Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Patricia was not petite. She was not slender like the other girls. In fact, she was plump and rounded all over. Now that she was almost seventeen, it was time for her to discover her nubile nature.

Patricia Prendergast was a bit chubby for a sixteen year old Catholic school girl. Most of the other girls in her class were sort of lean and mean like Greyhounds at the racetrack chasing a rabbit.

She was dismayed at her unwanted excess weight but the stuff her mom cooked was so delicious that she could never resist a second helping. It just seemed like there was some sort of trigger in her brain that told her "a little bit more won't hurt". When she was younger it didn't really matter because all it meant was she wouldn't be winning any races anytime soon on the track outside on the playground. Now that she was sixteen and blossoming with nubile female juices that demanded some sort of assistance to relieve her shameful urges, it was an entirely different matter.

The young girl was extremely pretty despite her double chin and the roll of excess flesh that circled her waist like an obscene spare tire to carry around like some penance for her sinful thoughts of carnal bliss.

In addition to her extra helpings at the dinner table, she was addicted to the sweets that Mister Anderson at the soda fountain generously gave her whenever she went in just to browse through the displayed magazines. Mister Anderson was quick to give her little treats and rub the back of her neck when she was glancing at the racy magazines with the scantily clad women in bathing suits that she knew she could not wear without feeling embarrassed about her extra weight. He was a nice man but was even older than her mother who seemed almost like an alien from another planet with no connection to the real world of lipstick and girls that let boys touch their bottoms without any sense of guilt.

Her mom even insisted that she wear the terrible confining girdle to school that was the source of mean-spirited remarks from the other girls in the locker room when it came time to strip down. She seldom participated in sports because her excess weight was a danger to her heart as stated in the letter from the doctor procured by her mother for the express purpose of giving her an easy excuse to avoid the proscribed exercise. Sometimes, she felt a little guilt about that because she knew her heart was perfectly fine and that she could do the exercises without much difficulty. It was the snide remarks that she wanted to avoid and it was better to just sit on the bench and watch the other girls run around like a bunch of crazed animals shouting and laughing to beat the band.

Now that she was almost a grown woman and had read the stories about little girls that let men touch them in their private places, she began to wonder if Mister Anderson didn't have an ulterior motive in being so nice to her. He wasn't so nice to the other girls who were much thinner and more attractive than her and made them pay for everything.

She felt the need to ask him pointblank one afternoon after school that very same question.

"Sir, I like that you are so nice to me but why do you like me better than the other girls?"

The older man looked down at her because she was on her knees looking at the magazines on the bottom shelf. He didn't seem to mind the question and continued to rub the kink in her neck with his strong long fingers. She found his interest strangely comforting and it made her tingle down deep inside between her chunky thighs.

"Little Princess, Patricia right? I like all the children but for you it is different. You are like my first wife Greta. She was so happy and shaped nice and round just like you. All these other girls need to eat something and get some meat on their bones."

That made giggle because he seemed so serious about everything. Besides, she liked the fact that he thought she was perfect and not a person that needed to be changed to become like everybody else. Maybe she wasn't that pathetic after all if a grown man thought she was nice to look at.

She noticed that when he stood near her like when he rubbed her problem of a neck, he was all tented out inside his trousers. It reminded her that in the Biology class they claimed all males were able to grow much bigger down there if they like a female. She was suspicious of that claim at that time because it seemed so ridiculous. Then, to be told that her long slit was where the babies came from and that men like her very own father had to shove their peeing tools inside to make a baby seemed an outright fib.

When she asked her mom about the silly business, all she said was,

"You just listen to the teachers, young lady; they know all the whys and the wherefores."

It rankled her that girls had to be the ones that had to get such things done to them and that they didn't have any say about doing stuff to the boys. It just didn't seem fair but she kept her mouth shut because she had enough problems of her own with adding to them with her big mouth.

Still, Mister Anderson was just a man like all the others and perhaps it was time for her investigate on her own to see what it was all about.

She told him about her greatest love which was to sing in the choir at the school. She was one of the better singers in the choir and sometimes she would so a solo with her double chin jiggling as she hit the high notes.

