I Dare You!
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A single mother, three horny sons. Exceptionally horny sons. It started with an innocent Dare from a playful mother. It escalated. Would it spiral out of control? Or was it going where Cathy had intended all along? Cathy's best friend, Pussy, wasn't helping matters. Not at all.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son  

Cathy smiled, thinking of her best friend, Pussy. Best friends forever. Pussy had earned her nickname back in middle school for her cheerful willingness to offer said equipment to to interested parties of both sexes.

"Want some pussy? See Pussy." The friendly mantra was simply out there. Everyone who knew Pussy knew it was true. Students, older and younger. Teachers. Parents.

At first there was the usual clucking. Tsk Tsk. Over time Pussy's generosity became tolerated, then accepted, then appreciated. Pussy was Pussy. A force of nature. Who she was was who she was.

Just as Cathy had raven hair, Pussy fucked. It was simply her calling. She fucked. And fucked. Quarterbacks, nerds, whiz kids, band members. Their fathers, her teachers, strangers. The small Kentucky town knew: "Want some pussy? See Pussy." Everyone just knew.

Joplin Kentucky, not to be confused with the Missouri town, straddled Appalachian coal country and wealthy horse breeding country. Joplin mirrored the geography -- rich and poor, happy and hapless.

Pussy paid no attention to demographics. She would fuck owners of Kentucky Derby horses. She would fuck the stable boys. And their fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, friends.

More than one woman was grateful to Pussy. She took care of rutting husbands and anxious sons. She wasn't a threat to break up a marriage, Pussy didn't want any one man. Pussy was an asset. Like a community bank. Pussy was just there, Pussy was just available.

Remarkably, she wasn't thought of as a slut. Nor as the town pump. Pussy was just Pussy. Like some girls were shy, some boys naturally athletic, Pussy was just Pussy.

Her sunny personality was another asset. Pussy loved her life and it showed in her universal good nature.

Pussy didn't file for the nomination, she had little interest in politics. But her popularity was such that she was elected to the seat of City Council Member at Large. She represented the entire town, not just a district like the other Council members. As Mayor Pro Tem, Pussy was the second most influential official, after the Mayor, in Joplin.

Pussy, as she did almost everything, performed her civic duties cheerfully. That included fucking the Mayor and fellow Council members.

Cathy, comparatively, was virginal. Although her three sons had been fathered by three different men. Well, two men and an underaged boy whose cherry Cathy had happily taken. In some sort of reverse universe logic the young boy, William, had fathered Cathy's first baby, Will.

Her middle son, Grant, was born a year later. Followed closely by Tony.

Pussy adored the three babies, adored them more as they grew. She loved them as much as Cathy did. The three boys were the only ones in Joplin that Pussy wouldn't fuck.

Pussy told an astonished Cathy, "Our little angels are too special. They aren't like everyone else in Joplin so I won't make love to them."

The boys were 9, 10 and 11 when Pussy made her surprise declaration. Tony, Grant and Will weren't yet spurting cum, but each had grown fond of his penis. And they were becoming increasingly aware of how sexy Pussy and their mother was.

Cathy had dark hair and big boobs. A cheerful disposition and big boobs. Shapely legs and big boobs. When Will turned 8, Cathy stopped lounging around the house nude. He was paying too much attention to her lush body.

Pussy was a redheaded tomboy. Lithe, angular, skinny. No complaints about her tiny tits though, not with what Pussy had between her legs. Not many days passed without making at least one man happy.

It seemed like Cathy and Pussy had had their personalities switched at birth. For all her sexual activity, Pussy's outward conduct was demure. She attended church every Sunday and actually listened to the sermon. She did stay behind to fuck the pastor and eat his wife. Pussy's language was was moderated, except when she had a cock in her. Then she let loose.

Cathy was the opposite. Her sons had grown up slightly confused about what their names actually were. "You cunts settle down, I'm trying to read." "Look, you little cocksuckers, you have a choice. Clean up this mess or I'll rip your fucking balls off."

Cunt, cocksucker, asshole, prick rolled off Cathy's tongue in a friendly, almost merry manner.

