Life in the Country
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An eighteen year old spends the summer with his aunt and uncle before college in the fall. He meets the next door neighbor, a married woman in her 50s in a sexless marriage and vows to correct that.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Aunt   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Small Breasts   Big Breasts  

I was born and raised in the city, but my Aunt and Uncle lived on a 60 acre farm out in the country. The year I graduated from high school, they invited me to come live with them for the summer, before college in the fall. Being 18 and somewhat of a nerd, I didn't have a lot of experience with sex, but I had been with several girls from school and rather enjoyed sex. My second girlfriend introduced me to oral sex and I must say that it is by far my favorite form of sex, not only receiving but especially giving. There's nothing like having your hands gripping two mounds of ass and a pussy squirming on your tongue.

I was apprehensive about eating Marla that first time, but after the head she had just given me, I felt more than obligated to return the favor, I had the best orgasm of my young life! Now I longed for the taste of pussy and my third girlfriend, Nancy, had reaped the rewards of Marla's tutelage. I even got my first experience of giving a female anal sex with Nancy, thanks to the way my tongue made her orgasm and I continually honed my skill.

Anal sex was a little different, Nancy's ass was virgin, of course and very tight. I must have used half a tube of KY jelly to get through her anal ring, but didn't take long once I was in, before Nancy appreciated that too. It wasn't too easy to find a place for my sexual antics with Nancy, but my parents both worked, so I managed to bring her to my house. As you can imagine, oral and anal required some time naked, that was one thing I learned, never rush anal, or they will hesitate to give it to you again.

Now, with a summer at my aunt and uncle's, it looked like I would have a dry spell, but I could always masturbate, my hand could be anyone I wanted it to be ... lol. It's not that there were no kids in their town, but helping my uncle around the farm didn't leave a lot of time for socializing. My uncle wasn't rich, but he did well, the farm was more of a hobby. At the back of the property, hidden in the woods, was a tenant shack, where the old owner's sharecroppers lived. It was run down and long abandoned, but I would sometime go there to jerk off in privacy. I was afraid my aunt or uncle might catch me if I did it in the house.

Now there was a woman and her husband next door, they were in their fifties, he worked in town and she just stayed at home. My aunt hired her to help out by cleaning the house two days a week. She was no beauty, a little pudgy belly, decent tits and face, my uncle teased her all the time. After a couple of weeks there, she called one day to see if I could come over and help her with her kitchen sink, it was stopped up. My uncle volunteered me and I went over to see what I could do.

She was in shorts and a blouse when she answered the door and she had some shapely legs and a nice rack under that blouse. I worked on the sink and we made small talk. While laying under the sink, I couldn't help but notice those shapely legs, after all I hadn't had any pussy in almost a month. After opening up the sink, she offered me some sweet tea (country cocktail) and we sat and chatted for awhile. Her nipples appeared after a short conversation, I could see she was staring at my crotch. I'm just a tad bit shy, but this woman was over 50!

Back at my uncle's, I learned that Debbie (the neighbor) was in a sad marriage, her husband always put her last on his list and because of a heart attack, she wouldn't have sex with him, I guess she was afraid it might kill him. My aunt and uncle kind of gave me her history in a round about way and now I could see why she stared so intently at my crotch. I decided that I would try to get her to have sex with me, I'm not into mature women, but it sure would give my hand a rest. I really didn't have a lot to do around the farm, so I had plenty of time to explore and see what I could do about "helping" Debbie.

The next morning, I headed out to the tenant house and as I walked through the field, I saw Debbie behind her house sunning. I had to do a double take, because her blouse was open and her tits were exposed to the sun. I got a slight hard on and scurried on to the tenant house. I didn't want to make a mess, so I usually took my clothes off and used an old bucket to catch my cum. I was surprised to close my eyes and see Debbie's 50 something tits, I had to admit, they didn't have much sag to them and looked to be about a 36D. There was an old stool there and I usually sat on it as I jerked off and just as I was about to blow, I heard a noise and saw Debbie at the window, watching me. Her hand was down her shorts and she wasn't aware that I'd seen her, so I jerked on, spilling my load into the old bucket.

