Out of Reach
Chapter 1: New Home

All rights reserved © 2008 by Ernest Bywater

Eight hours driving is a long time on the road, and much more so when you get in the car at six in the morning with a total stopping time of about half an hour due to eating on the move, and Henry Cable is very glad it’s over. Pulling into the driveway he stops just a metre short of the garage door, and pulls the hand-brake on while he turns off the ignition. With a heavy sigh he says, “Well, kids, this is it, your new home.” Like his wife, Lucy, he tenses for the complaints to start again. Their three kids aren’t happy, to say the least, about moving house and leaving their friends to go interstate with him for his promotion. The complaints have been many and frequent since it was announced.

Lucky for them the first to speak up is Ernie, their middle child and eldest boy, “OK, guys, we all know it’s been a long trip, but let’s get out to stretch our legs and look it over before making more complaints.” This is a good sign for Henry and Lucy because Ernie often looks on the bright side of things, plus he can often get his siblings to go along with him. All three of the children are very independent, but Ernie can get the other two to agree with him on the important things when he really wants them to. They’re slow to move when they get out of the car and stretch.

First out is Henry, forty-three years old, a bit above average height, medium build and very fit because he runs a few kilometres most days, blue / grey eyes, with hair that’s somewhere between dark blond and light brown. He places his hands in the middle of his back and stretches while he looks over at his wife, Lucy, who’s just standing up on the other side of the car. He smiles when he looks at her; honey blonde hair, startling blue eyes, average height and build, well proportioned; and thinks, Damn, she still looks good, forty-one years old and still looks like a teenager. I’m a lucky bugger. Next out is Lee, their eldest child; just turned nineteen and almost a copy of Lucy - the same height, build, hair and eyes, the only noticeable difference being the breasts; where Lucy’s are about the size of a nice grapefruit Lee’s are just a bit smaller and about the size of a large orange. Both are very pretty and their bone structures are the same, many people mistake them for sisters. The door behind Henry opens and their youngest son gets out. Tom is twelve and a half, tall for his age, and a bit better than average build because he’s very fit - he’s into athletics and wants to be a competitive runner when older, grey eyes and light brown hair. Last out is Ernie, as he was sitting in the middle of the back seat and had to slide across after Lee got out. Just under average height and average build - but a bit thin, hair like his father’s, and he has his mother’s eyes; he doesn’t look it, but he’s very fit and does martial arts twice a week - a second level black belt already. All of the Cables are into various sports and are fit, not muscle bound, just well toned muscles and look very fit, except Ernie - he looks the least fit of them all, yet he’s involved in the most physically demanding sport.

After taking a moment to stretch they close the car doors and walk to the house. Lucy pulls the keys out of her handbag, and opens the front door when they reach it. It smells a bit musty, so it’s all hands on deck to open windows and air the place out. After opening all of the ground floor windows they go up the stairs. On the next level is the master bedroom and en suite at the front, with two bedrooms across the back, and the bathroom between the en suite and the right hand bedroom. The top level is an open attic area that’s floored and stretches across the length of the house, but the usable floor area is only about half the width of the house due to the slope of the roof. They open up all of the windows while going through the house. Lucy points out which rooms will belong to who, the largest bedroom is the master bedroom and is five metres by six metres; next is Ernie’s room at four and a half metres by five metres, he has a small lab in his room so he needs the space; Lee’s room is four metres by five metres; and Tom gets half the attic because the front half is going be walled off as a spare bedroom. Lee and Tom aren’t too happy with their rooms, and they say so. Ernie just glances at them, and starts to have a closer look at the house and the large yard.

Henry and Lucy go down to start unpacking the car and the trailer, Lee and Tom follow so they can continue telling their parents about how unhappy they are. While they go down the stairs Lucy gets out her mobile phone and calls her sister who lives a few streets away in the same suburb. One of the reasons Henry accepted the promotion was it’ll reunite his family with the family of his wife’s sister. They were very close at home, and then Mary got offered a good job in this city soon after her husband died in a car accident nearly four years ago.

