Long Is Fine. Fat Is Finer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Son,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There's an invitation-only site buried deep inside the Dark Web. PLEASURE is for the detested - - and, of course, envied - - one-percenters. Of which I'm a proud member. I earned my money the old school way, I married it. PLEASURE: obscene entry fee, outrageous monthly dues. But worth every $100,000 of it. Just post your anonymous request and it will be answered. There are no sexual limits in PLEASURE, none whatsoever. Whatever my dirty little mind desires is mine.

Name: Amy Talbot

Age: 37

Boobs: 34 B

Pussy: Tiny and bald. Like a little girl.

Legs: Long

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 118

Sexual preferences: yes, indeed

Born: Melbourne

Homes: Around the world

Husband: Reggie, 52

Son: Archer, 14

(Jimmy and I are continuing with our alternate chapter format. It's fun. For us anyway.)

Jessica's contribution:

I grew up in a nudist family. If you could call my prostitute mother a family. I loved her though. Still do. She did what she had to do to earn money. Fortunately Mum loved what she did.

We lived in a small cottage within walking distance of one of Melbourne's nude beaches. Mum went there to advertise. She was good at advertising. She used me as bait once in a while.

By age 14, I was the daughter half of our mother-daughter team. Mum said, "Thank god for the Internet. They start schoolboys wanking off younger and younger. And mother-daughter sites are always popular."

I was tech-savvy and I built us a web site that was enticing, yet discreet, teasing, yet real. No nude photos, but bikinis that clearly showed what was available.

Copy that implied sex, but didn't promise it:

"What will Amy do that her mother won't?"

"What does Abigail do that her daughter is eager to try?"

By my 15th birthday, I took down the site. We just didn't need it any more. We were turning customers away. We also didn't need to use our bodies as beach billboards any more, but we still took a nude stroll almost every day.

Mum and I enjoyed looking at naked men. And the occasional woman as well. We looked like sisters, tall, slender, wide swimmer's shoulders, erect posture, bald mother and daughter pussies. A matching set.

Not very often, but once in a while we would pick up a hot guy, or a few guys, and fuck them just for the fun of it. Mum and I were never competitive, we were business partners, equal partners. As for the fun fucks? Simply too many men out there to squabble over any one guy.

Jimmy's contribution:

As a preteen girl, I was spotted by a talent scout for a local modeling agency. Mum and I had heard that one plenty of times. Surefire way to get an innocent girl into bed. I was nowhere in the neighborhood of innocent. Had speeded up when I saw the sign.

But Riley was real. He pulled his wallet off his towel and gave me a card. Told me to call him someday. Didn't try to pick me up.

The agency he scouted for wasn't like, say, Ford Models. No international shoots, no glamorous travel. All Melbourne, all local. As I grew older, I did swimsuits, hands, feet. Catalogs, local magazine ads, radio spots. I didn't give up my night job, but I enjoyed flirting with fame, Melbourne style.

I did get in some domestic travel -- as one of the booth girls in various conventions.

Reginald Talbot -- Reggie -- spotted me at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. I took two showers a day in the Kohler exhibit, which was far larger than just a booth.

He had the look of money. I hadn't seen that look very often, but even at 15, I was pretty sure I recognized it. Reggie was from New York City which elevated him in my TV saturated mind.

At dinner he was charming without being smarmy. He was 29, almost twice my age. In bed, he was a keeper. Mum had told me early and often, "Look for a fat cock, the fatter the better. Long ones are fine, fat ones are finer."

In the morning Reggie butt-fucked me and tried to talk me out of going back to work at the Kohler gig. I wasn't even tempted. I learned my work ethic from Mum and kept my word, lived up to my contract with the modeling agency.

Instead of being disappointed, Reggie was impressed that a sexy little piece of fluff stood up to him.