I hurried outside and she still had her eyes closed and her hand was still busy in her shorts, "Get a nice show?" I asked her. She jerked her hand out of her shorts and turned about 3 shades of red, mumbling apologies. I was still naked and her eyes went to my cock, I'm not a super stud, but I sport about 7 inches and about 3 inches diameter. Seeing her gaze brought life back into my recently throttled cock and I saw her tongue lick her lips, I decided that the time had come to "help" Debbie. I took her by the hand and led her back into the tenant house.

"NO, wait..." she muttered as I led her over to the stool and sat her down on it, my hands nimbly unbuttoning her blouse, where those beautiful, naked tits awaited my gaze. They were even better close up and I caressed her nipples, one at a time, she had a sharp intake of air, like I had shocked her.

"You mustn't, I am a married woman, my husband wouldn't forgive me, your aunt and uncle wouldn't forgive me..."

I shushed her and played with those mounds of flesh. I always preferred small tits, but these were warm and in my hands, so I wouldn't be picky. Her tits were firm for her age and I enjoyed how quickly her nipples hardened. Tentatively, I felt her hand on my growing cock, she looked up at me as if to make sure it was okay, I smiled at her and continued my ministrations to those fine tits. She had me standing tall in no time and I could see that she thought that it was quite the accomplishment on her part, considering her age, to make a young boy hard, no doubt she thought those days were long over.

I went down on one knee, depriving her of her handle, but she gasped as I enclosed her nipple with my mouth, her nipple got even harder as I sucked. I alternated between the two pencil erasers at my disposal. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and held my mouth to her nipples as I sucked and licked each one. I reached up and pushed her blouse off her shoulders and it fell to the floor behind her. I stopped sucking and stood, pulling her to her feet, then I unbuttoned her shorts and they fell in a puddle around her ankles, her blue satin panties shining in the sunlight.

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of those shiny panties and her hands quickly grabbed mine, stopping me. I smiled at her and brought my lips to hers and at first she fought my tongue, but I finally got it into her mouth and challenged her tongue to a duel. She soon moved her hands up to clasp my head and kissed me full force. I slowly rolled her panties over her hips with no further protest. Standing there, locked in a passionate kiss, I could only get her panties halfway down her thighs. She jumped like she had been shot when I first touched her labia, she was a little hairy, but very wet. I stroked my middle finger down her valley, splitting her lips as our tongues continued their fight (I was winning) as little mews emanated from deep in her throat.

I glided her back down on the stool and continued to roll her panties off, taking her shorts off her ankles as well. I was now eye level with her pussy, her brown pubic hair was thin and glistening with her juices. I put a hand on each knee and slowly spread them, she naturally gapped open and her coral colored pussy was exposed to my gaze. I inched her to the end of the stool an moved in to the prize, she had that heavenly pussy smell, my cock twitched as my tongue snaked out to meet that morsel in front of me. Her hands went to my head as I licked and lapped all that her sweet pussy had to offer.

She gasped and jumped up off the stool when I hit her clit with my tongue and kept whispering "YES" as I ate her delectable quim. She came almost immediately, her nectar coating my mouth, lips and tongue as I greedily drank it down. There's nothing more satisfying that getting a woman to do the orgasm dance on your tongue, hats off to you Marla! I was half afraid she was going to stoke out as I tongued her and she kept moaning over and over. She finally pushed my head back, forcing me to stop, then pulled me up and kissed me, making sure to lick my mouth clean, it was evident she had no problem with tasting herself.

Her hand had gone back to my cock and she was stroking it as we kissed, then she pushed me away and I stood up, but she never let go of my cock.

"I've never done this before, but I've seen pictures," as she leaned forward and clamped her lips around the head of my cock, giving a slight suck. My mind reeled, knowing I was getting a virgin mouth, I wondered if I should ask if she were willing to swallow as she took more of me into her mouth and then used her hand to feed it to herself. She worked up to taking 3/4 of me and it was feeling awful good and I warned her of my impending orgasm, but she kept sucking. When my cock exploded, her mouth came off and the remaining squirts landing on her face and chest, it was really hot to see my cum dangling off her chin and the apologetic look she had.

