My Eighteenth: You, Me and Your Ass

by TerminusOmega

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Andy loves anal sex, and there is one special ass he wants more than any other. On his eighteenth birthday, he may finally get it.

Let me just start with one simple fact. I’m no virgin. I’ve had quite a few ladies over the years. I’ve come to enjoy sex, like many young men my age. I love fucking girl’s pussies and getting my cock sucked but by far anal sex is my favorite sexual activity. There is something so naughty and forbidden about fucking a girl in her ass.

Sadly not every girl I’ve been with was willing to let me fuck her ass. I much preferred the girls who let me sodomize them. I’ve fucked small asses and big asses. Some felt great, others I wished I had not fucked. The only problem is this: I’ve only fucked the asses of girls my age and a little older.

What I really wanted was to fuck a more mature woman’s ass. I wanted to fuck an ass that was bigger, softer, and more experienced. I wanted to fuck a woman who had done it before, not some timid young thing trying it for the first time.

I could easily picture my dream ass. Bigger, with round cheeks that had started to lose a little firmness. Still pretty firm, but with that maturing softness. Ideally she’d be in her mid to late thirties. She wouldn’t be nervous as I began to penetrate her forbidden passage. Having been ass-fucked before, she’d know there was little pain and she’d be much more yielding.

I have always been an ass man. My focus on girl’s butts started as soon as I started noticing the girls themselves. Every girl I was with had to have a nice ass. She could have small tits, a little more plain face, or even some extra weight, but she HAD to have a good butt and the hips to go with it.

Most guys couldn’t wait to feel their girl’s tits. I personally waited for when I could feel their ass. I could spend hours playing with a girl’s ass. I loved squeezing and rubbing their sweet cheeks and spanking them. I love watching their cheeks redden and jiggle for me as I slapped them.

When I first started having sex I did not know about anal sex at all. The third girl I was with wanted to try it. She was curious about it and wanted to give it a shot. I won’t for a minute say it was magic. I did like the idea of it after we were done, but she was terrible at it.

She was nervous and scared the whole time. It was not a pleasant experience and we did not try again. The second girl I had fucked in the ass was more experienced and she loved receiving it as much as I loved giving it. After her, I was addicted to anal. I did not pressure the girls I was with to do it, but usually if they would not, the relationship did not last very long.

I also knew exactly where my ass obsession came from. My mom was the source. My mom had an absolutely fantastic ass. Not to say she was lacking in the face or tits department (she was brunette with brown eyes and chubby lips, and had a nice set of 36Cs) but her ass was by far the best part of her. It was the ass I based my dream ass on, hell it was my dream ass.

Her ass shook with practically every step she took. It was firm and well rounded, with nice tone to it. It was also big. Mom had the classic pear shape. She had an amazing set of hips too. Any cliché about a great ass (bounce a quarter off it, fries with that shake, back that up, you name it) could be applied to mom’s ass. How else did a divorced single mom get so many requests for dates?

What really made it worse for me was that mom KNEW her ass was her best feature. She was always working to show it off. Most of the pants she wore were tight so she could show off every curve of it. She wore heels often to make it more pronounced. She always walked with a deliberate shake to it and most of the exercises she did were to keep it in shape. There was no better an ass around than my mom’s ass.

I never had any other inclinations toward my mom. I never dreamed or imagined fucking her pussy or having her suck me off or anything like that, but I often did fall victim to fantasizing about fucking her ass. I would give literally ANYTHING to fuck that ass. I did not care in that regard that she was my mom.

In a way, it was not incest because I could not get her pregnant or anything if I fucked her ass. The times I walked in to any room where she was bent over was pure torture. I was always overcome with a desire to just grab or spank her ass. Seeing her ass presented like that never failed to give me a hard-on.

Nearing my eighteenth birthday my desires for my mom’s ass had begun to get overwhelming. Some nights I could not sleep because I’d be kept up with a boner thinking about her ass. I could not take my eyes off of it no matter where we were. I know that she had caught me staring many times but she never seemed to get angry with me. I was obsessed with mom’s ass and I wanted nothing more than one night with it. That’s all I would need. Just one night with her ass would be enough.

