Dog Mom
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Rich Humus

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A slight departure for me, inspired by an interesting decal on a mini-van. Don't read if you're PETA-oriented. Or, maybe, do.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Bestiality   Caution   Porn Theatre  

"Hon, do you have a show tonight?" I heard my husband Ed ask from the dining room.

"Hold on, let me check my schedule." I responded. I put down the dish towel and, digging out the iPad, swiped it awake and checked my bookings.

"Um, yeah. 9 o'clock at the Moose hall. 'Till 12."


Another swipe and a tap.

"Brutus ... and Hector."

"Well ... shit ... I was hoping for some ... you know..." he said somewhat plaintively.

"Sorry, babe. But this was booked a month ago. And they've already paid." I answered, finishing up the dishes from tonight, and, blowing a wisp of hair up out of my eyes, I walked over to the dining room where Ed was sitting rather morosely in his chair.

"C'mon, let's go put a porno on, and I'll give you a blow job. How's that?" I questioned, putting my hands on his shoulders and leaning down to rub my boobs across the back of his neck. I reached down over his chest and tweaked his nipples. He has a nice chest. Firm, not hairy, trim, not muscled like a 19 year old stud, but not fat and flabby either. He was my Ed, all 40 years and 190 pounds of him.

He brightened up almost immediately. "Hell yeah! That's more like it, sweetie. Tell you what, let me go up and take a shower, and I'll see you upstairs in a few minutes. OK?"

I murmured my assent, and watched him get up and head over to the stairs and upstairs to our bedroom. "I'll just check on the guys, and be right up." I said. I crossed over to the living room behind him, and headed to the sliding glass door to our back yard area. The sun was setting into the mountains west of us in a glorious blaze of reds and yellows and I could smell the fresh mown grass out back. I had always loved that aroma, even as a little girl down south. Our gardener/handyman, Albert, was just putting the mower away in the shed in the back corner of the yard. He was a godsend. Smart as a whip, very skilled in the arts and sciences of keeping a house like ours well maintained and running like a Swiss watch. It took a lot - the gardening, the lawn, the front landscaping, the three koi ponds, and the kennel. Oh, the kennel. That alone was almost a full time job. We have eight dogs. And they all get treated like kings, let me tell you.

I stepped out and crossed the patio over to the entrance to the kennel area. It's a long, fenced area about 90 feet long by 30 feet, with a walkway down between the pens. Each pen has a large, heated and cooled dog house where my guys can relax out of the weather if they want, and a common area where they can go play, wrestle with each other, or whatever they want. They also have access to the yard, when they want, to run around and get their exercise. And that's not even counting the exercise they each get when Albert takes them out, individually, for their runs.

I walked down to Brutus' pen. He was fourth on the left. I clanged on the gate, and the big lug came bounding out of the doghouse, yapping excitedly. He ran up to the gate and pushed his snout through an opening, tongue lolling out. I reached to give him a scratch on his long nose and nuzzle him.

"Hey baby, how's my big puppy doin' tonight? All rested up from yesterday? ... yeah, I know, you were worked pretty hard. But I know you can handle it, can't you?" I scratched him behind the ears, and he sat, big brown eyes looking at me with quiet anticipation. I glanced down and noticed his equipment.

"Oh, my, you're ready already!" I gasped in mock horror. About five inches of his wet, red penis had already protruded out from his sheath, and a large drop of pre-ejaculate hung on the chiseled tip. He must have smelled my own arousal.

"Well, just you calm down a little bit. You and Hector and Mommy are going out tonight, and I promise we'll have a lot of fun, ok?" I grinned at him, standing up and smoothing down my skirt. He more or less growl/barked at me as if to approve. I swear, sometimes I think my guys are actually trying to talk to me. I wonder what they'd say if they could?

I pinched a hard nipple through my tee-shirt top and crossed the aisle to Hector's cage. He was already out, tail wagging a mile a minute, tongue hanging out and drool dripping on the grey concrete.

"Hi sweetie! How's my big boy tonight? Ready to go out on a date with Mommy?" I bent to give his nose a light nibble. As I did, I noticed his own canine excitement being manifested by about five inches of penis starting to slide out of his covering. I reached in and let the fingers of one hand lightly caress the angled tip, taking the pre-cum off and rubbing it between my fingers. I brought my hand up to my face and inhaled. God, I love the scent. I licked the tips of my fingers and instantly my own taste buds were on fire with the heat, the tangy, tart, greasy feel and taste of his juice. I half-debated pulling one from him, but then thought I'd better save it for the show. The guys at the lodge paid for a full evening's entertainment, and I didn't want to disappoint them. It'd be bad for business, and I wasn't quite ready to retire and start my social security.

You see, I'm a Dog Mom. It's my business. I put on shows. Dog Shows. But not the kind where they parade the little fur balls around on rhinestone leashes and they dance on their hind legs. The kind where a woman mates with a dog. Or dogs, plural. Sometimes, lots of dogs. But, maybe I'd better start at the beginning, almost a decade ago.

I had a fairly normal upbringing. Two brothers, I was in the middle. Birth wise, I mean, gutter mind. :) Mom and Dad both worked, and we had a pretty nice middle class life. I was a good student, not an ace, but a good B+ in pretty much everything. I did the usual girl stuff, but also palled around with my brothers and their friends, so I've camped out, and ridden dirt bikes, and climbed trees, so it wasn't all petticoats and tea parties. I loved animals, and after much cajoling when I was about 12, I managed to convince mom and dad that I was old enough to have a pet dog. We went through the usual litany of "I'll feed him and walk him and brush him and clean up after him, every day, I promise, oh please please please please please please..." and looked up at Daddy with my big brown eyes and he couldn't resist any more. I think he did it just to shut me up.

We went to the Rescue Shelter, and I picked out a cute brown Shepherd mix that they said was about two years old. He had been dropped off by previous owners who were moving and couldn't take him with them. He and I bonded right away. I took good care of him, and he stayed with me all through junior and senior high. He was very affectionate, and we spent hours running around in the park, chasing Frisbees, splashing in the lake, and enjoying each other's company. I was devastated when he passed, after developing some condition which affected his musculature. He got weaker over a few months in the summer after I graduated from high school, and finally the vet said he'd really need to be put down. It was the most traumatic thing I've ever had to do in my young life. I swore I'd never have another pet, since the sadness of their passing was too hard to take.

And that pledge lasted a few years. I went off to college, graduated, came home, and met Ed while working at my first job. The rest is history. We dated, fucked, and then married. He's ten years older than I am, but it's not a big deal. We're very compatible, as it turned out.

Ed was the first man to take me anally, and while I was not a big fan at the start, after a while I started to enjoy it tremendously, and now I have no problem getting aroused and climaxing from anal intercourse. He's usually pretty good with it, starting slow and getting me really wet and ready. That's the key. I love to be licked and eaten (what woman doesn't!) and Ed's a master at that. Of course, he expects reciprocation most of the time, and I'm proud of my skills in that department. We've trained me to relax my throat muscles and I can take all of Ed's eight full inches into my mouth and throat with ease. He really likes that, and I guess over the years he's pumped my tummy full of a couple of gallons of cum. And that's another one - I love the smell, taste, and feel of semen.

