Crystal Clear

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Drama Sex Story: Prologue - Jim Mellon, country singer, continues his romance with singer Crystal Lee, her sister Ellen, and then new women that enter his life in many ways. This story is unique but does build on the Road Trip series also on this site. Jim finds more ways to be a lover, a hero, a patriot, a savior, a dedicated partner, and an inspiration to those around him. Join Jim as he continues his sexy journey through life.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   InLaws   Swinging   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Caution   Prostitution   Nudism  

I reflected back on the previous year and a half. Karen and I had a beautiful and loving Christmas together, even driving up to Vermont to see my in-laws – her parents – and sister Lauren. Shortly after we got back into the swing of work, Karen started to feel a little 'off.' When she couldn't get out of bed one morning a couple of weeks later, I got her to the emergency room. She died thirty days later at age thirty-two of an incurable autoimmune disease. I was stricken with grief to my very core. My world shattered and stopped.

In my pain and grief I rebuilt a motorcycle that had been my father's before he died fifteen years earlier. Every aspect of the bike needed to be fixed, rechromed, repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. After I finished, I set out to ride to my sister's home in San Diego, leaving Massachusetts and the tragic loss of my wife behind. I carried Karen with me on my road trip, surely in my heart; and I had distributed a part of her ashes in each of the lower forty-eight states.

The journey to Anna's home took about eight months. During that trip I saved a farmer from a fire and some children in a runaway rowboat, stopped a rape in Alabama and got shot for my troubles, helped catch a felon, impregnated a friend's wife with a child in Ohio, rescued a distraught woman in North Dakota and another who was injured off a ledge in South Dakota, helped a woman rebuild her farm after a tornado in Kansas, and pulled a woman to safety from a burnring car in Washington.

Along the way I'd made love to eighty women – that's right eighty, as in '8-0.' That's an average of ten a month, but Oklahoma proved to be an embarrassing anomaly I sort of wish I'd treated differently. I did fall in love with many of my partners, a point that had bothered me for a while because I thought a person was only supposed to love one person at a time, but then I realized that was a myth or a meme, and that a person could love multiple people just as well as one.

I also got 'discovered' as a country music singer midway in my journey. Through some lucky breaks, I became an overnight sensation. My name became a household word, and I suddenly had riches beyond my wildest dreams. Despite the fame and fortune, I remained humble and spiritually inclined.

I had a bad experience with a member of the paparazzi who caught me and Crystal Lee – one of the women I now love as a partner of choice, in a compromising situation with her sister Ellen and our agent, Terry Ross. With the help of some friends from my old Special Ops unit in the Army, we resolved that situation in Reno only a few months ago.

Now, as I sat in Crystal's back yard and contemplated my future, I found myself focusing on the predictions a beautiful American Native woman made about my life. Her name was Tama, and I met her in New Mexico. I recalled the night we met, when she told me:

"You have other women to meet. Some you already know, and they will reappear in your life in surprising and joyful ways." After a pause, Tama said, "You won't marry soon – and when you do it will be highly unusual. In the meanwhile, you will make deep commitments to the people you love – one particularly. You will have unusual and good relationships. Your sexuality is ... strong; it is a vital part of who you are and of the people you will meet." She paused, and I wondered about her vision on that subject.

Tama's eyes popped open and she looked at me. "You will become a father several months from now. The baby is ... will be healthy ... a boy baby. You will father other children with people you love, including someone you don't know at this time."

Tama's eyes closed again. I felt her hand push hard against my chest. "Jim, your new career will ... far exceed your expectations ... and it will take you to new parts of the world ... and in one place you will save many people through your heroic action. Your career will not be limited to music. Through your work, you will find ways to help others that you don't know about yet – many others. You will be a leader. You will find ways to save others, including someone dear to you after a troublesome time in their life. There are talents and abilities you are just now starting to find; you will hone them as you continue your spiritual journey. Life will not always be smooth, but you will weather those storms."

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