Ernie wanders off on his detailed inspection of the property. A little later he notices the attic has a verandah area along the rear wall. The verandah is about one metre deep across the whole level, and it looks out over the backyard. The rear neighbours’ backyards are offset; so he looks directly down into the backyards of two other houses which have their dividing fence coming to the middle of the backyard of the new Cable house. Looking into one house he can see right along its driveway, and the car parked there looks familiar. He smiles when he sees his aunt, Mary Constable, walk out of the house and get into the car. He also notices most of the backyards are much smaller than theirs, and they have six neighbours whose backyards share fences with them; two at the back, and their next door neighbours as well. Because their yards aren’t as deep as the new Cable residence, the backyards of two other houses butt on to the end of the sides too. The other backyards all have built in swimming pools and deck areas while the Cable yard is just a large grassed lawn. Examining his own backyard he sees they have two sheds and one is very large for a yard shed. He also notices theirs is the tallest house in the area. Leaving the attic verandah Ernie heads downstairs. The yard is very large and spacious, so he steps it out; it’s about thirty metres wide and sixty metres deep, that’s huge for a modern yard. He has a close look at the sheds, and he sees one must have been used as a workshop of some sort while the other is a typical backyard shed for tools and mowers etc. The double width garage is also over long with two large rooms at the back of it, one is accessed from in the garage, and the other one from outside. He walks around the house looking for the telephone connection because Aunt Mary had told him the suburb had recently been upgraded. He soon finds it on the same side of the house as his bedroom, it’s a fibre optic connection to the house - sweet. While walking around the front of the house he looks up at the afternoon sun, and sees it’s shining into Lee’s room. Smiling, he gets a load of gear from the trailer to take into the house. After putting it down on the kitchen bench he goes over to where his father is looking at the inside circuit breaker panel because Henry wants to turn the power on.

All the circuit breakers are on, and so is the main switch, but there’s still no power and the power company assured him the power was on when he called them a few minutes ago. A grinning Ernie asks, “Did you flick on the master cut out in the external box yet, Dad?” Henry turns to his son, and closes his eyes while he shakes his head no. They both laugh when they head out the front door and around the side of the house. While they walk around the house Ernie asks, “You know how you’re always complaining about my lab making stinks in the house?” Henry nods yes, “Well, if you let me have one of the rooms at the back of the garage, or the larger yard shed, I can set up my lab in there and not stink up the house. I think the large yard shed is best, because it means any major mistakes won’t damage anything else.”

After opening the main power box Henry reaches in and flicks the master cut out switch while he says, in a different voice, “Good idea, Son, make it so.” Ernie groans, because he’s heard his father do his Captain Picard impersonation so often it’s no longer funny. However, he’s happy to have the large shed for his lab. They go back into the house and check the lights in every room work while they replace the old incandescent globes with energy efficient fluorescent and Light Emitting Diode ones. By the time that’s finished the car and trailer are unloaded by Lucy, Mary, Lee, and Tom. Lee and Tom are now looking at the yard while Mary and Lucy are chatting in the kitchen. Henry goes to put the trailer in the garage, and Ernie heads for the kitchen.


In the kitchen Ernie finds his mother and aunt talking over a cup of hot chocolate each. Smiling, he checks the just unpacked kettle then makes himself a cup of hot chocolate before sitting down with them, and asking, “Aunt Mary, why didn’t you walk over instead of driving?”

She gives him an odd look, and says, “It’s a convoluted five minute drive through several streets and around half the suburb, thanks to its many cul-de-sacs. Do you know how long that would take to walk?”

Ernie replies, “Not if you climb over the back fence or have Dad put a gate in. I saw you get in your car from the attic, and your yard backs on to ours.” Mary’s eyes go wide, so Lucy and Ernie start to laugh. Turning to his mother he asks in a pleasant, but soft, voice, “How much is it worth to have three happy smiling children?”

Lucy looks at him, and responds, “We’re in trouble now, Mary, he’s gone into Snake Oil Salesman mode, and that’s always something to be careful of. OK, mister, what are you after?” Mary laughs, very loud.

