The 'Merry Mesa' Caper
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brooke and her best friend, Dakota, finally did it. Bought the nudist resort outside of Scottsdale. The main ranch house was big enough for them and their two sons, Jake and Luke. The business plan? A vague notion of turning 1/4 of the acreage from Family Nudism to Adults Only. That was it, the entire plan. No spreadsheet. No back of the envelope figures. Adults Only. What could go wrong? Oh, Jake and Luke are 14 now. Discovering sex. In a nudist resort. With two gorgeous mothers.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

(Jimmy and I take trade off writing each section. When you see a dividing line, it's the other one's turn.)

Brooke Benedict stared at the contract. Her best friend, Dakota Harwood, had already signed it. It was 2005 and they were on the verge of committing their life savings to a place they'd visited only once. A business they knew nothing about.

Their sons, Jake Benedict and Luke Harwood were 4, would be ready to start kindergarten in September.

Dakota didn't push Brooke, didn't need to. She knew her friend was going to sign. They had grown up two houses apart in Birmingham Michigan. Had learned how to jack off older boys together. Which quickly led to mutual blow job lessons.

Brooke and Dakota lost their cherries within a week of each other. Actually, 'lost' isn't accurate. Each willingly, cheerfully, gave up her virginity. To the fathers of two of their classmates. At the nearby Townsend Hotel.

From middle school through high school, Brooke and Dakota were regular guests at the luxurious Townsend. They became quite conversant with the in-room dining menu. With anal sex. With minibars. With fucking two men at a time. With the hotel restaurants. With being traded back and forth. With the hotel gym.

Brooke: tall, 5' 8" 128 pounds. Small boobs, pinched waist, taut butt, long legs. Auburn hair. Green eyes.

Dakota: 5' 5" 130 pounds. Larger boobs, larger butt. A natural blonde with blue eyes.

Both girls were smart enough to do well in school. And they did. The last thing either one wanted was to attract parental attention. They decided not to fuck each other's father, although the invitations had been clear. Better leave that idea alone.

It was in the Townsend that Brooke and Dakota realized, early on, that men were so eager to fuck them that they left generous presents in hotel envelopes when a hint was dropped before the festivities began.

While the first two men to fuck them had been neighbors, the girls quickly decided to focus on out-of-towners. For money anyway. Brooke handled the booking arrangements -- time and date -- for both of them.

They grew their Sugar Daddy List through word of mouth. A guy would tell a friend. Or two or three. Another guy would tell a colleague at work. Or two or three.

The Detroit auto manufacturers and suppliers were a huge draw for business travelers. Businesses from around the world sent executives to Detroit. Once they reached a certain level and no longer had to worry about per diem expenses, many of them chose the Townsend. Or the Four Seasons in Dearborn. Or a couple of other upscale hotels. In any case the Townsend got its share of elite visitors.

For a couple of months Brooke and Dakota splurged on new clothes. Then sat down and talked about it. Were smart enough to start saving their presents. They didn't have any plans for the money, just felt it wiser to hold on to it.

They split everything 50-50, it didn't matter if one brought in more money one night. The other one would catch up the next time.

Brooke and Dakota spent their freshman college year in Boulder. They had a blast, it was a good place to party. And they kept their grades up too. More from out of habit than thinking school would have any long time value to their careers.

The girls went to Denver for the summer. Rented a two bedroom apartment in a nice complex. Mostly professionals, mostly unmarried. Young men and women in their 20s and 30s for the most part. Some airline pilots, some shale engineers. Lawyers, accountants. One creepy dentist.

Brooke let their Townsend visitors know where she and Dakota had relocated. Just in case they were passing through Denver. Some did. And some told their friends and colleagues.

Brooke and Dakota were back in business.

And still saving far more than they spent. Their parents were disappointed they'd dropped out, but somewhat reassured that the sales jobs they'd landed would cover expenses.

The girls decided not to fuck anyone in their complex. At first it was assumed they were lesbians. The fallback position for a lot of guys who don't get the girl in bed.

And, in fact, if they didn't have company, they usually slept in Brooke's bed, sometimes making out, sometimes not. Once in a while they got each other off with their hands or mouths, no biggie.

Brooke fell in love, then Dakota did.

They got engaged at age 19. Brooke to a San Diego import/export executive. Dakota to a Boise potato farmer. The girls stopped seeing other men for the most part.

Both men flew them -- Brooke to California, Dakota to Washington -- to show off their homes and to prove they didn't have families. Both men were in their early 40s.

Brooke and Dakota stopped taking birth control pills without overburdening their fiancés with the news. They wanted to snag the two men and getting pregnant just might do it.

