Did You Hear the One About ...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Son,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two things to keep in mind about Madison. A dirty mind, more naughty than filthy. She also fantasized about boys. Young boys. And Madison had access to them because her own son, Ryan, was popular. So was she. She told herself it was merely a fantasy, the boy thing. Madison began by flirting. The young boys were thrilled with the dirty jokes she told. The salty language she used. And the way she dressed. Madison was nothing at all like their own mothers. Nothing.

(Jimmy, my son, and I are continuing with our alternate chapter experiment. An astute reader pointed out how poorly I've explained this. So ... if you see my name, or Jimmy's name, in front of a section, that's who wrote the sorry prose that follows.)


"Did you hear what one cunt lip said to the other?"

My posse grinned. Four boys, three of whom weren't my son. Ryan said, "What Mom?"

"We used to be really tight until Dick came between us."

Giggles. Nudges.

"Good one, Madison."

"Of course I've had plenty of cocks in my pussy, but it's still really tight. Maybe I'll show you guys one of these days."

My son and the ABC boys. Adam, Bryan and Charlie. Four boys that I owned. They loved my naughty jokes, my dirty mouth. They devoured me with hungry eyes.

Devouree: I'm 5' 6" with thick auburn hair. Legs longer than seem possible. Small but perky boobs. Tiny waist, waxed pussy. Although the boys haven't seen that yet. Well, Ryan has. Just a glimpse now and then. When I'm in an especially frisky mood.

Good cheekbones, strong chin, green eyes. Eyes that are sometimes full of mischief. Never married, but not from lack of opportunity.

I've been sexually active since I first discovered what goes where. Not so active as to set chins wagging. Memphis is a city, but also a small town. Gossipy. As an attorney I do need some discretion in my personal life.

So I masturbate. A lot. Little boys, a fantasy specialty. Not an obsession, those boys. But they are frequent visitors to the Dreams of Madison. And their age didn't stop me from planting some masturbatory images inside their little brainpans.

Now this tale centers on sex. My real life is more textured. But who cares about that? This isn't an autobiographical treatise. Rather it's intended to be titillating, inspiring for you Johnny Jack Offs out there. At least I hope so!

What's that? You don't masturbate? My apologies.

I had purchased a small house in midtown Memphis. A decent school district, an easy commute to downtown. I usually work Saturday mornings so I can leave early enough on Fridays to be home when Ryan and the ABC boys get out of school.

It's silly, but I put some thought into what I put on after my Friday afternoon shower. Ordinarily little boys wouldn't notice what any mom is wearing. But I have my little cunts conditioned to race their bikes over as fast as they can. Like clockwork, every Friday afternoon.

I know how disappointed they are on those days when I can't get away from work. Good. It keeps them off balance. And makes them even hungrier for the next time.

I love standing naked in front of my largest mirror. Thinking about what sexy outfit to wear this time. Daring myself to go downstairs naked. I haven't though. Not yet. I vary what I wear for the little cocksuckers. I haven't worn a thong yet. But my little boy shorts delight them. I never wear a bra, my 32-year old boobs certainly don't need one.

I buy tops that aren't quite transparent, but verge on it. I love it when four sets of eyes are glued to my nipples. On other afternoons I wear scoop necked tops that show all of my boobs when I bend down to pour them some juice.

Did I mention that I'm popular?

And my language. I love inflaming the boys.

"You little cocksuckers get any pussy today?"

"Think of me when you jack off tonight."

"I haven't decided when I'm going to start fucking you guys."


"Did you hear the one about Uncle Jack?"

"What Mom?"

"If Uncle Jack is up on the roof, would you help your Uncle Jack off?"

The calendar pages turn, my little cunts are another year older. And I'm another year bolder.

They've all seen flashes of my bald pussy now. Not often and not for long. Every couple of months I'll wear a short, loose skirt. I practice in front of my mirror. Making sure the angle is right, the light sufficient. And the timing. When I cross and uncross my legs, it must seem accidental. Not blatant.

But I want to be certain my little cocksuckers see everything. I considered growing a landing strip, but I love the little girl look. And I haven't had any complaints from my lovers.

Ryan, bless his heart, is my coconspirator. He tells me everything the ABC boys say about me. He knows I lap it up. All four boys adore me. My son worships me.

