opened a bottle of wine and poured us a glass. We ate our cake and they tore the paper off their gifts. Steph squealed when she saw her new computer. She plugged it in to charge and opened her iPad. The same reaction ensued and when she saw her headphones she came and sat on my lap. Her lips pressed against mine and she kissed me deeply. This wasn't a little girl, uncle/niece kiss. It was a woman/man kiss and it went on and on. Her cheeks were flushed when she pulled away.

"Thank you, Uncle Sal. I love you. Not for getting me this stuff. I love it, but I love you because you're the kind of man that thinks about things like this. I'm going to thank you better later."

Jos loved her new phone. She wasn't quite as demonstrative as Steph, she just laid her head against my chest and seemed like she was settling in for a long haul. The swelling on her face was going down and I suspected it would be gone tomorrow. We watched TV for a while, Steph curled up on my lap and Jos stayed snuggled up against my side. Steph started to yawn and it was infectious. I picked her up and set her on her feet. When I got up they got up too.

"It's been a long, good day," I told them. "We've all got things to do tomorrow. Steph and I have a track meet tomorrow evening. Jos has papers to file and people to talk to. I think we should go to bed and get rested up."

They were favorable to that idea and we all went to our bedrooms and showered. I climbed in bed and I hadn't been there ten minutes before Steph came in and got in bed with me. Before I could say anything Jos came in and climbed in on the other side of me. They cuddled up to me and I could feel their hands starting to roam.

"Sleep, girls," I told them. "You can sleep with me if you behave yourselves. Otherwise, this is my bed and I allow only sleeping here tonight."

"No snuggling?" Steph asked.

"Ok, snuggling, but no sexy stuff," I relented.

I was soon the white Oreo icing between two brown girls. I put an arm around each of them and squeezed them tight. I rolled to face Steph and she turned her back to me and we spooned up. Jos did the same thing to me and we drifted into dreamland.

Steph rode to school with me in the morning and Jos went back to work. She's a corporate attorney for a big law firm and I knew she would be able to find the right people to get her divorce started. She had an appointment with a judge for a restraining order and I knew it was going to be a tough day. I texted her twice during the day and sent her my love and support. Steph has my conditioning class third hour and she seemed to be doing fine. She hugged me when she came in and when she left and there wasn't any of her usual flirting. She didn't rub her boobs on me and that was disappointing and a relief at the same time. We rode the bus to the track meet and she sat with me. That wasn't unusual and no one thought it was odd for her to sit with me. Her new iPad was charged and she had put her music library on it. She listened to her new headphones and leaned up against me. I think she fell asleep for a while. When the bus stopped she looked up at me and made a kissy face.

She won the open 100 and our 4x400 relay team placed first. She ran the anchor leg and she blew the other teams away. She took second in the long jump and Jos came and watched. We rode home with her. She needed gas and she didn't have any money. I cursed myself for not giving them any money.

"I'm sorry, girls. I'm new to this. If you need something, you have to ask me. I gave each of them five hundred dollars when we got home. "If you get below two hundred you ask me for more," I told them. I cooked dinner and they washed the dishes and cleaned up. Jos had got the restraining order against Ruben. She said he showed up drunk and tried to make trouble. He didn't want the order but the judge asked him if he intended to beat her up. He denied any such intention and the judge said if that were true he should have no problem with the order. That shut him up and when she left the courthouse he was gone. We never saw him again. Beth told us he had moved to Nevada.

Jos had filed for divorce and they told her it would probably take sixty days. She looked happier than I had seen her for years. Her face was back to its usual beauty and things looked like they were going well. When we went to bed the routine of the night before was identical except when Steph came in she had on only panties. Her gorgeous little teenage tits were on full display and she looked good enough to eat. When I asked her what she was doing she shrugged and said she usually slept naked. She had left her panties on so she wouldn't embarrass me. While she was explaining, Jos came in. She immediately shed her pajamas as well. Now I was in bed not only with two unbelievably sexy girls, but two nearly naked incredibly sexy girls. This self-imposed moratorium wasn't going to last. There were boobs all over me when I went to sleep and when I woke up it was more of the same.

Stephanie was waiting for me when I got done with the pole vault the next evening. She wanted me to help her with her steps for long jump and we worked for half an hour. Joselyn was going to be late getting home. She had a business dinner to go to so Steph and I were on our own. We showered and changed at school and I took her out to eat. I got quite a few looks at the restaurant. Steph was as vivacious and animated as she usually is and I could tell the men were envious and the women jealous. Then, they may have wondered what this interracial couple was up to with the man obviously older than the girl he was with. She was obviously my girlfriend. She hung on my arm and kissed me several times at dinner. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra when her nipples got hard eating a cold dessert. She rubbed them against me on the way out and it was driving me crazy. I had planned to take her to a movie but she wanted to rent one and watch it at home.

