Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Uncle, Niece, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A wicked uncle takes advantage of his naively curious niece

Shannon sat in the back of her parent's car wondering how much longer until they got to where the family gathering was. If she'd had her way she'd be staying with a friend, but her mother had made it very clear that she had to come and meet all the new relatives she'd acquired when her aunt had gotten married. True, they had gone somewhere tropical and would be staying somewhere very nice, but she still hadn't seen anything good about this other than that. Still, when they arrived at the hotel and she was greeted by her cousin Lila, she figured maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Steve finished hanging up the last of his shirts, trying to put off the inevitable, but his wife Adele was nagging already.

"My sister's just called to say they've all arrived, come on let's go and say hello, and you can meet Shannon"

Super, thought Steve another introduction to another bratty child of the family I've married into.

He scowled at his reflection in the mirror and then practised a sincere smile. The latter was a more attractive look - at 40 he wasn't a young as he once was, by the looks were still there: strong aquiline features, deep blue eyes, and a nose that whilst broken, did add character to his face. He'd also had his hair cropped short on the sides, partly as he knew he'd be in the pool a lot, but partly to get rid of the grey that was showing there.

Once at his sister in laws room, Steve made polite small talk about the flight and drive down, before being introduced to his niece.

Cute kid, was his first reaction on being introduced to the gangly 14 year old with the smattering of freckles on her nose and cheeks Though with such long blonde hair why does she have it piled up messily on top of her head like that? He thought.

Shannon wanted to go and get in the pool already, but she was told she had to meet Steve first and at least be polite. She had sighed and accepted that she couldn't get away with just slipping out the door, and had pulled her hair up into a messy bun so it was out of her face. Her green eyes and freckles made her seem innocent, but she wanted to look like Lila did with noticeable curves rather than gangly with a small chest. The man she was introduced to wasn't bad looking, but he was most certainly too old and seeing as he'd married her aunt Adele, probably wasn't interested in small chested teenagers. Her mother was watching so she smiled politely and held out a hand for him to shake. "Hi. I'm Shannon."

"Nice to meet you Shannon" Steve replied.

Nice smile too, Steve let his eyes travel down to her chest, just starting to develop. Wonder if she'll turn fat like her mother or look after her shape? he mused.

His thoughts were interrupted by Adele "Shannon likes to swim too Steve - Shannon, did you know Steve used to be a lifeguard?"

"Why don't you two head over to the pool? I want to catch up with my sister while she unpacks." she continued

Steve turned away from Shannon so she couldn't see his face and scowled at Adele "wouldn't her dad like to take her?" He asked looking to excuse himself.

"Oh no, John's asleep after the drive" replied his sister in law.

This was not improving his mood.

"Fine, I need to go back to the room and get my swimming gear" he said with an air of resignation

"come on then Shannon"

Shannon was not impressed by her aunt's attempt to make her buddy up to him by mentioning that he swam and had been a lifeguard. What irked her though was how her mom and aunt pretty much told her to shoo, making it so she was forced to spend time with Steve. There was no need to embarrass herself and her mom in front of someone she hardly knew. So instead of arguing she heaved a sigh and in a voice that clearly conveyed her annoyance said, "Fine." and snatched her two piece swimsuit from her suitcase and followed him out.

She didn't say anything on the way to his and Adele's room, choosing instead to sulk in silence. It wasn't like she was five and unable to take care of herself if she went alone. But no. Apparently being fourteen wasn't old enough to go hang out at the pool by herself and she still needed an adult to babysit her.

The hotel had, thankfully, botched the booking and put Steve and Adele's room on a separate floor from the rest of the family.

During the elevator journey he took the opportunity to appraise Shannon's body surreptitiously in the mirrors.

Steve definitely liked girls slim and petite, Shannon given her age was certainly that with her coltish long legs. He signed inwardly, so had Adele when he first met her, but in the meantime she'd let herself go, must be a genetic thing he thought morosely.

Maybe it wasn't so bad being the one to look after this pretty young thing for the afternoon, he pondered, wondering.

They arrived at his room and he let them both in. It took him a while to locate his swimwear thanks to his wife's in fathomable system of packing.

"Shannon, do you want to get changed up here or down at the pool" he asked, not entirely innocently.