Well, half the plan worked out.

Jake Benedict was born four days before Luke Harwood. The girls' attorney had negotiated with both former fiancés. For $100,000 and then $5,000 per month until the boys turned 18, Brooke and Dakota would leave the two men alone.

To celebrate their newfound freedom -- had they really wanted to get married after all? -- and to celebrate their beautiful new baby boys, they put their furniture in storage, bought a new Audi and hit the road.

Being inexperienced mothers, they didn't realize how well behaved the babies were. Seldom colicky, usually happy, both boys were good sleepers. Which made the road trip almost tolerable.

Who knew?

All that fucking equipment! Car seats, strollers, toys, and all those fucking diapers! It seemed that one little cocksucker or the other needed to be changed every five minutes.

So a lot of the trip consisted of staying in a nice hotel with a babysitter. Getting tipsy in the hotel bar. Letting men pick them up. They no longer charged unless someone volunteered. Dallas to Houston. To New Orleans. Oklahoma City. Albuquerque. Santa Fe. Phoenix.

They saw the sign the next day: Merry Mesa -- Arizona's Finest Nudist Resort.

Without a word, Brooke made the turn.

Brooke sighed, picked up the pen and signed the contract. She and Dakota now owned the Merry Mesa. They also owned a nearly empty savings account and a $3500 monthly mortgage.

When they closed on the nudist resort, Jake and Luke were almost 5 years old. They had seen their mothers in the nude all of their young lives, so Merry Mesa wasn't that jarring a transition to them. Everyone was naked. So? No biggie.

The one smart thing Brooke and Dakota had done was to make sure that Ingrid and Lars Olsen stayed on at Merry Mesa. The Swedish couple, in their 40s, ran the joint. Ingrid was the General Manager and oversaw the entire operation.

Lars was in charge of the physical plant. He hired contractors, electricians, plumbers on a per-need basis. When he had time, he did some of the repairs himself.

Both Ingrid and Lars realized their new bosses were in over their heads. But they liked the girls and Ingrid adored the two little boys.

Merry Mesa was quite an operation with slightly over 40 acres in total. There was a one story apartment complex with 94 one-bedroom units. Each apartment had a small kitchen and a generous bathroom.

The complex was built in a U-shape facing a huge swimming pool with diving boards, slides and a kiddy pool at one end. Life guards rotated in two-hour shifts.

There was a community center with a 24-hour cafeteria and bar. All food and drink were include in the rate. The center had a room for video games, another for pool and ping pong. And that was where the gym was located too.

There were also 24 three-bedroom cabins separated from the main complex by the small ranch house where Brooke and Dakota moved into.

These cabins were also in a U-shape, eight cabins on each of the three sides. The cabins and the apartment complex had their backs to each other so the pools were on the west side (cabins) and east side (apartments).

When Brooke and Dakota saw the cabins -- well, sex was often on their minds anyway -- their idea, Adults Only, was born. They would not only drop the No Singles rule, they would openly encourage singletons.

The girls had talked it over with the Olsens before buying the resort. They seemed rather noncommittal, but certainly not shocked. Lars dismissed the need for a privacy fence. A discrete sign on the cabin's entrance road would be enough. "Adults Only, thank you."

Ingrid said, "Nudists aren't stupid. They know there are swingers' resorts all over the map." She thought about it, "Would you allow the regular nudists to go over to the Adult area?"

Brooke said, "Sure, why not?"

Dakota said, "The more the merrier. Maybe some day we can make the whole joint Adults Only."

The Cabins, as the area became known, had been designed to accommodate larger groups. Each of the three bedrooms was furnished with two king sized beds. So six beds per cabin. Times 24 meant that almost 150 guest could be comfortably housed.

That didn't mean that 150 would suddenly show up at The Cabins. It was up to Brooke and Dakota to figure out how to entice a braver and lustier crowd.

Jake and Luke loved Merry Mesa from the start. They were welcomed by many of the resort's regulars. Lars put them to work every day after school doing this maintenance chore or that one. They grew up with a solid work ethic and affable social manners.

Brooke and Dakota built the Cabin side of the business slowly. They passed out cards in area bars. Took out small ads in underground newspapers. Created a web site. Put up posters where bar managers would allow it.

They were diligent and beautiful and sexy and charming. They flirted, cajoled, whispered, promised.

The first year they allowed single girls to stay for free. Single men were $150 a night. Couples $100. By the second year they raised prices and started charging single girls. They hadn't yet had a sold-out weekend but the business was growing.

But expenses were growing as well.

Brooke and Dakota might not be long-term financial planners, but they were realists about money. To supplement their child support checks, well, electronic deposits, they would take an occasional week off and reconnect with some of their former clients. They would trade off, one mother would stay home with Jake and Luke one time, the other the next time.

