Ann of the Jungle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Orgy, Interracial, White Female, Indian Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Violent, Nudism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ann was sharp enough to take advantage of all the perks granted for her presumed loyalty to the "Climate Changing" crowd at the University. She kept her skepticism well hidden in order to have great fun exploring the deep reaches of the secret world of the Amazon with all expenses paid by a generous grant. Now the fun begins and she regrets not going with her parents on the River Cruise on the Danube.

Now that I am safely home in Pasadena, California, I can look back on my jungle adventures as something that I experienced in a dream and not a period of my life when survival was my only goal.

It had all seemed so innocent back then when I had just graduated from the University of Southern California to expand my horizons by taking a full tour of the wild and dangerous wilderness of inland Brazil in a helicopter with an experienced bush pilot guide and three other cabin-mates. The entire trip was being financed by the Graduate School of the University to induce us to write papers on the benefits of saving the rain forest and reducing the risk of "climate change". I harbored a secret skepticism about the entire concept but since I was the beneficiary of the largesse of the trip, I kept my mouth shut.

My mother and father were disappointed that I would not be making the trip with them on the "River Cruise" down the Danube River but I thought the cramped quarters of the three of us in one stateroom would be fraying on my recently-graduated and looking for male companionship nerves. So they took my little brother instead and it served him right for teasing me about my boyfriends or lack thereof whenever he was around. I hoped they forced him to listen to classical music and let him join in the shuffleboard on the deck.

Our flight into Rio was more like a "Redeye" ride so we were all a bit bleary-eyed when we de-planed at the airport. The city and the beaches were so delightful that I really regretted we had to transfer up to the jumping-off point near a military installation outside the city limits. The flight school that organized the helicopter tours of the remote jungle locations was located on the grounds of the military base and almost everything they did including flight plans and training was through the base commander. The pilots were all under contract to the government and I thought that was a little odd but it seemed like a legitimate deal and the University was paying for everything. Apparently, they had some sort of arrangement with the military base to help train their pilots and got to use the landing field as part of the arrangement.

My three companions were more into the entire "save the planet" thing than I was but I went along with it all like it was the most important thing in the world for me. The two boys were Michael and Jerry and they were both sort of cut out of the same mold that the "nerd" on campus male herd seemed to assume as soon as they cut mama's apron string. Of course, I allowed them to kiss me occasionally and even feel me up when things got real boring but neither of them was my type and it made me feel a bit like a whore even thought I didn't take any money. I don't like to sound like a sarcastic bitch but the thought of letting either of them into my pants was a fate worse than death or at least that was what I thought when we were still waiting for our trip into the jungle to commence. We stayed in an ageless Quonset hut that even had the comforts of Dish TV and an indoor toilet but with no real windows and an opening at each end with a non-functioning door.

Our assigned pilot was a middle-aged guy called Joe who was looking for his first shot of Gin before lunch every day and I wondered how he had managed to still look fairly attractive at his age. I have to admit he was a capable pilot and he was friendly enough but I suspected he was being charming with me because he know I wasn't sleeping with either of the nerdy environmentalist students who actually wore pajamas to bed at night. The other researcher in our group was called Pamela and she was truly a proper bitch from the get-go. I had run into her back in the University on a few occasions and she had done her best to snub me so that she could rub it in enough for me to really understand how lacking I was on the social scale to associate with her or any of her friends. She was now all sugar and smiles acting like we were "old buddies" with lots of mutual friends. It almost made me want to puke just to watch her performance for the "boys" when it came time to turn in for the night. I had no doubt she was putting out to both the boys but I wasn't certain if she actually ever did it with them both together. I do know those sounds of pleasure were mostly from her because of her whiney tone of voice whenever she got excited.

The thought of Pamela sandwiched in between the two nerds was somehow satisfying to me because they really deserved each other. I think Joe knew my thoughts because he kept dropping hints about how he could "tuck in" my mosquito netting for me to make certain I wouldn't get the "sleeping sickness". I think the only tucking in that he had in mind was to tuck his hairy cock into my snatch when I was flat on my back and unable to deter him. In all honesty, I have to admit if he was a bit more aggressive I would have rolled over for him like a submissive little slut and followed his instructions because I needed some loving so bad it was starting to build-up like a pressure cooker with a faulty valve. I thought it was such a waste to have all those military types crowded into the barracks on the air base and no females to keep them company at night. I was glad we were leaving the next day for our first leg of the jungle expedition because I was afraid I might be tempted to strip down to my panties and bra and see if any of the guys on guard duty were looking for a midnight quickie out near the barbed wire fence.

We all crammed inside the helicopter and it was a tight fit because it was actually intended for four people and there were five of us counting the pilot. I got the short end of the stick and got stuck in the "trundle" seat which actually was not a seat at all but just my body spread across the backpacks behind the rear seat. Pamela, of course, was sitting up next to Joe and I watched him constantly fondle the gears down low between her legs whenever he had a chance. The two nerd boys were in the back seat busy discussing some lame rumor about the ozone layer at the North Pole and I just plugged in my sounds and ignored them all because I was unbelievably bored and we were just starting.

