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Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Coercion, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Horror, non-anthro, Group Sex, Orgy, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Size, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Megan must find the way out!

Megan woke up without knowing where she was. It was dark and humid. The floor felt cold and wet against her back. There was a soft light coming from the ceiling but it was different from the normal radiance of a light bulb. She looked more carefully, realizing that the light was coming from some sort of worm attached to a stone wall. Megan was in a cave!

What happened? She thought, bringing one hand to her forehead.

She wondered how she got here. The last thing she remembered was standing in the forest near her home. Then she heard a noise behind her and before she could turn around, somebody stung the back of her neck. After that, everything was a blur.

Megan lifted her torso and felt heavy. She looked down to discover with horror that she was pregnant, or at least she appeared to be. But it was impossible. How can this have happened in such a short time? How long had she been unconscious inside of this chamber?

"What the fuck?!" she exclamed.

Megan was in shock, desperately trying to make sense of what was happening to her. Then, she felt it...

Something was moving within her belly, very subtle at first, then more insistently. The motions intensified particularly in the lower section. Megan felt a soft caress against her vaginal walls that sent a spark of unwanted pleasure across her body.

"Oh my God! Something is touching me down there!"

She swiftly placed a hand on her crotch, blocking access to her pussy, but there was nothing there. Nothing was trying to penetrate her. Then she felt another soft caress and this time, she moaned. She was so confused.

After a moment, Megan was certain that something was crawling down her vaginal cavity! She was giving birth! There were no contractions nor she felt any pain whatsoever but something was definitely coming out of her pussy. The astounded woman was very scared yet the pleasant sensation arising from her crotch was undeniable.

"This can't be happening! Something is coming out of me!"

A few minutes later, Megan moaned even louder as a slimy, slithering creature squeezed out of her lubricated cavity. It looked like a giant maggot with pinkish skin and a segmented, round body.

For a moment, Megan's thought that all this was a nightmare; it had to be! But the feeling was too real; it was too staggering. Her heart was racing in her chest and her pussy began to twitch while it was viciously stimulated.

"Oh my God! What is this thing?!"

Megan wanted that creature out of her but she was afraid to touch it, as it might try to get back inside of her. She just looked at the maggot with dismay while it slowly slid between her pussy lips, squirming and stretching her widely. Megan tried unsuccessfully to deny whatever sensation was rising between her legs.

How did it get inside of me??! Megan wondered, desperately trying to remember what happened to her.

When the maggot was almost out of her body, Megan's nipples were already hard and erect. The tail of the newborn creature touched the girl's clitoris as it slithered off, sending a wave of bliss across her body. She closed her eyes letting another loud moan escape her lips.

When the creature finally vacated her body, Megan gasped with relief. The maggot was about half the size of a human baby and because of this, the delivery process was easy and shamefully pleasurable. Anyway, the astounded woman was very surprised to see that her belly was almost as big as before. Then she started to feel movement inside of her again...

Why is my belly still bloated? Oh God! Something is still moving inside of me! There is another one coming out!

A couple of minutes later, a second maggot was sliding through her pussy lips. The soft, silky skin of the little creature felt wonderful as it rubbed against Megan's stretched vagina. The new-sprung expanded and contracted its body while it moved, like a worm, further stimulating the woman's senses.

Megan already knew what to do; nothing. She laid back, resting on her elbows while the maggot struggled to free itself.

The dim light emanating from the bio-luminescent worm reflected on the skin of the maggots, dripping from lubricating slime and vaginal fluids. Megan was moaning louder now, unable to negate the pleasant sensations that this unexpected situation was bringing upon her.

It is stretching me so much. It feels so ... strange.

The second maggot got out. If Megan thought that the first one took too long to leave her body; the second one didn't take long enough. She was totally aroused now but she was afraid of touching her pussy. It was evident that there were more maggots still inside and she didn't want to scare them. Megan wanted all of them out. She wanted them to slide slowly down her vaginal tunnel.