Two weeks later he showed up in Melbourne and invited me to have dinner at the Crown Towers where he was staying. Reggie hid his surprise when I showed up with Mum. I thought we'd surprise him in bed, but Mum gave me a slight shake of her head after an hour or so at dinner.

We went to the ladies and Mum said, "Try to snag this one, Amy. He could be a life changer." She grinned, "How big's his cock again?"

I made a circle with both hands. Grinned back.

Mum took a cab home and I started living with Reggie. I was only pussy and arm candy, I was smart enough to realize that. And not his only pussy, he made no effort to hide the fact that he had girls in every port.


But Reggie was my education. He taught me how to hold my own in every conversational setting imaginable. What books to read, what movies to see. Plays, concerts, opera, yachting.

And money. He put me on salary, didn't give me an allowance. Paid me $175,000 a year, but quickly raised that to $200,000. I blew my first paycheck on clothes, then haven't blown one since. Except for day to day expenses, I saved almost all of my salary.

Reggie then gave me a Black Amex card for ... whatever. Dining out. New shoes, a passion of mine. Over the course of our first year together we traveled a good 80% of the time. I was seeing the world. On top of the world.

Reggie had a lot of girls, but I was his main squeeze. He liked to have me watch him fuck other girls, but no more than he liked to have me sit in on business meetings.

I began to absorb that unfamiliar culture, business, because it was so important to Reggie.

I talked to Mum every week. Sometimes every day. At 30 she was still a stunner. Without me, without the daughter half, her business had fallen off. But she still made a comfortable living and refused to let me send her any money.

By age 16, I was a known quantity to Reggie's friends, girlfriends, business associates. I was smart enough not to try to fake it. If I didn't know the answer, I just admitted it. But found out the answer and would remember it.

What Reggie did for a living was manage his money. He had a private investment firm advise him and carry out the details. But Reggie stayed on top of it, was very hands-on. He had so much money, in the billions, that he easily could have coasted. But he needed to work, wanted to work.

Reggie told me, "By working, I have more fun when I have fun. Business is a needed contrast, keeps me sharp."

Reggie periodically went through a little boy stage. He made no more attempt to hide them from me than he did his girlfriends. I admired him for that.

And, I found the boys struck a responsive deep inside me. I got off watching that huge cock plow into the kids. The younger the boys were and the louder they wailed, the better I liked it.

One morning in Lisbon I asked him if I could fuck his latest boy too. Reggie really dug that. I came from excitement the second Reggie guided that little cock into me. I could always cum easily. Men appreciate that in a girl.

When Reggie entered him, the boy went soft, but I held him in by squeezing my pussy. I came again with the kid shrieking and his tears splashing on my cheeks.

Reggie appreciated that.

So that became a regular part of Reggie's repertoire. Sharing a boy between us. It wasn't that often, Reggie didn't want the experience to become commonplace for either one of us.

But for or five times a year. Often on the Mediterranean yacht docked in Malta, or the Hong Kong one. Miss Millicent, his primary assistant, would bring a little boy to wherever we were staying. She would wink at Reggie, "Enjoy."

Reggie never asked where she got a boy, nor how much he cost. Miss Millicent simply took care of things for him. She made $650,000 a year with semiannual increases and frequent bonuses.

Miss Millicent was 55 years old and ran a team of 23 assistants scattered all over the globe. When she had a business or personal matter to discuss with Reggie, she simply sat down and watched Reggie fuck whomever was in his bed. Miss Millicent always had a calm smile on her face. The only emotion she seemed to show in the bedroom was happiness for her boss's enjoyment.

Miss Millicent had been with Reggie his entire life. Nanny, tutor, pussy, secretary, whatever Reggie needed at the time. Or wanted. Miss Millicent was given to Reggie by his mother. Reggie still fucked Miss Millicent when he was in the mood.

I was hit on all the time by Reggie's friends and business associates. It was usually a friendly, easygoing pass and I didn't mind in the least. While tempted every once in a while, I never seriously considered it.

I was Reggie's, bought and paid for.

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