“For only the cost a few thousand dollars of home improvements and the rental for a second telephone line you can have three extra happy children, ones who stop being so concerned about the shift.”

“Keep talking,” and in an aside to Mary, “See what I mean.”

Mary butts in, “The Snake Oil Salesmen have nothing on this kid.”

He responds, “You only talk to the occasional retail seller, I have to deal with all the local retail sellers a lot more than you do because I’m a wholesale distributor.” Both women laugh, very hard and long.

Lucy interjects, “Give it up, Mary, he’s got you and you can’t win. His IQ is higher than both of ours together.” Mary turns to stare at her sister while Lucy smiles and nods, “Yep, he’s a certified genius. Often more of an arse than a genie, but he’s got the brains. Hell, he even beats his father in witty repartee, most of the time. Henry’s given up trying to outdo him, so have I, so you may as well admit defeat too.” She turns back to Ernie, asking, “What’s on your mind?”

“OK, if I can broker agreement from Lee and Tom will you agree to Lee getting my room, Tom gets her room, and I get the attic. But you have to put in another toilet and sink in the attic - near the stairs and above the bathroom, build in a little kitchenette in the attic beside that, wall off my attic room, put a phone line up to the attic with an extension down into Lee’s room, and glass in the verandah in the attic. You pay the monthly line rental on the phone line.”

“OK, I’ve no problems with the house improvements, I can even see an overall advantage of having the extra toilet and the kitchenette. The phone isn’t an issue, either, but drop the other shoe while I’m still smiling, and tell my why they’ll agree. Also, what’s in it for you?”

“The other shoe is the new beds you’re buying for us. Get Lee and Tom queen sized beds with a single bed bunk above them, that way they have beds on hand for any friends sleeping over. You need another queen for the guest room upstairs and I get a queen as well. That means we all have bed space for friends to stay the night.” Lucy thinks a moment then nods yes; it makes sense, it isn’t much more of an expense and is a very good idea. “Lee likes the morning sun and is much happier if her room has it. This deal gives her the largest kid’s room and the one with the morning sun. Throw in her own telephone in her room, but she pays for the extra call charges, and she’s on our side. Give Tom the next biggest room with the afternoon sun he prefers and is closest to the bathroom, then he’s happy. I get the attic and the glassed in verandah to sit and read in. I don’t need a lot of space in my room now because Dad agreed to let me have the large yard shed for my lab. That stops me from stinking up the house, and if anything goes wrong we don’t lose much other than the lab. What I get is my own Internet link on the phone-line Lee uses and a nice place to sit and read with a great view of six swimming pools in houses in which teenage girls are living, at least, the washing on the line indicates they do.” Lucy starts to laugh while Mary’s eyes go very wide in surprise.

With a big smile Lucy replies, “OK, if you can sell it to Lee and Tom it’s a deal. I didn’t know you were interested in girls yet.”

“Not really, yet; but I figure I will be soon. There were none worth taking an interest in at the old school, but who knows; this is a city and not a small country town. There’s sure to be someone worthy of interest around here.” A smiling Ernie leaves to talk to his siblings.

Lucy says to Mary, “See what I mean. He’s always thinking things through and planning ahead. I’d forgotten about Lee and the morning sun, and she’s been after her own extension for ages, her own line will send her over the moon. The bed idea is brilliant, we promised new beds to save moving the old ones, this means no new ones for years.”

While shaking her head Mary says, “I love the idea of the queen beds with overhead bunks, I’ve seen them in the shops. All three of my girls are after new beds too, and they’re due for them. Let me know when you go shopping so we can get five, and see if we can get a discount.”

