Class Float
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Reluctant, First,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sarah McCarraher, a fifteen year-old teen, gets more than she bargained for when she meets up with her dream boy, Danny Garrity, during an evening school project - building a float for the homecoming parade for their school.

Thump ... thump ... thump ... I cranked the volume up on my iPod to try to drown out the sounds my sister, Allison, and her boyfriend, Mike, were making as they bounced her bed frame against the common wall between our rooms as they screwed each other to hell and back. I tried to concentrate on my homework reading assignment but ... I was just too horny to pay attention.

This was the third time this week Mike and Allison interrupted my homework after school as Allison rode Mike's big, hard boner and rattled the rafters next door. At least in my imagination Mike sported a huge boner. God, I was so horny! It's no surprise that a pair of seniors who had gone steady for the past six months balled like rabbits every chance they got. Me? I wondered what it was like after overhearing my sister for the past three months. It must be sweet. But what guy would have an interested in me?

I'm Sarah McCarraher, a sophomore in high school, 5'-3", 122 pounds. Yeah, I could lose a little weight. My titties could and should be bigger. Allison is a knock-out. Me ... at best I could be described as plain. I think I have a good personality. I get along well with most of my classmates at school. I do lust after a few boys in my school, especially that dreamboat, Danny Garrity.

I knew Danny from the school choir and from the Art class we shared. He was a hunky, sixteen-year-old, 160 pound guy a grade ahead of me. The almost six footer wasn't stuck up like so many of the jocks who were so in love with themselves. He talked with me occasionally before and after class and was friendly. I wished he would ask me out on a date. It hadn't happened ... yet.

Mrs. Rice announced in home room that all students were invited work on the school float for homecoming. My sister and I were hosting the work. I had volunteered to be our homeroom's representative to student government. My older sister, Allison, was the senior class treasurer. When the student government came looking for a place to build the float, our barn was a natural. The hay from our farm was in. The corn was still in the field drying, so it wasn't ready for silage until later that fall. We could spare a wagon and one bay of our barn for a few weeks in late September and early October. I was proud that Allison and I could help our classmates out.

During the morning a few kids asked directions to our farm. We were located a couple miles out of town on Old Ridge Road. I made sure everyone knew how to get to our farm.

At my Fourth Period Art class, Danny Garrity greeted me with a cheery, "So you're hosting the float this year? I'll be sure to come out and help tonight after practice."

"That's super, Danny," I replied. We shared one of the tables in the Art Room.

"I'm looking forward to working with you," Danny said. "You're such a good artist. I can't wait to see what you do with the float."

"I'm not that special as an artist," I protested. "Anyway, I'm not directing work. I just do what I'm told to do."

"I'll be there, helping wherever you're working," Danny promised. I glowed inwardly at the praise from this hunky football star. Maybe there was hope that he could be interested in plain old me.

The school day went too slowly as I waited impatiently for evening to come. Geometry, lunch, Chorus, Biology, Phys Ed, one boring class after another. I got to see Danny at chorus but we didn't get to talk. He's a baritone. I am a soprano and am seated at the opposite side of the chorus room. He did give me a big smile and a wave.

Mom made our family at quick supper that evening. She and Dad had to go over to the church to help the Reverend set up for next Saturday's bazaar. Allison and I helped Mom by washing the dishes after dinner. The two of us headed for the barn when we were done.

Some of Allison's friends and classmates arrived early. They were part of the committee organizing work on the float. Our float was coming along well. Our team's mascot was a mountain lion. The framework that would hold the wire for the lion's head was done. About half the chicken wire was in place to form the head. Tonight we would finish the last half of chicken wire. Shelly Andrews, the chair of float committee, told me I would be applying crepe paper to the chicken wire tonight. She thought my artistic talents would be perfect for the job.

Shelly assigned a couple ninth grade girls I didn't know to help me. Danny Garrity showed up and joined my papering crew. Danny stood and watched me for a couple minutes without joining in. Finally he stepped up behind me, placed his hands on my hips and watched me closely, peering over my shoulder.

"So that's how you do that," Danny remarked. "You're such a wonderful craftsman."