Shannon hadn't noticed him looking her over in the elevator, and if she had she would have thought nothing of it. At his room, she followed him in and went to the window to see what the crowd at the pool was like. There were quite a few older people and small children, but she saw a few kids about her age and a couple of them even happened to be decent looking guys. "I'll change up here." she replied heading to the bathroom and shutting the door behind her. Then she slipped out of her clothes and into her swimsuit. She was lucky her mom hadn't gone shopping with her or she wouldn't have been able to buy it.

The top tied around her neck and back and the bottom, while still covering everything, rode low on her hips and the front and back were tied together at the sides. It was a light green colour that complimented her eyes, and after she'd let her hair down she went back into the room.

Steve smiled at the sight as Shannon came out of the bathroom, he was pretty sure her parents wouldn't be entirely happy with that bikini...

The low riding bikini bottoms served to emphasise her flat tummy, and she clearly had no need to worry about shaving or waxing any errant hair.

The top half capably did its job as her breasts didn't take a lot of covering. Steve felt his dick stiffening in his swimming shorts as he made out the shape of her puffy nipples under the top.

He held the pool bag open "here put your clothes in here", and maybe if I'm feeling particularly depraved I'll have a look to see what panties you like to wear little miss, he thought.

Shannon went ahead and dumped her clothes into the pool bag, including her simple white bra and her sheer white panties.

She didn't notice the fact that he was aroused by the sight of her in her bikini, but that was because she didn't want to have to wait any longer.

"Can we please hurry and just go already? Lila and I had planned on meeting by the pool as soon as we got here and she's probably wondering what's taking me so long."

The mention of Lila put a dent in Steve's mood - now there was an obnoxious brat, now it looked like he'd be chaperoning two of them.

"Let's go then - put your wrap on, you can't walk through the hotel dressed just in that" he said gesturing at the somewhat skimpy bikini.

The look on her face made it clear she'd not brought one with her.

Steve sighed "Jesus, have you not got one? Just wrap this towel around you while you're inside" as he went to hand her the towel from the bag, her white panties inadvertently came out with it and fell on the floor precisely between them.

Instinctively Steve knelt down to pick them up, then froze his hand on them when he realised what had happened.

Shannon just gave him a blank look when he told her to put on a wrap. She hadn't brought one, and personally she saw nothing wrong with walking around in her swimsuit. It wasn't like she was naked, and what was the point of having one that looked good if no one was going to see it? Still she didn't argue when he reached in his bag to grab her a towel.

However, her cheeks immediately became a bright shade of red as her panties flew out and landed between them.

Her embarrassment got the better of her for a moment freezing her in place as he bent down to pick them up. Mortified she quickly snatched them and shoved them deep in the bag before taking the towel.

She wrapped the towel around herself and hurried out of the room to wait for him in the hall and try to give herself time to stop blushing.

Once he was out of the room Steve grinned - obviously her embarrassment was greater than his, and he still had the bag with her panties in if he wanted a closer inspection later.

Nonchalantly swinging the bag over his shoulder, he followed her out into the corridor and back towards the lift.

Once at the poolside, Steve looked around half-heartedly but couldn't see the insufferable Lila anywhere, maybe things are improving, he thought.

"Come on Shannon, let's find some pool chairs to dump this stuff on"

When he came out, Shannon had managed to get over her embarrassment and followed him to the pool.

She didn't see Lila anywhere, but wasn't too surprised. She was probably on the phone with her boyfriend.

Since they were no longer in the hotel, she removed the towel and was quite pleases with herself when a cute guy about her age noticed her.

However, she waited until they'd found a place to put their stuff before going to talk to him. Steve probably wouldn't mind and it wasn't like she was talking to some creepy old guy. Besides, she wanted to try out some tips Lila had given her and see if maybe she could get herself a date.

Steve took a moment to watch Shannon interact with the teenage boy she seemed to be fixated with ever since arriving on the poolside.

He laughed to himself at her clumsy attempts to be seductively alluring. Silly girl doesn't realise how sexually appealing she is, she thinks she had to put on some fake notion of what sexy is, he thought.

Still, he'd come here to swim, so swim he would. He ploughed up and down for a while until the pool got too crowded.