Finalising the Deal

Walking out into the yard Ernie finds Lee and Tom near the far end, bitching to each other about the change of residence. When he’s near them he says, “No point bitching about things you can’t change. All you do is make yourself unhappy and make everyone around you unhappy. Now, if you two have finished the bitch session let’s see if we can work a deal to improve things, OK.” They both turn to look at him, and nod for him to continue, because they know his deals are often nice. “Good, now here’s what I want and what I think I can get for you. Tom, you like the afternoon sun and don’t want to go up the stairs to the attic, you’d also like more space, right? Lee, you want the morning sun and would like a phone extension in your room, right?” Both nod yes. “Tom, I want you to stop messing around with my things or Lee’s things and you stay out of our rooms, except when specifically invited in. Also, you stop yelling if the toilet isn’t free when you want it, and any fights over the bathroom get taken to Mum for arbitration. For that, you get Lee’s room instead of the attic, that has the afternoon sun you like, is a bigger room, and is nearest to the bathroom. The only issue is the extra toilet will be put in the attic, so you have to go upstairs if you need to use the other toilet when the main toilet is in use. Acceptable?” Tom smiles, and nods his agreement.

Ernie turns to his sister, “Lee, you try not to take so long in the bathroom and organise some introductions for me to some of your female classmates or their sisters, if they have any fifteen or older, same deal with the toilets and bathroom. For this, you get my room with the morning sun you want, and it’s the largest. You also get your own telephone line, Dad will pay the line rental, but you pay for all the extra phone call charges. The line will run into the attic and back into your room. I’ll get to use the broadband connection and an extension will be put in your room, but yours will be the only phone on it. Mum doesn’t realise it, but the basic phone service here also includes all of the local phone calls, so you only have to pay for any long distance calls made. Acceptable?” She smiles, and hugs him while she nods her agreement. “Good, I get the attic and my lab will go into the shed over there, since Dad doesn’t want me stinking up the house. Being in the attic doesn’t worry me, and I’ll be able to use that little verandah to sit on and read during the day. But the important thing is we all end up happier and smiling. We’ll make new friends at school and in the area. Also, Aunt Mary’s place is just over the back fence, so I think Dad will be putting a gate in.” All three are smiling while heading back inside to the kitchen.

Lucy is watching the discussion through the kitchen window. Seeing all her children smiling while they walk toward the house makes Lucy happy, and she nudges Mary when she nods at them. Mary glances out, and shakes her head at the change from a few minutes ago, while Lucy says, “That boy could rent sand to people living in the desert, when he puts his mind to it. I better go talk to Henry about putting a gate in the fence, that’ll make visiting easier. But I best confirm the deals first.”

The three kids walk in, and Ernie says, “Mum, we’d like to change the rooms about in the manner we discussed, because Lee and Tom like the idea. Also, have you made a decision about the beds? What can we get, and when can we go to have a look at them?”

Realising Ernie is being nice by setting her up to look like a good guy with the news on the beds Lucy smiles, and replies, “Mary and I have been talking, and we’re both going bed hunting tomorrow. She’s getting new beds for your cousins of the same sort I’m getting for the two bedrooms. Queen sized double beds with a bunk style single bed above them, so you’ll have room for friends to sleep over. The attic doesn’t have enough room for that style of bed, so I’ll get standard queen double beds for the guest room and Ernie’s bedroom up there.” Both Lee and Tom smile with happy shock at the mention of them getting double beds. It’s huge smiles all round.

Henry walks in to see everyone smiling, and says, “Well now, that looks a lot better than ten minutes ago. Why’s everyone so happy?”

Lucy turns to him while saying, “We’ve been talking about bedrooms and making some changes. First, Ernie gets the attic, Tom gets the bedroom near the bathroom, and Lee gets the other bedroom. I’m getting Lee and Tom queen sized beds with a single bed bunk above it so they’ll have room for friends who stay overnight, Ernie will have to settle for a standard queen. We’re putting in a second phone line into Lee’s bedroom so she can have her own phone and we’ll pay for the line. Ernie slipped one over me there, the basic service is a bit dearer than what we’re used to, but it includes all of the local calls; Mary put me straight on that. But Lee gets to pay for all her other calls. The same line will give Internet access to the attic for Ernie, and Lee can plug into that as well.” She turns to look at Ernie, he shrugs and accepts it; he’d hoped that wouldn’t happen, but he knew it might. “While the rest of us share the Internet line off the main phone line, the house is already wired for that. Also, tomorrow, while we’re out bed shopping you get to install a gate in our back fence, Ernie can show you where, because our house backs onto Mary’s. The laugh there is she didn’t know it until Ernie mentioned it.” They all laugh about that.

