How It All Started
Chapter 1: The Lounge

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Lounge - The true story of our introduction to the sexy world of MMF threesomes

I started taking sexy pictures of my wife Hazel soon after we married. Nothing unusual there, apart for the fact that we were both in our early sixties. She asked why I wanted to take that sort of picture and I told her that I wanted to look back on when we old and past it. At first, she wasn't keen but after I'd bought her a matching beige lace bra and panties set complete with suspender belt and white lacy topped stockings and she saw how good she looked in it, she changed her mind.

I was a bit of a camera buff and had several top of the range cameras, one of which had remote shutter control and as I bought her more outfits we became more adventurous with our shoots until I had shots of us performing more intimate acts. I had pictures of us fucking, Hazel sucking my cock and me eating her pussy, you name it, I had pictures of us doing it.

For about a year, I was quite happy to take pictures and just look at them then I started to surf some of the online erotica site, mainly to see how my pictures compared to the ones posted on the sites. I soon realised that the pictures I'd taken of Hazel were as good if not better than some of the posted ones. One day I found a site called World Wide Wives and, after registering a profile on it I started to view the more raunchy pictures and again, mine compared favourably. It was then I decided to try and take things to the next level!!!

After carefully sorting through our pictures I chose some fairly tame ones, ones showing Hazel in a selection of her sexy outfits, nothing to explicit, just glamour shots. When I'd decided on about a dozen pictures, I raised the subject of posting them with Hazel. At first she was dead against it but after I showed what I'd chosen and what was already on the site she grudgingly agreed, adding that I was wasting my time, as no-one would want to look at pictures of a woman of her advanced years. How wrong could she be!!!

The day after I'd posted the pictures, I checked our in-box on the site and nearly fell off my seat. In less that twenty four hours we had literally dozens of comments on her pictures and she had been voted 'post of the day'. I called Hazel to show her and like me, she was shocked at how popular her pictures were. She studied the comments and I could see she was getting really turned on reading what the guys would like to do to her or have her do to them and of course, we finished up in the bedroom having our own fun.

As we lay there recovering, I turned to her and smiled. "Well," I said, "now do you believe that there are men out there who prefer a sexy older woman?" Hazel smiled back at me. "Oh you think so do you," she laughed, "seeing pictures of me is different to seeing me in the flesh, if they saw my body for real, they'd soon change their minds." I didn't push it that night but I had a feeling that if I was patient and didn't rush things, I could get Hazel to at least meet one of the men that had left a message!!!

For the next couple of days I checked our in-box diligently and more and more comments as messages poured in. I could tell Hazel was getting interested now, she began checking the profiles of her "fan club" as I jokingly christened them. "Well, which one do you fancy?" I asked one day. She didn't say anything but I noticed she was blushing. "Oh yeah," I said, "which one is it?" She blushed even more then clicked on one profile. "Well if you must know, this one looks nice," she said as she brought up the profile of a chap who looked to be in his fifties. His pictures were much the same as our posted ones, nothing too risqué, body shots and a couple of him in his underwear "Where's he from?" I asked. We'd had messages and comments from all over the world but when she informed me that he was from Rhyl, I nearly fell off my chair. Wrexham was a town about fifty miles from us. "Mmm," I said, "not far to travel then. Would you like me to contact him?" For a couple of minutes Hazel just sat there, looking at the picture on the screen. "But what happens if he wants to ... err you know ... erm, have sex with me?" Wouldn't you be jealous?" I just smiled at her. "No I wouldn't and I'd be there anyway."

We left it at that for a couple of days as we checked the meeting invites in our in-box, most of which we rejected as too young, too far away or the fact that Hazel just didn't fancy them. I noticed that Hazel kept going back to the Wrexham chaps profile until one day she asked me again if I'd be jealous. After I'd once again assured that I wouldn't she clicked on the 'return message' tab on his profile. "Okay then, if you're sure, but you reply to him first," she said, "and if he's okay I'll talk to him." After exchanging a few messages with the chap, his name turned out to be Peter, he told me he was fairy new to this himself and we would be the first couple he'd met. When I told Hazel this, she seemed to soften towards him and after a couple of messages between Peter and I, she took over, even going into the chat-room with him. For about a week they got to know each other through their on-line chats until eventually Hazel asked me to arrange a meet at The Antelope, a pub just up the road from us.

As we sat waiting for Peter to arrive, I could see that Hazel was nervous, and she again asked me if this was what I really wanted. "I squeezed her hand under the table and smiled at her. "Sweetheart," I said softly, "as long as you're okay with it it's okay with me." As I spoke, I pulled her hand towards me under the table and placed it in my lap. "Does that answer you're question," I whispered as I pressed it down onto the bulge in my pants, I had a full blown erection at the thought of what I hoped would happen after we'd met Peter.

We'd been there about ten minutes when Peter walked into the bar and a big smile filled his face as he recognised Hazel as he came straight over and joined us at the table. No introductions were really necessary and I got up to get a round of drinks. When I got back to the table, Hazel and Peter were chatting, laughing and joking like they'd known each other all their lives and I knew right then that we were all on the verge of our first threesome!!!