It was horrible. It was one of those awful star crossed teenaged lover's things that all the girls seem to love; something about a mile, but I hardly paid attention. My attention was on the little brown girl curled up against me on the sofa. She laughed and cried and wiggled against me until I was extremely horny. My cock was making an embarrassing tent in my shorts and she glanced at it from time to time. As the movie was winding down she peeked at it again and her hot little hand slid up the leg of my shorts and she squeezed me. She held me in her hand the rest of the movie and I could see that her nipples were erect under the thin top she had on. She was crying when the movie came to its predictable maudlin ending and she climbed up on my lap, straddling me.

"I loved that movie, Uncle Sal," she cuddled into my chest. "Thanks for watching it with me. I know you probably hated it."

"It was wretched," I told her. "I love you though and if you want to watch stuff like that, I'll do it with you. I'm probably going to spend more time watching you though."

"I know. I could feel you watching me. It made me feel sexy. I'm going to play with you now."

I had no objection to that idea and she sat up and pulled her top over her head. All that sexy came out and she took my shirt off too so she could rub it against me. Her hand was back inside my shorts and she stroked me energetically. She made a little frustrated sound and stood up. She pulled her shorts and panties down and slid my shorts and underwear off too. She sat back down on my lap, straddling my legs with hers and I feasted my eyes. This was a very special girl. She was perfectly built, slender and firm and muscular at the same time. Her skin was a marvel and she was as bare as a baby. I couldn't even feel stubble as I stroked where her pubic hair should have been. Her little pussy had dusky lips and a dusky little clit, fading to a light pink inside and it was very wet.

She rubbed it against my cock and I could feel how slippery she was. "God, I'm horny," she said. She raised up a little and the head of my cock slid down to nestle at her opening. She sank down a little and the head popped in. I knew she was a virgin, but she had no barrier there. It was very tight but nothing to tear or cause any additional pain.

"I'm going to fuck you," she told me.

"You won't get pregnant, will you?"

"No, I take birth control. That does sound exciting though. Maybe when I'm through with school and have a little bit of a career going."

That blew my mind. She had plans for me! The thought of knocking this little angel up nearly made me cum. I held her tight and didn't let her move until I had control of myself. I was going to make this something for her to remember or die trying.

She slid down a little more and she began to pant. "Jesus, you have a big cock. I'm going to do it though."

I don't have a foot long dick, but she made me feel like I did. She was so tight and so hot and so wet that it felt like I was being swallowed up by a vat of hot, slippery rubber. She squeezed me with her inner muscles and it was almost painful. By the time she had taken as much as she could she was panting like she and run a mile.

"Don't move for a minute," she gasped. "Let me get used to it."

"Do you want to stop?" I asked.

"No! It's starting to feel really nice. Don't you dare stop!"

I bounced her a little and she moaned. When I stopped moving she started and the friction was intense. I felt like I was turning her inside out every time she rose up and things weren't moving around much. I wanted to just pound away at her, but she wasn't ready for that. She was very flexible and she lay with her breasts crushed against my chest and just pumped her hips. She started to loosen up after about five minutes and things got a lot better. I gradually slid down until my hips were just off the edge of the sofa and I could move freely. Her knees were on the edge and she raised up a little, giving me room to move.

I picked up the pace and she began to tremble a little as her excitement mounted. I began to pump her little pussy, giving her long, deep strokes and the trembling in her thighs grew more pronounced. She began to move some and she mistimed it a little a couple of times, causing me to slip out. She moaned in frustration each time and quickly moved to get me back inside.

"Just let me do it, Steph," I told her. I held her hips, that luscious curve under my hands and gave her everything she could take. She went off like a rocket and I wasn't far behind. The tendons on her neck became prominent and she gave a little shriek as she went over the top. She groaned and shuddered, jerking spasmodically as waves of pleasure swept over her. When she felt me cum she exploded again and writhed in ecstasy as she kept cuming for a long time.

She collapsed on me and I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. Joselyn was standing there watching us with her hand in her pants and the fly open.

"Hey, Jos," I said.

"You rat," she exclaimed.

I thought she was mad about me fucking her daughter and I started stammering around.

"Shut up!" she said. "I can't believe you started without me!"

Steph giggled up at her. "I'm sorry Mom, I was just too horny to wait. God it was good! That was way better than rubbing myself off! Do you think he can do it again? You've got to try this!"

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