My first few boyfriends used to like to pull out and cum on my tummy or butt when we had sex, and I guess I just conditioned myself into it. Anyway, I enjoy it pretty much anywhere. Oh yeah - that too. Ed loves to give me facials, and I love it too. The feeling of that hot, wet juice hitting me just gets me off. So yeah, I'm a three-hole slut, I guess you'd say. No one would have ever suspected it back then, but I was. I keep myself shaved down there, and I have a very pronounced clitoral hood and ridge. I've never had any trouble having orgasms, I discovered masturbation before I was even a teenager, and I love to cum. Who doesn't? My vaginal lips are about average size, I guess, and Ed says that overall I have a very nice looking pussy. Well, men will say that about pretty much any of them, right? LOL. My boobs are just average, a big B cup or maybe a small C. I'm somewhere between Kate Moss and Dolly Parton lol. In college I had the usual lesbian experiences, and they're OK, but I really like cocks and cum more than slits and pussy juice.

Anyway, Ed used to travel a lot for his job, and after a few months, the loneliness got to me while he was gone. I'd come home from my job, make a small dinner, watch a little TV or something, and then almost cry from the separation. On occasion I'd go out with the girls or something, but it wasn't the same. I wanted domestic bliss. I finally decided that I would break down and get a dog, to keep me company and help while away the time during Ed's long days away. He was reluctant at first, but then saw how much I really wanted companionship, and maybe he figured if I didn't get a puppy or something, I'd end up being unfaithful to him with another man. Oddly, that thought had never occurred to me. Our sex life, when he was home, was astounding. Both Ed and I have high drives, and there's little we haven't adapted into our sexual relationship. It turns out I'm a bit submissive for the right man (and beast, it turns out... :) and we did pretty much anything.

So anyway, we went out the next weekend and came back with a really cute, friendly Ridgeback, who was sleek, black and all male. Oh yeah, he'd never been neutered, and I had to chuckle when, as we were meeting him and petting him at the rescue place, he pushed out a long, red penis that had Ed laughing out loud.

"Look, honey, I think he likes you!" he guffawed, causing me some embarrassment. I quickly shushed him, but I couldn't take my eyes off the dog's equipment. His sheath was smooth and whitish-grey, and the wet red shaft that extended out of it looked raw, and, well, animalistic. His balls were round and full behind him, and I watched with interest as he started dripping, and then actually shooting, small thin jets of cum. He was whining and obviously in some torment but there was not much we could do for him. We moved along to look at some more dogs, but after a few minutes came back to him, after he'd calmed down a bit, and ended up taking him home in the back of our minivan.

We named him Star, and he quickly became part of the family. He was already grown when we adopted him, and had been completely housetrained, so that was good. Our back yard was big enough for him to run around in, and we quickly had it fenced to give him a nice safe area. Once we settled in with him, he adapted to us right away. I walked him every night that I could down to the park a few blocks away, and he was well behaved - never running off the leash or chasing other dogs. He seemed very solicitous of me, and the only time he ever growled was when another male, human or canine would approach me. Until he saw me interact with any other male, he was on guard.

It was about a month after we brought him home with us that our relationship took that fateful turn. Ed was out of town on a sales trip, and I'd come home from a long day at work to relax. All I wanted was to grab something light to eat, and then go up and run a hot bath and soak in it for an hour. We had a nice raised tub that was up off the floor, with a nice wide railing all around on the three sides away from the wall. I lit some candles, dumped in the bubble bath, and ran the tub full as hot as I could stand it. Star came up and lay down in the middle of the rug in the bathroom and promptly went to sleep. I slumped in the tub and let the warmth soak in. It felt marvelous. I soaped up my breasts and couldn't resist playing with the nipples a little bit. I love having my breasts played with. I'm barely a C-cup on my best days, but I have very sensitive nipples and get aroused quite easily when they're licked, sucked, or even bitten. So, like any normal woman in a warm, soapy bath, I soon had one hand on my boobs and one between my legs. I gave myself two nice, soothing orgasms and then lay back until the water cooled so much that I got goosebumps. I sat up and put my feet over the edge of the tub on the rug, and started to dry myself, when I decided that my crotch could use a shave. So I spun around and dunked my legs back in the water, and reached for my razor. 10 minutes later I was smooth as marble once again, and I turned back around. Star had woken up at some point, and was standing there behind me, wagging his tail, and drooling on the carpet. He probably smelled me, between the shaving and the orgasms I was pretty moist and fragrant down there.

"Hey Star, good boy. Look, Mommy's all clean and smooth!" I laughed, leaning back and spreading my legs wide, to open up and show the dog my shaved pussy. I don't know what I was thinking, but Star took that opportunity to bound forward and lay a rough tongue lick from my taint up to my bellybutton, almost. I gasped in shock as the tremor went through me and could not move as he licked again ... and then again. The forbidden thoughts were quickly erased from my brain as I felt his rough, strong tongue against my sensitive skin. I'd been licked by many men in my life, but none of them had a tongue that compared to Star's. Long, strong, and rough. He hit my clit with it and the top of my head blew off. He came in closer and all I could do is lean back and try not to fall into the tub, spread my legs as far as they'd go and let my lovely pooch eat me. God damn, I came like a firecracker, three huge jolts went though me like 120 volts of electricity. Every nerve ending in my body felt like it was on fire and I know that I cried real tears. After a few minutes of earth shattering pleasure, finally, I couldn't stand any more and I was afraid I'd fall back into the tub and drown or something. I pushed Star's head away gently, ignoring the low growl in the back of his throat, and slumped down off the tub onto the floor, exhausted. Star stood over me panting, his head halfway past and over my shoulder.

After a few moments, I more or less came to, and started to move, but Star was adamant. He wouldn't let me move him out of the way. I tried to push his head to the side, but he growled, deep in his gut. I'd never heard him do that. I was mildly scared, he'd never acted that way before. He pushed up closer to me, and that was when I saw it. He was aroused. Erect. Hard. He had a boner. Oh my god, my dog got an erection licking my pussy and now he wanted relief too. About six or seven inches of red, veiny doggie dick hung down off his crotch, dripping with what I was to learn was a smooth, oily pre-cum.

"Oh, you poor doggy ... are you all frustrated by Mommy?" I whispered to him. "Well, Mommy had a couple of very nice cums, I guess it's only fair that Mommy gives you what you need too..." I murmured to myself. I reached down underneath his warm, smooth chest and put my fingers around a non-human penis for the first time in my life. It was warm, hot actually, and quite smooth, but wet. Star whimpered a bit, and I realized that I had grabbed it much too hard. I was used to a human cock. I started masturbating my dog, and he maneuvered around to stand in front of me sideways, panting, his chest heaving while I tried to give him satisfaction and relief. I looked at his cock, fascinated. The tip was angled, and a thin jet of liquid kept shooting out, about every ten seconds. It was getting all over, up my arm, and on the rug and just shooting everywhere. I put my other hand a few inches in front of the tip of his cock and let it shoot into my palm a couple of times. I brought my hand up to my head, inhaling the strong, musky, masculine odor. A naughty thought crossed my mind, as it would anyone's. What harm would it do? No one would see. No one would ever know. Just me and Star. I leaned my head down, extended my tongue, and licked at the small white pool of liquid in my hand.

The second my tongue hit the dog's semen, it electrified my taste buds. Tart, sweet, hot, spicy, metallic, every possible taste seemed to magnify and intensify as my tongue dipped again and again into it. Holy fuck. I swallowed the gamy liquid, cleaning my palm, and then put my hand down again and pumped for a minute or so, getting another hand's full. This time I just noisily slurped it all right out of my hand and let it sit and settle in my mouth. I felt the forbidden liquid seep into every crevice in my mouth, down under my tongue, across my teeth and gums. I licked the front of my upper teeth, spreading the hot brine around. Finally I swallowed, before it could get too diluted with my own saliva. Oh my god, I thought to myself, I just swallowed doggie cum. A shiver ran through me at the thought. You have no idea how nasty I felt. Doggie cum. In my belly. I had to reach down and diddle myself, which of course presented a problem. Star and I were now contorted around so that I was lying on my side next to him, and he stood with his hindquarters at about my waist, and his head up near mine. I continued to jerk him off, but my hand was getting a little dry and I was afraid to hurt the poor guy. His cock seemed much more raw than a human cock. His balls were jumping behind me, and I saw the beginnings of what I later learned was his knot.