Getting out he went back to the seats and took his towel out of the bag to towel off. In doing so his eyes spied Shannon's panties screwed up and pushed down in the bottom of the bag, and he smiled salaciously.

He looked around wondering where the little minx was.

Shannon gave up on the boy and had managed to meet up with Lila. They'd sat with their feet in the pool and discussed boys (of course) before going in the water to cool off for a bit. When Steve had started looking for her, she wasn't very far from him as she was lounging in a chair while Lila made another call to her boyfriend. She was in the shade, and even though her eyes were closed she wasn't asleep. Just relaxing and glad she didn't have to hear her mom lecture her on her swimsuit.

Steve stroked the fabric of the panties for a moment, imagining them pulled tight against Shannon's most intimate places, before deciding he ought to go and see where she'd got to, and Lila for that matter.

He casually walked around the poolside until he spotted them. As usual, Lila was gabbling inanely on the phone, for which he was grateful as it eliminated the need to interact with her.

Shannon appeared to be sunning herself, and Steve took the opportunity to lustfully appraise her firm tight body, particularly enjoying the way the fabric of her bikini was tightly pulled against her crotch, outlining her immature pussy.

"Hey, there you are - would you like to get a drink?" He asked her.

Shannon didn't know Steve was there until he asked if she wanted a drink.

"Sure. I'll just have some water though." she said sitting up to stretch before getting up. "I might as well go with you to get it since there's not much else going on."

She gave a rather pointed look Lila's way. If her cousin was going to ignore her like that she might as well ditch her too and see how she liked it. Of course, it's not like she'd notice.

Deciding not to dwell on it too much, she gave Steve a polite but distracted smile as she double checked her parents weren't there yet.

Steve noticed the look Shannon gave Lila, one to file away for future reference he thought.

They walked over the outside bar by the pool, and Steve pulled a stool out for Shannon to sit on - unnecessarily helping her on to it, his hand lingered on the small of her back close to where the swell of her bottom started. It was a slightly risqué thing to do, but Steve figured he could pass off it off as an innocuous coincidence if she said anything.

He ordered their drinks, water for her and a vodka tonic for him.

"You know, you surprise me Shannon, I thought you might be badgering me to get you something stronger than water - you're obviously more mature or your age than Lila..." he trailed off

Let's see just how far you'll go if you think you're old enough he thought...

"Oh yes, if I didn't know, I'd think your ages were the other way around, and that she was the 14 year old and you were at least 16, heck maybe even 18" Steve said forcing as much sincerity in his voice.

"And your swim suit helps - it's obviously not a kids suit. Your mom picked a good one for you"

Like hell she did he thought, in fact given the way you're looking around, I half suspect you'll be in trouble when they see you in it.

Shannon at least had the decency to blush when he said her mom had picked a good swimsuit for her.

"She uh ... Doesn't know I brought this one. My mom thinks I brought a dark blue one piece ... I bought this by myself by saving up my allowance and then going shopping with my friends."

She was silent for a moment before giving him an almost pleading look.

"Please don't tell her ... I didn't want to come but since I had to anyways I don't want to do anything to ruin everyone else's fun."

His comment that she could pass for 16 or 18 hadn't been lost on her, and after a brief pause she finally set the topic on the swimsuit aside. "Anyways, I don't think I can. I just don't have the kind of curves that Lila does..." she said shrugging as though she'd learned to simply accept that fact.

"Ah I see" Steve said as though placed in a moral quandary.

"No problem, I'm sure your mother thinks you're old enough to make your own decisions about what you should wear"

He paused to let that one sink in, knowing full well Shannon wouldn't think that at all.

"Though if you want to work on your tan and not worry about getting in to trouble about the swim suit, you're welcome to use the balcony on our room" he said gesturing innocently upwards back to the hotel - unlike her family's room, theirs faced south and had the view over the beach.

Shannon didn't say anything in response to his first comment, but her guilty look with a hint of sullenness spoke volumes.

Her mood improved and her expression brightened once more though when he offered to let her use the balcony of his and Adele's room.

"Thank you!" She said hugging him tightly but briefly, thinking that maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all. "You wouldn't mind if I went up now would you? Mom and Auntie Adele might be heading outside soon."