"It's not that hard," I said. I tried not to blush from his excessive praise to what was really a simple task. He leaned in and watched more as I poked strips of crepe paper in the holes in the chicken wire. I could feel his breath on my neck.

Was I crazy? Was Danny Garrity coming on to me?

"Are you ready to try it?" I asked.

"Sure," he agreed. He reached an arm around each side of me and began stuffing paper into the row of holes below the one I was working on.

"Is this OK?" Danny asked. I wasn't certain whether he meant to practically embrace me as he worked or if he meant was his crepe paper work proper? His breath tickled my neck, cheek and ear lobe. Did I care which he meant? This was the stuff of my wildest dreams.

"This is fine," I managed to stutter. Danny continued working, surrounding me as we worked. His arms brushed against my boobies a few times as he reached to the holes directly to my front.

"You smell wonderful?" Danny murmured into my ear as we continued. "What perfume are you wearing?"

"It's Light Blue," I answered. Danny leaned in close to me and drew a deep breath.

"I smell a hint of apples and something floral," Danny said. He kept his face close to my cheek as he leaned his body against my back.

"Jasmine," I said. I felt a distinct puff of air blow into my ear. I shivered at the stimulation. Was Danny Garrity really coming on to me? Plain, little me? I was both intrigued at his interest and frightened at the same time. I ducked out from his semi-embrace.

"Would you like a Coke?" I asked. "We have a cooler full of them over by the barn door."

"That would be wonderful," Danny agreed. I ran over and grabbed two, one for him and one for me. We drank the refreshments and went back to work. Danny picked his own work area rather than sharing my space. Still wherever I went, he seemed to gravitate to a spot near me.

My hope that Danny might have an interest in me and perhaps could ask me for a date seemed more possible than I ever could have expected. A junior, football star dating a plan-Jane tenth grader? Maybe it could happen.

Danny stopped every few minutes and slipped beside me to ask if he was doing his work properly. There was always a hand on the shoulder, a bump into me or something so he could be close. He sniffed and complimented my perfume a couple more times. I got the distinct impression Danny Garrity was interested in me. I didn't mind at all. I flirted right back as he made his interest plain.

The work night went on for a couple hours before kids started leaving. A little after nine o'clock, Shelly Andrews announced, "I guess that's a wrap, folks. Thanks for helping out tonight. Anybody who is available, we're going to work again Friday night."

I finished up the roll of crepe paper I was stuffing before quitting. Danny was wrapping up as I finished.

"You're such an artist, Sarah," Danny said. He stepped over and gave me a hug. "It was fun to work with you tonight." He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

I expected a quick, thank you type of kiss. I got a long, searing kiss full on the lips. His intense hug and ravenous kiss communicated his eager desire. My knees went weak as the kiss continued. I panted when our lips finally parted.

"Light Blue?" Danny remarked. "That perfume is driving me crazy. You're so hot, Sarah."

"Um ... um..." I stuttered. Danny's lips locked onto mine again before I could finish my answer. He stared into my eyes. I felt his tongue slide along my lips, wetting them. I first experimented with Frenching before with a previous, eighth-grade boyfriend. I parted my lips and allowed Danny's tongue to invade my mouth. I melted against his body, only his eager hug kept me from dribbling to the ground in a puddle.

We kissed for too long in so public a spot but for much too short a time from my libido's desire. I experimented by touching my tongue to Danny's. I saw stars in my eyes as electricity jolted down my spine. It was not like this when Billy Waters and I tried this eighteen months ago.

Both of us pulled apart when my sister, Allison, cleared her throat. The barn was deserted now, except for Allison and two of her friends over by the barn door.

"I'll get this light," Allison announced. "Turn the other light off when you're done, Sarah. Don't do anything too crazy." My sister flashed me what I took for a knowing smile.

Allison turned off the lights that had illuminated the skeleton of our float when she left. This bay of the barn was dimly lit by a light across the way. The distant light shined into Danny's face as he stared at me.

"May I kiss you again?" Danny asked as he tilted his head and leaned in closer to me.

