The Couriers: A Moveable Feast
Chapter 1: Egging Her On

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Egging Her On - The couriers come to the rescue on a remote colony affected by famine. They raid the storeroom and look for ways to inflate their bodies with food and milk. Contains pregnancy, oviposition, lactation, breastfeeding, and futa.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Shemale   Science Fiction   Space   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   Food   Lactation   Pregnancy   Flatulence   Doctor/Nurse   Big Breasts  

A blonde-haired girl in pigtails stood sweating in the large storeroom of a ship hurtling through deep space. She set down the heavy box that she was carrying and blew air out through her mouth.

"I hate inventory day," she said. Her name was Charlotte. Her freckled face was lined with beads of sweat and her fair skin was pink from exertion. She wore a cutoff T-shirt that bared her tight tummy and her cute belly button. She bent down and picked up the box again, causing her tight shorts to ride up into the crack of her ample bum. The clingy fabric clung to and canoodled each wobbly cheek.

Charlotte set the box on a shelf and turned around to fetch another one. As she turned, her shorts betrayed the bulge of a long, thin girl-cock tucked between her legs.

"It's not so bad," Daisy replied. Daisy was new to the courier service. Everything about her, from her mop of light brown hair with a bow on top, the soft swell of her baby-fat cheeks, to her chubby torso, screamed "young and naive". Only her wide, fat ass, even larger than Charlotte's, seemed to belong to a woman.

Charlotte turned to look at Daisy. She was bent over a palette, cutting some plastic off a box of newly-arrived supplies.Her V-necked shirt gaped open, revealing her hanging banana-shaped titties with puffy nipples that turned up at the end like curious puppy noses.

Daisy looked up at Charlotte with her big eyes and said, "Whatcha thinkin'?"

In truth, Charlotte was trying to decide if she wanted pat Daisy on the head and send her on her way, or bend her over a crate and fuck her silly.

Before she could answer, the intercom buzzed. It was Mandy in the crew lounge. "Hey girls," she said, "There's a message incoming."

"That's odd, we weren't supposed to get a new mission until Tuesday," Charlotte said. "C'mon, we'd better go see what it is."

Mandy was sitting at the metal table in the center of the room. Charlotte eyed her pink and blonde-streaked hair, her grey T-shirt billowed out by a pair of soft pale breasts. Charlotte knew from experience that her jubblies were capped by a pair of sensitive pink nipples.

"What's going on?" Charlotte said.

"There's message is from Leonis 2," she said. "It looks like some kind of distress call."

She pressed a button and the screen filled with the image of a bald man's head. He began to speak: "Attention, all passing ships. This is an urgent message from the colony on Leonis 2. We are in urgent need of food. Our crop harvest has failed and we aren't to be extracted for another 7 days. There are two hundred of us. We're sick and hungry. We need food and medical supplies right away. Please, our situation is dire!"

Daisy's eyes went wide. "We have to help them," she said.

Mandy and Charlotte glanced at each other and nodded. Mandy turned to a console on the wall. She clicked an icon labelled "Autopilot override" and punched in some keystrokes. "I set the autopilot to take us to the colony. We'll be there in six hours."

Mandy typed in a reply, speaking aloud as she did. "This is the courier vessel Amphora 3. We will be arriving in six hours. We have medical supplies and food for 200. Hold tight!" She clicked the "Send Reply" button.

Daisy, looking over her shoulder, spoke: "Hey, Mandy? We did just get all those medical supplies. I know because I unloaded them. But where are we going to get food for 200 people?"

Mandy smiled. "Honey, we're couriers. We may not have food, but we have ways to make food."

Daisy looked confused. "What ways?"

Charlotte came up behind Daisy and tossed an arm around her. She put her hand up Daisy's shirt and rubbed her belly, squeezing the chub around Daisy's deep belly button. "In here," she said. With her other hand, she cupped Daisy's heart-shaped ass. "And in here."

The three girls went to the storeroom and started searching for things to make into food. Charlotte rummaged around on a low shelf, tossing aside cans and boxes in search of something. Daisy, who had just straightened up that section, chewed her lip in consternation.

"Found it!" Charlotte cried. She pulled out a metal cage with slits in the top. It was labeled, "Biological specimen. Danger."

Charlotte tipped the box on its end, reached inside, and pulled out a blue arthropod. It looked like a clawless lobster, with six legs, a fat midsection, and a long tail that curled up over its back.

"What is that!" Daisy exclaimed.

"Reticulan egg-scorpion," Mandy called from across the room. "They're parasites that lay their eggs in a host. On Gamma Reticuli they use livestock to incubate the eggs."

Charlotte cut in. "It's like having a cow and a chicken in the same animal!"

Daisy bit her lip again, her hand going to her tummy. "And you're going to put those in me?"

Mandy nodded. "Scorpion eggs are high in protein and easy to cook. Just the thing to feed lots of people in a hurry."

"How many eggs will there be?" Daisy asked.

"Well normally each scorpion lays 10 to 20 eggs," Charlotte said. "But these ones have been genetically engineered to have much bigger ovaries. She flipped the animal over, causing it to squirm in protest.

"See all those bluish bulges there? Those are eggs. This one's probably got 70 or 80 eggs." She paused. "Plus we have two of them."

Daisy started to protest, "I don't know, will it hurt?"

Charlotte calmed her. "It's not so bad. You'll get really big, but it might even feel kind of good. We'll help you through it."

"Come lay down over here," Charlotte said. She motioned to a spare cot in the corner of the storeroom. Daisy laid down on her back.

"Okay, you're going to want to be naked for this," Mandy said. "It could get kind of messy."

