You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

by maryjane

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Incest, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Magda, a Vegas call girl, is pregnant by an Unknown Sperm Donor. She marries Kevin, a Dallas gazillionaire. Her daughter Sonja grows up and ultimately follows Magda into The Life. Magda is destined for success.


It was bitchin' hot in the air outside our oversized Mansion on Midos Lane, not helped either by the lake on one side or the verdant fairway on the other side and the back of the house. But inside, aided by several ten-ton air conditioners, Mom and I were comfortably naked in the 'media room', protected by blackout shades to keep the full wall video screen's fuck flick picture sharp.

Step-Dad wasn't with us. He was supposedly at a Technology Conference at Lake Tahoe. I guess he really was, but the only sessions he likely attended were one-on-one conferences with his arm candy secretary in his hotel suite, the one with the heart shaped bed and the heart shaped bathtub. The only electronic sounds were probably her high pitched serious blonde screams as he pronged her ass.

Mom knew all about the slut, and she had no hesitation about filling me with all the details. It was one of those crazy marriages; she knew he fucked anything with a hole and he knew that she spread her legs for Neiman money when he wasn't home. The problem was that she had married Step-Dad when he was already filthy rich and so he had her completely tied up by a pre-nup agreement that gave her shit if she ever divorced him. Like the smart retired whore that she was, she decided to stay with him.

She and I, though naked, were comfortably stretched out on recliners covered by soft beach towels, positioned to keep our adjoining seats free from our bodily fluids as we watched the whore on the screen putting on her masturbation show for some naked dude with eleven inches of firm black cock pointing at her. Mom's eyes were fixed on the whore's pink cunt as she, Mom, diddled her clit and squeezed her nipples, softly moaning and whispering my name. I on the other hand was ignoring the video, watching Mom, inhaling her sexy aroma and staring at her cunt while I finger fucked myself with my thumb and at the same time using my middle finger to explore my bowels. Hence the need for the towels.

As usual, we orgasmed simultaneously, she groaning and I screaming. When our heart rate returned to normal, she gave me the usual complaint.

"Sonja, I miss your fucking Step-father. I wish he was here in bed with us now."

As usual, I had no response. I just continued with my quest for a second orgasm. Then...

"Mom, I need a cock."

"Me too. Let's go wake up your brother, ' was her response.


The balance of this saga took place a couple of years ago.

Really, truly, I hate to begin this little tale by bragging about myself, but it's a necessary part of the story. I am, and I say this in all honest humility and with all due respect to others, I am unquestionably the hottest 'wet dream' in my entire 1,853 home gated community just outside Dallas, and very possibly in the entire State of Texas. Unfortunately, and likely because of that 'wet dream' status, I happen to be the worst 'cock-tease' in both of those jurisdictions. On the other side of the ledger, I do give fantastic hand-jobs, or so I'm told. I know, I know, that might mean than I'm not such a 'cock-tease' after all. Fuck it; let's just agree that I'm neither a Dictionary nor a Thesaurus.

I was pretty as a child, and then lovely in college. I suppose that I will one day be called beautiful, but that's not supposed to happen until a girl's late twenties. That's only my face, however. My girl bumps, OK, let's call them tits, make every other woman jealous, and every man erect. Same with my ass in tight jeans; I can feel their eyes burning right through the fabric. I just can't help it, but frankly I get off on it.

Here's the problem. It's a sexual one, obviously. My favorite foreplay is with my own two fingers, and my favorite cock is leather with three AAA batteries inside, batteries which have to be changed quite often. Not that I'm complaining about that, you understand. We can afford them.

My sexuality was inherited directly from Mom. She spent her entire adult life on her back with her legs spread. Understand please that when I say on her back, I use the expression generically. In fact, though I only have her word for parts of it, back could mean knees, or hands and knees, or knees and elbows with her face on a pillow, or pulling a train, or popping out of a cake at a bachelor party to do one and all, or munching carpeting, and sometimes being supporting actress in a fuck flick, with all possible combinations of the three female openings and the three male pieces that fit together with them. All in all, she had no compunctions.

My older brother Vlad, my Irish Twin, pushed and screamed his way out of Mom's birth canal just eleven months ahead of me. Every December, we were both the same age in years, until the turn of the calendar put him a year older than me once again. Still in the crib when I showed up, we had no choice but to grow up as the best of friends.