Steve smiled inwardly.

"No problem - here's a key card" he said reaching into their swim bag, deliberately rooting his hand around in it, knowing she'd realise he must be touching her bra and panties while he did so.

He "accidentally" brushed her fingers with his as he handed her the key card.

"Go get yourself comfortable, I'm just going to see what your mum and Adele are up to"

Watching her slim hips and butt as she walked off, Steve thought "and to see just how much time we'll have"

He headed over to his sister in laws room. When he got there, he could hear the shrill giggling and snorting from in the corridor.

Sure enough, Adele and her sister had got wine on room service, and judging by the empties were on their third bottle.

He smiled smugly and headed up to his room...

Shannon blushed slightly as he dug around in the bag and tried not to think about the fact he was touching her underwear. It was almost a relief when he pulled out the card and handed it to her, that she didn't mind their fingers accidentally touching. With the card in hand, she headed up to the room he was sharing with her aunt and let herself in.

She set the card on top of the TV and headed out to the balcony to lounge on one of the chairs out there, leaving the door that separated it from the rest of the room open just in case someone came knocking. Since she'd gone straight to the room she didn't know her mother and Aunt Adele were drunk.

Or that Steve was on his way up.

Steve let himself into his room, locking the door behind him to ensure Adele wouldn't be able to come in unannounced.

He glanced around the room and saw Shannon was already outside.

Actually maybe wine wasn't bad idea he thought, mixing up a white wine spritzer with enough lemonade to sweeten it for her.

"Here you go, keep you cool" he said, handing her the drink, and enjoying startling her at the same time.

"You can see your cousin from here" he observed, "still on her cellphone" and being vacuous he thought, but she's obviously the key to getting into your bikini he thought to himself.

Shannon didn't notice he came in until he handed her what at first glance appeared to be a glass of lemonade. However a brief taste of it made it clear that it was more than a soft drink.

"Thanks." She said wrinkling her nose at the taste - it didn't taste bad and it wasn't like she'd end up having more than one glass, so she continued to drink it slowly.

"Yeah. Ever since her and that guy she met in her science class, Chase, started dating they've been inseparable. It gets really annoying at times."

"I can imagine" Steve said.

"I'm surprised you hang around with her so much. As we were saying down at the pool, you come across as much more mature than her"

Steve continued casually, keeping an eye on the level if the spritzer in Shannon's glass.

"It's not just about looks or curves, though they're important. It's more about whether you act like an adult and are comfortable with that, and of course confidence in yourself and your body"

He let that hang in the air, looking at her body openly but more in an approving assessing way, rather than a lecherous way. Or at least he hoped it was.

Her drink wasn't quite finished but Steve took it for a refill. Going inside he called over his shoulder

"Since its only us up here, if you want to work on those tan lines I don't mind if you want to go topless"

Shannon listened quietly to what he had to say, and nodded thoughtfully when he said that part of being an adult was having confidence.

She saw the way he looked her over, but to her it seemed more like he was just trying to get the point across that she had nothing to be ashamed of.

"I never thought of it like that." she said, letting him take her glass.

When he let her know that it was fine for her to remove her top if she didn't want tan lines, she called back hesitantly "er, Ok."

As she sat there she considered it since, like he said, they were the only ones in the room. After a moment she decided she might as well. She still felt a little shy, but the deck chairs folded out flat to allow people to lay on them, so before making sure he wasn't looking, she undid the strings holding her top on and moved to her stomach. Her top still lay under her chest for comfort, but she moved her hair to the side and the way she used her arm as a pillow let the slight, almost unnoticeable swell of her A cup chest be seen from the side.

From inside the room Steve watched Shannon undo the bikini and lay on her stomach.

He focused on the swell of her soft young breast on display and smiled.

He felt himself stiffen within his swimwear, and reached inside them to give the shaft a stroke, still looking at Shannon. He arranged his now erect dick so it was pointing straight up and visible through the trunks.

He fixed a fresh spritzer for Shannon, this time with more wine - he want going to get her inebriated but he did want her inhibitions lowered.

He checked the time - Adele wouldn't be away forever, but he thought he had enough time to lay some groundwork with the young teenager outside.