Daisy pulled her shirt up over her head. Her tuberous titties, a shade paler than the rest of her body, flopped free and hung on her chest. She slid her pants and panties down her thick thighs and pushed them off the end of the cot.

"Okay, spread your legs." Charlotte said. "I'm going to put one on your chest and one on your pussy."

Daisy looked up. "I thought you said I was going to have eggs in my butt."

"Look, you don't want the scorpion going in your butt. That hurts. It's better to put the eggs in your mouth and then pass them they're big enough."

"Pass them?" Daisy said. "Like, poop them out? In front of everyone?"

Mandy inclined her head slightly. Daisy placed a hand between her breasts, ran it down her tummy and slid a finger between the lips of her fat pussy mound. "Sounds sexy. Let's get started."

"Atta girl!" shouted Charlotte.

Charlotte grasped the first scorpion by its midsection and set it down on Daisy's naked chest. The animal stood still for a minute, then began to wave its tail up and down. It inched up Daisy's chest towards her neck. The poor girl's eyes got wider the closer the animal got.

The scorpion's long tail, as thick as a permanent marker, hovered over Daisy's mouth. She whispered, "What do I do?"

"Make your mouth into a pussy," Charlotte said back.

Daisy shot her back an imploring look and mouthed, "What?"

"Make an O with your lips, like this." Charlotte pursed her lips out, making an O shape with a dark cavity leading into her cheeks.

Daisy made a kissy face and the scorpion's ovipositor dipped between her lips. She saw the tail bulge slightly, and then felt something drop into her mouth. It felt about the size and texture of a pea.

The animal deposited more eggs into Daisy's mouth, each one landing with a soft plop. A salty, fishy taste filled her mouth and her cheeks began to puff out. A dribble of green slimed leaked from her lips. She said with her mouth full, "Ut oo I oo ith dis?"

"Swallow it!" Mandy said.

Daisy gulped, sucking the scorpion's tail a little deeper into her mouth. The animal jumped, but quickly resumed filling her puffy cheeks with its load. Daisy's cheeks bloated and emptied twice more as she swallowed the animal's eggs.

"Ooh!" she cried, putting a hand to her belly. "I can feel them sitting in my tum. It feels like I had a very big dinner!"The scorpion pulled its ovipositor from Daisy's mouth and began to turn in circles.

"It's empty," Charlotte said. She picked it up and put it back into the box. She pulled out the other one, and placed it between Daisy's splayed legs. The second scorpion raised its tail and began to slide the tip up and down Daisy's hairless pussy lips.

Daisy moaned as the tip slipped inside. "Ooh, it's tickling me!" she said as the tail rooted around inside her. "Ahh! It's deep!"

She jumped off the cot slightly as the ovipositor smacked her G-spot. The animal turned around with its back to Daisy's entrance, allowing the tail to go even deeper. Daisy winced and moaned softly as the tail penetrated her womb. "It's starting!" she said. "It's laying eggs inside me." Moisture streamed out of her pussy and down her legs, soaking the cot.

Daisy put two fingers in her mouth and began to suck them. She put her other hand to one breast and pinched and pulled the stretchy nipple. "Ooh!" she moaned. "That's it, fill me with eggs. Fill me so full I can't even hold them."

She felt the scorpion's tail spinning around inside her womb.

"What's it doing?" she cried. "It's stirring me up inside." "It's attaching eggs to your uterine walls," Mandy said.

"Like ... like I'll be pregnant with eggs?" Daisy said, marveling. She pinched her nipples even harder.

"Yeah, kind of," Mandy said.

"A fat tummy and a pregnant belly?" Daisy said. "This is going to be awesome!"

The scorpion shook its tail one last time inside her pussy and then withdrew. Charlotte picked it up and dropped it in the box with the other.

Daisy looked down at her belly. It was already puffing up, the chubby rolls rising like bread dough, coalescing into one big smooth mound. She pressed hard and felt bumps, like little marbles under her skin.

Just then, her belly rumbled loudly and her whole body shuddered.

"Oh!" she cried, and brought a hand down to her bum, but not before a jet of green slime shot from her anus and splattered the cot. She bit her lip as her face went bright red.

"I'm so sorry!" she sobbed. "I couldn't stop it! It went right through me."

"Shh, it's okay," Charlotte said. "That's normal. Let's get a diaper on you so you don't make a mess."

Charlotte went to a storage rack and came back with an adult diaper and a towel. She wiped the slime off the cot, opened the diaper, and spread it down.

"Lift your tushy, baby," Charlotte cooed. "Let mama take care of you."

Daisy popped her thumb into her mouth and lifted her bum. Her egg-filled pussy dripped some green slime, which Charlotte wiped away. After the slime was gone, Charlotte leaned down. She put her nose to Daisy's lower lips and nuzzled them gently.

"That's a good clean baby," Charlotte said. She planted a kiss directly on Daisy's pussy.

"Oh mommy," Daisy said in a little-girl voice. "That was nice. Kiss my kitty again."

Charlotte spread Daisy's lips with two fingers and delicately licked her slit from bottom to top, swirling her tongue around Daisy's clit.

She kissed the hood of Daisy's clit again and again, tonguing her, nibbling her fat pussy lips, and penetrating her with one finger. Daisy bucked and moaned under the girl's skilled lips, gasping as she shuddered to orgasm.

As she came, Daisy's belly spasmed again and slime shot out her ass with a wet plop.

Daisy blushed. "Sorry mommy," she said. "I can't help it, my tummy's so full. I'm running out of room in there!"

Charlotte wiped the slime off the cot and her face, then stood up. She looked at Daisy's belly, which was bulging wide and round with acorn-sized objects. "Oh honey," she said. "I hope you have room in your tummy, because you've still got lots of growing to do."

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