Megan felt the third one squirming within her womb and her pussy twitched.

More of these things are still in me. I'll just lie here and let them get out. Megan thought, lying flat on the cold floor and spreading her legs wider. She was clearly more relaxed now and she focused her attention on the sensations between her legs.

As the third maggot struggled to liberate itself, the astounded woman was going insane. Megan was not trying to pretend anymore that this didn't feel wonderful and she was certain that these little creatures were going to make her cum.

And they did! Megan arched her back as her orgasm arrived, letting the squirming maggot hang from her uplifted pussy. Even as she shuddered in ecstasy, Megan felt ashamed of herself; she was climaxing from expelling critters from her pussy. But there was nothing she could do to stop it. All of this was not her fault anyway.

Unable to reach the ground, the newborn instinctively triggered a defense mechanism and started to retrieve back into Megan's body, which prolonged the girl's climax for almost two minutes.

Megan's orgasm subsided but the pleasure didn't stop. More maggots were still pending to travel down her birth canal. She rested on the ground, conflicted about how this whole situation made her feel. She should have been disgusted but truthfully, she was loving it. She was giving birth to slimy maggots and she was loving every second. She couldn't understand it.

Megan came two more times before the last maggot squirmed out of her pussy. Her belly was flat again but she didn't notice because her mind was stunned by pure bliss. Her moans echoed against the walls of the cave and traveled far down the tunnels.

She was not the only one listening to her own voice.

Megan needed a few minutes to recover. Without the distraction of her unexplained pregnancy and the pleasurable birthing of maggots, Megan searched her memory for an explanation. Who attacked her in the forest and why he brought her here? How did she get pregnant with maggots?

I need to get out of here before the one who attacked me comes back!

She tried to grab the bio-luminescent worm and used it as an improvised lamp but when she touched it, it prickled her hand which burned for a few seconds.

"Ouch! This damned creature stung me!"

She had no choice but to walk in the dark while searching for a way out.

As Megan moved away from the shining worm, the tunnel turned pitched black. The path curved to the left and there were openings on the stone walls big enough for her to pass through but she decided to walk as straight as possible. Megan could hear creepy noises in the distance but she couldn't tell exactly where they were coming from or what was making them. She kept walking until she reached an opening on the right side that had a faint light. Maybe it was the sun.

"There is light in this tunnel! This must be the way out!!"

The woman eagerly followed the path but no more than fifty meters ahead, her excitement vanished completely. The tunnel ended in some sort of pit harboring a formation with a hole in the center and this hole had teeth! To make things worse, there was another horrible creature trapped within this "mouth". The smaller creature was dead apparently. The whole scene was horrifying.

"Holy crap! It is a monster eating another monster! What kind of place is this?"

Megan was baffled to say the least. She had never seen creatures like these two.

She was forced to go back and search for another way. Megan retraced her steps and walked through a series of completely dark tunnels until she saw another source of light. This time she didn't get too excited. But as she got closer, she found a completely different scene. She found another woman! This was great news! She was not going to face this terrible situation alone.

A woman! Megan exclaimed within her head, then she said, "Hi there!"

The woman was kneeling on top of a mushy surface that looked like moss and she didn't respond to Megan's greetings. In fact, she didn't react at all.

Megan got closer and knelt in front of her. She was definitely awake but her faraway stare indicated that she was under some kind of trance.

"Hey, can you hear me?" Megan asked, waving a hand in front of her face, then she thought, I think she is catatonic.

Megan also noticed that there was a thick tube between the woman's legs and it was penetrating her pussy! She examined the tentacle with amazement. In fact, they were two. They protruded from the mushy ground all the way to her pussy and ass.

No wonder she is not talking. These tentacles are massive and she has two of them penetrating her body!

Megan hesitantly touched the appendages. They had a semi-hard consistency, much like a male's phallus. Then, out of morbid curiosity, Megan grazed the woman's belly, trying to find out how deep they were within her body.

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