"Yes," I murmured before puckering my lips. I shuddered as his lips touched mine. His tongue slipped between my lips. I felt a zap as his tongue touched mine again. My knees began to buckle but fortunately Danny had embraced me as we started the kiss. His strong arms held me tight against his hard body as we continued the deep kiss. Our tongues twirled and tangled. He slurped mine into his mouth. I did the same to his. We nibbled on tongues and lips.

First base is wonderful. I had been there with a few boys before and knew how great this could be. It was even better because the boy I dreamt about when I fingered myself at bath time was doing it to me. I melted against Danny, pressing my body against his.

I could feel something shaped like a piece of pipe pressing into my tummy. I knew I was turning on this dreamboat. Thirty seconds later I had further confirmation. Danny slipped a hand between us and gently grasped my right boob.

That was fine. I allowed Jamie Morris to do that a couple times in the movie theater on dates. I enjoyed when Jamie did it. Danny ... well, Danny was more than fine. He was so gentle as he caressed and squeezed my boob.

I had worn a sports bra that evening so I could be more comfortable, instead of a stiffer, bulky regular bra. Danny's magic fingers had easy access to my boob. We continued making out. Danny nibbled my ear lobe. He kissed down my cheek to my neck and then back to my mouth. Our tongues engaged again.

Danny's fingers felt up my boob and circled but never quite touched my nipple. The making out and feeling up continued for a couple minutes before Danny escalated things.

A finger circled my left nipple a few times before sliding across it. I felt the tingle immediately, first in my boob and then again lower. I could feel I was getting wet down below too. Danny alternated, teasing first my left nipple and then my right.

I contemplated as I enjoyed the tingle Danny's magic fingers were giving me. I had never let a boy have unclothed access to me boobs before, though I felt fine about going to second base with Danny.

"You make me so hot," Danny repeated as we made out and he felt me up. He alternated telling my how much he desired me with the question, "Are you OK with this?"

His concern for my feelings made me feel so warm and safe. Everything felt so good. Why should I stop him from doing these new things that felt so exhilarating?

Danny kissed my ear lobes and neck. He stared into my eyes as he felt me with a hand on each boob. "May I see them?"

"For a bit," I allowed. Danny pulled my blouse over my head. I blushed a little as I pulled my sports bar over my head and revealed my boobies to a boy for the first time.

"Wow!" Danny gushed. "You make me so hot, Sarah. I had no idea you we so well endowed." He dived his head into my cleavage and kissed before I could form a coherent answer. He kissed around each boob and then went for the kill. He kissed and tongued my right boob and then did the same to the left. He circled it, raining kisses around my sensitive nipple until he planted kissed right on it. He sucked it into his mouth and twiddled it with his tongue.

I could feel my juices gushing down below. I was more turned on than I believed possible. The boy of my dreams knew exactly which buttons to push to drive my desire insanely higher. Where were we going? I didn't care as long as this wild, intense ride on a river of lust continued.

Danny made his deep appreciation for my boobs explicit as he kissed and caressed them. All I could do was moan and squirm with delight. This continued for a few, intensely erotic minutes. Danny slipped a hand down my belly and gave me a tummy rub. The rub gave me a pleasing tingle.

"Is this OK?" Danny asked as he rubbed my tummy.

"Mmmm..." I hummed as he punctuated his question by sucking and teasing my right nipple. "Oh, God! Yes..."

Danny already passed one of my personal barriers tonight. No hands on bare boobies. I knew he intended to move that hand on my tummy down into my pants and get his hand on my hot, tingling sex. This had been a big no-no before tonight. I should stop him. My intentions waivered as Danny continued suckling and kissing my breasts and rubbing my tummy.

I ran my hands across Danny's bare sides and back. His chest muscles were so well defined. His abs rippled. This was one gorgeous hunky boy. Hey, when did he take his shirt off?

The moment of decision was on me before I had firmed my resolve to stop this wonderful make out session. Danny slipped his hand down to my pants and wormed a couple fingers in just under the belt line.

"I'm going in," Danny murmured as he gazed up at my face. "Is this OK?"

I was so hot and horny by now that I wanted to slip my own hand down my pants and frig my clitoris until I had a big, glorious come. My frazzled brain didn't see what difference it would make whether I frigged myself or Danny did it for me.