"I'm sorry, I thought I could do it, but there just seemed to be so much of it and I choked trying to swallow it. It doesn't taste bad and I have no problem eating your semen."

"We call it cum, Debbie. I tried to warn you that it was coming, this being your first time, it will just take some practice to swallow it all. It's a matter of timing and letting the first spurt go down your throat, as the second on lands on your tongue. If you want, I can offer you lots of practice," I smiled at her.

She did seem to like the taste as she was scooping it into her mouth off of her chin and chest. I looked between her legs and saw the puddle there, I smiled that I had pleased her.

"Have you ever done doggy style, Debbie?" she shook her head, "It's just like it sounds, you look like two dogs fucking," she blushed at my language. Just get on your knees and put your stomach on the stool," I put my shirt down for her knees to rest on.

I eased in behind her and rubbed my cock, which had now sprung back to life, up the crack of her ass. I licked my hand and brought it between her legs and wet her passage, then eased my cock to her entrance and pushed slightly. Her pussy was like a new glove and took some effort to seat myself, I felt her shudder several times as my length was engulfed by her snug tunnel. I rested and let her adjust to me, my aunt said it had been quite awhile since she had fucked her old man.

"Are you ready?" I whispered in her ear.

She took a firm grip on the stool and I backed out until only my head remained inside of her and her pussy was holding onto it for dear life, then I pushed back in, gradually increasing my tempo with each thrust until she was moaning and I could tell her mouth was dry, but her pussy wasn't! She began to chant for me to increase my tempo and by the way her pussy was holding onto my cock, I could tell she was very aroused. She began panting and as my balls were slapping her labia, I could feel my orgasm building. She began meeting my thrusts, her pants became rapid as her pussy swallowed up every inch of me. She screamed out her orgasm and it felt like her hand tightening around my cock, but it was her clenched pussy, holding tightly to me. She let out several screams and then her head dropped down onto her arms and her pussy loosened up. It was my time now, my balls weren't willing to wait any longer and I felt my cum spurt into her tight channel.

I gripped her hips as I unloaded in her and each spurt got less and less, until I finally just collapsed across her back, careful to stay inside until every drop had drained from me. When I finally regained my strength, I eased out of her and my cum oozed out and ran down her inner thighs, I sat back on my haunches, wondering if I could ever convince her to let me fuck that shapely ass of hers. I watched for the longest time as my cum made it's way down her thighs, my cock twitched thinking about how tight she was, but my aunt had said she had never had children. She finally raised up and turned around, a big smile on her face and I was shocked that she inched over to me and took me in her mouth and cleaned me up, true to her work, swallowing everything.

Seeing her there, sucking my cock clean, was all I needed, I began to grow in her mouth, youth is great! She was soon taking me back to the entrance of her throat, but she backed off after gagging and settled on not taking too much. I placed my hands on her head and fed her my cock as I relished the feel of her hot mouth. I warned her again that I was near and this time, she did much better, it still leaked out of the corners of her mouth, but she was a real trooper and swallowed all but that. I must say, she was a quick learner and she didn't stop until I was totally cleaned up again, then I helped her to her feet. I had some wipes (I used when I jerked off) so I offered her some to clean up. After she was clean, she slipped on her satin panties, then her shorts and blouse, finally her shoes, barely looking at me while she dressed.

"I really enjoyed that, Debbie. You are quite the lover, I hope we have many more sessions while I'm here."

"I have to be very careful, my husband is very jealous and would kill you if he knew, probably me as well. I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you," her head dropped and she got a sad look on her face.

I put my finger under her chin and pulled her head up, moving to cover her mouth with mine. "I want to fuck you every day, Debbie. Your actions as a lover will no doubt keep me hard all night," she blushed. "I'll get one of those blow up beds and bring it out here, that will be more comfortable for us. Meet me back out here tomorrow at 2 PM, that will give us time before your husband gets home," I smiled at her and winked, she smiled back and then eased out the door, but not after a sensuous kiss goodbye. Reliving the afternoon in my head had me hard again and I had to jack off, just to be able to put my pants back on.

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