"Here you go" he said, holding the drink towards Shannon. Steve had deliberately stood in such a position so Shannon would expose her breast as she reached for the drink - he also made no move to hand it down to her, instead keeping it virtually next to his visibly hard cock in his trunks.

As she lay there, she was careful not to let herself fall asleep as doing so on a different vacation had led to a fairly bad case of sunburn.

Shannon glanced up when he came back and she quickly noticed the hard bulge in his pants.

Thinking he would hand her the drink, she waited a minute and when he didn't, tried to ignore how close his hand was to his concealed erection. Covering her breasts with her left arm she reached out for the glass and the back of her hand accidentally brushed against the front of his trunks.

Blushing furiously she grabbed the glass and forced herself to stare anywhere other than at his crotch. "Thanks." Taking a drink she tried to act like nothing had happened as she got back onto her stomach.

"So what time do you think Mom and Adele will be done?"

Steve smiled noticeably when you brushed his cock with her hand.

It may well have been accidental but he wanted her to know he liked it.

He enjoyed watching her juggle the need for modesty and taking the glass, openly looking at her breasts - they may only have been small and not taken much covering, but equally her arm was slender and didn't cover a lot.

In answer to her query about her mother and aunt, he glanced at his wristwatch "judging by the time, they'll be watching that dire Spanish soap opera they both like, so I think we have at least half an hour or so together"

He emphasised the last word with a friendly wink

"Unless of course you'd prefer to go back down and play with the other kids" he innocently asked, daring to stroke her toned slender calf muscle as he spoke.

Shannon had noticed him looking at her breasts and she was beginning to doubt that he'd invited her up just to be nice. Unfortunately, if that was the case, then she was stuck for the moment because she wasn't about to flash him.

When he asked if she'd like to go back down and play with the other kids, she shook her head and a nervous little shiver ran down her spine as he stroked her calf. "Um ... No I'll stay up here."

Momentarily forgetting that there was alcohol in the drink, she drank a good amount quickly and ended up making her head spin for a moment. Once that passed, she was left a little buzzed and set the glass down making a mental note not to do that again. "So why did you follow me upstairs?"

Steve noticed the slight tremble in her as he stroked her calf.

"Why did I follow you upstairs?" He mused

"Well, this is my room! Besides," he continued, "as I said down by the pool, I think you're good company - you act like a young lady rather than some silly little girl"

"I get the impression that neither of us are particularly happy with being on this family vacation - don't you think it would be more interesting if you and I could keep each other amused?"

He took his hand off her calf "though if I've misunderstood and you're too immature..."

He tailed off wondering how she would react.

Shannon didn't stop think just what kind of entertainment he might have in mind.

"No you haven't misunderstood at all. I was just curious thats all."

She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and looked up at him, still finding it difficult not to stare at his crotch. "And you're right that I don't want to be here. I'd rather be at my friend's house. Still, if you know how we can make things interesting I'm all for it."

Damn she doesn't realise just how sexy she is thought Steve as he watched her brush the strand of hair from her face.

Steve flashed Shannon a wide smile,

"Good, I'd hoped you'd say that!"

"I've got some ideas about what we can do" as he spoke Steve started to stroke her calf again, although this time instead of stopping at her knee, he allowed his fingers to trace all the way up the inside of her thigh, and over her bikini clad bottom.

"Why don't you turn over for me so I can see just how gorgeous you are Shannon?"

Shannon's breath hitched slightly as his hand trailed along the inside of her thigh to her rear. No one had touched her like that before, and she found herself liking the subtle heat between her legs that it caused.

She hesitated when he requested she roll over, but with the alcohol in her system she didn't think there was any harm in doing so. Blushing slightly, she rolled over so he could see her small, perky breasts. "What is it that you have in mind?" she asked shyly.

Steve didn't answer immediately, entranced at the sight of Shannon's gently swelling breasts, each topped by a puffy nipple.

He trailed his fingers up her tummy, and gently around the underside swell of each breast.

"Since you're clearly not a little girl anymore, why don't I show you what grown-ups do for fun? But I think you should take the bikini bottoms off too" he said, his dick positively straining at the material of his swim shorts as he spoke.