So I had my left hand on his cock, and my right hand in my crotch pinching and rubbing my own little clit which was feeling very good. But now he was spraying again. Thoughts danced in my head. You know the cartoons where someone is thinking about something, and there's a little angel on one side of her head, and a little devil on the other side, and they're both trying to talk the person into or not into doing something? That was me. I listened to the angel for a few seconds, but she made no sense. The devil was much more convincing. No one would see. No one would know. The dog certainly wouldn't tell anyone. He deserved it. What harm could it do?

So I gave in to the devilish temptation, and made a move which forever pushed me over the line into luscious depravity and changed Ed's and my life.

I leaned under Spot, opened my mouth, and captured the spitting end of his penis. Immediately his hot, wet streams permeated my taste buds, and he started thrusting harder and harder through my hand and into my mouth. His cock was thin, and not as long as Ed's and after a moment it simply bent down over and into the top of my throat. Holy hell, I was deep throating my dog. I swallowed his offerings over and over, my mouth and throat drowning in his cum. My god, where did it all come from? I had no idea dogs came like that. His thrusts became more and more insistent, and then suddenly he pushed against my hand, nearly knocking it into my face. His cock seemed to swell and it burst open in my mouth, spraying a huge jet of semen right against the back of my throat. I swallowed in desperation, nearly choking, and then he spurted again, just as huge, and I backed my head off and closed off my throat so the sperm would stay in my mouth until I could swallow it again without choking. It was then that I realized that all the clear, mostly colorless liquid he's been spraying before was just pre-cum, lubrication. This was the real deal now. This was liquid puppies. It was thicker, hotter, and had a gamy, raw taste.

We got into a rhythm. He would spurt a huge, hot jet of semen and I would gather it in my mouth for a second, letting the pure sensuality seep into my soul, and then I'd swallow. Then he'd spurt again, and I'd swallow again. We must have done it ten times, at least. It seemed he was a bottomless pit of doggie sperm. I reached back with my left hand and felt his knot and the balls behind it, they felt hot and huge and pulsated in my hand as if they were alive. Well, they were, I guess.

Finally, though, his tanks ran dry, or almost dry. The last few times the eject was weaker, less full. I let three spurts collect in my mouth and swallowed, then pulled my head off his cock, gasping for breath and reeling from the sheer madness of it all. My belly felt warm, as if I'd just swallowed a gallon of hot tea. I let out a very unlady-like burp.

Star seemed to collapse a bit himself, as he unwound himself from me, and went over to the edge of the rug, lay down and started licking his cock as it retreated back into his sheath. I sat up, leaned my head back over the tub rail and looked at the white ceiling. Suddenly, without even touching myself, I had a huge, whole-body orgasm that started in my brain and radiated out into my nipples, my pussy, and my toes. I actually shook like I was being electrocuted, and I think I peed a little. I just sat there, breathing hard, my conscious brain turned off, zoned out. I rubbed my tummy, my legs sticking straight out from me, flat on the floor. After a few minutes, I realized the tiles were cold, and I shakily stood up, reached down to pet Star on the head, and put on my robe. I was still woozy. Oddly, I felt no guilt. What I'd done may have been wrong in the eyes of some, but I didn't see it that way. My dog was not mistreated. He needed sex, he was just doing what millions of generations of evolution had designed him to do. He sensed a female in heat, or aroused, anyway, and responded. It would have been far more abuse to have ignored him when every fiber of his being cried out for him to mate. We both enjoyed our time. There was no risk of pregnancy, no risk of STDs. He wouldn't brag to his buddies. Or would he? I had no idea if dogs could communicate like that. Certainly wouldn't have surprised me, after tonight. But had I been unfaithful to Ed? Not really. There was pretty much no chance that Star and I would run away and leave Ed to start another family. I still wanted Ed to come home and fuck my brains out a few times before he left again.

I went on the computer and started to search out some information on dog sex, and trust me, there's not much real truth out there. Not too many doctoral theses on it, you know? Turns out it's illegal most everywhere, but that's OK since I wasn't planning on sending out announcements. Also turns out there's quite a bit of woman-dog porn out there, most of it pretty bad. The Japanese seem to love it. As do the Brazilians, and eastern Europeans. I did find out that there ARE people who are quite into it, and there ARE resources to find out more. As long as the dog is clean, the health risks to either partner are low, since few bugs can be transmitted from species to species. I'm actually more at risk of picking up a nasty infection or virus from a stranger's sneeze in the elevator than I am from fucking my dog. Who knew?

I slept the sleep of the dead that night, with Star curled up on the bed next to me. He even snored. The next day was Saturday, and I just lazed around the house, waiting for Ed to get home. He was flying in in the morning and would be home by lunch time. I puttered around the house, but couldn't get last night's experience out of my mind. I spent a lot of time petting Star, and he just sat down next to me and let me scratch his ears. Of course, after a while his penis emerged, but I could not figure out why. I was fully clothed, and was not particularly sexually aroused myself. Last night I could understand, I had a damp pussy that had just been worked over by my soapy fingers. But today was different, today I was fully dressed, with panties and a sundress and shoes and everything. Nothing was different, except ... then it struck me. I knew how Star had become aroused again. I was on my period. It had started three days before, and I still had a bit of a flow, with a tampon in. So that was why, and how, Star had gotten all hot and bothered. Now I figured it out.

"Is that it, boy? Is that why you're so excited? Mommy gets her period and you smell her?" I asked the ever-insistent dog. Perhaps now that he'd experienced this strange, hairless bitch, he'd be expecting relief more often. I decided to test my theory. I took him back up to the bathroom with me, and sat with my back to the tub, just like I had last night. I pulled up my sundress, and moved my panties to one side. He instantly nosed into my crotch and gave me a lick. I pulled the tampon out, it was barely pink, so I flushed it, and sat back down. I couldn't resist. I knew it wouldn't take long for Star to get me off, so I pulled off my panties and spread my legs, and he dove right in. Damn, that dog sure loved eating pussy. His tongue went up and down my slit, rasped across my clit, and I was seeing stars in no time. I held his head by the ears and directed him to where it felt the best, but he was pretty much on his own and didn't take direction well. At one point, I leaned back and spread my lips apart, and I swear about three inches of his tongue went right up my cooch. Man did that feel good! I could feel the orgasm building in my toes and working its way up, and by the time it reached my forehead I was sweating and my legs were spasming. I peaked just as his rough tongue flashed across my clit, and I cried out and came, and then I took a deep breath, and I came again. I pinched my nipples and saw a sun explode behind my eyelids, and I drooled out over my own bottom lip as Star chewed on my lower ones.

I got into a frenzy, I couldn't help myself. I reached under him, and laid back, pulling his hindquarters over my face and letting him continue to work on my crotch. We were in a classic "69' position, and I hunched my hips up at him in a frenzy. I bent his lovely red cock down to my lips and started sucking on it, but it was awkward. His angle didn't lend itself to this, like a man's did. He yelped in pain as I tried to swallow him whole, and I realized that that position wouldn't do. I scrambled up from underneath of him, and decided to go for broke. I rested my elbows on the tub rail, spread my feet as wide as I could, braced against the tub step, and stuck my butt up in the air. I hoped he'd get the hint.

