2+2 Is on My Mind
Chapter 1

'Ouch damn that hurt' I said to myself. I walked back to the ball return, rubbing my arm and shoulder. It felt like my arm was stabbed by a knife. I rubbed my arm, while I waited for my bowling ball to return. I grabbed my ball and did a couple of practice swings with the ball. I set myself and approached the foul line. Halfway through my downswing, I felt that stabbing pain in my arm and the ball shot right into the gutter. The pain almost put me down on my knees.

I walked toward my team mates, rubbing my arm and cussing up a storm.

"AJ are you going to be able to bowl?" Bob asked.

I just shook my head in disgust. I walked up to our table and sat down in my chair pissed.

"What happened?" Ralph asked.

"I have no idea, just a sharp pain in my upper arm. There is no way that I can bowl tonight," I said.

I talked with the guys for a few minutes and went got my bowling bag. I put all my equipment away in the bag. I sat at the table with the guys. I'm pissed, I just got a new bowling ball, the Storm IQ Nano, and it smells like apple cider. Storm puts different scents in all their bowling balls.

I just got that ball a month or so ago and it is working great. I have been averaging 225 with the new ball, raising my overall average up to 210. I watched the first game, drinking a beer, as my teammates are taking it on the chin. As the great Detroit Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell would say on a home run "Its Long Gone." That is what happened in the first game it's long gone by the ninth frame in favor of our opponents. I wish my team good luck in the next two games.

"I am going home to put some deep heat on my arm and take a couple of Aleve," I told the guys.

I walked out to my Expedition. I struggled to get my bowl bag into the back. Damn it's hard to lift the three ball bag up that high, with a sore arm. I settled into the driver seat and put on my favorite oldie's radio station. They were doing an hour tribute to Bob Seger. He is one of my favorites. The first song is Ramble Gambling man and the second is 2+2 is on my mind. 2+2 was a cult song back in the 60's. It was Bob's Anti-Vietnam song. The following is the lyric's of Bob's Song 2+2 is on my mind.

Yes it's true I am a young man; but I'm old enough to kill

I don't wanna kill nobody; but I must if you so will

And if I raise my hand in question; you just say that I'm a fool

Cause I got the gall to ask you; can you maybe change the rules

Can you stand and call me upstart; ask what answer can I find,

I ain't sayin' I'm a genius

2+2 is on my mind

Dad took me to a few of his concerts. I can remember Dad telling about the times when he was a teenager and going to listen to early Bob Seger at various night clubs around Detroit. Bob Seger, Amboy Dukes, MC5 and Dick Wagner and the Frost, were some of his favorite bands. He told me of a time when he visited his cousins. They had a cottage on Saginaw Bay, between Bay City and Linwood. Right next to the Bay City State Park, is the Roll Aire roll skating rink. It is an outdoor roller skating rink. On Saturday night they would hold battle of the bands. One time when he was there they held a Woodstock type concert, with the above mentioned bands and other groups. A couple of bands from the Detroit area, made a big splash at the concert. One was Alice Cooper and the other was The Electric Prunes. All in all he said it was a kick ass concert.

While I listen to the song, I started to relive my years past. I remember my first girlfriend. Her name is Brenda Scott. She is a year a head of me in school. She lived in a different city and went to a different school. She lived twenty miles away from me.

We gave each other our virginity. I remember doing it for the first time on my bed at home, while my parent's were gone on a weekend trip. I shoved my cock into her and I had no clue what to do next.

It felt like my cock is hanging in an empty space. She got scared and told me it hurt and to take it out. Fortunately I had put a towel under us and there is some blood on the towel. After that first trial, we fucked like bunnies. How I never got her pregnant, I will never know.

We never used any type of birth control, but counting days. Everybody knows that generally never works.

Halfway through her senior year, she mailed back to me my class ring. We had been going steady by this time. She dumped me for a guy called Marvin. After she graduated, I got a call from her sister, asking me to come over; she wanted to talk with me. Her sister's name is Ann and she is two years younger than Brenda. She always had a crush on me.

When I got to Ann's home, she told me her parents had gone out for the night. Also, Brenda is downstairs with Marvin. We are working on a puzzle, when I looked up and there stood Marvin. He looked like a bum, straggly hair and a scruffy beard. He tried to intimidate me, by doing a stare down on me. He left after Brenda came up the stairs to get him. Both Ann and I laughed at his antics. I can't believe that she dumped me for that loser.

Later on during the evening, Ann took me back to her bedroom. She is a wild cat in her bed and fucked the shit right out of me. It was a one time fuck and that is the last that I saw either her or Brenda.

I forgot about Brenda and had a good time in my senior year. I am a very good student, carrying a 3.5 grade point average. But it would not be enough to get me enough scholarship to pay my way through college. Dad died ten years ago in an accident. Mom got a nice payout. It is enough for us to live on, but she still has Scooter (my sister Sally) to care of yet. We talked it over half way through my senior year and decided that joining the army is the way to go.

Right after graduation, I enlisted in the army. I spent eight years in the army, including three tours between Iraq and Afghanistan.

I started out as a truck driver/welder. I took welding for two years as an elective in high school, at the skill center. I am a very good welder, and a fairly good mechanic. I am a very good shot with the rifle. I am good at doing hand to hand combat. But I love the pistol and I am an excellent shot with them.

I saw my fair share of combat action while doing my three tours. I received numerous medals, and awards. I rose to the rank of Sergeant, before I had enough. While in the army, I took many different college courses, covering all the basic classes. I took a couple different foreign languages (Spanish & German). When I left the army, all I needed to do are a couple of years in my major (Engineering) to graduate. I also went to a training school for welding, to advance my skills and learn new techniques in welding.

When I got back home, I applied to the University of Michigan. They accepted me and I would start in the fall taking Engineering classes.

I would need two and half years to get my degree. Before I started school, there is a job fare that the school held. I attended the event and met some people from Ford Motors.

I talked with their representative telling them about myself, and my time in the army. I told them that I am studying Engineering. That got them very interested in me. I told them about my welding ability also. A few days later, I got a letter inviting me to come to the Ford Motors Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. I am to meet a Mr. James in the design division.

"Ford Motors is very impressed with your credentials." he said. "But school work will always come before job work with Ford Motors. Ford Motors wants to make sure that you finish school with your Engineering Degree," he stressed.

He offered me a job when I graduated. Also, he offered me part time work for the next couple of years, when my school work would allow it. We hammered out a deal that is good for both of us, and I left there a happy camper.

I worked my class schedule, where I could work Thursday and Friday afternoon, during the fall and winter semesters. Spring and summer semesters, I took a couple of classes in each to make sure that I could graduate after the following winter semester. I worked as much as my classes would let me.

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