We never knew our father (or fathers, more likely). That was because Mom never named him/them. When Vlad and I were grown up enough to understand how Mom supported the family (the three of us and a live-in Nanny named Wanda), she referred to Vlad's father as Sperm Donor One, and to mine as Sperm Donor Two. When we got old enough to realize that intelligent whores always insist that their Johns wear raincoats, we surmised that Mom had been too drunk to insist on protection on at least those two nights. Or maybe actually in love, though not likely.

There was very little nudity around the apartment but still, there was a hell of a lot of 'comfort clothing'. As youngsters, Vlad and I shared the bath tub, under Wanda's watchful eyes. Once we dried off, he wore loose basketball shorts, with nothing underneath, and I wore a tee shirt as a night gown, modestly shielding my naked pubes to a point halfway down to my knees. Mom and Wanda, for some strange reason, always wore matching teddies, and for another strange reason, always shared Mom's bed, unless Mom had overnight company. Vlad and I remained virgins until high school, and it wasn't until then that we accidentally 'caaught' the two of them mouths to pussies.

Wanda had taught the two of us to leave the bathroom door opened when we peed, but we attached no significance to the lack of privacy and view of each other's naked body. It wasn't until high school that I walked past Vlad and saw that he had finished peeing and was in the middle of whacking off. I smiled to myself but instead of walking on to my bedroom, I put my back against the wall opposite the bathroom door and slid down to stare. When he realized that I was sitting there, he turned bright red and kicked the door to close it. My foot stuck out and held it open.

"What are you staring at?" he snapped.

"Nothing much," my bitch side joining the conversation with the usual insult.

"Go away then", Vlad's voice leaving me unsure if he was snarling or pleading.

Bitch Sonja pressed on. "Do those things come in adult sizes?"

He pulled his arm back as if to hit me, but we were much too far away from each other. Then he pulled his arm down and began to laugh. He pulled the door fully open. "Come on in and I'll show you".

I walked in, pulling up the bottom of my tee shirt to sit on the cold ceramic of the bathtub, not so accidentally exposing my damp pussy. His eyes focused on my curly cunt hair, his whole manner making it clear that he didn't think of me as his kid sister. Vlad turned to face me, holding his cock pointed at me, maybe a foot or two from my eyes. His hand was stationary, as if he was showing the visible crown like a salesperson. A single clear drop oozed from his dual purpose slit, and I knew that it wasn't piss.

My finger reached out to touch that drop. Nonchalantly I swiped the droplet off of his cock and brought it to my tongue. Nonchalantly, because it was not my first taste of pre-cum. Nonchalantly, because it really didn't taste like anything at all.

Slowly, as the groan of a locomotive as it began to exit a station, my brother's hand pulled the skin of his meat, a routine six inch weapon, the reddish crown remaining in view. Gradually, as each car behind the locomotive pulled away from the one in back to which it was attached, the train (hand) began to speed up. My eyes concentrated on his slit, waiting for it to deliver its load of creamy semen. His hand became blurry with speed. My eyes alternated from Vlad's cock to his face. His mien changed from wide eyed lust to closed eyes, his face presenting a look of excitement as it contemplated that first spurt of release. Idly I wondered if I would someday pull a train with Mom, or maybe with Wanda.

My left hand went around Vlad's ass, not so much pulling him toward me as just holding him in place so that he couldn't move backward. My right hand went between my legs, soaking in the lubrication of my lust, pinching my clit in an attempt to have us cum simultaneously. He moved toward me, offering his crown against the lips of my mouth. I shook my head, pulling back. I had no desire to have him cum in my mouth. His face showed disappointment but he continued to stroke.

He groaned, the lowing of a hungry cow in the field, the sound announcing his arrival at the tense and exquisite moment of that first ejaculation of the juice of orgasm. The spurt leapt across the few inches between us and hit my left eye. Instinctively I closed my eyes to protect them although I realized that the fruits of his lust would not damage eyes. The next hit my cheek, and the remainder splashed against my tee shirt.

He stood, I sat, as we both patiently waited for our breathing to return to normal.

"Sonja, my hot little sister, why didn't you let me cum in your mouth?"

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