Hannah's Innocence Lost
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mothers make a sex date for 14-year-old Hannah and 15-year-old Adam. Hannah is technically a virgin, although mom has opened the channel so her first time is painless. Adam is a slightly experienced stud muffin who delights in breaking in first timers. It's a new era a few decades hence, and parents arranging sexual partners for their children is now common. Society has realized it's a healthier way for kids to grow sexually.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism  

"Ready to go, stud?" Jennifer Cox said to her 15-year-old son Adam.

Adam blushed, but his cock twitched a little. "Yeah."

Out the front door and into the car they went. Adam rode shotgun as his mother drove to the Interstate. Twenty minutes down I-40 and a few twists and turns into the West Meade neighborhood and they were pulling into a driveway.

Adam's heart raced, and his cock hardened completely as he anticipated what he'd be doing. Jennifer and Adam were part of the latest trend in parenting. Moms and dads were making blind dates for their young teenagers to help them learn about sex.

Jennifer had met Lisa Strong through an Internet site that helped families find each other when their children were ready for sexual congress. Lisa's 14-year-old daughter Hannah was developing and feeling sexual urges. Lisa told Jennifer that Hannah was masturbating and probably fooling around during sleepovers with other girls. Lisa felt it was time for her daughter to go to the next level with a boy.

For Adam, this was his third blind date with a young virgin. He'd enjoyed the first two immensely, and his mother had coached him on his technique. He was confident he'd be better than ever today.

Adam lost his virginity in a similar manner to experienced 16-year-old Kayla Taylor a few months ago on a blind date set up by his mother for that purpose. He'd been practicing with his mother ever since, sometimes with coaching from his dad. One day he'd get to deflower his sister, Ashley, but she was still 10 and too young.

Jennifer hung back as they approached the front door. Adam rang the doorbell. In a moment, the door swung open and he was face to face with beautiful Hannah. She wore a sun dress, and he could noticed small bumps on her chest. Her brown eyes and page boy haircut were accented by a smile.

"Hi, I'm Adam," the boy said with a nervous smile.

"I'm Hannah. Would you like to come in?" the girl whispered as she stared at her date. Adam's smooth cheeks and blue eyes were cute, and his carefully tousled hair gave him a casual air that she liked. He had a sweet, shy smile.

She was bashful at the moment, but Hannah had made an effort to attract Adam. His cherubic face and good looks made him highly desirable among girls ready to cross the threshold of womanhood. With her mother's help, she'd prepared a sex video of herself masturbating and penetrating her vagina with a vibrator so that Adam would know she was capable of being an exciting sex partner.

She had a powerful orgasm as she looked into the camera her mother was holding. It thrilled her to send him the sex video and when he replied positively. This was to be the culmination of the mating process.

Hannah stood back, and her mother came forward to greet the guests. "Hello, I'm Lisa. It's a pleasure to meet you, Adam. Come in."

Extending her hand, Lisa shook Adam's and then turned to Jennifer with a smile and a greeting between knowing mothers. Hannah led them to the living room and sat on the sofa. She and Adam eyed each other slyly as the mothers talked and tittered. It was after lunch, and Lisa offered coffee, milk and cookies, which were graciously accepted.

After more inane small talk, Lisa began guiding the conversation to the purpose of the boy's visit. "Adam, your mother tells me you're experienced with girls," she said euphemistically.

"I guess," he mumbled, not wanting to brag and still felling a little bashful in front of Hannah because of her beauty and because of his mission. He tried to imagine Hannah naked, and his hard-on twitched in his pants.

"I know you and Hannah are looking forward to your date, and I've picked out a movie we can watch first. Would you like that?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Adam wasn't expecting a movie. He thought he was here for something else, but he knew it was no time to argue.

They adjourned to the den where comfy chairs were arrayed for a great view of the large-screen television.

"You two sit on the sofa," Lisa said to the youngsters.

The mothers each sat in an easy chair flanking the sofa. The mothers had established that both families were 420 friendly, and even the kids occasionally got stoned, so Lisa lit and passed a bowl she'd prepared. She dimmed the lights and reached for a remote. It soon became evident this wasn't going to be a Batman movie.

A beautiful young couple barely older than Adam and Hannah appeared, walking and laughing in a park. With a well-executed fade, the scene changed to the girl's bedroom. The boy and girl stood beside the bed in an eager embrace. They kissed passionately as their hands roamed each other's body. His hands were on the girl's bottom, and her hands were between them, fondling his manhood through his pants.

