Even After Death
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A widow grieves for her Husband and surcomes to things new to her, a necromancer and a hot cougar!!!!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction  

Karla was heart broken as she looked upon the dead body of her husband of seven years. Her mind was going in a million directions at once. What am I going to do? His money covered the mortgage, how am I going to pay off his debate? My rock is gone, my partner is gone, my friend and lover is gone.

It took about fifteen minutes before Karla's headstone spinning. Her tears dried up and she began thinking of the happy times she had with her hfusband. How he went through some much to make Valentine's day so special for her. The flowers, all the balloons, candy, candles and he even learned how to make her favorite mixed drink Madurai Sours.

Her heart melted when he treated her like a Queen and the love they made. Her nipples and lit throb at the thought. She thought about watching his big cock sink into her wet pussy by candle light. She couldn't remember how many times they played out that act.

As she recounted thought after thought of her husband beating up her kitty cat her pussy became wet right there in the mortuary. The grief of loosening her husband and the thoughts of how good a lover he was made Karla soak and wet. The wet part she could deal with, but, her throbbing clit was driving her wild.

Before she knew it she had lifted up her dress and began to massage her pussy through her silk black panties. The sensation grew as she looked over at her deceased husband. It was as if she could his genital approval. He always did enjoy a good masturbating show.

"Do you like what your pudenda is showing you? My thoughts of your big dick has me wet and horny," she spoke out to her deceased husband. The sensation began to mount as her juices ran down her inner thigh, but, she couldn't climax.

In her head she heard her husband asking her to ride his cock one last time. Really, she thought to her self. I couldn't she thought, then it hit her, why not, he's my husband? Next thing she knew she was sliding out her wet black silk pantie.

Karla heard her husband telling her to fish his cock out and ride his dick. Zip, went the pants that covered her husband. She never felt his cock so cool, but, it still felt like his big dick as her clit jumped.

Her grief drove her to believe her husband was alive and urging her to ride his cock. Karla was certainly wet enough to slide down on his stiff cock. As she found herself climbing unto the table and take her husband's cock in her hand.

The cool penis gave her a different sensation as it pushed pasted her wet pussy lips. But, her hot pussy welcomed her husband's cool cock. Her clit and pussy lips quiver as she slide down his cock.

It had been two weeks since Karla had some dick in her hot pussy. She didn't consider her self a nympho, but, if she didn't get some at least twice a week she would become increasingly horny. So, fucking her dead husband's dick was what she needed.

Once she had him all the way in her she began to rotate her hips let than right. Her grief in the form of her husband's spirit moaned like she never heard him moan before. It sent chills of sensation up her spin as her clit throb.

Her husband was very dominant and she rarely was in charge in the bed. So, her new sensation as she moved her hips left than right was a since of dominance. Her heart swelled as she did what she wanted to her husband's cock. Up down, left than right.

This was turning into one of the best truck's she ever had. She never knew being in control gave her eroticism a boost. She lost control as she rode her husband's cock. Her nipples were more sensitive and more erect than they had ever been as pleasure was driving her wild.

Karla striped off the rest of her clothes as she rode her husband's dick up and down. Gyrating her hips left and right as her climax was soon upon her. She squealed out in sweet ecstasy, but, being in control she kept fucking her husband's cock.

This time her focus became her erect sensitive nipples as her clit rode her husband's stiff big dick. Her grief took on life. She could hear her husband's spirit telling her, "to ride his cock. Swing them hips and fucked your husband's cock, he demanded!"

Karla was in her own erotic world, she didn't even notice the funeral director son slip in and began to watch her fucked her deceased husband. The twenty year old was fascinated as he watched Karla in all her glory. To see a woman in this kind of grief turned him on. He couldn't help, but, take out his big cock and begin to stroke it as he watched the grieving widow.

He watched her moan and groan, he watched her pinch and caress her nipples. He watched as she rode her deceased husband's cock up and down. How she worked her hips left than right. Karla was putting on one hell of a show for the young man.

