Terror Among Us
Chapter 1

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My name is Jimmy Cox. I'm a member of the special agency called the CIA.

I was born in Turkey where my daddy was ambassador. We next lived in Iran, and then went to Russia when I was twelve. We remained there until we came back to the United States when I was seventeen.

I met my true love in school. It was in Moscow where daddy was the ambassador to Russia for five years. Her name was Lona. That is English for Alyona. It was instant love between both of us when we first saw each other. We married when we were seventeen which was ok in Russia. She and I speak Russian, Iranian, and English. I learned most of the habits and the culture of both the Russians and the Iranians. I

am the best CIA agent on the west coast maybe even the whole country. Well, maybe my wife is as good as I am. She and I earned fourth degree black belts in Karate in a national competition in Las Vegas. We landed spots as a couple in the CIA. I am six feet two and weigh two hundred and twenty pounds. I only have about five percent body fat. I have a license for flying helicopters and fixed wing also. I flew Tomcats and Blackhawk's in the Air Force.

I hated the assignment I was on now. I was by myself. My assignment was to arrest one of the biggest drug lords on the west coast.

I had been watching and checking when this meeting would occur. I had found out it would occur on this Friday Oct. 25, 2011.

I surveyed the cliff earlier that day. About noon I saw the first helicopter land and watched Scott Cook, and four body guards exit the plane, before it took off again.

Just before dark, I saw the next helicopter fly over just above me. There was no chance of seeing me as I was under a full leaf cedar tree. The helicopter landed on the helicopter landing pad. And Xavier exited with four body guards of his own. One of the guards walked over to the wall and tried to look over it but gave up. I decided the way the man looked and shook his head, he thought, "No one will ever come from that direction.

When I looked through my powerful pocket binoculars I saw a large rock. It stuck out over the ledge of the cliff. To the right of it was a brick wall that it seemed to be against rising up five feet. There was a prison-type roll of barbed wire at the top to protect anyone from access to the estate.

A bunch of smaller rocks were to the left of the big rock. The wire was about a foot above the smaller rocks but below the top of the big flat rock. When I was within two hundred feet of them I could shoot my five hundred pound test line hook among them and climb up. It was almost straight up at that point. O would have to lean out, walk up while my motorized line was reeled in. I knew it would be very treacherous. It was full of small desert brush, which was stiff and sharp on the open skin. There were also cacti.

I watched the guards change for the second timer at 1800 hours. They had changed at 1400. I have reason to believe they will change again at 2200. They relieved the two guards in the back of the house that was exposed to light. They will have a hard time seeing in the dark. I assumed there would be at least two in the front as well. I would have to get to the top before they changed.

I called Lona on the cell phone hidden in my Franklin Bible. It looked like a harmless electronic Bible. It was far from harmless. It had full computer and G. P. S. It was also a satellite phone. It could only be accessed with mine or Lona's finger print on the screen. Anyone else's finger on the screen produced nothing.

"Baby, I am moving I will call you when I can. You know how things go. It can be a long time before I call you back. I may have to email you check your email."

"Ok, darling, I will miss you. Good bye!" said Lona.

"Good bye!" I said.

I painstakingly worked my way up to that edge of the cliff in Laguna Hills, California. Not only would climbing this steep crevice be hard in the daytime, but I would be climbing that steep crevice at night. It was a lot steeper than it looked earlier in the day through the binoculars.

"Lord, I try to do what You want me to do. I read my Bible every day and pray, too. Please keep me safe from the snakes and especially the black widow spiders. Lord, You know I hate spiders!" I prayed in my mind intensely knowing that I dare not pray out loud.

I could see the dark silhouette of the overhanging rocks in the darkness of the sky. When I reached the edge of the cliff, just as I thought, it was reachable by my zip line.

From my belt, I took what looked like a large fishing reel. It was complete with a pressed air canister to send the four-way grasping hook to its destination up two hundred yards. The motorized reel would propel me up the side of the mountain. It was made of a tough plastic. It would make almost no sound.

I aimed the hook up toward the smaller rocks and pulled the trigger. The four-way hook shot up and over the rocks. I jerked the line a couple of times to make sure it was secure. I then connected the hook on the reel to the ring on the harness on my chest and pushed the switched on the side of the reel. It started to propel me up the side of the cliff. I used my hands and feet to push me away from the cliff. Once I was pulled up to the top, I could see the ground was flat. The wall was ten feet away. I walked to the wall and looked at the barbed wire. I tested the wire to make sure it was not electric. I took out my Leatherman and cut the wires in the darkest location under a tree. I folded them back and jumped over the wall.