Adam and Hannah watched the movie without blinking, each secretly feeling the sexual heat rising.

On screen, the couple's clothes melted away, and the two teens were on the bed. Their passionate kissing continued, and now their hands were exploring without hesitation. The boy sucked the girls breasts. Cunnilingus and fellatio followed.

Virgin Hannah watched spellbound as the girl in the movie lay back and opened her legs to the camera and to her lover. Hannah had seen porn, so she wasn't shocked. She was transported by the gentle, romantic nature of this movie, which featured kids who could be her schoolmates. She was transfixed, and her pussy was pulsing. She wanted to masturbate, but she didn't dare with guests in the room.

The couple in the movie proceeded for another 15 or 20 minutes. The boy in the movie gently mounted his partner and penetrated her slick channel. She pumped her hips as he pumped her pussy and finally shuddered on top of her while expelling his fluid. The camera focused on their united genitals as his tight ball sac pulsated and he injected her. He slowly lifted from atop the girl, and the camera captured the semen dripping from her sex.

Two more scenes of young people making love unfolded on the screen over the next 45 minutes. Adam and Hannah were each desperate to touch themselves, and their mothers were equally aroused.

Lisa turned up the lights after the third scene ended and looked down at the wide-eyed youngsters as smoke hung in the room.

"What did you think, honey?" she said to Hannah.

"Wow," was all the 14-year-old could mutter, kicking her feet nervously.

"Are you ready to do that with Adam?"

"I guess so," Hannah replied slowly.

"Are you ready, Adam?"

"Yeah," he replied with more enthusiasm, glancing from Hannah to her mother.

"Let's go upstairs, then."

Lisa had chosen the master bedroom for the special event because the bed was bigger and so that she and Jennifer would have a place to sit while the youngsters mated. It was customary for parents to help when one of the kids was a virgin this young.

Hannah sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor. The mothers quietly seated themselves on a sofa that was a few feet from the bed. Adam sat next to his date and put his hand over hers as it rested on her knee. "Hi," he said.

"Hi," she replied softly, continuing to stare at the carpet.

"You're very pretty, and you seem very nice."

"Thanks," she said.

Hannah was eager to proceed with Adam, but she was reluctant to show it. She appreciated his touch. Slowly, he rubbed the back of her hand and up her arm. She smiled as she watched him touch her.

His hand lifted her chin slightly, and they looked into each other's eyes. Adam leaned forward to kiss Hannah. She closed her eyes and leaned in to meet his lips. Their first contact was tentative, but then they became more confident.

Each was motivated by lust, but Hannah was also somewhat smitten by Adam. He seemed so nice and respectful of her. And he was very cute. She hoped she could meet his expectations, whatever they might be.

Adam was attracted to Hannah's girlishness. She was barely starting puberty. Her face looked younger than 14, especially with her short haircut. Her breasts were almost undetectable beneath the sun dress. She was slender and almost boyish in her physique.

Hannah felt Adam's tongue interrupting their closed-mouth kiss. She'd practiced this with girlfriends. She opened her mouth to admit him, and their tongues began to parry in the wetness. She put her arms around him, and he pulled her closer.

Lisa Strong sat nervously as she anticipated her daughter's first coitus. Jennifer Cox, on the other hand, felt unconstrained lust as she anticipated watching Adam take another virgin. She totally loved to see her son debauch little girls with his beautiful adolescent cock, and she knew she'd be fucking her husband's brains out before the end of the night as she told him about their son's latest conquest.

The children's torrid kissing continued, and Adam's hand began caressing Hannah. He roamed down her back and grasped her bottom, pulling her into him more closely. The girl responded with a hand on the back of Adam's head to help lock their mouths together. Adam kneaded her buttocks, and thrills shot through her body.

Without interrupting their kiss, they rolled back onto the bed and subtly writhed against each other as Adam continued fondling Hannah's posterior. Emboldened, she let her hand glide down his back until she was grasping his buns, too.

Adam's hand slid up her side and onto her chest, where he grasped a tiny tit with his thumb and forefinger. She wasn't wearing a bra and was so small she had no use for one. He gently squeezed her nipple, feeling that it was no larger than his own, even when excited.