He did. I felt him jump up with his paws on my back, and felt the pain of a scratch from his claws. The bloody line almost ended it there, but it only made me hotter for some reason. His hips were thrusting at me at a hundred miles an hour, his cock bouncing off my butt, my pussy lips, and even my ass, but not getting anywhere. He was moving too fast, and didn't know what he was doing. I gasped and reached back underneath of me to try to get him and guide him in. I finally was able to make a guide with my hand and get his rapidly pummeling dick to approach the opening to my pussy. When I felt him start to tap against it I took the opportunity to push back and WHAM! all of sudden he was in me. I felt his hot, thin shaft spear up in to my guts, rubbing over my G-spot. My dog was fucking me. I could hardly breathe with the excitement, and I dipped my head down over the cool tile of the tub and simply let the dog hump away. The feeling was indescribable. A man could never jab as fast as this dog did, and even though his dick wasn't as big as some cocks I'd had, or especially Ed's, the rapid fire movement all up and down my channel was making me feel dick on every nerve ending. It rubbed against my G-spot and his balls smacked up against my clit and I started cumming like there was no tomorrow. I cried out with the pleasure as my lovely dog rammed into me over and over and over for several minutes. His claws were starting to scratch me all over, and I knew I'd have to figure out how to explain my scars to Ed at one point, but I just put that prospect out of my mind. Then I felt him start to cum.

Just like last night, the force and volume of Star's explosion pushed me over the edge again, as I actually felt the hot jets of his sperm splash against my womb in a useless search for an matching egg. I groaned again as I felt him slow and almost stop moving, except for small jolts from his hips as he ejected huge gouts of sperm into me. I felt it start to leak out and drip down my thighs, and I closed my eyes and just crouched there, my dog's bitch, taking his cum deep into my pussy.

"Oh MY GOD!" I suddenly heard, and my heart nearly stopped as I realized that Ed had gotten home early and was witnessing his wife's bestial coupling. I cried out in shame and pain, and tried to push Star away but he was having none of it.

"Help, help me, honey, the dog is killing me, he's got me trapped!" I tried to yell. Star just kept filling me up with doggie cum.

"Don't move!" I heard Ed warn me, and I suddenly froze up, scared and not knowing what was going on. I hung my head in shame, thinking of my husband watching me get fucked by our dog and being repulsed, sickened. Suddenly, I felt him climb into the big tub over me, and crouch down in front of my head. I opened my eyes, only to come face to face with Ed's big, dripping cock, hard as a steel bar. I knew then that Ed was not only not repulsed, but turned on. I opened my mouth automatically, and I soon had one hard cock thrusting in and out of my face, and another one spritzing doggie cum all over my uterus. Their cum met in my tummy, somewhere, I guess, about four minutes later.

Ed grabbed my ears and basically fucked my face, as I opened my throat and welcomed his hard, human shaft. I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensations of the bestial penis lodged deep in my belly, and the familiar, masculine-scented cock of my husband. His cock slide easily over my tongue and poked at the top of my throat, over and over. When he spoke, my ears perked up and the one part of me that was still semi-aware listened anxiously.

"It's so fucking hot seeing that dog fuck you, babe. How long has this been going on. Does he fuck you every day? Is he good? Does Star's cock feel good in your pussy? You let him eat your pussy too? I bet YOU DO" he grunted, and on the 'YOU DO' he pushed his dick all the way in my throat until my nose hit his belly, and I felt it pulse over my tongue and shoot a weeks-worth stream of cum straight in to my stomach. I almost orgasmed at that thought, and his words. He pulled back a bit and his cock flexed again and I felt a stream of jizz shoot out and hit the back of my throat and I gulped it down gratefully. By now his cock head was lodged just inside my lips and he stood there, holding my head by my ears, letting his cum flow out and wash across my tongue. I loved it.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, both of us panting with exertion and lust, as the dog finished trying to impregnate me. Finally, Star yipped and pulled away and a gush of semen burbled out of my pussy and ran down my legs onto the carpet. Ed pulled away and I hung my head, gasping and heaving.

"Ed, baby..." I started, but he interrupted.

"Don't say anything. Relax." he said, sitting back down in the tub. His clothes were soaked, but I noticed he'd at least pulled his shoes off.

So I crouched there, half in and half out of the tub, my thighs up against the cool porcelain, my knees on the floor, and dog semen drooling out of my pussy while I recovered from my orgasm. I barely noticed as Ed got up, and gingerly stepped over me and out of the tub.

"Meet me in the bedroom when you're ready, hon." he whispered. In about five minutes, I'd recovered enough to shakily stand, and try to wipe off some of the semen trailing down my legs. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck, but a good truck. A cum truck. I wrapped a robe around me and walked out to the bedroom. Ed was sitting on the edge of the bed in just his shorts. He had a shit-eating grin on his face when I went out there. I went over, sat down next to him, and held his hand.

"Welcome home, honey." I tried to be light. "I ... I'm sorry -"

"Hon, stop. Listen. I can't blame you. I know you were lonely here. I know how it can get. When I came in downstairs, I heard you cry out. I thought you were hurt or something. So I ran up stairs here, and just broke in on you. I'm sorry, maybe I should have called." He seemed genuinely apologetic. I looked in to his eyes.

"You must think I'm terrible."

Long pause. "No. Hell, it's my fault if anything. I'm on the road so much. I wish I could cut back but you know how it is at work - they pay me good money to be out with the customers."

"It just kind of happened. He was nosing around and you know how ... horny ... he can be some times around me. Last night..." and I decided to just open up and tell Ed the whole story. I related last night's tub adventures, and how I'd jerked him off and tasted his cum and then sucked on him, and while I did I held Ed's cock and of course it got hard again. By the time I was done, he laid me back on the bed and began fucking me, I wrapped my legs around his ass and begged him to never stop fucking me. His cock slurped and slushed in the goop still inside me from Star and I think that turned Ed on even more. He kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth and I grabbed it with my teeth and he just continued to pummel me. I loved the feel of his dick in me, it was different than Star - longer, thicker. Star was so hectic and frantic I felt like he was overwhelming me, but Ed was just like a machine, pistoning in and out on a regular, rhythmic basis. I came once in just a few seconds and then settled in, pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts, grunting each time he bottomed out in me. Ed grabbed my breasts and squeezed them roughly, pinching and pulling my nipples until I cried out again. Finally he roared his own orgasm, holding my shoulders with his hands, forcing me down into the bed and spurting over and over into me. I shivered with ecstasy as I thought of his cum mixing with Star's in my womb. The two males in my life, sharing me, loving me, pouring their essence into me. I held Ed tightly and cried in relief and happiness.

Ed collapsed over me and we both must have fallen asleep for a few moments. I woke up after a bit and disentangled us, going into the bathroom to cleanup. I was soaked with cum from my chin on down my chest, and of course my pussy was a swamp. Twenty minutes later, I was presentable, dressed in a pair of short and an old shirt tied off below my boobs, and I went downstairs to make Ed and myself some lunch. Star was panting at the back door, so let him out to run in the back yard. Ed came down himself, freshly showered and shaved, and we sat down to lunch. It was a bit awkward at first but when Ed opened up, I realized that I'd had nothing to fear.

"Honey, I can't tell you how exciting it was to come home and find you coupled with the dog. That's been one of my kinks for as long as I can remember, but of course I never dreaming of being able to tell you about it - I thought you'd think I was some kind of pervert or something."

"Yeah, well, I never knew. Hell, up until last night, I never really thought about it. I mean, yes, I'd heard about it here and there, and heard the jokes and the stories. But I never knew anyone who claimed to do it, and certainly never had planned to do it myself. But then..."