Cathy had just assumed that her best friend would take her sons' cherries. Mothers all over Joplin trusted Pussy. Everyone knew that she was kind and gentle with little boys. Took her time, talked them through the process, praised their jackrabbit efforts.

If Cathy had assumed it, Will, Grant and Tony had really assumed it. All of their friends talked about Pussy more often than they discussed Little League baseball and the high school football team.

Well Cathy wasn't one to postpone bad news. That night she sat her boys down. "You know that Pussy loves you little cunts every bit as much as I do."


"Now this is difficult to understand at first. But when you think about it, it makes sense. You're special. To Pussy and me both. And because you're so special, she's not going to fuck you."


Her 9, 10 and 11-year olds wailed as one.

"Calm down, you fucking cocksuckers. It's not the end of the world. Stop and think for a minute. Pussy is giving you a special gift. She'll probably fuck a lot of your friends some day. But they'll be just like everyone else in town. You'll be special."

It sounded lame even to Cathy. Tony looked like he was ready to cry.

Cathy sighed and peeled off her top. She cradled her youngest son in her arms as he closed his eyes and gently sucked at a nipple. She had nursed the boys as long as they wanted. She had told Pussy, "The older they get, the more erotic it is for me."

"Do you play with yourself?"

"Of course."

Cathy no longer had any breast milk to give them, but she still let them nurse whenever one of her sons was stressed, unhappy, nervous. Before an exam, before a team tryout. After. Or sometimes just because they wanted to.

Cathy told Pussy, "Of course the little cunts take advantage, nurse whenever they get a sexy little urge. Will's been humping against my leg. Grant plays with my other tit while he's sucking. Tony, well that little cocksucker has been trying to get his hand on my pussy for months."

"Do you let him?"

"Only if I'm wearing jeans. Or shorts. Not under my skirt."

Pussy nodded. It seemed like a reasonable compromise to her.

Pussy was well aware of the dilemma she had caused Cathy when she announced she wouldn't fuck the boys. And Pussy had sympathy for her friend. Pussy understood how momentous her decision would seem to Will, Grant and Tony.

Cathy said, "How about sucking them off? That would be better than nothing."

"Sure. Of course."

Pussy considered a blow job the equivalent to a friendly greeting. Saying hello to a neighbor.

Cathy called upstairs to her sons, "Get your asses down here, you little cunts. Pussy wants to talk with you."

Pussy had always been a sacred word to the boys. They adored and lusted after Pussy every bit as much as they did their mother. The herd thundered down and skidded to a halt in front of the two women.

Pussy smiled at them, her beloved boys, and said, "You know I'm not going to make love to you. You're disappointed and I understand that. But some day, when you're older and able to put things in perspective, you'll understand what a lovely gift I'm giving you.

"It doesn't seem that way now, but it will when you're older. Now Cathy asked me if I'd provide you oral relief when ... when you're ready to enjoy it to the fullest. Of course I will. I'll be happy to. Delighted."

Cathy translated, "Pussy will suck your cocks. After you're able to cum."

Loud cheers.

Cathy said, "Where are your manners, assholes?"

"Thank you Pussy," rang around the room.

After the boys clomped back upstairs, Pussy said, "Oral will hold them off. For a while."

Cathy nodded, "For a while. But not for long."

"Good luck."

Pussy was popular all over down. She was polite, friendly, available. Pussy's mother was proud of her daughter. Emily dispensed her own favors freely, although she wasn't in Pussy's league. Emily had never bothered to marry, wasn't precisely sure who Pussy's father was.

Which meant that there was a good chance that he had fucked Pussy himself. Which didn't really matter to Emily. Pussy wasn't able to get pregnant. Her eggs just didn't mature enough. Pussy, when she was old enough to choose, decided not to to have FHS injections and not to take pills to stimulate follicles.

Pussy was happy with her life just as it was. Besides, she considered Will, Grant and Tony to be her children. That wasn't why she wouldn't fuck them though. Pussy had told the truth, they were just too special to her.

Emily sat Pussy down one evening when Pussy was 14. "Honey, I never knew who your father was. I looked at my diary last night and I can narrow it down to four, maybe five guys. If you want we can do some DNA testing and find out for sure."