Unbeknownst to the lovers, Lisa's video camera in the corner was recording every moment in HD glory. Her husband would watch it tonight, and the family would enjoy the memory for years to come. Hannah would be embarrassed the first few times it was played for family and friends but would eventually associate it with a glorious moment in her life.

Two straps across the shoulders held Hannah's sundress up, and Adam skillfully reached for the buttons that fastened the straps behind the shoulders. Trained by his mother, he deftly released one button and then the other.

They broke their kiss, and Hannah blushed as he pulled the front of her dress down to expose her nascent boobies. Barely bumps on her chest, they were smaller than half of a ping-pong ball. The areola were the size of a dime. Even aroused, the nipples were tiny bumps.

Adam stared at them and lowered his head to begin suckling. Hannah felt electricity jolt through her body as the boy's mouth attach to her titty. He alternated between grasping her nipple with his lips and licking it. Hannah was on fire with desire, her virgin pussy lubricating and swelling with the need for a penis.

The teenager's cock throbbed in his pants as he rubbed it against Hannah's leg. She subtly humped back at him and thrilled to his oral attentions on her tiny breast.

He released his grasp and licked across her chest to the unmolested tit before latching his lips to it and repeating the ministrations that had inflamed her while he sucked the first one. His hand was taking complete liberties with her bottom through the sun dress, pressing into the crack and down toward her pussy. He could tell she was hot and bothered down there. She pushed her pelvis against him.

He moved back and forth between the tiny tits, stimulating the virgin and exciting himself because he loved to suck on titties. His boy cock was throbbing and leaking in his briefs.

Adam's hand roamed to the hem of the dress and began pulling it up her legs. His hand reached beneath the frock and cupped her bottom again, separated from her intimate skin by thin cotton panties. Reaching in from behind, his finger rubbed the wet spot in her secret place. Hannah's hips lurched at the first contact. With his mouth on her nipple and his fingers caressing her slit, she was losing her mind to desire.

The boy slipped his fingers inside her panties and began rubbing her slippery lower lips. His mother proudly watched him smoothly seduce the virgin, who was thrusting her hips as if she were copulating.

Adam slid his hand around, and pushed it down the front of her panties. Hannah groaned with desire as his fingers entered her slit and touched her aroused clitty. Skillfully, the boy brought her on heat the way his mother taught him.

The girl's moaning was constant as he rubbed the little nub. Her mother taught her the secret of the magic button when Hannah was 12, and she'd been masturbating ever since, but it never felt as good as Adam's finger felt now. Pulses of pleasure were shooting through her body, and pressure was building in her groin. The unmistakable signs were becoming more intense until the explosion happened deep inside.

The 14-year-old cried out as a powerful orgasm slammed through her body. She shrieked and stiffened as Adam continued manipulating her lovebud. Her hips lurched as she keened her pleasure. Stars exploded in her mind, and she cried out in pleasure.

Even though she'd watched her daughter orgasm before, Lisa was startled — and pleased — by the intensity of the girl's cum. The pressure, need and desire that mother skillfully built in her daughter in advance of her first mating combined with Adam's nimble ministrations produced a delirium of titanic proportions for the youngster.

Adam sensed that Hannah's peak was passing and withdrew his finger before she became too sensitive. The girl slowly came down from her sexual high and opened her eyes to see Adam kneel on the bed and reach for the waistband of her panties. Pushing the hem of her dress higher, he saw the word "Virgin" embroidered in pink on the front of the white panties, a special touch arranged by Hannah's mother.

With fingers beneath the elastic on each hipbone, he pulled the fabric down and revealed the unbetrodden temple. Lisa had shaved Hannah's vulva so that she looked prepubescent for her first lover. Her tiny slit hid everything within, but slick juices showed that the girl wasn't as innocent as she first appeared.

Adam extended his hands in invitation for Hannah to grasp them and pulled her into a sitting position. The children cooperated to remove her dress, leaving Hannah in her birthday suit. Or, in this case, her deflowering suit.

She lay back, and Adam smoothly skimmed off his clothes. The mothers each silently delighted at the sight of his smooth, taut buns and his twitching circumcised cock. Aside from his head, the only hair on his body was a small patch at the base of his 4-inch dick. His chest was smooth and flawless. All of the females noticed the cockhead wet with pre-cum. Adam knelt at Hannah's feet and pushed her knees apart. He looked down and admired her feminine treasure.