"Star got his tongue in your snatch and you never looked back!" he laughed.

"Well, damn near, yeah!" I chuckled back. "You know how I love that, and damn, Ed, you're really good at it. But fuck me, Star's tongue is longer, and stronger and rougher. He hit places in my pussy with that thing of his that I didn't even know I had!"

"That appears to be common in the stuff I've read and seen. Doggie licking is quite popular. But it must have taken a lot of nerve to suck him off! Wish I'd seen that!"

"I tasted his stuff, and it wasn't really bad - a little watery, and kinda tart, but not disgusting or anything. If I hadn't known it was doggy cum, or actually, pre-cum, I'd have just thought it was odd tasting water. Then I saw his cock, shooting out thin streams of it over and over, and something in me just snapped. I put my lips over the end and there it was!"

We talked about it for a while. Now that I knew that Ed was OK with me fucking the dog when he was away, I started to actually feel better about it. I mean, yeah, I was fucking outside of my species. But I certainly wasn't the first woman to do so, and wouldn't be the last. And since my research had indicated that no major physical harm could come of it, so long as we were careful, I wasn't worried about that part of it. It was obvious that I could do far worse fucking someone of my own species who had some nasty bug, and the last thing I wanted to do was catch something, or god forbid, pass it on to Ed!

So anyway, that's pretty much how it started. When Ed was home, I was perfectly faithful to him. (Until he asked to see a show, but that's for later... ) When Ed was out of town for extended periods, Star became my lover as well as my companion, protector and friend. We got pretty good at the mechanics of it. I realized his claws would always be problem, so we worked up some leather/fabric booties for his paws (all four of them!) so he could mount me without scratching the hell out of me. That might be hard to explain at the pool, you know? We found a big ottoman kind of thing that was the perfect height for me to lay over, and long enough to support most of my upper body, and wide enough for his front paws, so we used that most of the time. Doggy style isn't called that for no reason, and that became the easiest way for us to couple when that was what I wanted. I could sometimes get him to mount me face to face like humans, but his movements became too frantic and frenzied for that, and he kept popping out of me. Oh, yeah - It wasn't long during our next 'experience' before I got knotted. Damn did that ever hurt the first time. It's one thing to have a cock like a Nathan's Kosher Frank up your cooze, it's something else entirely when it gets followed up there by a tennis ball. But once I got used to it, it wasn't all that bad. Once it went in, and Star sprayed my uterus with doggy cum for about ten minutes, I was in heaven the whole time. He popped out after a while, and the cum just poured out of me.

Star, like most males, also liked getting blow jobs, but I think he really preferred fucking me. After all, that's what evolution prepared him for, not spurting a half-pint of puppy juice down some bitch's throat. When I didn't feel like getting fucked, I would lay down with Star, and I'd open my legs and he would start licking me, and I would push one of his legs up out of the way and work his penis out of the sheath. Then when it was out and fully extended, I'd start sucking on it. I had to be very careful of my teeth, because a dog's dick is much more sensitive to that kind of thing. I got pretty good as sucking without using my teeth. He'd start to spray that pre-cum, and I'd just lay there and suck it out of him and swallow it down for as long as he would give it to me. God, I swallowed gallons of the stuff. I learned to recognize when he was about to cum, and held the back of his cock so his knot wouldn't knock my teeth out. I loved feeling him cum in my mouth. It is a totally different sensation from when a man ejaculates. A man will spurt once really heavy, or maybe twice, and then tail off for the next three or four little spurts. It's over in ten or fifteen seconds, at the most.

On the other hand, dogs cum for HOURS! Well, maybe not hours. But sometimes it seems like that. Once they start actually ejaculating semen, it comes out in forceful streams, over and over. Each one is as strong as the first, until the very end. I can feel the spurt hit the roof of my mouth, and I swallow it in a quick gulp, and it's guaranteed, almost every time, to make me orgasm along with him, once or twice. I guess that's one of the definitions of a real slut - able to cum when her dog shoots off in her mouth. :) Well, I don't care. Cumming is good. I gulp his wonderful doggy semen down over and over and I love it. It almost always had the same taste, tart but not sour, kind of aromatic, but not real strong. Its consistency is thicker than Ed's, but not by a lot. It's never really bad tasting, like some men I've had - smokers, drinkers, guys who eat a lot of spicy or peppery food - man, their shit is horrible. Compared to those guys, doggy cum is like almond milk. And it doesn't hurt the skin, either. Sometimes, I've lain there with a dog's spouting cock, and let it spray all over my face and tits like a fountain, and then rubbed it in. It gives me a special thrill to do that sometimes early in the morning, and then go out and do my daily things - meeting the girls for lunch, shopping, whatever. Wondering what the person across from me would think if they knew that the smart, successful, poised and elegant woman across from them had several big streams of doggy sperm drying on her face or upper chest. Wondering if any of them can smell it. Wondering if any of the women recognize it. So far, no takers... :(

Time passed. Ed went up the corporate ladder, and if anything, he had to travel even more. Setting up branch offices, training new managers, consulting with partners, all that sort of stuff. Thank god for Star. That is, for almost a year. Then, while we had Star at the vet for one of his twice-yearly checkups, we got the bad news. He'd seemed disinterested recently, and wasn't eating as much as he used to. He seemed to have no energy. The vet said it was inoperable, and finally, just a few weeks later, Ed and I stood there with him on the table, I was bawling my eyes out, as the vet gave Star the final shot that let him sleep in peace forever. I was inconsolable.

For weeks I stumbled around in the house, crying at every bark I heard outside, or misting up at the dog food commercials on the TV. I never wanted to go through that again, I told myself, for the second time in my life. But deep down, I knew what I had to do. I had to get another doggy lover. Ed and I visited the shelter and the rescue missions, but many of the dogs there were not right. For one thing, many of them were neutered already. And while I support that idea fully, in most situations, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want a eunuch. I needed a dog with a cock and balls. Balls that would fuck me for hours on end when I needed them to.

Finally, Ed came through. From someone at his office, who knew someone else who lived next door to someone, we found our Brutus. He was just a puppy, barely six weeks old, and when we went to see him I fell in love all over again. Bounding up to me with his little pink tongue poking through his teeth, his huge puppy paws foretelling a growth that was almost scary, we took him home that night. I couldn't wait for him to mature. I taught him how to eat my pussy early on, and he loved licking my cooze from my clit to my asshole. Yeah, he loved licking my asshole. I'd never gotten into that with Star, bless his soul, but Brutus seemed to really love it. I could get down on my hands and knees in front of him and he'd put his big snout up there and just lick away until I thought my skin would peel off. I'd finger my clit and have the world's most amazing orgasms from getting my ass licked. Who knew?

When he was about seven months old, he started sniffing around me. I figured he was becoming sexually mature, and Ed and I realized that we'd have to show him what to do. One night, when I was just finishing my period and was still a bit 'fragrant', we fixed the booties on him (I almost lost it when I thought about the last time I'd had sex with Star, it was almost a year... ) and I stripped down and we got the platform out. I let him sniff me for a while, and he started to whine and get jumpy. His big red cock poked out, and I realized that he was already nearly as long as Star was, and was already thicker. I'd have to adjust. It took a while, and there were several false starts, as I lay over the platform with my legs spread, trying to give him the most accessible target I could. Ed would help guide him up over me, and Brutus's hips would start going a hundred miles an hour, but he kept missing the target. He'd spray all over my butt and down my legs, and then jump off and run around, and we'd have to grab him and start all over again. It was almost comical.