"I don't really care, Mom. You're all the parent I want."

"It's just that you like fucking so much, just like I did at your age."

Pussy let the past tense go. If her mother wanted to pretend she wasn't still fucking around, fine.

Pussy said, "If you're worried that I might make love to my father, don't. I can't have babies so what difference does it make?"

Then Pussy grinned, "Tell me who they are."

Emily was startled. Not shocked, but a little surprised. This was bold, even for Pussy. But Emily wrote down the four names. Then added the fifth, just in case.

Pussy had already fucked three of them. She fucked the other two within a week. She spent a couple of months fucking the five older men on a regular basis. She would look into their eyes as she clutched her pussy tightly around them. "Is this the one?" "Is this Daddy?"

Cathy asked her friend, "Would you still fuck him if you learned he was your father?"

"Only if he wanted to. I wouldn't want to make him uncomfortable."

Pussy continued to fuck them when it worked out, but no longer went to any trouble to seek them out.

Father or not, Emily continued to be proud of her daughter. Mothers complimented Emily on Pussy's kindness toward their sons. Getting them through the awkward first times. Wives thanked Emily. Pussy took good care of their husbands when they felt the need to stray. And Pussy was never a threat to any marriage.

Cathy couldn't remember when the Dare game first started between her and her sons. Something fun, something innocent. But Cathy herself was to blame for turning it sexual.

When Will turned 14, Cathy took him out to dinner, just the two of them. A tradition she carried on for each of her sons. When she pulled back into her garage, she said, on pure impulse -- she hadn't had even a glass of wine -- "I Dare you to kiss me."

Cathy thought, "Now where the fuck did that come from?" Later, alone in bed, she figured out it was from seeing Will's father in the restaurant. William didn't know he was a father, Cathy didn't tell any of the three fathers.

William was good looking, 27 and with a beautiful girl. Cathy figured seeing him had triggered some distant memories. Sexual memories.

Will practically lunged across the car's console in the dark garage. His tongue was in her mouth before she could blink. Unconsciously she kissed her oldest son back.

His hand was under her sweater an instant later, massaging her bare breast. Cathy thought, "Just for a second, then I'll bring this naughtiness to a screeching halt."

She heard someone moan. When she realized it was herself, she pushed Will away. "That's enough you little cunt. You called my Dare and won. Happy Birthday, honey."

"Thanks Cathy, that was cool."

Cathy told Pussy, "That was that. Fun, but finished. Histoire."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Doesn't matter."

The Dare game slowly escalated. Tony, her youngest, had the naughtiest mind. But none of the boys pushed it, not really. They understood their mother well enough to know that she would call an end to it if it got out of hand. A total, complete end.

And they loved the Dare game too much to risk losing it. It was the one mechanism they had to nudge Cathy into unmotherly territory. While they appreciated her sexiness and lusted after her in a typical adolescent fashion, they also loved her. Respected her.

Another reason they didn't Dare their mother very often was because it best of all was when Cathy tossed out a Dare herself. She was inventive and had a naughty imagination.

Her sons' 14th birthdays were a sort of line of demarkation. Cathy let Grant kiss her in the garage and feel her bare boobs for far longer than she had with Will.

With Tony, her youngest and boldest, Cathy opened her thighs when his birthday hand slid under her skirt.

She told Pussy, "I made up my mind when I dressed for dinner. I could have worn slacks."

"Well it was his birthday."


Cathy had been both excited and disappointed in herself. It was the first bare pussy Tony had ever felt. He was awkward and clumsy. He still got her off. Twice.

For the most part her sons left it up to her to toss out a Dare. It wasn't a frequent occurrence, both Cathy and the boys sensed it could become stale. Or go to far and be called to a halt. It was a delicate dance, Cathy would think up a new one every month or two. She always caught them by surprise.

One Saturday morning, "I Dare you guys not to jack off all weekend."


Another Saturday morning. Grant was mowing the lawn. Will was at his part time warehouse job. Cathy grinned at Tony, "I Dare you to cum in under five minutes." She held up a stopwatch.

Tony reached for his belt and Cathy shouted, "Upstairs you fucking cunt."

