Hail Caesar!

by Salteena

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humiliation, Bestiality, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Letty is alone in the house...or she thinks she is!

What's that?

Letty awoke startled, and a little bewildered. She had been sleeping heavily and then there was a noise that disturbed her. There! There it was again! She shook her head muzzily, trying to clear it.

There ... again! It sounds like it's coming from downstairs!

She was a little bit scared now. God! She thought to herself. I wish I'd gone to that concert in Christchurch with Mum and Dad! But, stupid me has to be independent and stay home! "No Mum! It's not because I'm going to ask Nick here while you're away! I respect your and Dad's rules about that!" Nick was Letty's boyfriend of the last nine weeks and even though she enjoyed sex with him, she was Ok with her parents' 'No boys in here while we're away' ruling.

Just my luck to get a burglar or some sicko in the house while they're away! She thought. Ooooh! I do hope it's only a window banging! Letty sat up in bed for a few minutes, uncertain what to do next. I wonder if it is that silly bastard Nick? He knows I'm by myself! Just like him to scare me like this! I'll kill him if it is Nick! Oh! Fucking damn! I suppose I'd better go and take a look.

Letty threw on her housecoat and stumbled into the hallway. She snapped on the light. "Nothing here!" she muttered seeing that her parents' and her brother's bedroom doors were still all closed. "I suppose I'd better take a look downstairs." On her way, she poked her nose into the bathroom she and her brother Ian shared. "Nothing there either," she sniffed, feeling a little bit more confident. "It must be just a window. Or maybe a cat or a hedgehog moving outside" She made her way down the stairs, switching on lights as she went.

There! That was what it was!

There must have been a sudden gust of wind that loosened that little ventilation window up in the lounge! They're always coming undone! Letty breathed a heavy, shaky sigh of relief. She got a kitchen chair to stand on and tightened the catches. "Right! Only a silly window, girl! No need to panic!" Nevertheless, her heart was still pumping unsteadily, so she flopped down into a big armchair until she calmed down a bit more. "No use going straight back to bed," she said aloud to herself, "I'll only stay awake for the rest of the night. I know ... a glass of water is what I need." She made her way to the kitchen and got the chilled water out of the fridge and drank a full glass. On the way back to her room she called into the bathroom and had a pee.

"What the fuck ... how did you get in?"

Letty walked into her room without paying too much attention, flicking the hallway light switch off on the way. Her bedside lamp was on. She hadn't turned it on when she when she got out of bed. And there, sat cross-legged in the middle of her duvet was Cullen! Creepy Cullen, the high school weirdo par excellence. And for God's sake! Cullen had her bra draped over his head with the straps hooked under his chin and the cups looking like those earmuffs airmen used to wear back in World War 1. And what's that in his hands? Oh no! He's got my panties too! Letty started to feel sick at the stomach and very much afraid.

"Took you long enough to get back up here, Letty!"

Cullen had a high-pitched singsong nasal whine to his voice. Letty realised that this was probably the first time she had actually heard him say anything! And then there was his smell! Cullen always smelled of dogs! His parents bred them for a living, Great Danes or something, but surely he didn't have to smell of dogs for Chrissakes!

Cullen stopped studying the slightly stained crotch of Letty's knickers to raise his eyes and stare at her. Nick had dropped her off in his car after school and slipped his hand up her skirt for a quick grope before leaving and made her wet. Her panties were dry now, of course, but...

Cullen's dark, almost black eyes were like cold hard stones in his pasty, acne blotched face. "And what kind of a stupid fucking name is Letty anyway?"

Letty flushed defensively. "I can't help it! My parents had a sudden rush of blood to the head when I was born and decided to call me this silly Old English name ... Lettuce."

"Lettuce!" Cullen guffawed and threw himself backwards so that he lay with his head on Letty's pillow. She shuddered at the thought of his lank, greasy locks being where her head normally rested. "Like what you get out of the garden?'

Letty nodded miserably, "Yes ... sometimes it's spelled 'ice', but they chose the 'u' version."

"Lettuce! Now that's fucking rich! Just wait 'til I spread that around at school!"