The boy bent and kissed the inside of her left knee, slowly creating a trail of wet kisses up the inside of her thigh. He stopped when he reached the crease of her leg and torso and moved to the right knee to repeat the process. Hannah, her eyes closed, moaned with pleasure and anticipation as she enjoyed the most intoxicating pleasure of her young life. She savored every kiss on her sensitive inner thighs and longed desperately for him to apply his lips to hers.

Once he'd traveled up her right leg, Adam paused before lowering his mouth to Hannah's shaved lips. He kissed up and down her slit before extending his tongue slightly to tentatively enter her sex. The aroma of her arousal intoxicated him.

He savored the taste of her feminine liqueur while repeatedly, subtly dipping his tongue into her pleasure valley. The girl moaned with pleasure and anticipation as she experienced her first cunnilingus from a boy.

Purposefully, Adam became more insistent with his tongue, fastening his lips to hers and probing her sex hungrily. He lapped at her sex hole and devoured the copious juices until slowly focusing more on the little bud that gave her so much pleasure.

Hannah lurched at his first insistent lick and twisted her body from the intense pleasure. Still, he became more focused in his lapping and maintained his purpose as he stimulated her toward another orgasm.

Hannah lifted her hips to push her pussy toward Adam's tongue, the same way she would lift them later to welcome his cock. She rocked her hips as if responding to a thrusting penis and climbed toward another orgasm. The force began building deep inside of her.

The girl moaned and knew another climax was about to happen. She opened her eyes briefly to see Adam's face between her legs and then looked into her mother's eyes as the explosion ripped through her body.

Spasms of pleasure rocked her, enhanced by Lisa's warm smile. The knowing look of approval as her daughter came on the boy's tongue propelled Hannah higher. She cried out with excruciating pleasure as her mind exploded.

Her eyes closed, and she felt orgasmic waves roll and roll through her body. Adam slowed the tempo as Hannah returned to earth, licking her slowly and more gently until her eyes opened and she smiled at him.

The moment of truth had arrived. Adam rose to his knees and moved forward.

"Would you like for me to hold your hand the first time?" Lisa asked.

Hannah bit her lower lips, looked at her mother and nodded subtly. Lisa moved to the edge of the bed, and took her little girl's outstretched hand.

"Lift your knees and open your legs," she gently instructed her virgin daughter. "Offer him your pussy."

Obediently, Hannah presented her sex to the first boy who would conquer it. She looked down to see his 4-inch circumcised cock twitching and bobbing a few inches from her sex hole. His tiny patch of pubic hair was alone on his otherwise smooth body. The tip was wet with precum.

Her eyes roamed up to his face, and she saw him stare at her with lust. Those beautiful blue eyes were wide, and his chest heaved as he breathed deeply.

Adam looked down at her titty bumps and then to her bare, pink vulva. Her lips were swollen and wet, boldly inviting his cock into her warm grotto.

The boy bent over her, supporting himself with one hand while reaching with the other to guide his cock. Lisa put her hand between them and opened Hannah's pussy to the boy while continuing to hold the trembling girl's hand.

Adam guided his cock to Hannah's hole and paused with it lodged at the opening. He looked into Lisa's eyes, saw her approval and then looked into Hannah's. Slowly he pushed into the warm, wet channel. The hymen had been gone for days, busted with a vibrator by Lisa, who wanted this moment to be painless and pleasurable for her daughter.

Hannah whimpered as she was taken.

Effortlessly, he pushed into the girl, officially ending her virginity. She moaned as she felt the shaft penetrating her temple. Pleasure rippled through each child as they consummated their desire. Jennifer slipped her hand beneath her skirt and rubbed her pantiless pussy, proudly watching her son deflower another one.

From her vantage point, she had a perfect view of their coupling, Adam's balls resting against Hannah's bottom as he held himself fully inside of her. The girl lifted her pelvis to take her lover as deeply as possible, and they each pressed hard to savor and prolong the moment of her first full penetration.

Adam slowly lifted his hips to withdraw a few inches and then slid his cock back into the girl. Mother and daughter each had tears of joy in their eyes as Hannah crossed the threshold to womanhood. They continued to grip each other's hand.

"Good girl. Give him your pussy," Lisa softly encouraged her daughter.