At the edge of the tree facing the house, I could see the side of the house. I looked at my watch. It was 2155 hours. As I saw before, there were two men at the back of the house by two sliding doors. As I had thought before, there were two men at the front of the house by the door.

I watched the guards change at 0000 hundred hours. Fifteen minutes later, I decided to make my move. I put the reel beside the tree. I would retrieve it when I was finished to propel me and my prisoner back down the mountain.

I watched from the tree. The house was fifty feet away. I looked around for any cameras. I spotted the camera on the top of the house. I assumed it served the entire side of the house. I watched it move back and forth. When it turned away from me, I ran to the side of the house. I looked up. There was an eave hiding me from the camera. What I did not know was there was one in the tree I had just left. I eased to the back of the house and pulled out my 9mm pistol and tapped on the wall. While I was trying to get the attention of one of the guards, I did not see the man slip up behind me. He hit me on the back of my head and rendered me unconscious. The guard who hit me would make Shaquille O'Neal blush.

"The big man! Do you need help carrying him?" asked one of the men as the big man picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes.

"Nope, I got him. You stay out here and pick one of the other men to start roving watches. I have never seen anyone come from that mountain but this one did." The big man said.

"What do you want me to do with this intruder?" The big man asked, walking into the large living room where Scott Cook sat with Xavier Gonzalez.

"Lock him in the new storage room and we will deal with him later." Scott said.

"You know, Scott, it will be hard for you to dispose of his body here without creating suspicion. We have completed out transaction. I'll leave before any of his leaders suspect anything and send backup. I'll take him back to Columbia. I need to make an example of some others I have in my organization. Why don't you go with me and see how I handle men like this man here." Xavier exclaimed braggingly.

"I would like that very much." Scott said excitedly.

When I woke up, I realized I was on a helicopter. My hands were handcuffed behind my back. I felt cuffs on my legs, too. My head was throbbing from his horrendous blow.

I did not or give any indication I was awake. I learned this was the best way to survive from previous experiences of me and others. I could also sometimes hear things that were very valuable.

My head was leaning against the corner of the seat and the wall. There was a window right in front of me. I opened my eyes just enough to look out the window to see if I could get an idea where I was being taken. It was black out the window, indicating I was over the ocean. Time went by slowly, but soon I saw the lights from a huge yacht. It must be two hundred feet long. It was obvious they were landing on it. Why had CIA not caught Xavier on it? I am sure they knew of its existence.

When they landed The big man said to me, "I know you are awake. I did not hit you that hard. I am going to take the handcuffs off. You can run if you want to, but just remember, we are thirty miles from land. If you want to resist, just imagine the pain the eight of us body guards can inflict upon you."

"I'll be good. I hate pain." I said, in the best defeated voice I could muster.

"Do I blindfold him, Boss?" The big man asked of Xavier.

"No. Don't worry about it. He won't live long enough to tell anyone about it." Xavier barked, but it sounded more like a growl.

The big man stepped out of the plane and backed up to make room for me to step out of the plane. I surveyed the area around me. I noticed the white bridge of the yacht. No one was displaying guns, but I knew it was not the time or the place to make any stupid moves. There were four guards around me. They led me to the starboard side of the yacht to a ladder leading down the side. I then realized why they had not caught Xavier out of Columbia. Before me was a submarine tied up to the side of the yacht. Without hesitation, we entered the sub. It was a well equipped sub. I was at least allowed to use the head before I was tossed into a room and the hatch bolted down. I knew there was no use trying to open the hatches because I saw a lock on the bulkhead as I was about to be put into the room.

When they shut the door, it was pitch black. They did not bother to take off my watch. I felt for it and pushed the button and activated the small halogen light. I shone the light around until I found the light switch. When I turned it on, I found myself in a small room with a military rack and that was the extent of the room. I looked at my watch and found that it was 0300. I saw a small six inch vent. I felt of it and found fresh air coming from it. I laid down on the rack and was soon fast asleep. When I woke up, my watch said it was 0800. I felt in my pockets and discovered they had removed everything except the Franklin Bible in the snap pocket of my pants. I had to smile. Whoever searched me thought it to be a harmless Bible and left it for me. I wanted to call my beautiful hunk of flesh and tell her I was okay; but, I dared not try because I had no signal. I checked to see if there was a wireless modem on the sub. Soon enough, I found one. I found it was not secure and I quickly sent an email to tell Lona I was okay, then I got off.