Friday mornings, before we leave for school and work, are his favorite times. I don't even have to wake him up. After his morning ablutions, he knocks on my bedroom door. Is it possible for a knock to sound eager?

"Come in sweetheart."

Ryan gets to choose what I'll wear that afternoon for the ABC boys. He'll select something and I'll toss my robe aside and stand there nude considering it.

Naturally he'll have me try on three or four outfits before selecting one. Ryan was like a human mirror. I could see in him what the ABC boys would see in me.

The Friday afternoon outfit decided, I'll run a fingernail up and down his bulge. "Think of me, baby." While he jacks off.

"I will Mom."

I dress for work and head downstairs to fix our breakfast. While my son fixes something else.

That afternoon, "Did you hear the one about Bobby's cat?"

"What Madison?"

"His teacher asked him why he brought his cat to school. He told her that the postman told his mother he was going to eat her pussy."


"I wish I had that postman, I love to have my pussy licked. Any volunteers?"

Four hands shot up. I own these boys.

Ryan was the last of my posse to turn 14. I waited until then. One Friday afternoon I said, "You boys are probably already fucking girls, but who wants kissing lessons?"

Four hands, four "Me's!"

"Line up. Alphabetical order."

This took them some time to sort out. I waited. They're young.

I sat on the edge of my chair, wearing yellow short shorts. I spread my legs and pulled Adam to me. "Close your eyes and try not to slobber."

"Okay Madison."

His lips were as tender as a baby's. I tongue fucked him gently until I felt a full fledged boner against me.

Bryan's turn. Then Charlie.

Ryan hesitated. In front of his amigos. I held out my arms and smiled. He stepped up.

Four for four.

Although I'd actually been kissing Ryan for over a year. At bedtime, a nightly ritual we both looked forward to. I told him, "Don't jack off, baby. Dream of me, a wet one."

"Okay Mom."

Another Friday. "I imagine you boys like the taste of cum."


"I'm sure your mothers suck cock before they kiss you goodnight."

Give the little cunts something to think about.


Ryan's as tall as I am now.

Logic and morals told me not to give him his special birthday present when he turned 14. Sure.

I waited, nude, beside his shower on his birthday morning. I usually give him all the privacy a growing boy could want. But not always, so it wasn't unprecedented for me to see him naked.

What was unprecedented was for me to take my son into my bedroom, lie him on his back, and start sucking his cock. He gasped, I'd never even jacked him off.

Ryan lasted about 5 seconds. No surprise. I let him watch me play with his cum before I swallowed. "Nice, baby, very nice."

It was almost too much for him. Almost mental overload. But there were no objections when I took his cock back in my mouth. Only a contented sigh.

At breakfast I told him, "Sucking you off is a special treat. For both of us. It won't be a regular deal."

"Okay Mom."

I gave him my warmest smile, "But you won't have to wait until your next birthday either. I couldn't wait that long myself."


I looked my son over. Slender, just like me. Hands and feet too big, but he'd grow into them. Wide shoulders, just like me. A wild curly auburn thatch. I'd start trimming him after work tonight.

Respectable, circumsized cock. Only a little over 5 inches, but thicker than a lot of men I've fucked. And he's still growing.

I haven't decided yet whether to fuck him. It's not a decision I'll make lightly. I'd certainly like to. He wouldn't be the youngest boy I've seduced, and it certainly wasn't his age that made me hesitate.

Friday morning I gave Ryan his third blowjob. The two on his birthday had been on Monday. The outfit he selected for me was daring -- only a tee and fuck-me heels. The tee covered my pussy. Barely.

That Friday afternoon, "Did you hear the one about Micky and Minnie?"

"Tell us Madison."

"The divorce judge told Mickey that he couldn't grant a divorce because Minnie wasn't insane. Mickey told him: I didn't say she was insane, I said she was fucking Goofy."

After a couple more corny jokes, I crossed my heart. This was our signal that I wasn't kidding around. I would tell them something true. The boys settled down.

"I sucked such a beautiful cock this morning. The tastiest cum I've ever had. That gentleman will be getting a lot more blow jobs from me."

Who Who Who sounded like a trio of owls.