Shannon shivered as he trailed his fingers up her stomach to the underside of her breasts. She knew this was wrong. That she should tell him stop. But that warmth she felt persisted making her feel like she needed something and she found that she'd liked how it felt when he touched her breast.

Hearing what he had in mind, she nodded as her heart fluttered nervously. "Ok..." She slid her bikini bottoms off, leaving her laying there naked before him.

"Mmmm" Steve said appreciatively looking at her naked body in all its glory.

"You truly are beautiful naked - you could be an artist's model" he said flatteringly.

That gave him an idea - handing her his phone he said "take a photo of yourself for me, and I'll take my swimwear off" not that it isn't coming off in a minute anyway he thought mischievously.

Shannon smiled slightly and looked down as he complimented her. "Thank you..." she said softly.

She took his phone and snapped a quick picture of herself so that her entire body was in the photo.

Then she handed him his phone back.

That will serve as an insurance policy for future games, Steve thought.

He glance around to re-affirm that their balcony was totally secluded from prying eyes, before standing up an peeling his swim trunks off in one smooth motion.

His hard erect cock sprang out, free from the constraints of the swimwear and bobbed in arousal in front of Shannon's face.


Shannon's eyes widened when he freed his cock.

She'd never seen one until now and she was somewhat awed by the size. Speechless, she forced herself to look away and up at his eyes.

For a minute she couldn't say anything, but once she could, all that came out was

"How... ?."

Her school had taught Sex Ed of course, but all it taught was that tab A slid into slot B. But she wasn't able to see just how that possible.

"Don't worry about the "how" - I'll show you lots of ways" he said in reply to her unfinished question.

Taking one of her hands, he guided it around his cock.

Although he was uncircumcised, Steve had become that aroused by the sight if Shannon's naked body that his foreskin had rolled back, his exposed head a dark purple glistened with precum.

He had been waxed before going on holiday, whilst he still had pubic hair on his pubic bone above his cock, the shaft and balls were silky smooth.

Shannon let him place her hand on his cock, and curiosity did the rest. She trailed her fingers along his hard length slowly, marvelling at how smooth, hard and warm it was.

There wasn't any experience behind her actions, only a virgin's explorations of the first cock that she would be receiving.

A finger circled his head experimentally and she wiped the pre from the tip. It was hard to believe that she, an almost shapeless teenager, had done this to him.

But all the same it was a self-esteem booster…

"Mmmm" Steve sighed enjoying the sensation of Shannon's small hand feeling his erect dick.

He stroked her cheek as he spoke,

"The other thing a woman does, is put it in her mouth Shannon and suck".

"I want you to lick from here" he pointed to his hairless balls "all the way up my shaft, and lick the end like a lollipop before you put as much of it in your mouth as you can fit"

"Do this for me, and I promise I'll do something equally pleasurable for you"

Shannon looked up at him.


She listened as he told her what to do, but was hesitant as she moved to kneel in front of him.

Tentatively her tongue darted out to lap at his balls experimentally, and when she found that it was actually pretty good, she licked them firmly going up to the base of his shaft.

Wanting to make sure she did the best job possible, she licked him slowly from base to tip, leaving no inch untouched by her tongue, and when she reached the head she licked it just like a lollipop.

There was another brief moment of hesitation before she took him into her mouth as far as she could, which wasn't far.

A small moan slipped out and she blushed slightly, looking up at him for what to do next.

Steve watched Shannon work her mouth over his cock and balls with great enjoyment.

"Good girl Shannon" Steve said, a touch of condescension in his voice.

He gently pushed her knees apart exposing her virgin pussy, and knelt on the ground between them.

He took a moment to admire the soft downy pubic hair which sparsely covered her pubic area - the fact she was blonde as well meant it would be another couple of years before she'd have to even think about shaving or waxing.

He outer pussy lips were puffy, no sign of her tiny inner lips peaked out from between them.

Could he detect a slight sign of moisture there? he thought.

Steve looked her in the face from between her legs "Now I'm going to lick your pussy Shannon" he said lowering his head to her.

Shannon had to let go of his cock when he moved to kneel between her spread legs, and couldn't help the way her cheeks burned as he got a good view of her virgin cunt.

She resisted the urge to close her legs as he examined her as she felt she'd come too far to say she'd changed her mind.