"MMmm ... yeah," I sighed. Danny had anticipated my assent. His hand brushed past my clitoris as I gave my consent. One finger slipped down between my inner and outer pussy lips. He quickly located my vaginal hole. Danny didn't penetrate me. He teased the finger around the opening and slid it back up my slot until it rested on my clitoris. This boy knew his way around a girl. He teased and tickled my clit without assaulting it.

Danny drove my desire higher as he teased and fingered my button and we continued dueling our tongues as we kissed and made out. Danny's finger drove me wild. I needed to climax and I needed it badly.

He teased my clitoris, my gushing slot and around my pussy hole. We kissed and he fingered me for a couple minutes. I needed to come desperately and Danny got me close but never over the hump to my desperately desired climax.

Danny broke our kiss and stared into my eyes. "Your jeans are in my way, Sarah. Can I take them off?"

"We're not getting naked!" I gasped.

"No. Oh no ... no," Danny cooed. "Of course not. Keep your panties on. Your jeans are limiting access and I can't get the proper angle to get you to orgasm."

Get me to orgasm? That sounded great. "The panties stay on," I insisted.

"You're in control," Danny said. He rubbed my clitoris a couple times more before hopping off the wagon bed we were making out on. Danny pulled down my jeans when I lifted my butt off the wagon.

"Panties stay on," I insisted.

"Absolutely," Danny agreed. "You're in control here." I didn't dispute him. I'd never been so out of control in my life.

Danny didn't sprawl over me to resume kissing. He stayed between my legs to see what he was doing to my pussy. His hand pushed my panties to one side for better access. The finger that found my pussy hole before? It slipped a fraction of an inch into my pussy.

"Is this OK?"

Danny penetrated deeper as I gasped, "MMmm ... yeah." It felt fucking awesome! He pressed his digit in and pulled it out slowly. He pushed it in more forcefully and withdrew. Soon Danny established a seductive, carnal beat. My eyes closed tight and I lay my head back on the wagon. Here I was, a lowly tenth grade nobody, being finger fucked by the hunkiest boy-toy in eleventh grade. I was so going to hell for tonight. But what a way to go!

Danny slipped his thumb up my slot and strummed it across my clitoris. He strummed and finger fucked me. That highly desired orgasm came on like a crashing freight train.

Danny needed no more than thirty or forty-five seconds to bring the explosion to my body. Stars burst in my tightly closed eyes as my body spasmed and jerked to the most intense orgasm I had ever endured.

I realized Danny was sitting between my legs, grinning at me as I slowly came to after the most intense, searing orgasm of my life.

"Did you enjoy that, Sarah?" Danny asked innocently.

"Wow!" I gushed. "Oh, wow."

"I knew you'd like it," Danny said as he straddled my body with his. He leaned down and kissed me. My fuzzy brain hadn't recovered from that earth-shattering orgasm completely. I kissed back willingly. Danny had more to show me? Hell, yeah! I'm in.

Danny lowered his body until his smooth, muscular chest pressed against my boobies. Our tongues and lips danced and teased each other. My temporarily sated lust was rising. My pussy gushed again.

I felt Danny allow his crotch to rest against me. There was no mistaking how I turned on this boy-hunk. The big, hard lump in his pants made that clear. It pressed and rubbed against my womanhood as he rubbed against my body and we continued making out.

I knew I had allowed things to go far too far. It was time to put a stop to what we were doing ... but it felt so good. I'd stop Danny ... in a minute. Meanwhile he rubbed and humped against me while we kissed and tongued.

I slid my hands down his smooth sides as we made out. To my shock, when my hands reached his waist, I didn't feel jeans. Instead I found an elastic waistband and then smooth, silky material covering his butt cheeks. When had Danny taken his pants off?

"We can't go all the way," I insisted, breaking our lip lock.

"No, of course not," Danny acknowledged. "I'll stop when you tell me to. You're in total control, Sarah. Do you want me to stop?"

My conscious brain knew I should run screaming from the barn, right now. The newly aroused animal desire in me kept whispering, 'This feels great! Just a little more, please.'

"No ... don't stop..." I gasped between kisses. "Not yet."

