Boy Crazy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Maria needs to find an "Anchor" fast. She is willing to do anything it takes to stay in America.

My name is Juan.

I am not one of those "Illegal" people that all the American reporters on television talk about all the time. It makes me mad to think they are talking about my parents and even my oldest sister Maria. My three youngest sisters are born in the U.S.A. just like in the song.

This story is not about me.

It is about my beloved Maria and the problems she had with the agents at "ICE" and how they humiliated her something terrible.

Maria was sort of different than the rest of us Cordero youngsters because she was tall with long, flowing black hair and her skin tone was a lot lighter than the rest of us. I suspected that my daddy was convinced my mama had only decided to marry him because one of her boyfriend's back home had already hit a home run when they were out on a date one hot summer night.

My parents still didn't speak English that easily and we all generally spoke their native Spanish at home because it made them more comfortable. Maria spoke better than the rest of us because she had spent more than a few years in the school system back home. She was quick to learn English because we all could see her drive to be as American as the regular citizens and she knew she was the only one of us children that was not a valid citizen by birth. None of us ever mentioned it to anyone because we kept hearing stories about how the "Illegals" were being deported back home even if they had nowhere to go any longer. It didn't seem very fair but the law was the law and Maria was the only one of us that was in real danger of being rooted up and shipped out.

The main thing she had in her favor was the fact she spoke English so well that most people figured she was an American just like almost everyone else. She was also probably one of the most striking females in the neighborhood with her perfect figure and her stylish manner of dress that always had the newest fad in mind. The boys in the neighborhood were all gaga about Maria and they constantly pestered her to give them some of her "honey" but she vowed she would marry an American and insure that they couldn't deport her for being an "Illegal" alien.

I knew that Maria was not as well-behaved as my other sisters and less modest than the American girls because of the stuff in her bottom drawer. She had fancy undies that the guys loved to look at in the magazines and I could imagine them on her underneath her normal "going to work" clothes. None of my other sisters had anything like that and only wore the plain white stuff that didn't make a fellow think about sex at all.

It was my good friend Tommy Jones that told me all about my sister Maria's reputation down at the candy factory where she worked with his mama and two of his sisters. For the first time ever, I heard the words,

"She is one "Boy Crazy" girl!"

I had just assumed my Maria didn't like boys because of the way she treated the neighborhood boys but now I realized she was planning on landing some American boy for a husband to anchor her in the country permanent.

I started to watch Maria more closely and even peeked at her inside the bathroom when she was taking a shower or a bath. I saw her full rounded breasts that looked like they were ready to explode because they were so big and juicy. I saw her neatly trimmed triangle of a black bush on her pussy mound and watched her use papa's razor to shave the edges. It seemed so strange to see a girl shave her pussy that I got real excited and started to tug on my dick right there in the hallway.

My sister Angela's girlfriend Lucy saw me in my shameless frenzy and giggled right behind me.

I put my other hand on my lips to tell her to keep quiet because I didn't want Maria to discover me jerking off at the sight of her perfectly rounded heart-shaped buttocks and pretty little landing strip in the front.

Lucy was a good girl for an American and she even spoke a few words of Spanish because she was studying it in school. She was in the same grade as my other sister only a year behind me. I knew she had to be the same age as my sister at sixteen and I had already passed my seventeenth birthday the previous summer.

Of course, she was wearing her pajamas because my sister demanded it for her pajama parties. She bent over in front of me to peek in the keyhole and her sexy little backside just gravitated to my groin like a magnet and I held her hips steady as my quickly rising cock fit into her crack with happy abandon.

I couldn't see my sister Maria any longer but I imagined it was her perfect ass that was rubbing on my horny shaft and I pushed Lucy's thin pajama fabric right up against her brown eye even getting a little bit inside but still keeping me from actually penetrating her from behind. It was all the benefits of ass-fucking but with none of the dirty aspects. Lucy's pretty boobs were swinging nicely and she had a generous pair with exciting dark shaded nipples that peeked out at me with flirty perky invitations. I grabbed hold of them and pulled the girl back toward me like she was a horse I had just mounted for a nice ride down the hallway. It didn't take but a few minutes for me to cream her pajamas with huge gobs of semen making us both laugh at the sight.

Lucy wasn't much to look at face-wise but she sure did have a nice bottom that was built for speed and lots of under the covers action in the horizontal position. We could hear Maria getting ready to leave the bathroom and we scampered back to my other sister's bedroom. I begged Lucy not to expose my bad behavior with her backside and she promised me she would keep our secret but I had to do it again when she told me she wanted to do another "bend-over".

