Shitty Shitty Bang Bang

by HAL

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Magic, Gay, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: People laugh at Deke's car, a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit. 120,000 miles plus. Described in the original sales brochure as 'Liquid Gold', I'd call it beige. Genuine Leatherette seats, shit hot 1.3litre engine. 0 - 60 in 17.5 seconds. Yet he still hangs on to it. Not because he can't afford another one ... okay not JUST because he can't afford another one. Also because it is magic. Kind of like a rather more sexual version of Herbie.

You don't believe me of course. I wouldn't believe me. So I'd better give you the full story.

Deke bought the car when he was a student. He was good at being a student, he worked quite hard, he partied quite hard; all things in moderation. And he had a car, it was cooler then, it went faster. More than all of that, the front seats folded down. The whole car became a big double bed. You could take girls for a romantic drive to see the dawn at Morwen Heights or for a weekend to Dragons' Teeth – the cliffs north of the Uni. Some girls felt happier sleeping in a car than a tent, don't know why. In his experience a tent was often warmer. But the dawns were great; actually taking Dawn to see the dawn was especially great. She was the first.

Yeah, he didn't sleep with every girl, perhaps word got round. The dawns from the Heights were reds and golds and yellows; the view was tremendous, sometimes four of them would go up; sometimes a few people drove up together. The climb was slow, the road wound up and up until the passengers would literally feel the car beginning to struggle to breath and then there they were, the highest spot in the three states. You had to arrive after dark because overnighting wasn't allowed, so they'd arrive when the day tourists had gone, the ranger information center and shop had closed, the sign 'Closed' had been put up (but the barrier was always left open after someone got stuck up there in a snowstorm and died in 1957).

But the salient fact was, then he was romantic, still is I guess, he didn't immediately try to get the girls pants off. Maybe Deke thought about it, maybe the first girl or two thought they'd have to fight him off; but they didn't and then they were more willing to come up. As I say, four went up once, three girls and Deke. Could have been a regular orgy; he could have boasted that it was, but he didn't and it wasn't. Maread beside Deke, Julie and Sue in the back. All very innocent. Okay plenty of tonsil tennis with all three that time (and noticeably between the three too, Deke enjoyed being a spectator too). Occasional feel maybe, a hand on the breast (even under the clothing) or up the skirt; even sometimes a bit of fingering; when the girl said stop, he stopped; end of. No; he just loved being there with a girl. He could remember each visit. And then Dragons' Teeth. Three bays each a V shape with a small river at the inland apex. Each line of cliffs like teeth. The southern bay had the town of Macrere Junction at the top of the valley; named after the railroad junction that was coming (and the man with the plan – Jospeh Macrere); plan was for a port on the sea, steep rail road up connecting to the through trains. Nothing happened except the town. No railroad through, no railway serving the harbour, no fucking harbour! All a pipe dream from a man with too much imagination and not enough money. Anyway, the middle bay was private - owned at different times by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and President Mugabe - and the northern bay had a small road down to the beach. You could sleep there and bath in the sea and wash in the stream and it was relaxing. All changed since the fucking great Holiday Inn was built for people to getaway from it all – except with room service and comfy beds and 350 channels on the TV and ... well it's all changed.

So they'd drive up North or up the mountain and it was peaceful and okay he'd get a hard on but no, the girls were safe, until Dawn. She was up for much, much more. As soon as they arrived that was obvious. They arrived in the dark and parked up in the picnic spot in a place he knew that wasn't too obvious but had a great view of the plain below when the sun came up. The stars were everywhere. It wasn't like she was Deke's first anywhere, just his first there. Was he her first? I doubt it, but she was tight and responsive and felt good. I suppose then all the girls were. They weren't fucking in school from the age of 14 or younger then. They started slow but it was obvious soon that she was losing any inhibitions. She took his hand and pushed it up her skirt. He took that as a green light, wound the front seats down flat and started to pull her panties and pantyhose off. "Patience" she said not 'stop', "We've got all night" when he tried to unzip himself.