"I'll never tell. But it's someone all four of you know."

Ryan was beet red, but the ABC boys were too busy speculating on teachers, neighbors, the postman, to notice.

A couple of Fridays later, "Did you hear the one about the man trying to pick up a gorgeous woman in a restaurant?"

"Tell us Madison."

"He sent her over a bottle of expensive wine, trying to soften her up. She told him, she wouldn't accept it unless his cock is seven inches long. He told her, I'm not cutting of three inches for anyone."

Cornball, but handy for math class.

Then I said, "Bryan, how did your date go last Saturday?" His first.


"Did you get in her panties?"

Grin. "I wish!"

"At least she sucked your cock, right?"

"Yeah, right."

"Did you get a kiss?"

Proud nod.

"Show me."

Bryan, the boldest one of the boys, kissed me more confidently than he had some little girl, I was sure of that. When he stepped back, I said, "No tit?"

He shook his head sadly.

I said, "C'mere," and kissed him again. Still kissing, I drew his shaky hand to my left breast. He went stiff with shock as three gasps exploded from the other boys.

Still holding his hand against me, I drew my lips back and said, "Be gentle, boys. Don't squeeze your girlfriends, just gently play with her nipples. Softly."

I brought Charlie's hand to my right breast. "See how hard my nipples are?"

Wide eyed, flushed with excitement, Charlie and Bryan nodded.

"That's a sign a girl is excited. Turned on. My pussy is wet too. That's another sign that I really want to fuck whoever is feeling me up. But that's another lesson for another day."

I had Adam and my son take turns feeling me up. Adam came in his jeans, but I pretended not to notice.

Another Friday I slid their hands, one by one, under my tee as I kissed them. Bare tit! Charlie shot off this time. None of the others teased him which I thought was kind.

My fascination with young boys was both thrilling and scary to me. I practiced my courtroom defense, "Your honor, none of it was my fault. I have what the psychiatric community refers to as Madison's Syndrome."

Of course I would plead innocent. Or, rather, not guilty.

Thanks to the Bill Of Rights, I'll be tried in Federal court. I'll represent myself of course. Federal, then Appeals, then the Big Guys. I'd love to argue in front of the Supremes. I'll be famous of course.

My, how I do go on.

A month or so later, my coconspirator, my son, my Ryan, my favorite person in the world, played his part to a tee. While I was in the kitchen preparing snacks, Ryan told Adam, "Tell my mom you like that blue top she wore once."

Adam went along. Ryan, remembering his lines, said, "I'll get it Mom," and raced upstairs.

A moment later he handed my blue crop top to Adam. I said, "Is this one, honey?" Adam nodded. Blushing. I can make my posse blush a lot. Easy.

Nonchalantly I took off my red tee and tossed it on the coffee table. I acted as if they'd seen me topless dozens of times. My nipples were erect from just the sight of four excited boys staring at my boobs.

I tugged the blue top on. Checked myself in the mirror. Shook my head, "I just can't decide."

Took off the top and held it and the red one in each hand. "Vote. Who's blue?"

The ABC boys shot their hands in the air. I looked at my son, "Looks like you're outvoted, Ryan."

Feeding me his line, he said, "I vote you shouldn't wear either one."

I laughed, "What a cunt you are. But it's too late, the votes have been cast and counted. Blue it is."

The clamor to change their votes was instantaneous.

I pretended to consider it. Then said, "All right. It's a deal. But only until our kissing lessons are over."

Each boy was allowed one Friday afternoon minute to kiss me and play with my boobs, so the only difference that day was that everything was out in the open. Well, their boners weren't out. That would come down the road.

I was still a little hot from my exhibitionism so I started Ryan on pussy eating lessons later that night. I told him, "Blow jobs are special treats. But I'll have you eating me a lot. It's a wonderful skill to have, sweetheart. You'll be making a lot of girls very happy."

Grin. "Okay Mom."

While sucking his cock and now having him lick me seemed sudden to Ryan, abrupt, I had been planning it for years. Forced myself to wait until he had turned 14.

Rules evolved. Both of us could be naked as much as we wanted upstairs. But we'd cover up downstairs. In addition to the ABC boys, friends of mine, FedEx, UPS, coworkers -- the doorbell rang quite a bit.

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