The boy withdrew again, and Jennifer could see her son's cock was coated with Hannah's lubrication. He'd prepared the girl well, and the virgin was ready for the moment. Adam thrust a little faster and harder, barely pausing before pulling back again for another lunge.

Jennifer loved the sight of her son's balls bouncing against the little girl. Each of them had smooth, clear skin, and the cheeks of Adam's bottom were as pink as the cheeks of his face.

"Take her, Adam. Her pussy's for your pleasure. Fuck her hard," Lisa urged her daughter's ravisher.

The kids continued to pick up the pace. Adam thrust more rapidly, and Hannah lifted her hips each time to meet him, wordlessly begging him to plunge as deeply as possible. Everyone lost count of how many times the boy had shoved in and out of the eager young cunt.

"Fuck her tight little pussy. She almost looks too young to fuck, but you're doing it, Adam. You took my little girl's virginity, and now you're going to inseminate her while I watch," Lisa said proudly.

She gazed down on her daughter and thrilled at the sight of the girl's first fuck. She looked beautiful with Adam's head next to hers as the real business of the moment was transacted down below.

"That's it, sweetie. Let him fuck you," mother continued. "You were made for this."

Adam's excitement was building. His mother had teased him before they left home, everyone had watched teen porn movies together and he'd seduced Hannah — all without cumming himself. Teenage boys in that situation can't last much longer.

"Feel that stiff cock being shoved inside of you?"

"Oh God yes, Mommy. I love it."

"You're going to spend much of the rest of your life like that, honey, with a hard penis thrusting in and out of your hot box."

"Mmmmmmmm," Hannah wailed.

The pressure in Adam's balls was growing. Jennifer saw they were pulled up tightly and knew his climax was imminent. He was primed. His fuse was short. He lifted his torso to put more force behind his thrusts.

Lisa grabbed one of Hannah's tits with her spare hand, squeezing the little nipple.

The room was silent except for Adam's grunting and the sluicing sound between Hannah's legs.

The first sign was a loud groan, followed by a hard shove to bury his boyish dick as deeply as he could. Jennifer looked at the merged genitals and saw Adam's nuts twitching and his prostate pumping.

Everyone in the room knew the little girl was receiving her first insemination, and Lisa silently hoped that many more would follow in Hannah's lifetime. The health benefits of semen were widely known, and regular injections led to happier and healthier women and girls.

Hannah was so thrilled by the moment that she subconsciously clasped Adam's boy cock with her cunt muscles, gripping him tightly and encouraging him to give her all of his seed.

For Adam, the sensations were overpowering. He pushed as deeply into Hannah as he could and let go with spurt after spurt, filling her unprotected cavity with sperm. The Norplant for Little Misses — approved in the year 2020 for girls as young as 10 — was the only assurance that Hannah wasn't being bred.

Spasms wracked his body, and he groaned with each one. Every pulse extended his bliss and encouraged him to stay on the girl and give her more.

Each mother was proud — and aroused — at the children's beautiful mating dance.

Hannah turned her head and kissed his cheek as he began to relax. She wrapped her arms around his back and whispered sweet words in his ear, thanking him for being her first. Adam kissed her on the lips before lifting himself and rolling onto his back to catch his breath. He stared at the ceiling. His turgid and twitching dick dripped onto his smooth abdomen.

Lisa soothed her daughter's brow. "Keep your legs open, honey. Let's take a picture."

Mom picked up her smartphone and moved to the foot of the bed. Cum oozed from Hannah's freshly fucked pussy and dripped to the bed. Lisa leaned forward and snapped pictures with the sperm-laden young cunt in the foreground and Hannah's smiling face behind it, the titty bumps topping her chest.

"Oh, perfect. I'll send one to daddy," she said while dispatching a text.

She took more photos of Adam and his cock, memorializing the penis fresh from Hannah's first fuck. She thought excitedly of the video camera in the corner and anticipated watching it with her husband.

The sound of an incoming text emanated from her phone. "Daddy says he's proud of you and that you look good enough to eat, honey," mother reported.

Lisa returned to her chair while the kids returned to earth. Hannah and Adam propped up on their elbows and looked at the wide-eyed mothers.

"Wow!" Hannah exclaimed. She looked first to her pussy, then to Adam's cock and finally to his face. "That was awesome."

Her stare returned to his twitching cock.

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