Three and a half minutes later Tony handed his mother a sodden pair of her panties. Blue ones. She hefted them in her palm, they were soaked through Her hand was wet. Cathy looked at the volume of semen and thought, "Jesus Christ."

She took them to her laundry room, made certain Tony hadn't followed her and ran her finger through a puddle. Tasted it. Took another taste, then shook her head and washed her hands.

Back in the living room Cathy smiled at her youngest son, "You won, baby."

"Do I get my kiss?" The reward for completing a Dare.

"Of course." Cathy opened her arms. As Tony eagerly kissed his mother, he untied her robe. As he reached down for her pussy, Cathy thought, "He's my favorite. I shouldn't have a favorite, but..."

Then he found her clit and she lost her train of thought. Completely. As she hunched against his hand, she thought, "I shouldn't..." Then forgot what she shouldn't be doing and climaxed.

It took a lot of will power to push Tony away. He didn't fight it, but had a knowing smile on his face. It took Cathy a moment to realize she was sitting on her couch, essentially naked. The little cunt had maneuvered the robe off her shoulders.

She heard Grant coming in the back door and hurriedly got herself together.

Grant said, "You okay, Cathy? Your face is red."

"Is it? No I'm fine. Must be the temperature." She didn't look at Tony.

As bold as her younger son was, Tony didn't blab. Neither Will nor Grant tried to reach between her thighs. But both boys, now 16 and 15, still nursed at her bosom, Will more than Grant and Tony combined.

Cathy told Pussy, "It's sexual of course. For all of us. But with Will, it's more than that. Sometimes he really needs comforting. He's been coming to me at bedtime lately."

"How often?"

"Not that often. Maybe every month or two."

"Does he tell you what's bothering him?"

"Once in a while. Like when that cunt dumped him. He was in my bed for three or four nights in a row."


Cathy grinned, "He just likes to see my boobs. Suck a tit, feel me up. I'm not worried about him, he's the most normal one."

"And Tony is Tony."

"Tony is Tony."

By now Pussy was sucking the three boys off on a regular basis. She usually undressed for them unless she was short of time. They lined up politely in birth order, Will first, Grant, Tony last.

Cathy didn't watch that often, just once in a while. She loved seeing the yearning expression's on Will and Grant's faces as Pussy sucked them. They wanted to cum so much. Both boys were so easy to read. Cathy could tell when they were about to spurt.

Tony, naturally, was different.

Cathy told Pussy, "The little cunt stares right at me the whole time. I know he's pretending I'm sucking his cock. Asshole."

"Maybe you should."

"I'm in enough trouble around him as it is."

"Well, keep your options open."

Tony was sharp. He knew he had some effect on his mother. Not how much, nor why. But something.

When they were alone, which wasn't that often, he sometimes teased his mother, "I Dare you ... never mind."

Cathy's heart raced in both excitement and dread. And she was more disappointed than anything when Tony backed away.

One time she said, "You Dare what? Chickenshit."

Tony shrugged, "I Dare you to give me your panties."

Cathy grinned and unzipped her shorts. Peeled them and her dark green panties down. Tossed Tony her panties just as if her heart weren't racing.

"Thanks Cathy, I'll bring 'em right back."

Cathy left her shorts on the coffee table. She knew exactly what Tony would do with her panties. In her panties.

He handed them back a couple of minutes later. Soaked. Then, bold as brass, he smiled at his mother, "I Dare you to taste my cum."

Unprecedented! Two Dares in row. From the same person. One after the other.

Cathy blushed deeply. Looked at her panties. Looked at her grinning son leaning casually against the wall. Back to her panties. Her sodden panties. Looking directly into Tony's eyes, she brought the dark green panties soaked in white cum up to her mouth.

Cathy stared right at him as she licked up a puddle. Opened her mouth to show him her cum-covered tongue. Swallowed. Repeat.

Tony said casually, "Here's Will and Grant."

Cathy blushed even more deeply as she hurried into her shorts. She whispered, "You fucking cunt."

Tony smiled back innocently.

The boys came in. Will said, "You all right Cathy? Looks like you have a fever."

"It does? No, I'm fine. Feel like lunch?"