Then once, he jabbed and his cock found a new home. I about went through the roof at first, but then he settled down when that portion of his little doggy brain notified him that he was in a live pussy (even if it wasn't a canine one... ) and started to thrust. Brutus was born for it, I'll say that. Ed sat back and watched our dog fuck the daylights out of me. It was fantastic. He came after about five minutes of it, but he was young so there wasn't a lot of semen. But lord almighty, he was ready again in ten minutes. That was one thing about Star, once or twice in a day was all he was really designed for. Fucking Brutus can go ten times, easy. Of course, that damn near kills me, so we don't go there often.

So Brutus learned how to fuck his mistress. About a week after we taught him to fuck, I decided to see if he liked getting his cock sucked. Oddly, he doesn't. I don't know if he's more sensitive or what, but for some reason, when I suck him, he doesn't move, he just sort of lays there and lets me suck on him, but he rarely cums. After ten minutes or so, he'll start to whine, and I let him go, and he pads off to the corner, and then the dumb guy licks his own cock. Doesn't he know he's got a perfectly good mistress willing and able to do it for him?

Within a few months, we were fucking regularly when Ed was out of town. And, like I said earlier, Ed loves to watch me with him, so usually, when Ed is home, getting fucked by Brutus is a prelude to regular sex with Ed. Brutus mounts me, fucks the hell out of me, splashes a bunch of doggy cum in my womb, and then Ed takes me face to face, his dick sloshing around in the half-cup of cum in me. I love it. There's something about knowing your man is dipping his wick in the juice left behind by, not another man, but a DOG lover.

Sometimes, I'm so wet and soaked down there that Ed decides to leave me on the platform, and he gets his dick nice and wet in doggy cum, and then shoves it up my ass. Now THAT really sets me off, knowing that my husband's cock is being lubed by doggy cum as it plows my back forty. He holds my shoulders and pounds away in my shit chute for as long as he can, but my ass and pussy are pretty talented, and when I want him to cum, I make him cum. Then I lay there, sweaty, breathing hard, completely exhausted, having cum myself a half dozen times, and dripping semen from both holes.

Other times, I'll suck Ed off while Brutus is fucking me, but that's a bit hard, because the dog is really pounding the shit out of me, and I not only can't concentrate on sucking Ed, but I'm afraid I'll bite him or worse. The first time we tried it, I skinned Ed's cock with my teeth accidentally, and he pulled out and jerked off in my face instead. Made me feel like the world's biggest slut, which I LOVED! Imagine, getting royally fucked by a big dog cock, and having your husband jerk off in your face while you do it. It doesn't get any better than that.

Brutus matured within the year. He really loved fucking me, there were times when he'd pad up to me while I sat on the sofa and lounged, reading or watching TV, and his big red cock would be hanging out and he'd growl really low in his throat at me, as if to say, "Hey, bitch, I need a fuck. Let's go!" but in all honesty, you can't possibly be ready to fuck a dog at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, you're just not in the mood. Now, granted, I get in the mood pretty damn easy, but even so ... I'd have been willing to suck him off, because that wasn't quite so involved a project, but Brutus usually wanted pussy, plain and simple. Then, one time I "gave in" to him, Ed was out in the garage messing with something, and I was watching TV in the living room. Brutus came up to me, and growled like he did when he wanted attention. I was getting bored with the TV program, so I decided to let Brutus let off some steam. I stood and pulled my dress up over my head, turned and knelt on the floor nude, putting my head and shoulders on the sofa cushion.

"Here boy! C'mon boy, mount up!" That was our cue to Brutus that he should mount me and let me guide his cock into my pussy. He put his paws on either side of my head, I reached behind me and started to feel for his cock so I could position it. But, for whatever reason, Brutus was a little ahead of me, and I didn't get back there in time. And his aim was off, by just a bit.

Nothing quite prepares you for the shock of about nine inches of hard, wet dog cock going up your ass in one big thrust. I went "OOOF!" into the sofa, came up off my knees, and saw stars with the pain. I cried out, as much in surprise as in discomfort, hoping Ed would hear me, but as the dog started thrusting away in my butt, I heard Ed's car pull out of the driveway, as he headed off somewhere for a bolt or a nail or something. I cursed him royally.

So now I was being ass-fucked by my dog. I couldn't do much except crouch there and take it, and hope that Brutus would either finish quickly, or realize that he'd gone down the wrong path and try again. But then, I thought, I don't want a dog cock, or any other cock, for that matter, up my pussy after it's been in my ass. Even I know that's not very hygenic. He started hitting spots in my colon that Ed had never hit, obviously, and as I tried to relax and get into it, my ass opened up a bit and the pain went away after about thirty seconds. I prayed that no neighbors would ring the doorbell. Brutus pounded away at me, drooling and slobbering on my back and neck, but he obviously didn't care that he was in the wrong spot. He jabbed away, pulling back and forth each time, suctioning my guts back and forth. At times it felt like he was re-arranging my internal organs. Almost without realizing it, my hand wandered down to my clit and I decided to help matters along by scratching the hell out of it. So I pounded my pussy while Brutus pounded my ass.

When he came, it felt like the world's strongest Fleet enema. He squirted over and over in me, pushing his knot up against my asshole, luckily not trying overly hard to get it in. That would have killed me, I'm sure. I enjoyed a full-body orgasm at that one, my brain exploding with the decadence of it all. I shuddered through two more sizzlers before Brutus finally emptied his balls, for the time being. He pulled out of me with an embarrassing 'splotch' and I immediately dripped doggy cum and who knows what else all over the floor. I had to stay there for a minute, catching my breath after the near-rape, while Brutus just flopped down behind the sofa and cleaned himself off. I guess he didn't mind the aftertaste of my ass. I tried to clench up back there and waddle in to the kitchen as quickly as I could to get a towel or something to clean up. The living room smelled awful, by the way. PS: a good enema or two before any doggy sessions where anal might be an option, is a good thing.

I cleaned up and went upstairs to take a nice hot shower and clean up a little. When Ed got home I related the tale to him, which, like any man, he though was hilarious. I told him next time HE could crouch there and take Brutus up HIS ass and see how he liked it. But, after remembering the session, I knew it would be an option which I would entertain in the future. The feeling of his hot jizz blowing up into my colon was absolutely indescribable. Ladies, if you haven't tried it, I recommend at least an experiment. You may thank me later.

So, for the next few months, Brutus and I had a lovely relationship whenever Ed was out of town for his extended trips. Mind you, I wasn't fucking my dog ten times a day or anything like that. At the most, three, maybe four times a week. It made me feel good to be bonding with another living thing, even if it couldn't cuddle afterwards or massage my feet. But the sex, the pure, raw, animal sex, was incredible. Fucking a non-human really sends your psyche on a trip, and the sub- or un-conscious thoughts never failed to send me into the stratosphere.

When Brutus was about 18 months old, fully mature and a beautiful animal, well trained, friendly, and EXTREMELY solicitous towards his mistress, Ed came home with a question. It seems a co-worker at his office knew we had a large dog for a pet, and his neighbor was needing to get rid of a dog due to some family circumstances. No one wanted the poor dog to end up at the pound, and they knew how hard it was for a large adult dog to be adopted into a new family. Yeah, those little Shi-tzus and Cockers and such get snapped up right away. Families willing to take on a 110 pound bruiser are a little rare.

So anyway, Ed asked if I'd like to take a ride and meet this pup, and see if we clicked. I thought for a second, and agreed. Why not, I figured. If one was good, two was better, right? Ed wouldn't tell me much about the dog, I don't know if he just didn't know or was purposely screwing with me. All he said was that I'd be impressed. Yeah. Right.