Henry responds, “It’s good we got the rooms sorted out before the furniture van arrives at ten tomorrow. Now it’s time to lock up and go eat. If we take our overnight bags we can go straight to the hotel we’re staying at tonight. Everyone did pack swimmers, didn’t they? The hotel has a good indoor pool!” Everyone scuttles to shut and lock windows then check their overnight bags are still in the car.

Mary takes her leave when they exit the house and head for the cars.

The night, and the next few days, pass in a minor whirlwind while they unpack and sort the house out. The beds are bought the next morning and installed that afternoon. The phone people come and put the new line in the next afternoon as well, a simple case of running the line up the side of the house. They take it up beside a drain pipe so it won’t be so noticeable. Lee is very happy to have her own phone line. Tom is happy in his room, while Ernie is happy sitting in the sun reading and watching the neighbours’ many teenage girls when they lay by the pools in their bikinis getting good suntans. The discussed renovations are done very fast, too. Thus the last two weeks of summer school holidays pass by fast while the Cable family settles into the new house and make it a home.

School Starts

The new school year starts, and the Cable kids are off to new schools. Things are a lot easier for Lee and Tom than they are for Ernie, for a number of reasons. This is a new school for Tom and Ernie. However, Tom is in year seven and this is a new school for all the kids in his year because they’ve come from a number of feeder schools and most students are new to each other at this school, but they’ll all settle into new friendships and routines while they get to know each other. Also, Tom is more muscular and fitter than most of the kids in his year, and he’s a bit taller than most of them too; it’s clear he’s going to be one of the sports jocks of his year. For Lee it’s a similar story, she’s a pretty young woman starting her first year at the nearby university. Her whole year are all new starters and it’s clear she’s fit and attractive, no one will be picking on her - except most of the boys to ask her for dates. Ernie is another story.

Ernie is starting at a new school in year ten. He’s smaller than average height, is of average build, a bit thin, and looks a typical geek. He knows no one while the year is already broken up into cliques and groups where most have known each other since year seven. He’s not in a group, and he isn’t the type to push himself on others. Physically he’s not impressive, but he can handle himself quite well because of his martial arts training. However, this doesn’t cause the building of large obvious muscles and he wears loose clothes, so he doesn’t look like he can fight. The situation is made worse because he’s from another state and a different school syllabus so he’s not put into classes straight away. For two days he does nothing except take tests to measure his academic standard. They’re surprised when he scores 100% in all of the exams they give him, and he provides evidence he’s already passed the year twelve biochemistry exam, so he doesn’t have to do that subject. On his third day at school he’s slotted into all of the advanced classes, two days late and after everyone else has formed into new class sub-groups.

For those first two days the school bullies hadn’t even realised he was alive, on the afternoon of the third day they hear the news about the new kid who’s smart. On the fourth day two of the worst bullies wait for him at the school gate, and they demand he gives them his lunch money. He turns out his pockets to show he doesn’t have any, and then he shows them his already packed lunch of a hefty serving of cold fried rice with cold stir-fry vegetables. Pissed off he doesn’t even have a lunch they see as worth taking the bullies move off and leave him be, for now.

By the end of the second week Tom is on the school’s athletic team while Ernie joins and leaves the school chess club, it wasn’t a good enough competition for him. They don’t have a martial arts team and he’s not interested in any of the other school sports or clubs. The teachers have been overheard talking about his amazing scores and the news is already all over the school he’s a super nerd. They’ve no real idea of his true academic standing because he’s also doing two university subjects as distance learning courses, most of it’s on-line and he does the work at night. Lee is doing those two subjects too, because they’re part of her full-time degree course, so they compare notes and class information on the two subjects. Since both Lee and Ernie are full fee paying students the university isn’t too concerned about anything except their fees and their grades, more so for Ernie who’s doing his studies remotely because he can’t attend the daytime classes.

