The Unforgettable Afternoon

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Double Penetration, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Three men visit a show, they meet an unattractive woman who is desperately lonely. They chat her up and finally she joins them for hours of solid fucking, including the taking of photos of the erotic kind - readon

The three friends arrived at the show ground just before eleven in the morning; one of them had entered an array of photos for he was a keen photographer. "I just want to gauge how the exhibit went for this is the first time I have entered the show" Warren said.

"We don't mine Warren", Harry replied. "Trevor and I haven't been to the local show in ages. I think we are a little passed the rides etc. that used to be the beckon when we were younger", he concluded. They parked in the allocated car area and then wandered towards the exhibition centre where the art and crafts were housed. "You seem to have done very well" Trevor said as they noticed the certificate for 'first prize' on the array of photos that Warren had exhibited. For his part he was all smiles for he had put in a lot of time arranging the photos and they did look very good. "Well what now?" Harry asked. "We have spent a bit of money getting in so we may as well enjoy what is available", he concluded.

"How about we seek out a woman", Trevor smiling said. "Surely there is a woman somewhere here that would love to have three men fuck her off the planet".

"Is sex the only thing you thing about Trevor?" Warren asked but with a grin for in reality they were all interested in women and all were keen on heavy breasted women, slightly plump but not overweight. "Well first let's find something to eat", Harry said. "Then let's put the radar up and do what is the normal procedure, 'seek, find and fuck'. They all laughed as they headed towards one of the food vans.

It was rare for these three friends to resort to 'junk food' for in reality that was all that was on offer. They were keen cyclists and between them all had clocked up thousands of kilometres in the rallies they had been on, they were very fit and tanned individuals. "I fancy a beer to wash this rubbish down", Warren said as they headed towards the beer marquee.

The woman was sitting alone; she was drinking wine by the style of glass that she held. She wasn't attractive, but physical appearance was not what excited these men, it was their figure and the first cab off the rank was the size of their tits and this woman excelled, they were enormous, great melons of flesh that they all agreed would be dragging on the ground if she was on her knees. "You are the woman specialists Warren", Trevor said. "You chat her up; we will hold back till you have her interested and then we appear. Let's follow our normal battle procedure and it has always been successful". Harry agreed so while they ordered a beer they let Warren prepare the ground.

The woman was lonely, she knew she wasn't attractive; her sex live was almost non existing, she lived by herself in a rented mobile van and had come to the show for just something to do and maybe, just maybe somebody would take an interest in her, so when Warren spoke to her she nearly fell off the chair. To give him his due Warren was very good with women. He had charm and a physical build that did attractive women. He hadn't married; he had no need to for when it came to sex he hadn't met a woman that turned away from his attention. His smile was infectious and within seconds of speaking this woman who is found out was Karen was almost dribbling saliva as she was swept into his embrace by his honey voice.

The battle plan was simple, Warren gave the 'come on' sign and his two mates walked past and immediately recognized him. "Hello Warren", Trevor said. "I didn't think you were show person". Warren following the well-used pattern acted surprised and then introductions followed. "Oh! Karen these are two of my old work friends. "Trevor and Harry, we are all retired and have kept up our friendship created over years of work", he concluded. Then as though it was a sudden thought asked them to join him; they followed a long and successful pattern of seduction, Karen became the centre of their attention and by the time it was suggested that they head to Trevor's beach house and a swim, naturally including Karen, she was almost over the moon. Maybe, just maybe she would not have been so eager if she knew that they intended to fuck her off the planet, however, on the other hand she was so desperate for acceptance they she may have willing dropped her panties.

As Warren was the one who was the magnet for Karen, he sat in the back seat with her, while Trevor drove and Harry continued the language of seduction while Warren began the more physical side, not rushing but gradually feeling her up, a slight kiss, a slight mould of her breast till the kiss became more aggressive and the feel of her tit began to send tingled throughout her entire being, a tingling sensation that she hadn't felt in decades and one that she wanted, boy did she want to continue. Gradually he moved to her thighs and slowly crept along that plump and later noted very white thigh till he reached his goal, her groin that by the feel was well haired. Karen gave a long gasp as he drove his finger up her cunt and the more he fingered her, the more vocal was her response and the more shudders when through her being as she automatically responded by pushing herself against that invading pleasure.

By the time Trevor reached the beach house Karen was topless, her panties were on the floor, her legs were wide apart, revealing a cunt so hairy that every cock was on high alert. Harry moved into the back seat just as Warren pushed her head down onto his throbbing cock, which she took into her mouth without the slightest hesitation and while she sucked Harry continued to finger her till he managed to alter her position, still with her mouth full of Warren's cock, so that he could shove his cock up that hairy crack. Karen shuddered as he thrust, burying his cock up to his balls while Warren held her head hard into his groin so that not a fraction of cock was out of her slurping mouth.

Warren emptied his load at the same time Harry filled her with the essence of his balls. Slowly Karen got up, from her mouth poured a fountain of cum and saliva, but behind that was a grin, a grin of satisfaction. "Shower time", Harry said. Karen removed the last of her clothing and began to scrambled out of the vehicle, her tits swinging back and forth much to Trevor's delight for he hadn't experienced her as yet, so with her half in and half out of the vehicle he pushed his cock against her lips and grunted. "Suck it Karen, Suck it". His next utterance was one of delight as her mouth began to do its magic for out of all the men, he preferred a suck job, even over a fuck and Karen, already with a much lubricated mouth was sending him off the planet. She sucked for many minutes while Warren played with her tits, giving the enlarged nipples a good massage while also giving that now accommodating cunt more finger.

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