The Couriers: Animal Husbandry
Chapter 1: Meet the Couriers

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Meet the Couriers - Meet Mandy, Charlotte, and Brianna, the crew of the courier ship Amphora 3. The girls are hired to harvest sperm from alien farm animals and carry it to another planet inside their bodies.

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Three women sat around a metal table in a dimly-lit room. Out the window, stars whizzed by as the ship travelled deeper into space. The three looked bored, one reading a magazine, the other two playing cards while a bad sitcom played on a big screen on the wall. The show was interrupted by three sharp buzzes, indicating an incoming message.

Brianna looked up from her magazine. She was a pretty girl with long brown hair, long eyelashes, a small square chin and plump lips. She was sprawled across a couch, propped up on one elbow. Her floral shirt rode up at the bottom, pushed out by the gentle curve of a slightly swollen belly. She looked as if she'd just had a large meal, or was pregnant and just starting to show.She wore no pants, only a pair of purple panties.

One of the girls at the table put down her cards and reached for the button that controlled the screen. Her name was Mandy. She wore a tight white tank top with a skull printed on the front. The shirt canoodled her large pale breasts, blue veins peeking out on either side of her deep cleavage. She shifted in her chair to look at the screen, spreading her legs to reveal that she too was bottomless except for a pink thong that matched her bright pink hair.

Mandy glanced at Charlotte, the smallest of the three. Charlotte wore her blonde hair in pigtails, making her look very young. Tiny cone-shaped tits, freckles, and doe eyes completed the look. Charlotte wore a black tank top and a skirt. As she spun in her chair and bent forward to watch the message, the skirt rode up over her most prominent feature, a round bubble of an ass, revealing a deep crack and a hint of her thong wedged inside.

On the screen, A woman's voice said, "Incoming message from The Agency," and the screen filled with text. "Greetings, couriers. Thank you for accepting assignment number 229361. Briefing follows." The text was replaced with an image of a large barn and a brown, buffalo-like animal.

"Pickup location is planet Epsilon Eridani 3. Coordinates have been sent to your ship's navicomp. You will proceed to the Rolling Hills Agricultural Complex. The animal on your screen is a Tarlax. It is native to Epsilon Eridani 3 and is farmed for its wool. Our client wishes to establish a new Tarlax colony on Pictor 4. They already have several females but adult males are too dangerous to be transported. Your mission is to collect Tarlax sperm and deliver it to Pictor 4. The sperm dies quickly below body temperature, so it will need to be collected and stored inside yourselves."

The girls exchanged glances, but none of them batted an eye. They were human couriers, employed by The Agency to transport valuable cargo inside their own bodies. Every girl who worked as a courier had different reasons, but deep down, they all loved to be filled. Their wombs, their bellies, and even their breasts regularly hosted cargo, living and otherwise. They nurtured their work inside of them, enjoying the fullness and the feeling of giving and sustaining life, and then birthed or expelled it and moved on to the next job.

The screen changed again. "Uterine transport is requested. Two couriers will be needed. Approximate volume is 15 liters per courier. The sperm must be delivered successfully to Pictor 4 within 48 hours of collection. Payment will be 15,000 credits."

"Good money," said Charlotte.

"Not bad at all," replied Mandy. "They only need two of us to carry. I bet I know who will volunteer!"

Both girls looked at Brianna, who was already rubbing the gentle swell of her belly. "What?" Brianna said, with a smirk.

Mandy and Charlotte smiled. Brianna had a definite pregnancy fetish. She loved the glow of a gravid belly and she always jumped at the chance to put her uterus to use. Even when not working, her womb was rarely empty. Before dinner she'd shoved a thick balloon through her cervix and filled it with water.

"I have to stay flexible," was Brianna's excuse, but they knew better. The nanosurgery they'd undergone during orientation allowed every courier to stretch far beyond the capacity of a normal woman. Any of them could gestate a litter of babies or pass a dozen ostrich eggs through her body and out her ass. Brianna stuffed her snatch because she needed to feel her insides stretch and to have a belly to pinch and rub. Her sodden, fragrant panties were testimony to that.

They turned off the screen. Mandy and Charlotte went back to their cards. Brianna stared off into space for another minute and then announced, "If you need me, I'll be in my bunk." She sat up with an audible slosh and went to find her inflating hose.

Down on the Farm

The ship arrived at Epsilon Eridani the next morning. They landed and caught a transport to the farm. At the entrance to Rolling Hills Agricultural Complex, a large sign with a shaggy brown cartoon animal greeted them.

"That must be a Tarlax", said Mandy.

"They look big," said Charlotte. "And heavy. Glad I'm not going to have to that thing grunting on top of me."

"How do you think they'll do it?" said Brianna. "Mate us, I mean?"

"I bet they just lean you over a fence and go to town," said Charlotte, and they all laughed.

An older man named Tom met them at the farm office. He looked nervous and excited to see them.

"Welcome, welcome," he said. "Do you need anything? Water? Something to eat?"

"I'm fine," said Mandy. "Girls?"

Brianna and Charlotte shook their heads.

"I don't eat before I work," said Brianna. She patted her now-flat belly. "When I get done, there won't be much room in here. A big meal just makes me feel queasy."