A New Hobby

During the third week of school Ernie’s cousin, Margaret Constable - Mary’s eldest daughter who’s in year twelve, asks Ernie to help at the Performing Arts Club after school. Margaret wants to be an actress and sees this club as a start on her learning those skills and her career. They have a piece of new equipment for making smoke and no one can work out how to use it. Margaret knows Ernie is very mechanical minded and asks him, at the start of lunch on Tuesday, to join them on Wednesday afternoon to look at the gear for them and work out what the problem is.

When Ernie enters the school auditorium where the club is rehearsing on Wednesday afternoon he can see the gear in question so he goes straight to it. The teacher starts toward him, but Margaret, the club president, waves at her to show it’s OK. He pulls out the manual to read it. It’s a small manual and he’s a speed reader, so this doesn’t take long. He looks over the device, and he soon spots the problems. Turning it off he unplugs it and changes the usage voltage to the correct setting, replaces the blown fuse from the spares packed with the new unit, sets the operation settings to the right ones, and turns it on. Soon a small cloud of artificial smoke is wafting across the stage like a low mist. The cast and crew applaud his efforts. The rehearsal goes on while he explains the correct way to use it to the crew person who’ll handle it during the performances. Things are soon sorted out. Having nothing else to do for some time Ernie sits back to watch the rehearsal because he’s never watched people practise for a play before.

One scene calls for Jason to sweep Melissa into his arms and kiss her. The boy Jason is a year twelve student and the girl Melissa is from year eleven, but the boy is so inept it’s funny. His attempts at sweeping her into his arms and kissing her are woeful, to say the least. Ernie laughs at the results. The rehearsal stops while the whole cast turns to look at him laughing, they’re not happy about his derisive laughter at the scene. Jason glares at him, and says, “If you think it’s so easy, why don’t you come up here and do it?”

A still laughing Ernie stands and walks to the stage. He takes the boy’s script from him then he confirms, with the stage manager, the scene and dialogue involved. He spends a moment reading the scene while they reset the stage and cast for the scene. The scene starts with the other actors on stage; on cue, Ernie walks in and declares his lines in a loud voice with great gusto and emotion, just like the script says to, “Be gone, you cad, the lady is mine.” He sweeps Melissa up into his arms and presses her to his body while he welds his mouth to hers to kiss her while walking off the other side of the stage with her in his arms. Thinking to stir the young smart arse and put him off, Melissa opens her mouth and slips her tongue to his lips. She’s surprised when he opens his mouth and slides his tongue over hers to invade her mouth to give her the best damn kiss she’s ever had. Her eyes go wide, her arms go around him, and she returns the kiss when hugging herself to him while she really enjoys herself. The whole cast and crew are stunned because Ernie is smaller and slighter than Jason or Melissa, yet he just sweeps her up and walks off with her as if she weighs nothing. Melissa is a very well endowed, statuesque, red head, and Ernie just comes up to her shoulder, she must be a quarter of his mass again.

The teacher directing the play, Mrs Miller, claps and yells out, “Bravo, that’s exactly how it should be done. Young man, do you want the role?” Ernie is careful putting Melissa down, he walks back on stage with his arm around her and grabs a copy of the script to scan through it. Mrs Miller says, “What’s wrong, can’t you answer the question?”

Ernie looks up, and replies, “I’m just checking the script to see how many times I get to kiss Melissa. If it’s more than the once, then I’m your man because kissing her is well worth the effort involved.” The whole cast and crew roar with laughter while Margaret stares at Ernie - in shock. She can’t believe it’s him; her geeky, shy, reclusive, academic cousin is acting so forward. She looks at Melissa, to see her with her arm around Ernie’s waist in a very possessive manner.

A blushing Melissa says, “You get to kiss me three times in the play, and once before each performance, for luck. Also, you can come around to my place to help me practise whenever you like.”

After gulping, Tina, one of the other year eleven players, says, “I thought Barry was your boyfriend.”

“Operative word being: was. He only thinks he can kiss, this one can really kiss. I’ve got him and I’m keeping him. If he proves too much, which he may, I’ll let you know how much I’m prepared to share. What’s your name? I have to know the name of my new boyfriend.”