Danny ploughed his hard, cloth-covered lump up and down my furrow. It drove me nearly insane. I pushed my bottom up to increase the friction. Danny drilled his tongue into my mouth. This boy could turn me on faster than I could have believed was possible. Was I going to have another one of those glorious, mind-blowing orgasms? Please let him get me there!

Danny rubbed his cloth cover prick up and down my womanhood. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. I was horny and turned-on beyond all belief. This state of slowly increasing arousal continued for a couple minutes before Danny suddenly stopped.

"Oooohhh..." I wailed. "Don't stop, Danny."

"I want to make you feel good, Sarah," Danny murmured as he gazed into my teary eyes. "Do you trust me?"

"I do," I agreed. "Keep rubbing against me, please."

"It will feel better if I take off your panties," Danny commented calmly. "By the way, this is called dry humping. Doesn't it feel great?" My poor, overlooked conscious brain screamed, 'Don't do this!' The newly aroused animal lust in me ignored this thought.

"You'll keep your underwear on?" I asked.

"I promise," Danny responded.

"OK," I agreed. "We can't go all the way tonight."

"You're in total control, Sarah," Danny promised as he pulled off my body. "I stop when you tell me to."

If my conscious brain had a smidgen of control anymore, I would have bolted from the barn. I was going to be bare-assed naked and totally out of control. I knew ... just knew where I was heading – straight to hell! I meekly lifted my hips off the wagon bed when Danny pulled my panties down.

"God, you make me so hot," Danny breathed as he gazed at my nakedness. "No other girl at our school holds a candle to your looks."

"I'm fat," I answered. "I should lose weight."

"Nonsense," Danny insisted. "I don't date beanpoles." Danny rubbed his hands across my hips, rubbed my tummy and then felt up both of my boobs. "I like a girl with soft curves – just like yours."

I got a chance to check out Danny's "package" while he was off of the top of me. His gray boxer-briefs bulged obscenely from the contents. I would have guessed it was 10 or twelve inches long from the bulge but I knew enough to know he didn't have a horse cock. However big it was, it was big by my limited experiences.

Danny laid down over me again and began dry humping me while we shared sloppy kisses. The sensations his cloth-covered lump gave my unprotected crotch were intense. That orgasm was coming closer.

My conscious brain enquired, 'When was your last period?' September 15th was the answer. My next period is ... uh ... fifteen days away. This has gone far enough! Stop the boy. The lust-filled animal in me snarled, 'Shut the fuck up! This feels so great.'

A seam on Danny's boxers rubbed my clitoris as he dry humped against my bare womanhood.

"Danny, stop," I gasped. "Your boxers are irritating me."

"No problem," Danny replied. He hopped off me and pulled his boxers off. His hard prick stuck out at a 45 degree angle from his naked, delicious looking body. "It will feel great this way, Sarah.

"Uh..." I gasped as his clambered back on me prone body. Danny sawed his naked prick up and down my slot. "Oh, God!" I moaned. Bare cock on naked pussy was so unbelievably stimulating. That second orgasm was closing in on me.

"We can't go all the way," I gasped between pants and grunts.

"I stop when you tell me to, Sarah," Danny answered. "You're in control. Do you want me to stop?"

"NO!" I wailed as he rubbed and humped against my unprotected body. Oh, God. I need that orgasm. Danny continued dry humping me and driving me to a lustful insanity. He continued his assault on my body for a couple minutes.

"Do you want to feel even better?" Danny asked.

"Yes," I moaned.

"I could put my thing in for a minute," Danny suggested. He pulled his prick and torso off me. "Sex feels really wonderful. Much better than dry humping like we've been doing."

"I don't know," I gasped. I felt Danny place a hand over my pussy again. One finger snaked inside my body. His thumb gently rubbed on my clitoris. "I don't know if..." His thumb's rubbing abruptly cut off my protest that I wasn't ready for sex. Danny finger fucked me, rubbed my clitoris and played with one of my boobies as I considered his offer. Could I? My inner animal growled, 'Hell yeah! This boy is so hot. Let him do it!'

My conscious brain struggled on. "Danny, we need to stop," I gasped as he finger fucked my tight pussy.