That weekend we rode over to the address of the family with the dog they couldn't care for anymore. It was a large, nice house in the country, with a big fenced yard in the back and a well manicured garden and lawn in front. A new Caddy and a Lexus were in the driveway, and I could see ATVs and other toys in the garage. Two kids around ten or twelve were playing out in the front yard. We parked, and walked up to the front door, and rang the bell.

Tom, the neighbor of the co-worker of Ed's, came to the door and ushered us in after the usual greetings. He seemed nice, and genuinely sorry to be in the position he was. His wife came down the steps with a load of laundry as we talked.

"I really appreciated you guys coming over here. Larry (that was Ed's coworker) said that you have a big dog already, and know the problems with them. I mean, no, there's no problem with them, but well, you know, they're not like a small dog. Edie is pregnant with our third, and Hector is just, well, too rambunctious to be around a small baby. We're afraid he might accidentally hurt him, if you know what I mean..."

It was clear Tom was nervous about it, and I tried to calm him down.

"I know exactly what you mean. Our Brutus is like a bull in a china shop sometimes. His tail can be a deadly weapon with things on the coffee table, and lord, when he smells food on the table he wants, watch out!" I laughed, trying to put him at ease.

"Hector has been perfectly fine with the kids, but they're bigger, and I just am too afraid of what might happen..." Edie chimed in. I nodded to her. She was cute, in a upper-middle class blonde sort of way.

"So, would you like to meet him?" Tom asked. We said 'Sure', and he led the way through the house out into the back yard. I looked around for a second, puzzled, and then was startled when what I thought was a small horse came bounding around the corner. This was a BIG fucking dog! Black as the ace of spades, with a coat that shined in the light, Hector was a Great Dane. And I mean GREAT. His head came up to my chest while just standing there. He was about three feet from neck to tailbone, and had a regal bearing. He padded up to Tom and sat directly in front of him. No growling, no barking, no nasty behavior. He just sat right in front of his master and looked at us with interest.

"Well folks, meet Hector. He's two, almost three years old. He's up to date on all his shots, just had a vet checkout about two months ago. He's chipped in case he gets lost or stolen, too. He's friendly towards humans he doesn't see as a threat, and seems to tolerate other dogs. He's never gotten in a dog fight. Great Danes are usually pretty even tempered, they're not like smaller dogs that have to establish pecking order or pack mentality. They know they're a top dog, I guess." Tom explained.

"Has he been, um, neutered?" I asked tentatively.

"Well, as a matter of fact, no. We had some thoughts of breeding him when we first got him, because his sire and dam are purebred, and one brother is a champion somewhere back East on Long Island or something, I think." Tom answered. "Hope that's not a problem?"

I hesitated. Nope, not at all! I thought to myself. Not at fucking all.

"No, not really. Just wondered."

Edie touched my arm and pulled me away a few feet. "Hector is usually well behaved, but you have to be ... careful with him around that time, you know? Your period ... it seems to excite him. It can be kinda embarrassing when he comes padding around with, well, his rather large equipment poking out. I've had to explain to the kids sometimes and let me tell you, THAT is a bit awkward."

I nodded in understanding. Brutus, and of course, Star, were the same way.

I knelt down and scratched Hector behind the ears, and talked to him in a low voice. He looked right at me with these huge black eyes as if to size me up. The only odd thing I remember from this first time meeting my third doggy lover, was how fine his eyelashes were. They stood up from his eyes like something out of a Maybelline commercial. After a few seconds, his tongue lolled out and he wagged his tail, and seemed to say, "Yeah, you'll do."

Tom, Edie, Ed and I talked about this and that for a few minutes, letting Hector get to know us and our scents. He walked around the chairs we were sitting in, sizing us up. I couldn't get over how huge he was. He's a good six inches or more taller than Brutus, and probably outweighs him by twenty pounds. But he seemed in good shape, his claws were professionally trimmed, he didn't "click click" on the tile like some dogs do who's claws aren't trimmed correctly, and his coat was gorgeous. Coal black, like I said, with a shimmer to it in certain light that looked almost blue.

In the end, of course, we told Tom and Edie that we'd be delighted and honored to be Hector's new family, and would care for him as well as they had. They seemed genuinely pleased that Hector had found a good family, and did not have to trust to an adoption service, or worse.

We collected his bowl (more like a damn soup tureen, I thought), and various collars, leashes, toys, and other stuff. The kids came in to say their goodbyes, and they seemed pretty sad, but I said they could come over and see Hector any time they wanted to. I knew they might come by two or three times, but after that, they'd be fine, and they'd transfer their childish affections to the new baby or some other object.

On the way home, Hector poked his big old head out the back window of our SUV and scared the hell out of half the people we stopped next to in traffic. He barked once or twice, at a black person, no less, which embarrassed me no end. But, he also SHUSSHED! when I told him to, which was helpful.

I was a little apprehensive about how he and Brutus might approach each other. I thought it was important that they meet on neutral ground, so Ed dropped me and Hector at the park, and then went home to get Brutus and bring him. I held Hector on the leash, at my side, when Ed pulled up about twenty minutes later. Brutus bounded out of the car, almost pulling Ed over with the leash, but Ed got him under control, and they walked slowly towards us. Hector growled low in his throat, but it didn't sound like a fierce growl, just a "Hey, I'm here, and I'm with her" growl.

Ed walked Brutus up slowly to Hector. One good thing, I thought, was that his tail was wagging slowly. Brutus walked up to Hector, sniffed, and they touched noses. It was dead silent for a few seconds while they communicated, doggy-style. Lord knows what they were thinking. Maybe they have some kind of extra-sensory perception that us humans have no clue about. I was on tenterhooks, ready to jump for my life if they started fighting but, thankfully, they didn't. They each sniffed each other from nose to tail, and then Brutus went down on his front paws like he wanted to play and went "rowlf" at his new buddy, and Hector's tail went from side to side. I released him and the two of them went high-tailing it down the path like they'd been buddies since birth.

Fast forwards about two weeks. Hec and Bru seemed to get along fine, they liked to play together like big puppies, but mostly just accepted the fact that they both were in a two-dog pack now and that was it. I made sure to pay each of them equal attention, in fact I was a little more friendly to Brutus just to make sure he didn't think he was being supplanted. I even let him fuck me a couple of times when Ed was home.

Ed had to leave on a three-week tour around the East Coast, and also up into Canada. I waved goodby from the front door with my two boys sitting silently at my feet, Brutus on the left and Hec on the right. I scratched them idly behind the ears with both hands.

"Well, boys, we're all alone for a couple of weeks now. Who's gonna fuck mommy first?" I laughed at my own brazen idea. I had work to do. I spent two days cleaning around the house, taking care of some business errands I had to run, and in general just doing what I always did. Despite what it may seem like, I wasn't fucking my dogs 24x7. But you're not reading this to hear about my pedestrian home life, or my work day or any of that boring stuff, you horn dog. :)

On a Wednesday night, I decided to take a nice, long hot bath. So I set up the candles and the bubble bath and bath oil and all that girly stuff, and after the tub filled, settled in for a nice soak. I just lay there for about ten minutes, covered in bubbles, letting the pressures of the day get washed away. Of course, after a few minutes I needed to play with myself, so I spread my legs on either side of the tub edges and started to tease my horny clit. I rubbed across it and then up and down, just like I like it, and tweaked a nipple with my free hand. The soap and bath oil made my skin super slippery, and it didn't take long for the warm water and ambiance to set off my first little mini climax. It was a nice one, but it was only a foothill in my quest for the Himalayas, if you know what I mean. I grabbed a razor and decided to shave as much of me as I could reach, so I did my legs, and my pits and my crotch. I'd cultivated a tiny landing strip above my lips for a few months, but decided to go completely bare again for a while. In a few minutes, I was pretty much hairless below my neck. Actually, below my eyebrows, for that matter. LOL

Brutus and Hector were snoring, Bru out in hallway on the cool wood floor, and Hec in the big bathroom with me, on the tile. I lay in the tub for a few more minutes, even going so far as to drain some of the water and re-fill with hot again, since it had cooled off in the time I was submerging myself. I rubbed myself clean, and finally drained the water out, and stood to shower the bubbles and soap off of me. I grabbed a robe and walked into the bedroom, with Hector right behind me. Brutus stirred for a moment but stayed sacked out in the hallway. I decided to see just how usable Hector would be as a lover. I took off my robe and set it on the floor next to the bed, and sat down on it, with my legs spread out on the floor.