Grinning, he replies “Ernie Cable, I’m in year ten.”

“Kiss me again. Prove it wasn’t a fluke, and I won’t care what year you’re in, as long as you’re in my arms.” Turning to Melissa he takes her in his arms and goes straight into lip-lock. He keeps his mouth welded to hers while his tongue explores her mouth and he uses breath control to breathe through his nose. After a couple of minutes he breaks the kiss and stands her upright again. Flushed and gasping for breath she says, “After that I think I need to be walked home in case I stagger on the way.”

Mrs Miller says, “Jason, give Ernie your script. You can have your pick of any of the open roles.” Jason walks off the stage while giving Ernie a glare. “OK, people, I think we’re going to have to call it quits for today so Ernie can study his lines. I think Melissa can help him with that this afternoon. Same time, tomorrow.” Everyone laughs when they start to pack up while Ernie recovers the script he borrowed earlier.

Melissa uses her mobile phone to tell Barry she’s breaking up with him. He doesn’t take it well. He’s in the school rugby team; front row forward, big and muscled, with a nasty temper. Jason is looking for Barry to tell him about Melissa’s new boyfriend and how it came about while Melissa and Ernie leave the school with Margaret. Melissa lives across the street from Margaret, so they all walk home together.

When they reach Melissa’s house she takes him in to introduce him to her family. He already knows her younger sister, Emily, because they have two classes together. Emily is shocked her social-status-conscious older sister is dating a boy eighteen months younger than her. She asks, “Sis, this is the first non-jock you’ve ever gone out with, and the first boy younger than you. What’s the score?”

Melissa says, “This guy can kiss so good I don’t give a damn about the rest. If any of the girls complain about him I’ll just have him kiss them, and I’ll enjoy watching them go green with envy.” The eyes of Emily and Mrs Watson go wide at this. “Give her a demonstration.”

Ernie smiles at Melissa, walks over to the couch where Emily is, and sits down beside her. Taking her into his arms he pulls her to him and he locks his mouth on hers. Emily is a bit shocked by this so she still has her mouth a little open when he kisses her, so he slides his tongue straight in. Her arms start to wave, then they soon settle down around him while she enjoys the action and returns the kiss. After a few minutes he breaks the kiss and sits her upright again. Waving her hand in front of her face while she catches her breath Emily says, in a soft voice, “Well, fuck me.”

A smiling Ernie replies, “Maybe later, on my sixteenth birthday, if Melissa agrees and you ask again in a nicer manner.” Emily’s eyes almost pop when Melissa and her mother roar with laughter. Melissa leads Ernie upstairs to her room to study their lines for a little while.

Sometime later Mrs Watson goes upstairs to check on them. She finds them lying on Melissa’s bed with their arms around each other, kissing. Ernie is hard to see because Melissa is on top and all she can see of him are his feet sticking out between Melissa’s legs and his arms moving up and down Melissa’s back. She watches them for a moment while the kiss just goes on and on. After more than a minute she sees Melissa shiver and shake. They break the kiss and Melissa rolls off him, with a glazed look in her eyes. Smiling, Ernie rolls off the bed, slips Melissa’s shoes off her feet, and he lays the bed spread over her. He kisses her forehead before saying, “You best take a nap until dinner time. See you tomorrow morning to walk to school together.” Turning to the door he sees Mrs Watson, and he smiles at her. He nods at Melissa, “I think practising the kissing scenes has worn Melissa out, you best let her nap until dinner time.” She turns to watch him walk down the stairs and out of the front door. While slowly shaking her head Mrs Watson goes downstairs.

Just over an hour later Melissa enters the kitchen, and says, “Mum, can you have an orgasm from kissing?”

Turning to Melissa she says, “I’ve never had one and don’t know anyone who has, but I have read it’s possible when the conditions are just right. Is that why you had to rest this afternoon?” With a wide grin Melissa nods yes before turning to go and do her homework. Mrs Watson just slowly shakes her head while she watches her go.