"Why?" Danny breathed between suckles at my left nipple. "I want you."

"Wrong ... ungh..." I gasped. Danny was wiggling his finger inside me. Oh ... My ... God! "Ohhh ... wrong time of month." I remembered enough from sex ed that I knew this was a bad time for what Danny and I desperately wanted to do.

"I have a rubber," Danny answered. He looked across my heaving chest and stared into my eyes. "Two actually." He stuffed his slick fingers into my pussy a couple times before pulling them away.

"Ohhhh..." I moaned at my emptiness. Danny sat up on his haunches and riffled through his pants briefly. He pulled two small, red, square foil packs out of his pocket.

"We can do this and be safe," Danny promised.

I was so wet and horny after our making out, fingering and dry humping. I NEEDED to have Danny's big, hard bone stuffed in my hot twat. My inner animal was demanding it.

"Do it!" I gasped. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he leaned over me and pulled him down into a hot French kiss. His body pressed against mine, smashing into my boobies. We swapped tongues as Danny drove my lust higher. His smooth warm skin rubbing mine was exquisite. Danny humped his hips against mine, dragging his big, delicious dick up and down and against my clitoris.

Stars burst in my closed eyes. Danny continued humping and kissing. I could feel my juices gush. Fuck! I was so ready for this!

"Danny!" I spit out between pants. "Now... [pant] I want... [pant] [pant] Now! [gasp] I need..."

Danny slipped a hand between our sweaty bodies and grasped his manhood. I felt it nudge my clittie before settling by my hole. I squirmed to try to slip that hot pole into my hungry body.

"Are you sure, Sarah?" Danny asked as he stared down at me.

"I NEED THIS!" I insisted. Danny didn't hesitate. I felt a brief sting as Danny's cock stretched me to slide in. I stared across his muscular chest and rippled abdomen. His cock head had disappeared into my puss. I could see four or five inches of shaft poised to enter me. I pushed my butt off the wagon bed to embed more of that cock in me.

"Easy, Sarah," Danny said. "You're so tight. Have you done this before?"

"Sure," I lied. Why did I care if he knew I had been a virgin?

"Let's take this slow," he suggested. "We can enjoy it more if we don't hurry."

"You're on top," I agreed. I rested my hands on Danny's sides just above his hips. Danny squirmed and another inch of cock disappeared into me. More squirming plunged another couple inches into me.

I was surprised first by the way I felt every little ripple and bump on his cock as he speared me on his tool. The sensations as it nudged and tugged at my puss was scrambling my brain. Stars burst in my eyes as I closed them and concentrated on the amazing feelings. Danny hunched his hips at me a couple more times. I knew I was fully impaled on his big cock now without looking.

God, this wonderful boy stretched and filled me like I have never experienced before. I opened my eyes to see Danny staring down at me. His face didn't hide his concern.

"Are you all right?" Danny whispered. "You're really tight and I don't want to hurt you. Should we stop?"

"You're perfect," I answered. "Don't you dare stop." I wrapped my arms around his head and pulled him down so we could kiss. I enjoyed the fullness as Danny kissed me and teased my tongue with his. I felt Danny's body jitter as we swapped tongues. His curly pubes were brushing against my clit, teasing and further overloading my senses.

My puss shouted to my brain, 'I am woman!" I viscerally understood now why my sister was so loud when Mike screwed her after school. I'd be screaming to the barn rafters, if it weren't for that invading tongue in my mouth.

I panted when Danny finally broke our lip lock. "Ready for the real action?" he asked. Danny withdrew his big prick without waiting for my response.

"Ohhh..." I moaned as I felt it slide out. "No ... keep ... go ... UNGH!!" I grunted forcefully as Danny reversed direction and impaled me on his wonderful prick again. After a couple more strokes in and out I could sense Danny's rhythm. I humped my butt up in time to his thrusts. Ohhhh ... this felt so good!

Danny humped and thrust. In and out. In and out. My overloaded nerves were screaming in ecstasy. His hot, slippery prick filling my puss felt totally natural. I moaned my approval as Danny screwed me into a stupor. A sheen of sweat formed as Danny continued stuffing that warm prick into my body. The way Danny's body was banging into my clitoris increased my lust for more.