Tom led them through a fenced-in yard full of shaggy creatures. They stood four feet high and about eight feet long and were solidly built, Their bellowing filled the air.

"They're even bigger than I thought!" Charlotte said.

Brianna stopped and leaned on the fence. One of the males was trying to mount a female. A two-foot cock protruded from its long fur, as thick around as an arm and with a bulbous tip. At the base were two testicles the size and shape of a rather large cauliflower.

Mandy was standing with her thighs clenched together and her hand down her skirt. "Oh, wow. that's going to hurt just right," she moaned softly.

"Look at the size of those balls," said Brianna as she slid her own hand down her shorts. "I'm going to swell up like a balloon."

Tom looked embarrassed. "Well ... ladies, the bulls are this way."

They entered a long shed filled with individual stalls. Tom stopped in front of two bulls. "Here they are," he said. "Hermes and Zeus."

Hermes was a big animal, with long curving horns, but Zeus was truly enormous. He stood at least a foot higher than the other Tarlax they'd seen, and his breath came in great slow snorts. All three girls' eyes drifted towards Zeus's underside. He was already fully hard, his pink and black-spotted cock bobbing up and down as he breathed.

Each of Zeus's balls was the size of a basketball. Brianna could see them throbbing and churning with his massive load. She drooled from her upper and lower lips as she watched his pulsating orbs.

"Oh, please, please, please!" she yelped. "Please, can I have him?"

Mandy nodded. "Be my guest!"

Tom gulped, unsure how to react. "Hop up here," he said, pointing to a padded metal frame. It resembled a sturdy cot with metal rails and a canvas sling with a large hole cut out of the middle.

"How do I?-" said Brianna. "Put your arms there, and your knees here, and just kind of rest." Tom said.

Brianna climbed up on the cot on her hands and knees. She arched her back and pointed her ass at the waiting Tarlax. She unbuckled her shorts and slid them down over her wobbling cheeks. She kicked off her shoes and tossed her pants and panties to Charlotte.

Tom released Zeus from his pen and led him over on a short lead. The beast seemed to know that the girl sprawled out on the bed was for him. He reared up and began to hump his huge prick towards Brianna's plump ass.

Tom managed to restrain him long enough to squirt a few threads of clear lube across the Tarlax's penis. Then he stepped aside and called, "Okay, back yourself up onto him."

Brianna practically catapulted onto the animal's cock. The massive member split her lips and slid home as she moaned with pleasure. Zeus immediately began to rail the girl. Her stretchy cunt lips gripped and released his penis on every deep stroke.

Brianna began to moan loudly as the Tarlax fucked her. "Ahh! Ahh! Fuck me!" she yelled. "Breed me like your cow! Make my belly swell with your calf!"

Tom stood dumbstruck as the delirious courier screamed for his prize bull to knock her up. A massive erection bulged under his trousers. He wanting to pull out his cock and jerk to the erotic sight before him, but felt too awkward to do so.

Mandy leaned close and put her arm on Tom's shoulder. "It's okay if you want to jerk it," she cooed. "Look, Charlotte is."

Tom looked over at the blonde girl. She had her hand under her short skirt, but to his surprise she was not diddling her vagina. A long, thin bulge tented out the front of her skirt and she was pumping it furiously, her pigtails bouncing up and down.

"Are you a ... she-male?" he asked Charlotte, momentarily forgetting his own cock.

She blushed. "Not exactly." She hesitated. "But I do have a penis. You need one sometimes in this line of work. It's nanosurgery. Fully reversible." She flipped the skirt up over her waist, revealing an eight-inch cock, long, thin and completely hairless. She stroked it slowly with one hand and raised the other one to her mouth, sucking her thumb.

The site of the babyfaced blonde stroking her smooth little-girl cock was too much for Tom. His aching cock spasmed and released inside his pants.

Brianna continued to scream as Zeus's snorting increased in pace. "Fuck my pussy!" She cried. "Swell my belly! Make me burst with your seed!"

Zeus bellowed as he came. His balls shuddered and began to unload their scalding spunk into her. Brianna hunched her ass against him, mashing her pussy deeper around the fist-sized knob. She felt each jet of cum. Ten, twenty, thirty, and more until she lost count.

Brianna's hand went to her quickly filling belly. She felt her womb stretching and expanding to accommodate the pressurized load inside her. She slumped lower as each new gout of heavy cream swelled her. She understood what the hole in the cot was for as her pot belly grew into a basketball, and then a watermelon. Tom uncoupled Zeus from her and led him back to his pen.

"You need to lay on your belly like that for about 10 minutes," Tom said. "Just until the mucus plug forms. Wouldn't want to lose any of that."

Charlotte slipped her hand under the cot and felt the swell of Brianna's heavy hanging belly. Judging from the size of her paunch, there had to be 18 or 20 liters of fluid inside.

She pressed it lightly with her fingers. It was firm but pliable, like a springy mattress.Charlotte could hear the load of sperm burbling and churning inside her friend.

"That tickles," said Brianna. She shifted and a loud, wet queef escaped her pussy lips. She blushed. "Sorry, he really filled me up."

Charlotte giggled, then gave her fading erection a couple of last quick pumps and tucked it back under her skirt. "He sure did," she said.

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