They weren't exactly attentive mothers, the boys basically had the run of the place. Not The Cabins, that was Adults Only. Brooke and Dakota pretended not to notice when their naked sons left the house with binoculars.

Fast forward to 2015. Brooke and Dakota had turned the financial corner with Merry Mesa. They were only net, net, netting a little over $50,000 a year but the revenue growth was steady.

They were considering adding more Cabins to the adult area. Almost every weekend was sold out. Many couples booked a week or two at a time.

The pool was ringed by expensive air mattresses mounted on raised platforms. The couples and singles who didn't indulge in public sex enjoyed the show. Or shows. Lars Olsen installed spotlights for nighttime viewing.

A surprising number of Cabin guests were only too happy to sign model releases. The Cabin website, now distinct from Merry Mesa's, was refreshed on a monthly basis with new couples, singles, groups merrily fucking, sucking and masturbating for the cameras.

Jake and Luke, 14-years old, were now in charge of taping, editing and posting.

And it was Jake and Luke who were becoming the problem.

It was, in retrospect, inevitable. The boys grew up with two hot, sexy, uninhibited mothers. There wasn't much privacy in the two-bedroom ranch style house that separated The Cabins from the Merry Mesa apartment complex.

Brooke and Dakota couldn't decide if their sons had inherited their rampant horniness or it was just that way in Boy World.

Didn't really matter, did it? Something had to be done.

The first adjustment helped for a little while, then backfired.

It had become apparent that letting their sons sleep in the same bed with their mother, was playing with fire. Trading sons would be even worse. So the two boys started bunking in one bedroom, their mothers in the other.

With the boys at 14, Brooke and Dakota, for the most part, ignored the almost constant sexual undercurrent. Or tried to. Both mothers no longer commented on their sons' constant erections. That was just a fact of adolescent life.

Openly masturbating? Boys will be boys.

Jacking each other off? A bit troublesome. But experimentation was normal, wasn't it?

Jake and Luke had no embarrassment whatsoever in front of their mothers. They didn't hide what they talked about, what they did with each other. What they fantasized doing with Brooke and Dakota.

When they first started sucking each other off, Brooke and Dakota sat them down. Brooke said, "Listen, Dakota and I understand you little cunts are just walking boners."

Dakota said, "It's your age, you'll grow out of it."

Neither woman believed that.

Brooke said, "We don't mind that you fool around with each other a little."

Both mothers knew it was far from a little. Their two sons slept naked in the same bed every night.

Dakota said, "You'll outgrow that too."

Jake and Luke listened politely, waiting to see if anything interesting would come up. The had their hands around each other's cock, but at least they weren't masturbating. They were generally polite boys.

Brooke said, "Do you guys even like pussy?"

The boys grinned. This was more like it.

Dakota said, "We can get you laid."

Wider grins.

Brooke and Dakota had fielded several gentle feelers from young women in The Cabins. The boys were cute, sexy and almost constantly erect as they cleaned the swimming pool, taped sex sessions for the web site, did the chores that Lars assigned.

Both boys, and their mothers, were tanned dark brown. Both boys took after their mothers. Jake was like Brooke, tall with auburn hair and green eyes.

Luke was shorter, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Both had a respectable 6 or so inches. Jake was fatter than Luke, but Luke was no slouch.

The boys grinned wider. Pussy!

Brooke said, "Candy and Cathy. After dinner tonight. You can spend the night."

Dakota, feeling a sudden jolt of mothering, said, "If your homework is finished."

Jake and Luke exchanged a glance. This was the first time either mother had mentioned homework in years.

Later, after the boys had finished the dinner dishes and were about to leave for The Cabins, Brooke felt a little motherly too. "Maybe you boys should take care of yourselves first."

Dakota nodded, "You'll last longer."

No hesitation. Jake took Luke in his mouth and sucked his best friend off in minutes. Luke reciprocated. Brooke and Dakota sat there at the kitchen table watching their sons with mixed feelings.

Some concern about how naturally and easily they sucked cock. Some pride at how naturally and easily they sucked cock.

And there was bemusement at how perpetually horny their sons were.

As the boys, still nude, slammed out the back door, "Bye Brooke, love ya!"

"Bye Dakota, love ya!"

Brooke smiled at Dakota, "We're just postponing it."

Dakota sighed, nodding in agreement.

Their sons talked openly about fucking the other one's mother.

Brooke said, "Maybe Candy and Cathy will turn them around. We can get them some more pussy too. Maybe the little cocksuckers will forget about us."

Dakota snorted.

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