I was really surprised at the American girl's attitude to such matters because I had just assumed she didn't know much about sex because of her age and the fact that she didn't have much going for her in the face department. It allowed me to realize that it didn't matter how pretty a girl was above the neck, it was far more important how she looked below the waistline.

After that, I tended to hit on the American girls because I learned that they were generally more willing to satisfy a guy's cock than the Spanish girls who were all under the influence of their strict parents or some priest that constantly reminded them of the punishments for loose behavior. I tested my new-found knowledge on a few local girls just to see if I was right and found that they all were willing not only to "bend-over" on command but they all know the ins and outs of using their pretty mouths to make a guy feel real good before the date was over.

I was beginning to see why my sister Maria was becoming more and more "Boy Crazy" than her other sisters. It was only because she wanted desperately to attract an American boy for his marriage anchor and had to face the American girl competition of granting all sorts of female favors before actually being married. It sort of went against our culture but I could understand why she was being so promiscuous with the boys while she was still in danger of being deported by the "ICE" agents that were reputed to show no sense of mercy in such matters.

To make matters worse, we had received news that the situation in our native country had deteriorated to the point that innocent civilians were being murdered right on the street just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was no time to visit home much less get deported back for not having the proper documentation. The only one of us that had any worries on that score was my sister Maria and she was so hot to find an American husband I was certain she would "buy" one with her pussy.

I had gotten a bit busy with Lucy because she invited me to a party at her Aunt's house on the other side of the river. We took the bus there because I didn't have either a car or a driver's license yet. She didn't mind and even managed to stoke my cock under my folded sweater right there on the seat with a couple of giggling girls on the other side watching us with immature hungry eyes that betrayed their own need for sex.

The party was a crazy affair.

The Aunt was a divorced lady with two young daughters and she had not just one but two male guests that apparently were quite familiar with the location of her bedroom. We were all aware of the fact that her Aunt Connie disappeared every now and then with one of these muscular guys behind her locked door and that they were doing the two-step tango in the horizontal position making enough noise to make us all laugh downstairs. The two daughters had a couple of creepy boyfriends that seemed more interested in smoking funny cigarettes than in giving them what they really wanted and they sort of gravitated to me as available "fresh meat" to take care of their immediate needs. Lucy was real generous in "lending" me out to her cousins on a temporary basis with the understanding I was to be returned immediately afterward in reasonably good shape for her own obvious personal use.

I was all in agreement with this arrangement because both of her cousins were absolute "dolls". They were picture perfect in every respect. The oldest one was called Heather and she was so quick to get her panties down that I thought they were playing some sort of trick on me but when she went into the "all fours" position and indicated her readiness to take it in either entry, I knew it was no joke and stuffed her pussy from behind with frenzied determination to make her have an orgasm before I had to spill my seeds. She had not one but two nice releases before I reached that point of no return riding her pretty flanks. Heather had the softest skin imaginable and sported a tattoo just above the top of her crack that simply said,

"Insert below!"

I followed the instructions to the letter and she was howling out her approval loud enough that her sister requested my services with an impatience that scared me a little bit because it usually took me a good half hour to recover unless the girl took me in her mouth and sucked me up with her wet tongue.

Her sister's name was Tiffany and she told me to call her "Tiff". I thought that sounded a bit masculine but I was not going to spoil things by not following her orders exactly. She wanted me flat on my back and slowly let her soaking wet pussy around my hardened cock until she was able to rest her delicious cheeks right on my happy groin splashing our joined juices with each meeting of our flesh. I knew she was enjoying it because she kept up a constant chatter of brilliant comment that showed me she was easily the smartest girl I had ever met under any circumstances. The fact she went straight to business without any detour for conversation put her up high in my book for being a "good" girl and I whispered to her about a possible repeat performance for the two of us just by ourselves. She was completely in accord with that and fell immediately into a convulsive orgasm that drenched my trousers with her juices and her pretty feminine scent covered me like a perfume of passion that caused Lucy to wrinkle her pretty nose in complete disgust.

We were almost ready to leave and return home when her Aunt requested my services in her bedroom to the cheers of all the others like I was some gladiator heading down to the arena to meet the lions with extended claws.

I will hold that story for another day but have to say it was a fantastic awakening to the delights of holding a mature woman in my arms.

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