"I know" he replied "I figure if we start early we'll have time for more fun" Or at least he would have said that if she hadn't shoved her tongue in Deke's mouth around 'start'. She admitted later that she had decided it was time. She'd been 'good' until then. He never asked if she'd shagged before coming to Uni. Bit personal to ask questions like that on a first date. Five minutes after that scintillating conversation he was in her; right in. He was rough he knew, but when he got the 'enter now' flag he did just that; Deke rammed it in her hard and came quickly. He was right about needing the rest of the night. She was a bit irritated, he could tell. Saying "sorry I've been wanking for weeks, you're the first cunt I've had for ages I just needed to get it done" didn't seem to cover it, even if that was true, so he kept quiet. Firmly she pushed him down her body and he got the message. Luckily he'd wanked into his own hand before and tasted it (hasn't everyone? No? Well, Deke was always curious) so he didn't find licking her slit with his cum leaking out particularly disgusting. He gave her front arse a good clean and she came after a while and was happy. Then, about another 30 minutes later Deke was ready again and figured she owed him a suck now. Pushing her down, she was surprisingly okay with it. He thought 'I'm sticky with congealed semen and so probably not too nice' but she got the dick working again. It came up and she was having a real go at getting him off. He wondered if she would swallow and then dismissed the idea. He wanted her on her back with him deep, deep inside that lovely tight tube of pleasure. So he had her more slowly this time once he was up. Well like I say, that was the first; I won't go into (more) detail. Suffice to say they stayed all night and went home for a sleep!

After that the girls were less safe, but always happy. Deke never had a permanent girlfriend but he did get a good reputation on Fuckbook – an offline college listing that girls maintained contrary to college rules and decency. The boys were never organised or honest enough to maintain such a list; all the entries would be 'fucked her good both ways'; boys tend to be lying pricks where fucking is concerned. If anything girls lie the opposite way – a girl will let you fuck her arse to oblivion and then claim she gave you a good night kiss! So the girls were anonymous with only the female student president having a key for the numbers to names – which were re-assigned each year, making it harder to trace who they might be. Like I said, Deke got B I believe - that is good; it means good fuck and tries hard to reciprocate. No one has ever received A* (best fuck ever and over the moon orgasm).

One evening, in Deke's second year he took this girl up and she was moderately pretty. They'd been to the bay with friends a couple of weeks beforehand and she really wanted to see the dawn; he thought she was suggesting it to get him alone (they hadn't fucked when the others were with them). Turned out she wanted to see the dawn. At the mountain she said she really wanted to watch the dawn and though he tried a couple of times to fondle her tits, she just said "Do you mind if we don't?" She would have been in no position to stop him if he'd forced her, and I doubt any jury would convict him of more than bad manners, but he did nothing. She wanted the dawn and that was fine. Then she said "Let's get naked to watch. Are you all right with that?" Well, yes, he could deal with seeing this girl stark naked; as for him, he got off with girls seeing him balls-to-the-wind, usually.

So, at 5am he's looking at the naked girl's arse as she stretches to the rising sun; and he's feeling embarrassed as the cold has shrunk his prick to a pimple size gnat bite, whilst he can see her nipples are probably longer than his dick! They watch, arm in arm as the sun rises over the horizon and then she says "I should let you fuck me now, out of thanks I suppose. I wouldn't have got up here otherwise, and you've been very patient. It would be my first time, so..."

"Oh, that's okay" he says "I've had a lot of fun" thinking 'I really, really want to bend you over the bonnet and fuck you until you are red raw' but he knew she didn't want to so he passed. She sat on the car's bonnet and said:

"Thank you for such a lovely attitude. I pass my pleasure to your car"

Deke just thought she was weird, then he suddenly felt like the front of the car was a smile (headlights - eyes, radiator – mouth) and her naked arse sitting on it was the cause. He smiled when a girl's naked arse sat on him after all. He'd not noticed the face on the front before. He did now.

Angel explained that she was a fairy witch (Deke thought "I'm glad I didn't fuck you. I'm sure fucking loonies is against the law in some places") and she had passed a blessing to the car.

"That's nice" he said, "Thank you" and thought 'I can't wait to dump this crazy bitch (with the lovely bottom and perky tits and I wish I'd had her when I had the chance) back at her Sorority House and get the fuck out of here'

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