Will looked at her strangely. Then at Tony. Shrugged, "Sure."

The panties were a wet mess in her fist.

Pussy took the cum licking casually. "Tony's tasty, you have to admit that."

"Pussy, that is hardly the point."

Pussy shrugged. There didn't seem to be a point to her. Other than the fact that her friend was smitten with her youngest son.

Tony steered clear of his mother for a while. He sensed that he'd pushed her with that second Dare. He certainly wasn't sorry about it. He just didn't want her to call a halt to the proceedings.

Cathy was relieved. And disappointed.

Cathy told Pussy, "Tony pushes me right up to the edge, then backs off just before I explode."

"He's a smart one."

"He senses when he can get away with something. He can really read my mood."

"Like what?"

"Let's see ... okay, Saturday evening. I'm getting ready to go over to Craig's. I know Roger will be there, maybe Bobby. So I'm in a good mood, knowing I'm going to be fucking two, maybe three guys."

Pussy smiled, knowing that feeling well.

"So Tony, the little cocksucker, waltzes in like he owns the place. He's the only one who doesn't knock. I'm standing there stark fucking naked, a thong in each hand, trying to decide.

"Little cunt gives me a wolf whistle, tells me how sexy I'm looking. I tell him to get the fuck out. He asks for a quick kiss first. Like a fool, I let him."

"You're still naked?"

"Yeah. So his hand goes wandering. I push it away, last thing I need when I'm getting ready for a date. Meanwhile he's tongue fucking me and I ... my body ... Shit."

"He got to you."

"Again. I'll give him this, he's gotten way better with his fingers. Knows it too. I had to take another fucking bath."

Pussy spruced up Cathy's tiny pubic heart every week or so. It was about the size of a dime. Cathy told Pussy, anybody close enough to see it's a heart, better have his tongue in my pussy.

One Saturday morning Tony asked Pussy if he could watch her trim his mother.


Cathy started to say something, then let it go. He saw her naked every time he kissed her. What was one more time?

When Pussy finished she placed a quick kiss on Cathy's pussy. Then another, not so quick. As Pussy's tongue entered her Cathy came to her senses. All three boys knew she and Pussy were lovers. That didn't mean that one of them could watch. Especially not Tony. Cathy reluctantly pushed her friend away.

Pussy just smiled and turned to Tony, "Cathy's not in the mood, care for a BJ?"

As he undressed, Pussy said, "How about your brothers? As long as I'm here."

Tony answered her but was smiling at his mother, "Playing basketball."

"Too bad."

As Pussy sucked, Tony smiled at his mother, "I'm thinking of another Dare, Cathy."

"I'm thinking a shoving my hairbrush up your ass."

Cathy spoke in a natural tone of voice, but she felt almost hypnotized, unable to stop watching Tony. Her eyes moved rapidly between his eyes and his cock. It would be completely out of sight for a second, then she could all of it but the head.

However it was his eyes that were more compelling. He looked so confident. Calm. Like he could read her mind.

Cathy realized that her fingers had strayed to her pussy and she jerked her hand away, blushing furiously. Tony smiled knowingly at his mother.

Cathy's oldest son, Will, scored his first pussy. Hallelujah! The girl was a couple of years younger than Will, and a bit of a roundheels, but he'd managed on his own. Cathy was proud of him and said, "Come tell me about it honey."

They were propped up on pillows on Cathy's bed. Will said, "Pussy was right not to fuck us. She did some of my friends, but I got Crystal on my own."

"I am so happy for you, dear."

Will reached inside her robe and Cathy grinned. Her big stud still wanted to nurse and that was just fine with her. This time instead of reaching for her other breast, Will moved his hand tentatively down to her upper thigh.

Cathy thought "It's his big night, he's feeling his oats." She untied her robe and shrugged out of it. Just as she did for Tony. Will sucked faster and Cathy guided his finger to her clit. She thought it odd that she didn't feel guilty like she did with Tony.

Naughty, yes, but not guilty.

As usual, Will was humping against her thigh in his white jockeys. She was just on the verge when he moaned into her breast and shot off. This triggered her own climax.