He held her knickers up in the air, his hands in the leg holes stretching the thin material wide. He studied her vaginal stains again for a few moments. Then he sat upright again and glared at her coldly. "Lett ... uce wasn't very nice to me on the bus going to school yesterday! In fact Lett ... uce and her friend Gerry were not nice at all. Now, Gerry ... that's an odd name for a girl too ... it's a boy's name ... are youse two a couple of dykes? You two into sticking your tongues in each other's pussy? Perhaps you're bi? I know! You're going to tell me that Gerry is short for Geraldine and no, you're not dykes, you just like each other a lot." Cullen sniggered, showing uneven yellow teeth. "Well, you can't fool me you know, all youse girls do a bit of lezzie if their boyfriends ain't there to give you a bit of hot dick!"

Letty felt herself blushing. Where the hell did he hear about that? She wondered. Surely Nick hasn't put it around at school? Or maybe it was Kevin? Kevin was Gerry's boyfriend ... he's a bit of a big mouth! She couldn't help thinking back to when the two guys had persuaded a slightly drunk Letty and Gerry to give them a small show in the back of Nick's car. Letty reddened even more remembering how wet she'd got between the legs from the combination her of licking Gerry's hard nipples while her friend was rubbing Letty's pussy through her panties. Then the guys had pulled them apart and it was bonking as usual.

Cullen inspected her rosy cheeks and sniggered again, "Hole in one! I fucking knew it! Well anyway, youse two bi-lezzies said some nasty things about me on the bus yesterday morning and made me mad all day. And 'cos of youse two I got into trouble with that bitch English teacher and got detention after school!"

Letty felt ashamed. It was true. She and Gerry had been acting very stupid and cracking inane jokes about Cullen's he-man looks and body and the "cool gear" he always wore - he was in truth a flabby slob – and about the new brand of deodorant he was wearing. "Eau de Dog!" Gerry had shrieked loudly and Letty had joined in, "No! Not Pour Homme ... Pour Hound!" Gerry has collapsed against her shoulder laughing, "No!" She shrieked again. "This is it ... not Rexona ... Rex Odour!" Luckily the bus had arrived at the school gate about then, or their "jokes" might have got worse, and the two of them had rushed off, still giggling at their brilliant humour and totally impervious to Cullen's sullen, fuming face.

"I ... I'm sorry," she muttered, "We were only having a laugh ... we didn't really mean it!"

"Like fuck you didn't! You stuck up bitches meant every word! But that doesn't matter 'cos tonight Little Lettuce is going to let Billy put his big fat cock in her pussy and give her a good root."

Billy? Billy? Oh Jesus! That must be his name! Everyone calls him Cullen though!

"You've gotta be joking!" She burst out hotly.

"Why should I 'gotta be joking'?" Cullen mimicked her flatly.

"Well ... Well, you're..."

"You're Creepy Cullen the Class Weirdo!" He finished for her. "Well, fucking Miss Tight-ass Old English-named Lettuce Leaf, after what you did yesterday, Creepy Cullen the Class Weirdo feels like giving you a good porking!"

"That's enough!" Letty tried to bluff him. "If you don't leave right now, I'm going to get my father and he'll give you a good hiding!"

"Now who's fucking joking?" Cullen sneered. "Your father and mother, and your namby-pamby brother Ian, are away for the night. I watched you wave them off."

Letty felt a cold chill in her gut. "If you try to touch me I'll scream!"

"Fat bloody good that'll do you!" Cullen said scornfully, "No bastard'll hear you ... nearest house is two hundred metres away and it's well after midnight! Besides, who just went around and shut all the windows?"

The heavy coldness in Letty's stomach expanded. Cullen was right; she'd just made sure the house was shut up tight!

Cullen lifted Letty's panties to his nose and took a sniff at the cotton crotch-piece, "Jesus, Lettuce Leaf! Your pussy smells awful! D'you eat a lot of fish or something?"

Letty flushed again, this time with embarrassment. Like all young women she was very conscious of her body odour, especially when she was three or four days out from a period like she was now. "That's not very nice," she said in a small voice.

"You bet it ain't 'very nice'! You smell like a fish market gone bad! I've changed my mind. I'm not going to fuck you after all."

Letty's heart leapt with relief; "Perhaps you'll go now and leave me alone then?"

"Just 'cos I said I wasn't going to fuck you it doesn't mean you're home and hosed! I gave Caesar a sniff of your cunt and he got a stiffie straight away ... didn't you boy?"

Letty gasped with shock as the huge angular head of a Great Dane suddenly popped up from behind the other side of her bed. The animal's intelligent brown eyes looked at her with interest, its huge pink tongue lolling from the side of its mouth.

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