Danny's face flushed as he continued. I rubbed my hands up and down the smooth skin of his sides and butt cheeks as I cherished the intense feelings of my first time. His pounding increased in intensity and rapidity as the flush traveled down his neck and onto his chest.

"Ohhh ... you're a great fuck," Danny moaned.

"You are wonderful," I gasped as Danny banged into me hard. I felt my orgasm approach. Just a little more ... Just a little...

Danny stabbed me hard with his prick and froze. I saw his eyes go unfocused.

"Oh, GOD!" Danny moaned. I felt his cock twitch in my puss. I smiled up at Danny as I clung to him. This is what it feels like to make a boy come. I wished Danny could have gone a little longer and gotten me off to, but this was amazing.

Danny's cock twitched half a dozen times before he slumped down and collapsed on my chest. I could feel my juices seeping out around the prick that was still impaled in me. Sex felt juicy but I was surprised to feel even sloppier now that Danny came.

Danny clung to me lethargically. His prick must of have deflated. It made an audible plop as it slipped out of my puss. I felt an immediate gush of juices run out and drip across my asshole.

"OH!" I gasped as I pushed the sluggish boy off me. I stared down at Danny's crotch. His prick had shrunk down to about four inches. It was covered with white slime - and no rubber!

"Danny!" I barked "What about the rubber?"

Danny turned his head towards me and gave me a faux-innocent look. "Oops?"

"OOPS?" I growled. "Is that all you have to say? What happened to the rubbers you had?"

"You were begging me to put it in," Danny answered. "I guess WE got carried away."

"Now is a terrible time for you to come in me," I said. "What if you get me pregnant? My body will have an egg ready any day."

"Relax, Sarah," Danny suggested. He rolled over and put his arm across my chest. "It's actually very hard to get pregnant. Married couples can take months of doing it to make a baby."

"That will be cold comfort if my belly starts to swell," I retorted.

"That won't happen," Danny said. "Don't you know a girl can't get pregnant her first time? This was your first time, wasn't it?"

"Well ... yeah," I allowed.

"Did you enjoy it?" Danny gave me a kiss and rubbed my tummy.

"Well ... It was nice," I agreed. Danny wrapped his hand over my left breast and teased my nipple. He schooched halfway onto my body and covered my neck and cheeks with kisses before drilling his hot tongue into my mouth. We made out with increasing hunger. My anger over Danny's carelessness slipped away in my euphoria.

Danny slipped his hand down to my sloppy puss while we continued our tonsil swabbing. My no-longer-virgin puss was hot for more touches and to be filled again. Danny finger-fucked me while we made out. After a couple minutes of foreplay, I felt Danny's now hard prick nudge my hip. He nudged me repeatedly. His thumb gently rubbed my clitoris while he finger-fucked my hole.

My conscious brain knew we should stop. The animal part of my brain was having none of that. I felt my face flush as Danny drove my sexual arousal higher. His fingers plunged in and out of my poor, abused puss while his thumb strummed across my clitoris. The orgasm I missed earlier was returning with a vengeance. I lost track of time as Danny plucked all the right strings to make my body hum.

I finally allowed the climax to wash over me. Oh ... the glorious rapture! Danny slowed his torture of my throbbing pussy while I squealed and panted my delight. Danny sat up and allowed me to ride out my orgasm.

"Was that good for you?" Danny asked as I reconnected with my senses. He lay down beside me and draped an arm over my tummy again.

"That was amazing," I admitted. "That was even better than the first one."

"I aim to please," Danny replied. He leaned over me again and kissed me. We kissed, nibbled and slipped each other our tongues. After a minute or so Danny slipped one leg and then both between my legs. He lowered his torso so his crotch rested against mine. I felt that wonderful, hot rod of his again, resting in my sloppy furrow.

We continued deep kissing. Danny rocked his hips, sliding the wonderful, steely, baby maker through my lips so he bumped my clit with each stroke.

"Do you want to do it again, Sarah?" Danny asked quietly. "You enjoyed it didn't you?"

"It felt great," I agreed. Danny dipped deeper this stroke and notched his prick against my drenched hole.

