Notes on the Measurement of Time

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Nudism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Notes on the Measurement of Time - In a harsh land not on this Earth where daylight is deadly, and singing holds the power the unleash crystal magic, a warrior hires himself out as a caravan guard. He keeps a dangerous secret that could be his undoing. He meets a strangely familiar slave who has been punished for the same secret that he keeps. Who is she?

Measuring Time in the Land of Five Colours.

1 Land hour = 1 Earth hour
1 sleep-cycle = 27 Earth hours
1 Land day = 3 sleep-cycles = 80 Earth hours
Time of day - Dusk Sleep (late afternoon), Cooling (evening), Night Sleep (midnight), Predawn (early morning), Dawn Sleep (morning), Mid-Day (most of the day), Dusk Sleep (late afternoon)
1 five-day = 17 Earth days
1 hundred-day = 11 Earth months
11 hundred-day = 10 Earth years
20 hundred-day = 18 Earth years
1 cycle = 1 Land year = 183 Land days = 20 Earth months
Seasons - Short Nights (summer), Lengthening (autumn), Long Nights (winter), Shortening (spring)

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