My eighteenth birthday looked to be the perfect time to take my chance. I knew mom wanted to get me something really special for my eighteenth birthday. We often had to scrimp because of her meager income but she usually splurged a bit for my birthday. I knew she wanted to really step it up this year because it was such an important birthday for me.

“My little man won’t be so little anymore.” She’d often say. Not that I had been little for some time. I passed her up in height when I was fourteen and she was now a full foot shorter than me. I began to seriously consider asking her for what I wanted most. It would not cost her anything, monetarily at least, I’d always treasure it, and she did not have to worry about getting it in time or anything. It was perfect.

About a month before my birthday, like usual, she asked me during dinner what I wanted. “Go ahead and splurge honey. It’s your eighteenth birthday, so I want to get you something really nice.” She said. I gulped. Could I really ask her for this? What would she say? I had to steel my will and ask. It may be my only chance to get what I wanted more than anything.

My heart was beating hard and my palms were sweating, but I had to ask. “I have something I really want mom, but I NEED you to promise me you won’t get mad.” I said nervously. She tilted her head in puzzlement. “Why would I get mad if you ask for something expensive? I told you to go ahead and splurge.” I sighed.

“It’s not how expensive it is that will make you mad. In fact, what I really won’t really cost you anything. Do you promise you won’t be mad?” I repeated. She nodded once more. “I have one thing I really want for my birthday mom. I will understand if you can’t get it for me. Still, I have to ask.” She nodded, her eyes piercing into me. I was so nervous, but I had to take the plunge. “I want to fuck your ass, mom. That is what I really want for my birthday.”

Mom’s jaw dropped and I could see her holding back her anger. Shit, I had really messed up. What would she think of me now? She knew now her own son wanted to fuck her ass. “Andy, did I hear you right? You want to fuck my ass for your birthday?” I nodded sheepishly, scared where this would lead. She was silent for a minute. A minute that seemed like forever.

“How can you ask me for that? I’m your mother. You do know that is incest, right?” She said, I swear I detected a hint of anger in her voice. I sighed. “It’s not entirely incest mom, I can’t get you pregnant that way. I don’t want your pussy or mouth, just your ass.”

She was still shocked. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I confessed. “I’ve always loved your ass mom. I’m a total ass man, and you have the nicest, sexiest ass of any woman I know. I’ve fucked other girls in the ass, but there were all young, nervous girls my age. I really want a more mature ass to fuck.”

It was all out now. I was in for it. I waited nervously. She had not said anything for the last five minutes and the suspense was killing me. Would she let me? Would she hate me now, knowing how much I wanted this? Would she think I was some kind of freak, maybe even have me put away? God, the tension was heavy in the room right now. Finally, she sighed and began to speak.

“Andy, I will really have to think about this. I really don’t think I can give you that. I’m your mother, and you really should not think about me that way. I want you to think of something else, just in case I feel I cannot give you that. I’m not saying no, not yet, but I will really have to think about it.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I still had a chance, though now I had to think of something else in case she decided against it. It was out now. My mom knew how much I wanted her ass. Now she knew why she’d caught me staring all those times. Oh boy, this next month was going to be rough. I prayed it would end the way I wanted it to.

For the next month mom was pretty quiet when I was with her. She’d usually have a blank look on her face, which I’m sure was her considering what I had asked her for. Even with the nervousness I was feeling around her I still could not get her ass out of my mind. Now that she knew how I felt about her ass it was almost always at the forefront of my mind.

To make things worse, I think mom was deliberately teasing me. She seemed to wear more clothes to show it off AT HOME. She used to only wear these clothes out of the house. She was also bending over a lot in front of me, sometimes it seemed for no reason. It was unending torture. I hoped beyond hope she’d say yes. Her saying no after all this teasing would have just been cruel. Still, I began to take all her new teasing as a sign she was warming up to the idea, maybe even willing to say yes. One week before my birthday, she finally gave me her answer.

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