Not All Magik's Are Equal
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Etherielink

Groggily Tamara stirred opening her eyes and silently glancing around herself taking in her surroundings. She had been stripped to her small cloths and shackled. The cuffs around her wrists were etched with runes that pulsed deep blue. As she reached within to access her Magik she found it blocked by some unseen force.

Tamara was on her first solo Realm Shift seeking to find and bind a Familure to herself as the final test to become a journeyman RealmWalker, when she shifted into the Shadow Realm at the very last second she lost her concentration on the spell guiding her due to the excitement of finally doing a Shift on her own without her Master Eucerne Watching over her back. She had done this thousands of times under his watchful eye and should not have made the mistake that she did but such is the follies of youth.

Tamara had picked the Shadow Realm to hunt for her Familure because wile not the strongest of the creatures of the Other Realms, the inhabitant of the Shadow Realm tended to be the most cunning and specifically the Meir, whom look a lot like the lynx from home except in the place of a fur coat shadow boiled like frozen flame along their bodies and they had large pointed ears twice the size of what one would expect on a normal cat.

Tamara had planned to take all the Kahda she had begged borrowed and scraped together on her many trips throughout the Realms with Eucerne, as he taught her the craft of the RealmWalker, to head to one of the lesser trade hubs in the Shadow Realm and buy a young Unbound Meir to take as her Familure.

Instead of Finishing the shift where she planned fully equipped and within the nonaggression zone of the trade hub, Tamara shifted in several miles away and the backlash of the spell gone wrong knocked her unconscious.

"Oh Fuck" Tamara mutters to herself as a massive Wraith floated over to her lifting her off the ground by the shackles. As other wraiths of similar size did the same thing with the other prisoners scattered about the clearing where they had apparently spent at least one night.

As Tamara hung suspend from the cuffs held by one massive arm of the wraith a short balding man road up on a usk the large lizard commonly used as a mount in the Shadow Realm. The six wraiths formed 2 ranks behind the man on his large lizard mount and the caravan started moving quickly towards a city that could barley be seen off in the distance of the gray landscape.

The caravan of what Tamara now understood were slavers slowed then stopped a the gates of the trade hub that was Tamara's original destination she looked around seeing it from a new perspective, that of a slave being delivered rather than the apprentice of a Realm Walker few would be willing to challenge and fewer able to actually win that challenge, the trade hub had a much more ominous appearance this time around.

Chuckling to herself in morbid humor Tamara realized the irony that she came here to capture a Familure and she herself became the captured. Returning her attention to her surroundings she can see the Gate Guardians, Large Golems built and maintained by the Shadow Lord that held dominance of this hub, inspecting the caravan as if they knew this slaver was carrying contraband and they were going to find it. The guardian reached her and paused Tamara felt Magik pulse over her but without access to her own she was unable to determine what the spells were.

Quickly the Guardians completed the inspection and waved the caravan through. As the caravan traveled through the streets of the hub Tamara tried to get her bearings so that if she could manage to escape she would know how to escape the warren of streets back to the section of the hub she had previously traveled and eventually back to the safety of home. At this point she was willing to take the first unbound creature she came across once she got free and travel back home to the warmth of Eucerne's Tower.

The caravan moved towards a series of high security warehouses that just radiated Magik the Wraith carrying her along by the cuffs not a single waiver in the raw strength required to hold her, suspended as she was by the cuffs, with one arm. Entering one of the warehouses Tamara saw that it was filled with row upon rows of cells. All neatly laid out before her. A large raised office area in the back and a set of stairs leading to the only other entrance in the far corner of the warehouse.

The Wraith moved to a cell opening the cage door and placing Tamara inside without removing the cuffs. Tamara spent the next several days in that cell being fed twice a day but never being let out of the cage. On the morning of the fifth day she spent in the cell Another, Same? Different? She couldn't be sure, Wraith came and removed her from the cell. Leading her towards a line of other captives starting down one row of cells leading along the row and eventually up the stairs in the corner and out the door.

As Tamara waits her turn in the line she can hear her fellow prisoners being auctioned off to a crowed of load boisterous voices. Slowly the line in front of her shrinks as the line behind her grew in a seemingly endless cycle. Soon she was next in line watching as the six legged sentient creature in front of her is auctioned off. As the Auctioneer yells Sold! and it is lead down from the platform so the cell could be finalized she is pushed from behind.

Tamara stumbles out onto the platform as the Auctioneer's voice booms out the the crowd magikally augmented. "Laddies and Gentleman we have a treat here today! A young Etamre Witch Newly into her power stumbled into our hand and gladly volunteered to grace us with her presence today!" The crowd laughs loudly at this. "But the true jewel of this treasure is she is Unbound!" In saying this the crowed goes wild 10, 20, 50, 100 Kahda the bidding quickly grows. Then suddenly from the rear of the crowed a voice booms vibrating with raw power "2000 Kahda" a hushed silence falls on the crowed as all eyes including Tamara's settle on what appears to be a tall well built young man mounted on the back of a NightShade in the rear of the crowed.

Breaking out of his stupor the Auctioneer yells "Sold!" Quickly Tamara is ushered down from the platform as a ShadowSprite whom had gone completely unnoticed flew off the young man's shoulder. Flying to the clerk handling the finalization of the sales.

"The merchandise better be exactly as described slaver. Lord Trelcone does not suffer fools easily!" The sprite almost spits at the clerk. "Ev ... everything is as it was stated Ma'am" The clerk stutters in abject Terror. Dropping a purse upon the desk the sprite lands on Tamara's Shoulder "Come along dear, Lord Trelcone will not wait all day." The sprite kindly whispers in Tamara's ear. Nodding shyly without ever taking her eyes off Trelcone Tamara half walks half stumbles through the crowd towards Lord Trelcone. All the wile the Sprites baleful gaze parts the crowed like a profit parts the Seas.

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