I read my Bible and prayed for strength to be able to endure whatever they were going to put me through. I searched my hidden pockets and found my lock-picking tools. Maybe there was hope yet. I placed them back in the pocket and laid down and rested. I knew I would need all the strength I could muster if I was going to have a chance to escape. My stomach was growling for food. I had not had anything since 1700 last night, before I started to climb that mountain. I dosed and thought back about how stupid it was to get caught in the way I did. But, again, who would have thought about putting that camera in a tree? I would have to file that back in my mind for future reference. I prayed to God to bring it up to me when the time came that I would need it.

I wondered what was in store for me. Remember, I had heard none of the conversation about taking me to Columbia. I just knew at this time they had something planned for me. If they did not, I would have been shark bait when we landed on the yacht. It was about 1220 when I heard the lock being taken off the door and I saw the latch handles turning. It still was not time to try something stupid.

"Here," The big man said as he handed me a plate with a decent looking hamburger and fries. "I don't see anything to drink. May I have something to drink, please?" I asked as politely as I could muster. I knew you caught more flies with honey than with a fly swatter.

"What do you want? We don't have much." The big man answered in a nice, friendly voice.

"Water would be fine." I replied, because I thought if I just asked for water I would stand a better chance of getting a bigger portion.

"Okay. I'll be back." The big man said. He shut and locked the door without bothering to bolt the hatches.

The door opened again and the big man handed me a quart of water.

"Thanks. What is your name?" I asked.

"Walter." the big man answered.

"What day is it?" I asked.

"Sunday, but you won't make it to church. I left you your Bible though. I could not find it in my heart to take it away from you." he answered in a kind of sad sounding way.

"Thank you, Walter. I will pray for you," I said, "Do you ever go to church?"

"My mother used to take me, but I don't want to talk about it now," was his answer.

"Where are you taking me, Walter?" I asked, hoping to get some information about what was in store for me.

"You are going to be an example to some pests that have been bothering us in Columbia," was Walter's answer.

"Are we going all the way in this tin can?" I asked, hoping to keep this conversation going.

"You ask too many questions," Walter said. He then shut the door, locked and bolted the hatches.

I sent another email to my honey and told where they possibly were taking me. I told her it would probably be a week before I could send another email to keep from being caught.

That was the last information I got to say what was in store for me. The hours passed into days. I stayed locked in that room for four days, except when I was allowed to go to the head. I had time to read and study my Bible. The food was not too bad, but what would I give for a T-bone sCIAk with all the trimmings!

I heard the door open and heard Walter say, "Come on out."

I was again taken out of the submarine and up a ladder to a yacht. This time I noticed the bridge was blue. I was taken straight to another helicopter. I looked at my watch. It was 2200.

I watched out the window as we lifted up into the night sky. I thought I was going to see where we were going until I was once again gendered unconscious.

When I woke up, we were landing in an opening to the right side of a very respectable size house with a second house beside it, probably a house for the guards.

Throw him in the storage shed with the outside dead bolt latch. We will make the example of him tomorrow," Xavier said.

Do you want us to post guards?" Walter asked, for it was his first time in Columbia. He was Scott's lead guard.

"Don't worry about him. He's not going to get out of that shed. You men can take the night off. You are safe here. Jim will show you where to sleep," Xavier said with a prideful voice.

I smiled as I was thrown into the storage shed. I might have a chance after all. The shed had no window but had a light. I saw the pull chain on the light in the ceiling, as they shut the door. I felt my way to it and waited until everyone walked away and I heard nothing. I turned it on. There were all kinds of things in that shed. I waited for about thirty minutes of everyone to settle in their respective houses. I found a nice size crowbar. I started to work on the door facing. It didn't move, because it was steel.

I once again looked around the room. Low and behold there was an electric welder. I looked for a receptacle, but there was only a regular outlet. Then, I found the battery charger. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

I plugged the battery charger into the outlet and turned it on. It lit up. I turned the dial to Start. This would be the highest setting. I clamped the negative battery cable to the door knob. I then clamped the live cable to the crowbar. Just before I touched it to the door facing, caution hit me like a ton of bricks! The crowbar was going to get hotter than a firecracker.

I looked around the room and found a pair of overalls hanging on a nail. I wrapped them around the crowbar to create a glove. I made sure, before touching the facing, that the crowbar would be at the deadbolt. I turned my head and pushed inward. There were sparks flying everywhere! I kept pushing into the facing for about fifteen seconds and pulled back.

The results were a lot better than I expected. The deadbolt was not only exposed but almost burned into. I made sure I was putting the crowbar that was now mangled and red at the deadbolt. I turned my head and pushed in for another five seconds. I pulled back and I was free!

I looked at my watch. It was 1345. I looked around for something to help me. There was a roll of duck tape and holder on a carpenter's belt. I took the holder off and the duck tape and put it on my belt.