We stayed in the bar for about half a hour but it was clear what we all wanted so I told Peter to follow us back to our place, a flat about a mile or so from the pub. On the short drive back to the flat, Hazel again checked that I was okay with it and again, I pulled her hand into my lap. "Yes, darling I'm okay and this isn't the only one of these you're going to get tonight," I said, as I flexed my stomach muscles and made my cock twitch under her hand. Hazel gave it a squeeze and giggled. "If you weren't driving I let you feel how wet my pussy is," she laughed, "I'm soaked."

For the meet Hazel had put on a shortish black skirt and a white blouse with a sexy, black bra and panties set complete with stockings and suspenders under them. As soon as we got back to the flat though she disappeared into the bedroom, leaving Peter and I sat in the lounge, Peter on the couch with me sat opposite. The space next to him was reserved for Hazel!!! I went to the kitchen to get us beers from the fridge and as I returned to the lounge, Hazel walked in from the hallway. She'd taken her blouse and skirt off and in their place had put on an ankle length, black satin robe. She'd re-done her make-up and she looked amazing. She did a little twirl, causing the robe to open slightly, giving us a glimpse of the black ensemble under it. I think the stockings did it for Peter, as first he looked across at me then back at Hazel, then held his hand out to her. We all knew what we were there for and Peter didn't waste any time getting the ball rolling.

As soon as Hazel was comfortable next to him, I picked up my camera, I'd checked with Peter that pictures were okay, and got the first picture of our first threesome, as Peter pulled my wife towards him and kissed her full on the lips. While they kissed Peter's hand moved to Hazel's waist and tugged at the belt of her robe, opening it and it fall apart, revealing my wife's beautiful breasts encased in the lacy bra, one which Peter's hand was soon covering. I got up out of my seat and started moving around the room, picking the best positions for the pictures. Hazel moaned softly as Peter slid his hand inside her bra and teased the already hard nipple. My wife has ultra- sensitive nipples and loves it when I play with one, while I suck on the other. Later that night, she would experience for the first time having both sucked at once, but that's a story for another time.

As Peter's hand moved to and fro, from one nipple to the other, Hazel's own hand was stroking up and down his erection through his pants until he pushed it away and unzipped himself, pulling the top of his boxers down, giving Hazel full access to what I could now see was a good sized cock. For a couple of minutes I snapped away as my wife stroked her hand up and down Peter's naked cock, kissing him passionately as he worked on her nipples. She now had one leg up on the couch and Peter wasn't slow to take advantage of her position and I watched as his hand slid down inside my wife's panties and I heard her gasp and I guessed he'd made contact with her clit.

I stepped back for a moment to capture the whole scene, Peter, still almost fully dressed, he'd taken his jacket off but still had his pants and shirt on and my wife still in her underwear and robe. It was one of the horniest sights I'd ever seen and set the theme for pretty well all of our meets, the action always started on the couch before we retired to the bedroom.

They were both groaning softly now as Peter moved his hand further into my wife's panties, exploring her wet pussy lips and she increased the speed of her hand on Peter's cock. I moved in to get a close up of Hazel's fingers wrapped around Peter's thick shaft and noticed a bead of pre-cum on the tip of his knob which was transferred onto her fist as it closed over it. I knew what was coming next, as my sexy wife took her hand off Peter's cock and moved it to her lips. Hazel loves the taste of cumm and considers it a waste if it isn't in her pussy or in her mouth and Peter was about to find that out!!!

As Hazel lowered her head into his lap, Peter realised what was about to happen and leaned back on the couch as Hazel's lips slid over his knob. The expression on his face as Hazel worked her lips up and down his cock is something that will live with me forever. His eyes were closed and a broad grin filled his face, he looked like a man who'd died and gone to heaven, a heaven that I'd visited many times before.

Hazel changed her position slightly, allowing Peter to reach over her ass and get his hand between her legs from the back and once again I knew when he'd hit home base when a loud groan escaped her cock filled mouth. For the next five minutes Hazel sucked Peter's cock while he fingered her pussy then suddenly I saw Peter's body grow rigid and he looked across at me, panic filling his eyes and I knew he was on the verge of cumming and didn't know what to do, pull out or let my cumm loving wife keep sucking his cock till he came. A wink and a smile from me soon put his mind at rest and he lay back and enjoyed Hazel's expert oral attention.

Suddenly I saw his hips began to move up and down as he fucked my wife's mouth and the sight of her twinkling eyes smiling at me as Peter came is another sight I'll never forget. I saw her throat muscles moving as Peter's cock erupted in her mouth and she willingly swallowed what he had to give, sucking until she'd drained him, which re-invigorated Peter's attention to her pussy and I saw his finger dig deeper into her panties seconds before my wife's orgasm hit her and she let out a loud shriek. Peter waited until it had died down then removed his fingers from Hazel's panties and sucked her juices of his fingers as they both lay recovering on the couch.

For the next ten minutes or so they both sat kissing and playing with each other until Hazel finally stood up and headed for the bedroom, with two fully dressed randy men trailing behind her. Now the fun would really begin!!!

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