In retrospect, I attribute the fact that I survived the crash to being shoved in the rear of the cabin wedged into the soft and protecting backpacks that acted like a buffer when we went into this silly auto-gyration sequence which was really a nice way of saying we had lost all power to our only engine. It was their screams that caused me to remove the earbuds from my ears because the helicopter was suddenly silent and falling slowly to the rain forest canopy of greenery with such a soft and gentle motion that I was convinced it was all a planned maneuver to save on fuel.

The look of abject horror on Pamela's face concerned me because she was in position to see a lot more than me stuck all the way in the rear. The two boys were actually holding each other like they were on a date or something and I just buried my head between my legs and did the only thing I could do and tried to kiss my ass goodbye.

I saw Joe take a last swig of his flask just before everything went black and I don't remember a thing until the stench of the leaking fuel woke me up and convinced me it would be a good idea to get as far away as possible from the wreckage as quickly as possible. My dress was covered in blood but I felt fairly certain not of it was mine because I didn't have pain anywhere and my arms and legs seemed to all be in good working order.

Fortunately, there was an entire panel missing from underneath the backpacks and I pushed the remainder of them through the hole and followed them out encountering only air and no solid ground. I just closed my eyes and let go hoping that the ground was not too far away. I landed on top of the backpacks right on my ass which was in my favor as it was well-padded from too many chocolate shakes on Saturday nights at the Cinema. I estimated the drop was only about five or six meters and said a little prayer of thanks. Off to the side I saw the remainder of the cabin which contained the other four adventurers. I got the distinct impression that there was no movement from any of them in that brief instant and that was a good thing because the entire thing exploded into flame before I could even shout out my question,

"Is everyone all right?"

The four motionless bodies turned into blackened cinders in a matter of less than several seconds. I was stunned but filled with appreciation for the fact I was still breathing and apparently in good health despite the unfortunate circumstances.

The jungle noises cut through my dazed condition verging on shock and I dragged the backpacks away from the chopper just in case the fuel started to spread too quickly. Fortunately, the vegetation was sparse around the crash site and the trees did not catch fire. It must have recently rained heavily because the ground and the grass under my feet was soaking wet and that helped prevent a forest fire from the fuel burning off under and around the downed helicopter. The inside of the cabin was still an inferno so there was no chance at all that any of my cohorts had survived.

It started to drizzle again and I pulled out some wet weather gear from my pack and donned it even thought it was bright yellow and stuck out like a sore thumb in the lush green of the rain forest. I started to rummage through the other backpacks looking for anything related to food, water and other survival basics. Perhaps it was a good thing I had devoted so many years to the girl scouts and spent a lot of time on hikes and overnight camping to learn survival skills. I also found a flare gun and a small hatchet with a hammer like flat surface on the back side. It was real sharp and I made certain the edge was carefully covered because I didn't want any accident out in the deep forest away from medical assistance in any direction for hundreds of kilometers.

My compass told me that the way back to civilization was uphill from my present position causing me to shoulder my backpack and heading off without a glance backward at the still smoldering wreckage. I felt bad about the others but it was patently obvious there was nothing I could do to rectify the situation and there was no point in lamenting the loss of life and property when the more important work of surviving was tantamount in my thinking.

I trudged for the remainder of the long afternoon noticing how the rain clouds were filtering in like a curtain of grey from over the steep hills straight ahead. I knew it was just terrain oddity but it did look almost like a ghostly invasion covering the route directly in my path. I paused to answer a call of nature and was in the vulnerable position of squatting down with my jeans down to my ankles when I noticed the reflection of many pairs of eyes watching me from the deep brush. I was not certain if I should shout for joy at being rescued or cry out in horror because I was now a captive of a tribe of unknown origin.

They were all fairly short in stature and I have to confess they all looked so much alike that I thought it was a convention of under-aged clones. Their manner of dress was decidedly skimpy and I could see their business hanging down in various size and shape noting it was the distinguishing dissimilar part of their anatomy that favored some over others in the all-important "stuffing" game of carnal delights. I was surrounded and prodded and poked at some length being subjected to a discussion of some heat between two different factions of the group without my being able to understand a single word of the argument. I found out later that the larger group wanted to do me in right away because I would never be able to "fit in" with my terrible white skin and ugly height for a female in their world of overly short males. The other group saw that I might be of some service to the tribe because I had some knowledge of the outside world and they might be able to benefit from my knowledge before it was necessary to send me on a journey to meet the God of unexpected happenings and allow them to study the foreign "devils" with their devious ways of corrupting the people in their peaceful road to happiness.

The "keep her alive" group won out and I was slung upside down on a long bamboo-like rod over the shoulders of a pair of the largest hunters like some wild pig taken in the wilderness and ready to be prepared for a feast as the central entrée on the menu.

Thus I was transported wearing only my skimpy panties to my new life in the jungle with the outcome so uncertain that even I had no inkling of the final chapter.

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