Patricia had a fantasy that she would become a singer one day and become famous with all the men at her feet and paying homage to her shapely body. She shrugged in resignation because she knew she would have to lose a lot of weight to achieve that particular goal.

She asked Mister Anderson if she could have some of the "Reducing pills" on the shelf and he told her that they were only for adults and she would have to get her mother's permission if she were only sixteen or seventeen. She admitted to him that she would only turn seventeen the following week and he told her that she could have them if she made him feel better in the back room by allowing him to massage her back.

It seemed an innocent enough concession even though she had a premonition that it might lead to something a bit more involved and perhaps even naughty if the magazines were telling the truth about older men and young girls. She wanted the pills so badly that she agreed providing he wouldn't tell anyone about her taking off her blouse in the privacy of his back room.

He watched her take it off and told her to remove her training bra as well which surprised her because she didn't think anyone would want to see her huge breast with the large nipples at the end. Then he stood her between his knees and she bent forward for him to stroke her back all the way down to the top of her panties. She remembered she wasn't wearing her girdle because she never put it back on after the gym class that afternoon.

The feel of his strong hands on her skin made her tingle all over and she didn't mind when he started to fondle her backside outside her panties with his naughty fingers. It made her all wet and loose between her legs and she wondered if this was what they meant in the Biology book about having sex.

Her legs grew weak and she sank down onto Mister Anderson's lap. It felt so comfortable that she just wiggled and squirmed until his long shaft was splitting her cheeks in half pushing her thin panties right into her poop hole reminding her that all boys and men wanted to get inside either hole just to have their fun and make girls take it without any objection. She had no inclination to be reluctant with Mister Anderson but she told him that if he took down her panties he had to put his "thing" into her back hole and not inside her baby making slit because she was too young to have a baby before getting married.

He offered to use a condom but she was not willing to take even a small risk and insisted he get his thing up in her tiny opening instead. It was a bit of a struggle at first but he opened a jar of something married people use to make things slide easier and before she even realized it he was up inside her so deep that she swore she could feel him right up against her tummy.

Mister Anderson held her tight and she bounced her heavy thighs on his legs letting him bottom out inside her backside. She liked the fact he was filling her up completely and that she seemed to be making him groan with such obvious pleasure that she had a sense of pride in her feminine abilities to dish out pleasure.

She started to hum and then she broke out into a popular song about a girl that liked to bend over for all the boys and got down on her knees to make them happy. She wasn't all that certain what they were doing on their knees except it had something to do with taking the boys into their mouths and even swallowing their stuff when their mouth got flooded. She was certain that she would wash those things off real careful after they were in her backside before they ever got put into her mouth because it seemed like the proper and hygienic thing to do.

Now that she was perched on Mister Anderson's lap with his long hard shaft buried deep inside, Patricia had time to reflect on her bad behavior and that she might be a slut after all. That didn't bother her all that much because it was better to be a slut than to be a wrinkled old maid that didn't get any attention from the boys at all. This seemed like a good beginning to her new sexual adventures and she began to realize the importance of perhaps losing a few pounds to make her body more attractive to the young and good-looking boys that usually chased after the skinny girls with the frowns on their faces.

The more she bounced on Mister Anderson's comfortable lap the more she had to smile because she felt so good inside. He saw that she was singing and smiling and it led him to make explorations of her virginal slit with his greedy fingers and she just sang an octave deeper when he started to push inside to test the tightness of her vaginal channel. Now she was certain she was having real sex because it felt like it was in the right place and she was starting to shake and quiver all over like it was described in the teenage magazines for girls promising them satisfying happiness in a romantic relationship.

Patricia knew there were not much romance exchanged between her and Mister Anderson but it sure did feel good whatever it was. The word lust popped into her mind and she had to accept that she was taking Mister Anderson's lust and matching it with her own and perhaps that was a form of romance. At least, it was good enough for her until she could lose some weight and attract one of the football players at school.

Mister Anderson's spunk filled her rear hole with oozing delight. He started to wilt inside her and she felt a bit deserted like some poor housewife with an absent husband probably fooling around with some slut he picked up in a bar or met at work. Maybe she would think twice about finding a husband and just concentrate on finding a series of boyfriends that she would not get too focused on because there were a lot of fish in the sea.

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