"Rubber this time," I insisted. Danny skewered his prick deep into my body as I begged for protection.

"We don't need it," Danny answered as he mashed his pubic bone on my clit. "You can't get preggers your first time with a boy. We're totally safe."

"I don't think that's..." I started. Danny smothered my comment with a deep kiss. "Not the way it works," I added when our lips parted. Danny stared into my eyes.

"It's basic biology," Danny explained. "Your body isn't ready to make babies until AFTER your first time with a boy."

"This isn't my first time, is it?" I questioned. "We did this already."

"First time, first night ... whatever," Danny replied. "Your body needs time to get ready to make babies. You're totally safe tonight. Now next week ... we shouldn't do it without protection then."

"I don't know if that's what they said in health class two years ago," I said. "I thought putting sperm in my pussy anytime could make a baby."

"No, it doesn't the first time," Danny insisted. "Anyway, you have a load of sperm already. More won't hurt if I'm wrong.

"It won't help," I countered. My animal subconscious whispered, 'You got a nice hard prick in you. Keep this pretty boy and let him get to work.' I surrendered to my inner animal.

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, baby." He rocked his hips and pulled part way out before plunging in again. Danny worked into a nice, steady rhythm. "Doesn't this feel good?"

"It does," I admitted. I allowed this gorgeous boy to screw away. In and out. In and out. The boy boffed and screwed. The pleasure built quickly. My nagging worry about making a baby was washed away with the euphoria Danny was giving me.

Danny circled his hips as he pumped in and out. He varied the pace, swiveling his hips. Everything he did drove up my lust and need to be screwed. I humped back in time with my lover's strokes. Danny mashed against my clitoris repeatedly as he fucked me. The good feelings welled up. This wasn't going to be a two orgasm night for me.

I grasped an ass cheek in each hand and made sure Danny couldn't stop screwing. My inner animal begged, 'Screw me! Do me! Fill me up, pretty boy.'

Danny grasped my ankles and pushed them up into the air. He folded my legs at the knee and pushed them up until I was scrunched in a tight ball. He continued banging and humping. Danny's hard-on felt so long. The constant banging on my clit was driving me crazy. I moaned as this hunk blew all the synapses in my brain.

Danny continued on. Minute after minute of driving my body to rapture. My climax came closer ... and closer and...

"OOOHHHH!" I moaned. "Oh GOD!" Danny increased his pace. "Jeez ... sus..." I wailed. The next impact on my clit sent me over the edge. My eyes went blank. I shivered and twitched as I lost all control of my ecstatic body. My puss clasped and squeezed Danny's big invader. He smiled and gave me a kiss but continued screwing away while I climaxed.

My feelings were starting to subside when Danny growled. 'Shit! Here I come!" He drilled me hard a couple more times and cut loose. I felt his cock swell and throb in my hot little puss. My puss went all sloppy. I could almost feel Danny's monster spitting baby-making sperm into me.

All I could do was cling to him as he orgasmed and filled my already full puss. He wrapped his arms around me as he collapsed on top of me. He had me pinned under him. Danny's twitching and spurting prick set me off again. My puss throbbed and squeezed Danny's prick as I enjoyed another orgasm, not quite as spectacular as the last one.

Danny and I clung to each other for a couple minutes as we tried to recover from this overwhelming crescendo. Danny kissed me after we started to recover.

"I hope you enjoyed that, Sarah," Danny said.

"It was mind-blowing," I said.

"I am glad you enjoyed your first time," Danny said.

"You're sure we're safe without protection?" I asked.

"Perfectly," Danny reassured. He gave me another kiss.

"What happens now?" I asked. Was I going to be his girl?

"I should probably head for home," Danny replied. "I have a little more homework to do."

"Are we..."

"We'll talk tomorrow," Danny promised as he pulled off my body. I unfolded my legs and lay flat on the wagon. "You were spectacular tonight." Danny gathered up his clothes and dressed as he continued to praise my body and sexual prowess. I glowed from the praise from this hunky boy I desired for the past year.

"You are the best, Sarah," Danny said. He gave me one last kiss before disappearing from the barn.

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