Karla was nearing a powerful climax as the grief told her how good and well her pussy felt. Fuck your husband the grief told her as she rode her deceased husband's dick. Her back arched putting her fat swollen clit into position, to rub against her husband's cock when she laidback down his pole. The first few inches sent sweet sensation to the tips of her nipples. The pleasure came back down her spine to meet the pleasure of her finishing her slide down her husband's cock. The meeting of pleasure rocked her world as her orgasm satisfied her soul.

Karla was out of breath and a mist of sweat highlighted her brown skin. She felt her clit opening and closing around her deceased husband's cock. Her heart raced as the orgasms began to subside while she began to unmount her husband. When her pussy let go of the meat and made that smacking sound which made Wayne's cock jump with anticipation.

When Karla realized he was standing there, shame over took her as she could only imagined what he saw. The more she thought the wetter she became. Then she noticed his huge cock and her shame turned into desire as the monster cock waved at her.

Karla thought her husband was big, but, compared to this young man's dick. She realized her husband's cock was just average. She began to wonder what that monster would feel like going up into her canal. They both just sized one another up as lust filled there minds.

Karla couldn't help her self, she just had to touch this kids big dick. Her soft touch drew a lustful moan from Wayne's lips. The sound went straight to Karla's erect nipples and caressed them sending pleasure down her spine to cause her clit to jump.

Karla looked over at he deceased husband, his spirit gave her the go ahead. You sent me off with a smile and we will freak again one day as she saw his spirit go up into the light. At that moment Wayne stroked her fat swollen clit. Bringing her attention back to this world, as his finger caressed her very swollen sensitive clit. His touch was so soft and gentle it caused her clit to jump. Which sent jolts of pleasure to the tips of her nipples to explode.

Wayne could tell he was having an erotic effect on this grieving widow, which really turned him on. Her wetness began to run down her thigh and he couldn't wait to put his big cock into her hot wet pussy. He eased her over to the table next to her deceased husband. He turned her facing away from him and his dick found the wetness. His cock slid in very easy until he was half way in. Karla never had any one so large and long in her before.

Wayne felt the slight resistance and didn't care about being gentle because her hot wet tight pussy was driving him crazy. He slammed the last four inches deep into her resisting pussy. Karla squealed from the pain and the intense pleasure. It overwhelmed her so much her pussy double clutched his prick as she climaxed. The sensation was awesome as Wayne kept fucking her hungry cunt.

Karla could barely catch her breath as she felt Wayne's nut sack slapping her tender as cheeks. She only had one lover in her life, her husband. He never fucked her like this, full of energy and pure lust. She thought her husband use to beat her pussy up, but, Wayne was fucking the hell out of her. It only took a few hard pumps of his big cock to get Karla accustomed to his large size and she loved every stroke.

Wayne was in pure bliss, as he rammed his cock in and out in and out of this sexy grieving widows pussy. He heard his father say grieving widows fuck the best, but, he never thought he would get the chance to do one. Karla was his first and he planned to fuck the bottom out of this hot wet pussy. He felt his cock pulsating against her tight pussy walls every time his heavy balls slap her soft ass. He never felt a woman this hot and wet before and the few girls he fucked could never take all of his penis. But, this hot sexy widow took all of his dick and is loving it as he fucked her deep and hard.

Karla was literally being lifted off her feet with every thrust and she craved more. She wanted to tell him to fuck her, fuck her good and hard. But, she didn't know him like that, besides, he was doing quite well without her encouragement. She felt his fat cock throbbing against her clutching pussy walls and it pushed her to another powerful orgasm. That was her second and this kid was still fucking her hot wet pussy.

Karla had never been fucked this long and well before. She was a little winned, but, she didn't know were her next fuck was coming and her wet pussy was still hungry. Karla was tired of getting that sweet cock from the rear, so, she backed him up off her and turned around.

"What is your name, she asked him? Wayne, he told her with a snarl, thinking she wasn't going to let him back into that hot wet pussy! Relax, she assured him. I just want you like this as she climbed onto the table and opened her thighs. Come, come, she told him as her clit tingle with delight."

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