The Concert

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, Size, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He wasn't pleased to be chaperoned to the concert by his aunt and her girlfriend. He was pleasantly surprised when they really got into the spirit of the concert - especially when the friend ground her shapely ass against his hard cock. Action in the crowded train after the concert and in the carpark gave him a whole new appreciation of his aunt and her friend.

I was not at all happy.

I knew that my concert experience would be terrible. My mum has insisted that I travel to and from the concert with my Aunt Cassie and her girlfriend.

I was 19 years old and I hardly needed to be chaperoned anywhere.

I was a young man who wanted to mingle with his friends and to scope out members of the opposite sex. I had hoped to hook up at the concert but being with my aunt and her friend was going to seriously limit my chances.

Cassie and her friend Stella were both 30 years old, both married with no kids. For mature women (in my eyes they were "old") they were quite attractive. Both were slender with nice bodies - Cassie was a short-haired blonde, and Stella was a short-haired brunette.

I had checked them out around the pool at home - they filled their bikinis quite well.

I was really surprised at the concert when Cassie and Stella really got into the swing of the concert. They were down near the front of the stage, and in the crush with all the other young people.

I started out standing with them, but the tide of people around us moved back and forth, parting me from them at times. It was so hard to find my friends that I decided to stay with my aunt and her friend.

After one of the mass movements of people, I found myself standing behind this tall redhead and her boyfriend. I estimated her to be about 17 years old and he was older. She had long red hair to the middle of her back, and a slim body with nice tits.

I watched from close quarters as he ground his crotch against her shapely ass, whilst slipping his hand around to grope at her braless tits. She had a short skirt on, and I could see his hand disappearing under it occasionally to touch her ass.

The sight was giving me a hardon.

Within a few minutes there was another mass movement of people. The movement of the tide of people moved him away from her by about 10 feet, and brought me to directly behind her. I found myself crushed against her back and ass, and I was soon rubbing my excited cock against her shapely ass.

She had no idea that her boyfriend was not behind her - she slipped her hand behind her and groped at my cock through my shorts.

She should have realised her mistake - I have quite a long and fat cock, and I suspect that his cock would not be anything like mine in size. But she continued to grope me, and responding to her touches I slipped a hand under her skirt to find that she was without any panties.

My hand cupped her pussy with a finger slipping between her very wet pussy lips and into her tight canal. I finger-fucked her steadily until I felt her cum on my fingers (I had fed her two fingers). I withdrew my fingers, and unhooked the front flap of my shorts to expose my cock.

I had these shorts on that had a velcro opening that could be fully opened to totally expose my cock. My friends had brought them for me as a joke, but I had insisted on wearing them much to their amusement.

With cock in hand, I directed the head and top of the shaft to between her thighs. The head pushed between her wet lips, collecting her dripping juices as I slid it back and forth. I was soon very wet and sticky and ready to slip it deeper into her wetness.

"Fuck" I gasped when the people tide moved again, taking me away from this fuckable redhead.

I slipped my cock back into my shorts and closed up the front as the tide took me back to near Cassie and Stella.

I finished up standing right behind Stella, and with the crush of people around us my erect cock was pressing against her shapely ass. She surprised me when she wiggled her ass against it after she saw that it was me.

"You are playing with fire" I whispered to her over the intense noise of the concert.

She responded by pushing her ass against my cock for a longer time.

"You asked for it" I hissed in her ear when I slipped my hand under the back of her skirt to find that she was too without panties. Evidently she had thrown them on to the stage with all the others during a previous song by the group on stage at the moment.

I cupped her pussy with my hand, with a finger probing between her wet pussy lips and into her tight canal.

I finger fucked her steadily whilst she pushed her hip against my erection.

I could feel her getting wetter, and soon I was feeling her pussy spasming around the finger in her pussy.

"Oh god" I heard her gasp when she orgasmed, locking her thighs around my hand to prevent its withdrawal. That was OK by me, I was enjoying finger-fucking her now very wet snatch.

I stayed there for the remainder of the concert - she had at least three cums during that time. My aunt was totally oblivious to the fucking that her friend was receiving as she stood beside her.

We headed towards the train station together after the concert. Stella's husband was collecting her at the destination station, and I was driving Cassie back home in my utility truck.

When Stella glanced at me, I licked my fingers, showing her that I had enjoyed her juices. She smiled.

The train station was crammed full of concert goers, and it took a while for us to get into a train carriage. We were to be standing near the doorway, with just a central column to hand on to for the twenty minute journey to our station.

We were packed into the carriage like sardines. I was again behind Stella who was holding the column facing Cassie.

When the doors closed and the train started to move slowly, I slipped my hand down between her thighs again to slide my fingers between her wet pussy lips. She co-operated by spreading her thighs slightly, allowing my finger to slip inside her wetness.

I finger-fucked her for a couple of minutes before I withdrew my hand. She pushed her ass back against me, encouraging me to continue. In response I released my cock from my shorts and with cock in hand I positioned it between her wet lips before pushing it into her tight wetness.

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