Cathy thought, "This is a night of first for him. First pussy, first time to touch my cunt, first time to shoot off with me." She kissed the top of his head and whispered, "Go take a shower, Romeo. I'll see you at breakfast."

"Thanks Cathy."

In the morning Will seemed shy, even a little embarrassed. Just the opposite of Tony. Cathy smiled up at her son, gave his cock a little squeeze through his sweatpants and whispered, "Thanks for last night, honey, it was fun."

There. That familiar grin was back in place.

The next time Grant wanted to nurse, Cathy expected him to reach for her pussy too. Nope, just her other boob. That meant that Will hadn't blabbed. Just like Tony hadn't. That made her proud.

Then, another miracle! Grant got laid. It was just Crystal again, but that didn't matter to Cathy. She was so happy for her middle son. She said the same thing she'd said to Will, "Come tell me all about it. I want every detail."

Grant smiled at her, "Could I have a little relaxation first?" Relax was his euphemism for nursing at her boobs.

For her answer, Cathy took off her robe and tossed it on the floor. Grant had seen his mother nude dozens of times, but never in such an intimate setting. And never with just the two of them.

Cathy felt a little sorry for Grant. Her oldest son, Will, had gotten so much of her new mother attention. She didn't ignore Grant after he came along, but she didn't dote on him. Of course Tony captured so much of her attention these day. He sort of crowded her older boys out of her imagination.

As Grant sucked on one boob and played with the other, Cathy considered moving his hand lower. Then decided, "No, let him progress at his own pace."

At least he was erect. Cathy would have been insulted otherwise.

The next time Cathy was alone with Tony, he said, "I Dare you..." Then stopped, shaking his head, "No you're not ready for that yet, Cathy."

She pretended indifference and tried to ignore her racing heart.

Then she dropped one she'd been saving up, "I Dare you to jack off in her hand and eat your cum."

He stripped immediately, grinning at his mother. Her heart fluttered at his confident look, his cockiness. His cock. Pussy had told her that Tony was a full inch larger than his older brothers.

As usual he looked directly into his mother's eyes. As usual she looked from his eyes to his cock, up and down, up and down.

Cathy knew it was time, Tony had the same look as when Pussy was sucking him. His cum filled and then began to overflow his slender palm. Cathy instinctively put both her hands under his.

Tony, remarkable calm, not blushing in the slightest, brought his hand up to his mouth. He took his time, drawing it out. Never looking away from Cathy.

When his hand was clean, he lifted his mother's wrist up to her mouth. She thought, "I shouldn't do this. I should not do this." She felt a tingle between her legs as she licked every smidgen of her son's cum into her mouth.

Then she smiled at Tony, "Well, you won again, you little cocksucker. I suppose you want your kiss."

He lifted the hem of her tee and Cathy raised her arms obediently. He loosened her shorts and Cathy stepped out of them and her panties.

Tony took her hand, "Your room." They left their clothes puddled on the kitchen floor.

Cathy told herself, "Calm down. It's no different in my bed than on the couch. I'm not letting the little cunt go any further than..."

Then Tony was lying on top of her, kissing her ardently. Cathy's thighs were somehow parted and her son was lying between them, the base of his thick cock hard against her pussy.

He was soft though. Cathy thought, "Thank God."

Then Tony broke off the kiss, moved down to suck one nipple then another. Moved further down. Cathy thought, "At least his cock is moving down too."

Tony rested on his elbows, eye level with his mother's pussy. He frowned in concentration, using both hands to get her off. Cathy no longer heard a warning voice. She heard, "YES!"

As Tony brought her to edge of her second orgasm, he scooted up and began rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy. She arched up and climaxed as hard as she ever had.

Cathy told Pussy, "I couldn't have stopped him. Wouldn't have."

Pussy said, "You know he's going to have you. You may as well relax and admit it to yourself."

Tony left her alone for three puzzling, agonizing weeks. She told Pussy, "Little cunt knows what he's doing."

Pussy smiled.

Then one Saturday evening Will and Grant were at sleepovers. Tony reached for his mother, kissing her deeply. She had no resistance. He stepped back, smiling.

"I Dare you to..."


All three her sons lost their cherries that year. Two of them to Crystal.

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