"Here Hec, here boy..." I cooed, coaxing the big dog over to me. I diddled myself a little bit to pump out some pheromones and see if they had any effect on him. I saw him sniff the air and his big pointy ears perked up. I had to kind of grab his head and lead him to the treasure I wanted him to find between my legs. He got the hint pretty quickly. His big pink tongue came out and he swiped it across my pussy lips and it felt really good! His tongue was even bigger and stronger than Brutus's. I pulled my lips apart and let him go to town, and pretty soon he had me trembling like a leaf. He poked, he prodded, he slurped and slipped and twisted and teased, and when his tongue rolled across my clitoral hood and I felt his hot breath on my twat I exploded, holding his head by the ears and quaking. I almost broke down in sobs, it felt so damn good. He just kept going, and tried to lick my ovaries with his big pink slobberer. He couldn't really get it in too far, but I gave him an A for effort. He seemed perfectly content to lick away on my snatch for as long as I let him, and after I shivered through two more climaxes, I had to push his head away for a moment to catch my breath. I was sweating and my juices were pooling on the robe beneath me.

'Hell, I'll have to take another shower by the time I was done here', I thought.

I looked under his powerful haunches. Damn. His cock was out of it's furry sheath already, and looked like it would take the wrinkles out of any girl's pussy. It was long, at least eight or nine inches, and about three inches thick, with a beautiful sculpted head that had touches of white mixed in with the red and black. It shone in the bright light. I decided to see what Hec would think of a blowjob, so I wriggled my way underneath him. I held myself up with one hand while I touched his cock with my other. It was hot, and it pulsed with his heartbeat. He didn't seem super sensitive or anything, so I slowly, and softly, ran my fingers up and down his shaft. Now that I was looking at it close up, I marveled at it. There was a heady aroma emanating from it, rich and deep and dark. The skin was a mottled red and black and white, and there were large veins apparent just below the surface. It hardened and lengthened in my hands, until it was probably nine inches long from the sheath, and at least two inches across. My fingers touched when I grasped it lightly. The tip was a beautiful shade of crimson, with a visible urethral opening that weeped fluid, and as I watched, a light stream of pre-cum bubbled out, and then was followed by a long stream that struck me across the forehead. I flinched but then realized what it was. Hector started squirting out his lubrication stream, and I let it play all over my flushed and feverish features, giving myself a pre-cum facial. Once my face was dripping with the exciting fluid, I opened my mouth and directed the canine shooter towards my tongue. Oh, the flavor of this marvelous liquid. It was tart, lemony, very acidic in feel and taste. But wonderful. There was no hint of anything but primal male sexual power. I let Hector shoot in my mouth over and over, until I had to swallow and acknowledge his canine power with my submission.

Then I could resist no longer. I slipped my lips over the large, turgid head and began sucking, sucking my dog, my lover. I let my wet lips slide down several inches, and then back up, and then back down again, trying to let more and more of his powerful shaft invade my mouth at each turn. Finally I felt the tip tickle the top of my throat, and I pulled off for a second. I swallowed, and steeled myself, calming the big dog with my hand along his flank. Then I moved forwards, and let his hard cock slide once more into my welcoming mouth and lips. Down, down, I went, further than I had with Brutus, further even than with Star those months ago. I swallowed, roughly when I felt his tip reach the back of my mouth, and then I felt the tip bend over my tongue and slide to the top of my throat. My lips nestled against soft fur, and I realized that I'd taken his entire shaft. My heart thrilled. The trouble was, it was an awkward position, with my head tilted almost sideways. I pushed back and forth a few times to get Hector used to the feeling, and then realized I'd have to adjust somehow. I decided to try a different position.

I leaned back up against the bed, but my head was not high enough. I quickly got up and grabbed some pillows, and sat on them. This put my neck just below the top of the mattress, and I could tilt my head back. I snapped my fingers for Hector to jump up, and he immediately followed my lead. His huge front paws went up on the bed, above and beyond my head. His rear legs skittered up my torso, and I was mesmerized by the sight of his marvelous, powerful, beautiful penis right in front of my face. I opened my mouth and guided the big dog in, and began what was to become a treasured ritual for me.

Hector, as I was to find, loved getting blown. He never got overly excited and that was good, for he could have done damage had he really started pummeling me. I let the tip of his cock slide over my tongue, lubricating its passage with his constant streams of pre-cum and lubrication. Once again, I was able to deep throat the entire raw shaft, over and over again, and each time he bottomed out, I swallowed to massage the canine muscle.

Hector must have fucked my face for at least five or so minutes that first time, and then I heard a low rumble in his chest and his haunches speeded up a bit, so I pulled back to make room, and just as the end of his cock came back up out of my throat, he exploded a huge jet of dog semen that almost choked me. I felt his knot behind my fingers, so I held there and let him empty himself into my stomach. Over and over this marvelous, strong dog ejaculated, huge quantities of semen washing over my tongue and being swallowed down into my welcoming belly. It was hot, very hot, and thick, thicker than Brutus or Star or any man I'd ever swallowed. Like heavy buttermilk. It had a much stronger taste than I expected, completely unrelated to any "normal" food. I can't tell you it tasted like bleach or sea water or clam juice or any of the other flavors that some people claim cum tastes like. No, it had a completely indescribable taste and aroma. The aroma permeated my senses, coming up into my nose and making my eyes water. And the force of the jets was amazing, rifling into the back of my mouth like they were shot from a cannon. And I could HEAR them hitting the back of my throat. "JZZZZZZT ... JZZZZZZZT ... JZZZZZZZZZZT ... JZZZZZZZZZZZT" over and over.

Excess sperm started leaking from my lips and dripping on to the tops of my boobs.

Finally, he slowed, and the force lessened. I swallowed roughly, the cloying gluey semen almost clogging my throat. I cleared my throat a few times, and Hector pulled away, his testicles empty, his lust slaked for now, and his mistress with a bellyful of puppy juice.

He came down off the bed and gave my face a big lick with his hot tongue. I guess that's about the most I'm gonna get from a dog in terms of post-blow job gratitude. Nature didn't intend for them to get romantic. Their job, when they encounter a bitch in heat, was to mount, fuck, cum, and then move away, perhaps to make room for the next stud.

I just lay there dumbly for the longest time, tasting the remnants of my dog's ejaculation slowly get watered down by my saliva, and my mouth gradually returned to normal. My fingers captured my clit again, and as I lay there, I lazily twirled around, having a five-minute mini-orgasm that wasn't an explosion so much as it was a brightly burning flame from a torch.

You could have set off a bomb in my bedroom and I wouldn't have been able to move.

But the best was yet to come...

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