Dinner Discussions

During dinner at the Cable house Lucy turns to Ernie, and asks, “Had an interesting afternoon today, Son?”

He puts his knife and fork down when he turns to look at her, and says, “Margaret spoke to Aunt Mary and Aunt Mary spoke to you, right?” Lucy nods yes, “Yes, I did. I helped Margaret out with a small mechanical problem and the circumstances resulted in me joining the Performing Arts Club when a year twelve boy messed up his part and I laughed at him. He asked me to show how it should be done, so I did, so I was offered the lead male role. The scene called for me to pick up a year eleven girl in my arms and kiss her while I walked off stage, which I did. She must have liked how I did it, since she became very insistent I become her boyfriend and immediately dropped one of the year twelve rugby players to become my girlfriend.” The family is sitting there with open mouths while they try to digest this information in place of the food on their plates. “I must be doing something right, as we went back to her house to practise the kissing scenes. After about fifteen minutes she had an orgasm and was very tired. I didn’t know kissing could give a girl an orgasm, but that’s clearly what happened to Melissa.”

With very wide eyes Henry says, “Hell, don’t tell Mary that or she’ll be over here wanting a demonstration.” The whole family laughs. “Take the camera with you tomorrow, and get a photo of her so we’ll be able to recognise her when we see her.” Ernie smiles, and nods agreement while he imagines his father’s reaction when he sees the photo.

Some streets away, in the Simpson’s house, twenty-one year old Lisa is talking to her parents about a job offer as a tutor she’s been given by the university employment centre. They’ve a request for someone doing a particular degree course to tutor two first year students twice a week, and one of them a third time each week; it’s a course Lisa has done and got good marks in. The money is very good and it will give her enough to have fun times without having to do any other work. The issue is the lessons are to be given in the house of the other students and she’s not sure how her parents will take her being in another house from seven until ten three nights a week. After hearing the details her father, Harold, asks, “Who are the students? Do you know them?”

“No, Dad, they’re a new family just moved into the area; Lee and Ernie Cable. I’m a bit concerned as I’d like the job, but I’m not so sure about being in the house with two boys, despite the offer saying one of the parents will always be at home unless there’s a major emergency.”

Harold smiles, “Henry Cable is our new manager and I’ve seen his family photo. Lee is his very beautiful nineteen year old daughter while Ernie is his middle child, a boy in high school. He has another son about twelve, called Tom. What subjects will you be tutoring them in?”

With eyes wide in surprise Lisa says, “I’m tutoring them both in first year biochemistry. Ernie is listed as an on-line student, and I wondered why he couldn’t attend classes.”

With a wide grin her sixteen year old sister, Maggie, butts in with, “Better watch that Ernie Cable. I saw him at the Performing Arts Club this afternoon. He’s reasonably good looking and very cute. The word is he’s a mega geek, and he looks it. But he laughed at Jason trying to sweep Melissa Watson off her feet to kiss her, and failing badly; so Jason invited him to try. Not only did he do it well, he did it so well Missus Miller offered him Jason’s part, on the spot. He grabbed a script to see how many times he got to kiss Melissa. She told him there are three kissing scenes and he also has to give her a good luck kiss before each performance. She rang and dumped Barry Fellows while we watched, so Ernie would agree to be her boyfriend right there and then. Ernie is in year ten; Melissa is in year eleven and one of the cheerleaders; while Barry is a front row forward and in year twelve. Half of the club are expecting to see a funeral for Ernie by the end of the week. Margaret, the club president, just giggled when she heard someone say that. Knowing Margaret, I wonder what she knows that no one else knows. There’s clearly more to Ernie than is obvious, because he swept Melissa off her feet and carried her across the stage so effortlessly; yet she’s taller than him and out masses him by a fair amount. But watch Ernie, he clearly likes older women and he knows how to handle them.” Her whole family just stares at Maggie while they take in her comments. “All of the girls in the club are hoping Melissa will agree to share him enough for them to find out what his kisses are like, because he had her gasping for air.”

After some further discussions Lisa agrees to take the job tutoring on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, with the first lesson being the next Tuesday evening.

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