"O-Ok..." she said feeling a little nervous.

She honestly didn't know what else to say, but there was no denying the eager anticipation that shared space in the pit of her stomach with her nervousness.

Steve lowered his face to her pussy until he was almost touching it, and then gently inhaled her scent.

He could smell the faint tang of her sweat, and the sun lotion, but also the unmissable muskiness of feminine arousal. Her scent was more delicate and sweeter than a fully grown women's.

Running his hands up her thighs, he gently pried the lips of her pussy apart, pleased at the obvious wetness that was apparent when he did so.

Then with deliberate slowness, he ran his tongue along the length of her splayed vagina, starting at the bottom near her asshole, all the way to the top. Her wetness pooled into his mouth and he greedily swallowed it, before flicking his tongue over the top of her pussy, causing her tiny clit to pop out from under its hood.

Shannon could feel his warm breath on her damp folds and she shivered slightly. When he licked her spread cunt slowly, she moaned loudly unable to believe something could feel that good, but when she was about to speak he flicked her clit with his tongue turning her words into a gasp.

Steve continued to lick the increasingly wet folds of Shannon's pussy, savouring her sweet flavour.

As he became more aroused he probed his tongue deeper into her actual pussy until he encountered resistance.

He smiled while licking her, "good" he thought "she's still a virgin"

Switching his attention from her vagina, he trailed his tongue up to her clit and began to circle that little nub of flesh with increasingly faster strokes if his tongue.

Shannon felt like her head was spinning and she couldn't seem to think straight.

She moaned loudly and shuddered when his tongue slid inside, even though it was only inside her briefly.

He got a small cry of pleasure from her when his tongue began to circle her clit faster and faster.

Clamping a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, she felt herself getting closer to something.

It didn't take long for it to overcome her and she screamed in pleasure as she came, just barely able to muffle the sound with her hand.

Steve lifted his head up from Shannon's twitching pussy and smiled

"Did you enjoy that Shannon?"

He looked at her firm young body - the flush on her ripe young breasts and the way they rose and fell as she got her breath back.

"You should be nicely lubricated for me to fuck you" he said, moving the head of his cock to her pussy lips.

Shannon nodded.

"Yes I did..." She had enjoyed far more than she could have imagined.

Feeling his cock against her wet slit she shivered. There was no doubt about just how wrong this was, but she was curious now and she wanted to know why it was so well liked.

There was just one thing that was bothering her now. "No one will find out ... Right?"

Steve continued to stroke the head of his cock between her puffy lips, entranced with the way it splayed the young lips obscenely.

His dick glistened with more pre-cum and he circled it over Shannon's still sensitive clit making it slicker still.

Her question broke his trance, and he smiled,

"We'll I can keep a secret if you can Shannon?"

Shannon moaned as he circled the head of his cock around her clit. "I can keep a secret." she said not wanting to wait any longer.

Steve lined the head of his dick with her virginal pussy opening, he was going to take Shannon's cherry in one hard push, but he took time to savour the moment.

Just then the door to the hotel room rattled as somebody tried to get in but couldn't due to the latch being on.

This was followed by knocking and the unmistakable voice of Adele, slurred with wine,

"Steeeeeve - are you in there? let me in"

Shannon's breath quickened in anticipation as he lined his cock up with her slit, but it seemed it would have to wait for another time as there was a knock on the door. She paled slightly as the mood was effectively killed and looked down at him. "What should we do?" she asked just loud enough for him to hear.

"Get your clothes back on in the bathroom" he hissed as loudly as he dared.

He gave her ass a seat as she ran past, while he tugged his swimming trunks back on hurriedly.

Shannon scampering into the bathroom was the last view of her naked he got that holiday he mused his mind returning to the future as he finished tying his bow-tie in the mirror.

Whether by accident or whether she was avoiding him, Steve hang had opportunity to get Shannon alone again.

But tonight was the family New Year's Eve party and Adele had insisted they host it at their house this year.

Steve looked forward to the opportunity to try and have his way with young Shannon again. He still had the photo on his phone of her naked which could come in handy...

His dick stiffened in his tuxedo trousers, imagining her in her party dress, no doubt wearing what she regarded as her best underwear.

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