Chapter 1: The Predator and the Beautiful

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Predator and the Beautiful - At the exclusive Knight Taboo Swinger's Klub, Maré plans to implement a sexual encounter that involves his hot lesbian friend Monica, her wife, Samantha, and two of the hottest porn stars in the adult world Amy Anderssen and Abella Danger.

It was sunny and warm in Jacksonville, Florida. Cruising up the streets in a white Audi S5 Convertible and basking in the sun along were Monica and her wifey, Samantha. The backseats were packed with their Prada and Gucci carrier bags, which marked the termination of a long shopping spree. Monica, on the pilot seat, chatted and laughed with her mate. The uptempo music blaring from the car had the latter dancing to the beat. She shook her head, letting her ponytail twirl like a bunch of wild vines and so bringing the kid out of Monica like no other.

Arriving at Monica's penthouse and entering through the double doors, the duo walked inside the glass living room. They dropped their bags on the floor and slouched on the couch to ward off the exhaustion of lengthy shop-ventures.

"What a day, baby!" Monica said with a sigh. "That venture has beaten us down to the bones!"

Samantha laughed, kissing her mate on the cheek. "Yeah, we did some running around! I am happy for lovely gifts you bought me, and specially for those... " she paused, looking at the bag that contained a pair of long glossy toys.

Monica followed her gaze and grinned. "You deserve those, my love," she replied. "I get lots for free 'cause people 'take me for my 'twin' Ruby Rose!"

Samantha cupped Monica's face and kissed her full on the mouth.

"What was that? A kiss at home?"

"That's my way of saying thanks," Samantha replied, giving her a wink.

"I like your ways cause they are my ways. And speaking of the ways, Maré will be coming here tomorrow! He's gonna stay with us for a few."

"Oh, really. How's he doing?"

"We didn't talk much, but his intonation had some excitement. Perhaps, he's gonna see some girls here."

"You mean he's seeing us?"

"I mean the girls beside us," Monica rejoined.

"Yeah, he's into girls wherever he goes but we definitely know how to show out of towners love," Samantha jested. She got up and stood by the window, looking out at the beach below.

Monica's eyes fell on Samantha's curvalicious body. Instantaneously, she got wet. An avid Predator as she was and leaping up, she crept over to Samantha. Setting her raven locks aside, she kissed her neck and sucked an earlobe. Closing her eyes, Samantha sighed.

"I wanna make love to you," Monica whispered in her ear. "Are you ready to be my prey, Beautiful?"

Samantha turned around and responded by pressing her full lips against Monica's. They continued kissing, deliriously hugging each other. Samantha's mammoth jugs squashed in a perfect alignment with Monica's small chest. She laughed, closing her eyes and letting Monica kiss her neck. The bussed, fondling each other. Samantha opened her lips, welcoming Monica's tongue into her mouth. Sucking it, she let Monica's hands roam over her back and unzip her diaphanous minidress. The flimsy fabric smoothly glided down her body like a tongue flicking over a pussy.

Monica led Samantha into her master bedroom. She grabbed her by the shoulders and made her lie down on the queen bed. Almost instantly, she hovered atop her wifey and they kissed a new. Monica had to break the kiss as she pulled her wife beater over her head and tossed it off. Reclaiming Samantha's lips, she began an osculatory tour of her splendid mountains and valleys. Licking Samantha's neck down to her cleavage, she grabbed her jugs and avidly devoured a mouthful of the succulent flesh. She lapped her cleavage up and licked down to her underbust. Slobbering her jugs around and licking her erogenous nubs that jutted out, she sucked them until Samantha moaned and strained her torso.

Monica showered her wifey's jugs and stomach with a trail of butterfly kisses. Loitering at her crotch, she licked each groin and parted her soft round thighs. As she zeroed in on the wet quivering snatch, Samantha murmured, "Yes baby! I am yours."

Holding Samantha's thighs apart, Monica licked her pussy lips up. Samantha shuddered, closing her eyes for the blissful sensation. She laughed and her chest heaved. Flexing her fingers, she bit her lip and reached down. Monica flicked her tongue, tickling Samantha's love door and inciting the pleasure waves that pervaded up to her womb.

Monica licked down Samantha's pussy, taking and swallowing the wetness. She paused, licked one pussy lip up, and teased its counterpart in reverse. Going further down, she licked the seam of skin and continued slobbering her chocolate starfish. Samantha moaned, clutching at Monica's head. Monica contented herself by moving up and licking her pussy along. She parted Samantha's pussy lips and pushed her tongue into the pink opening, already slick with salty nectar and saliva.

Samantha moved her other hand to grab Samantha's head that bobbed between her thighs. Trembling all over, she fingered the close-cropped hair of her spouse. Monica continued using her tongue, pushing and withdrawing it like a cock. Samantha licked her own lips, cooing, "Yes baby, Eat me! Don't stop!"

Licking and swallowing the cum that filled her mouth, Monica planted a kiss on Samantha's pussy lips and licked them to capture the hard morsel. Her mouth glided over Samantha's glans clitoris and hood. Avidly sucking her clit, she tickled it with her tongue and pushed a finger into her cunt that craved more attention.

Samantha bucked her hips, causing her clit's release from Monica's mouth. The latter licked her down to vaganus and moved up to suck her clit again. Samantha trembled, grabbing Monica's head against her pussy. A copious amount of delicious nectar oozed out of her cunt. Monica opened her mouth and swallowed it, lustfully quenching her thirst.

Wiping her mouth with back of her hand, Monica licked Samantha's spent pussy and embarked on kissing her flat stomach. As she sucked the engorged nipples, Samantha cupped her face and kissed her lips to taste her own nectar. Still stuck on her Predator Mode, Monica pulled down her tight ripped jeans and fished an 8″ strap-on from the nightstand. She strapped the harness to her hips and groins, and knelt between Samantha's legs. Samantha raised her hips to facilitate the entry of the glossy dildo.

Monica began moving back and forth, swiftly developing her pace. Samantha yelled as the smooth plastic head glided against her G-spot. Monica grunted wildly; the harness was hitting her pussy over and over again. Both women moved their hips, relishing the fuck-fest pleasure and creating their own erotic EP.

"Whose ... pu-pussy is ... is this?" Panting, Monica stammered as she continued wedging her dildo into Samantha's pussy.

"You ... huh ... huh ... your ... yours," Samantha trilled, clawing at Monica's bare back.

Monica paused, sucked Samantha's nipples, and again picked her pace. Samantha writhed and screamed as the dildo hit her depths. They fucked in abandon. Their bodies got wet in perspiration. Love juices ran down their legs, soaking the bedsheet. Samantha wrenched it in her hands, yelling Monica's name while cumming to her gratification. Monica reached her plateau, cumming immediately after her wifey.

Withdrawing the toy from Samantha's pussy, Monica went down on her. Regaining her breath, Samantha laughed as Monica's tongue teased her clit. She reached down, resumed fingering Monica's hair, and contentedly closed her eyes.

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