I cut off the light, pulled the door open, and looked out. There were lights on coming from the big house and also the smaller guard house. I was in the cover of darkness under the trees. They said they were not placing guards but I was not taking any chances. I walked around the grounds under the cover of the trees and discovered that truly no one was on guard. I worked my way cautiously up to the guard house. A light was coming from a double window. The window was open and there was only a screen. I could hear them talking. I eased up and peeped in. There were four guards playing cards. Walter was a guard of Scott. I observed the other guards carefully to find out whose guards were Scott's and whose guards were Xavier's.

I watched as one of Scott's guards came into the room and said, "The other guards are sleeping and the toilet is stopped up."

"Go over to the one in the big house that is located downstairs. You won't wake Xavier. He sleeps like a log." Bobby, a guard said, without even looking up from his cards.

"Amazing! Scott is the same way. I have to shake him to get him to wake up." Walter said.

"I know. If it wasn't for us guards, they would never make it." Bobby giggled.

I watched the guard go out of the room and head for the door that led toward the big house. I moved swiftly and was waiting for him when he came out of the guard house. One quick chop to the neck rendered him useless. I dragged him to the shed and taped his mouth shut, his hands behind his back, and his feet.

I eased back to the guard house and into the door he came out of. There was a stairway going up to the second floor. I followed it up to the second floor. It was just a big room full of bunks. The other guards were snoring away. I quickly rendered each one helpless and taped up, as I had done the first guard.

I turned on the light and found my 9mm and several clips for it. There was an M-14 with a 20 clip and a sling. I swung the M-14 over my shoulder and picked up a 5-shot automatic shotgun.

I headed back downstairs and peeked into the living room where they were playing cards. They were having such a good time, I hated to interrupt them; but, I did. I waited until everyone had their hands above the table on their cards and walked into the room.

I pointed the shotgun at the table and said, "I sure hope all of you value your life and will put your hands above your heads" loud enough to let them know I meant business.

They were like a bunch of little kids whining, "Don't shoot. We will cooperate."

I made each one stand up and relieve themselves of their weapons and toss them on the floor at my feet. I tossed a roll of duck tape to Walter and said, "Do a good job of taping them up and you might get to go with me." I watched as he taped them up one at a time and made sure he was thorough.

I told him to lead the way to the helicopter. When we reached it, I gave him the same courtesy he gave me and whacked him on the head. I taped his mouth, hands, and feet. Man! Did he weigh a ton! I think I strained several muscles getting him into the helicopter. I buckled him in and taped him to the seat.

I wanted to call my wife but again was afraid. Wireless or GPS phones could not be completely trusted. What I had to do would not take long now.

I headed into the big house and had no trouble locating Scott and Xavier by their snoring. They put up no fight. I forced them both into the helicopter, buckled them in and taped them up tight enough that they would give me no trouble.

I went back in and gathered all the others up, untaping their feet and forcing them to walk to the helicopter. I taped them in as well.

I took out my Franklin Bible and clicked my GPS. I found out I was only forty miles inland, west northwest of Medellin, Columbia.

The first call I made was to my sweet little flower. She must have been holding the phone in her hand as it did not ring. She just said, "Your voice is like music in my ear. Baby, I was worried stiff!"

"I love you, too, my little apple blossom. I got captured and made them pay. I just have to drop them off and then I will be home, probably by tomorrow," I answered.

"Okay, Baby. I will be waiting," Lona said softly.

I hung up and dialed my trusty 800 number and found the USS ENTERPRISE CVA 65 was just off the coast about one hundred miles. They gave me the coordinate to the ship. I landed and turned the prisoners over to the Master at Arms of the ship. I asked permission to use a fighter jet off the carrier to San Diego and got it.

I called my baby back to inform her. "Darling, you can pick me up at North Island. I will call you when I get close."

"Wild dogs could not keep me away! Call me." she answered so fast I had to burst out laughing.

She asked, "What is so funny?"

"I just love your enthusiasm. I missed you, too. I will talk with you soon. Bye, Baby," I said and waited for her to say goodbye and hung up.

The flight went without any problem. At 0600 I took off. At 0900 I called Lona once again. This time I made sure I got the first words in. "I love you, Darling. You'd better get moving. I land in thirty minutes."

"Why is it taking you so long? I am waiting for you, my hero. I checked with Barbara," she answered.

I had forgotten about her friend who was an air traffic controller for the Navy. She was on duty now. Although I did not talk to her, she had all my credits. As soon as I pulled up to the hanger I was given, I saw the silver Chrysler Sebring convertible with the love of my life propped on the top of the windshield.

When I reached her, the kiss was long and sweet. It had only been two weeks, but it seemed as though I had not seen my baby for a hundred years!

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