Once Upon a Time in Texas


Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, First, Pregnancy, Workplace, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Just a short little love story that came about from a conversation with a friend.

When you work in the oil field, some of the jobs may be in remote locations or you might be in an urban jungle, but wherever you are, the people range from professionals to the common laborer and may be male or female. To be honest, most of the women who work these rig jobs have left their feminine charms and looks behind and can be as rough as the men, As a veteran engineer, I had seen it all and met most of them.

But there was one assignment that brought me to an office in Midland-Odessa, Texas that became an experience within itself.

I was working out of an office where several other engineers worked, including almost a dozen "EIT's" (Engineers-in-Training) who had their degrees, however, did not have the experience and time in the field to take their state professional engineer's examination.

One of these EITs, a slender, well-built and proportioned auburn-haired beauty in her early twenties named Becky was assigned to me. She had graduated from college two years earlier and was going to be sitting for her exams later in the year, so the company asked that I take her under my wings and make sure that she was ready for them. She was smart and her value to the company was already making waves among some of the top flight executives of the small oil company. Although I was old enough to be her father (I had just turned forty-five), we hit it off and found that we really enjoyed working together. And we made a great team.

The occasional trips to the drilling sites and wells with issues were made much more enjoyable by her company, as were the meals we shared on the road. Still, we maintained the professional distance that was required by our respective corporate policies against fraternization and made sure that no one could get the wrong idea about our friendship and working relationship.

Then came the week of the state tests and Becky was gone to Austin.

Suddenly I felt alone and missed her company and her professional expertise on the projects we were supervising. To make matters worse, that Friday I was told that my contract would end in four weeks and I would be leaving Texas to go to the East Coast. I knew that it was going to happen eventually, but eventually had come too soon.

Saturday afternoon, Becky called me, her excitement evident.

"BOB!" she shouted into the telephone. "I passed all of my tests and it was easy!! THANK YOU—I couldn't have done it without you!!"

"Wonderful, Becky! I'm so proud of you!" I replied, a tinge of sadness hiding in my voice as I tried to emulate her level of excitement. "I remember when I passed my tests, and it was very hard! But I knew you could do it!"

"I just got off the plane and wanted to tell you." She hesitated, and then added, "And I want to celebrate! Would you let me take you out to dinner?" she asked.

"No," I replied, "but I would be honored to take you out to the very finest restaurant in the area to eat, drink, dance and celebrate."

"Oh, Bob, that sounds great. I accept!"

And so we did. I picked up Becky at her apartment and we went to the very best steak house in Midland, Texas, and THAT, my friend was a real steak house! Afterwards, we drove to a nice bar and night club where we celebrated with a bottle of wine and danced until we were both exhausted.

I walked Becky to the door of her apartment, as any gentleman would a date, and stood quietly as she unlocked her door. Turning to me after opening the door, she wrapped her arms around my neck and attacked my lips with her lips. The kiss was so powerful, so filled with passion and love that it would have been so easy to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom and spend the night wrapped in her arms, but as we slowly broke the kiss, we remembered that we were not permitted by our job contracts.

"Wow," she whispered, "I've never been kissed like that before!"

"Neither have I," I managed to say with a stutter.

We stood in an embrace for several minutes as I tried to memorize her eyes, her face, and the feel of her body pressed close to mine. Neither of us wanted the moment to end, however it did and she entered her apartment, hiding behind the door and smiling as she watched me walk to my car to leave.

As I drove away, I watched Becky in the rear view mirror as she closed the door behind me.

Monday morning was just like any other Monday and the previous Saturday was never mentioned, although I thought that I caught Becky giving me a few longing looks. I know that I tried to memorize her every step, her every expression, so that when the project was completed and I left, I would have memories to last a lifetime.

You see, not only was I being transferred back to my original job on the East Coast, but I was returning to the wife that I had left behind when I came to Texas. She and I had been married for twenty-four years and have two grown children, and all of the problems that can happen in a marriage had come to a head. My taking the Texas job was for us to give one another a short period of time to try and rethink our marriage and repair the rifts. It was supposed to be a "time-out" to cool the hot tempers and allow the fires of disagreement to cool and die.

And it had apparently worked. Sheila had flown out to be with me a couple of times in the last two months and our relationship had seemed to be far better than it had been in over a decade. So now I was going to be heading home and returning to my old job at the corporate office.

I didn't want to think about leaving Midland, but in just a few weeks, I would be leaving and Becky would be taking my place as the real engineer with her state license hanging where a copy of mine now hung. I was as proud of her as if she were my own daughter, but a part of me wanted to love her like a girlfriend.

On Friday before my final week in Midland, Becky and I were eating lunch at our desks and she asked what my plans were for the weekend. Not really having any, I just shrugged my shoulders and took another bite of my sandwich.

"Why don't we celebrate your completing the project and going home?" she asked.

I thought for a moment as I looked at her face, knowing that I was going to miss her smile, and the sound of her voice, and working with this young woman who was only a year older than my own daughter.

"Sounds great! What time should I pick you up?" I asked.

"Well, tonight, how soon can you get to your apartment, get ready, and meet me back at my apartment?" she asked, her eyes sparkling.

"An hour?" I asked.

"OK. I'll be waiting for you, so don't be late!!" she exclaimed, her face beaming.

Forty-five minutes after leaving the office, I was parking my truck in front of Becky's apartment when I saw her running down the steps and toward me. Tossing her oversized purse in the back seat, she quickly jumped in the front seat and closed the door.

"WHEW! That was fast!" she said excitedly. "I was barely dressed when you pulled into the driveway!"

"I would have waited for you," I said laughing.

"I didn't want you to have to wait. In fact, I didn't want to waste a moment of our last weekend!"

Glancing at her, I could see that her hair was still wet and she was wearing very little makeup, And I saw her hand resting on the console between the seats. Without even thinking, I took her hand in mine and gently squeezed it.

We held hands as we entered the steak house, and we continued to hold hands when we moved from there to the attached country music night club. In fact, I don't think that we stopped touching one another the entire evening except for restroom breaks.

It was after midnight when we finally walked out of the night club and I held the door for Becky to get into my truck. As she did, her loose skirt was caught in a sudden burst of wind and blew upward revealing her bare legs all the way to her white bikini panties.

"OOPS!" she cried out, smiling as her sparkling eyes looked at me. "Didn't mean to give you a show!"

"It was a nice show!" I said teasingly, holding the door open longer than I needed as she gathered her skirt inside the car.

"Then maybe I need to give you a real show!" she replied.

"Really?" I teased.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, we both noticed a number of police cars monitoring the drivers for possible drunk drivers.

"Why don't we stop by your apartment and visit while we drink some coffee and let the drinks we had kind of get out of our system?" she suggested.

Since my apartment was only a few streets away and could be reached without getting on any of the main roads, I just nodded my head, turned the truck around and used the rear exit of the parking lot to access the seldom-used back roads and headed toward my apartment...

Once we arrived at the apartment, I busied myself making a pot of coffee while Becky excused herself to freshen up, as ladies call it. I was standing in the living room when I heard her softly call my name.

"Bob," she said barely above a whisper.

I turned and what I saw took my breath away. Standing just a few feet from me was an angel in a white negligee, the subdued light of the lamp making the sheer material appear to glow, the silhouette of her very feminine body on display.

"Oh, my god, Becky!" I gasped.

"Please ... please love me..." she whispered as she slowly floated to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Please give me memories..."

And then our lips met, and the rest of the world ceased to exist until morning.

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