Simon & Jayne - the Beginning

by Spv9

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Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A married man is seduced by a horny lady he meets in a lift

Jayne struggled with the boxes, praying she wouldn't miss the lift. She was already late and it was just the beginning of a hectic Monday morning. The man who held the doors open for her was attractive with stunning blue eyes and the streaks of grey in his hair only made him more distinguished. She set the boxes down at her feet with a sigh as the doors shut and he pressed the button for the 14th floor.

Her auburn hair was loose around her shoulders, softly curled. Her blouse was a sheer purple, the hint of her lace bra evident in certain lighting. Her grey skirt fell mid-thigh but had a slit up one side that blurred the line of business-appropriate. The top of her thigh-high stockings peeked out when she moved. Dark brown eyes raked over the man who shared the elevator with her appreciatively, from the top of his head to the smooth leather of his shoes. His slacks certainly fit him well, definitely tailored. She would bet that beneath that suit he had a delicious body. Her gaze fell on his left hand, noting the glint of a wedding band. That had never stopped her before - if anything it made things more fun. "Rough night?" she asked, noticing as he rubbed his temple. Simon liked to consider himself a connoisseur of fine things: wine, cars, art ... and the female form.

The lady who had entered the lift definitely qualified in this category he thought as he eyed her appreciatively, especially the manner in which her skirt tightly clung to her rear-end.

Was that a glint of lace top stocking as she bent over to place the boxes down?

It'd been a long while, too long, since his wife had worn anything as sensuous as stockings. Still, that's where the drink comes in handy he thought morosely, unconsciously rubbing his temple again.

He started, somewhat guiltily, when the woman turned around and spoke to him. "Ah, no, well yes - stayed up for the late game and Mondays always roll around too soon don't they?" He said with a self-deprecating smile. "I'm Simon, Simon Vaughn, by the way - of Levy Stein and Vaughn on the 15th. I'm not sure we've met before Miss -?" he said extending his hand towards hers. "Whitmoore," she replied, taking his hand firmly in her. "Jayne Whitmoore. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Vaughn," she added with a smile. She was fairly certain he had been eying up her legs. She glanced up at the number ticking away the floors. The 14th was coming up soon. Shifting her eyes back to his she shook his hand and let her hand linger a moment more than necessary. "I hate Mondays, honestly." The lift chimed at the 14th floor and the doors slowly rattled open. "Well, Mr. Vaughn," she said, "I do hope to run into you again sometime..." Her eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief and she bent down to retrieve the boxes, giving him ample time to admire her ass. Standing, she held to doors open with one patent stiletto. "Enjoy your Monday." As the doors shut after Jayne, Simon shook his head with a smile, she was certainly something else.

If he'd been ten years younger and still had his good looks, he could have sworn she was actually flirting with him

"forget it fella" he said to himself "No way a hot cutie like that would be into you these days!"

Still, her expensive perfume lingered in the air reminding him of her, and he was acutely conscious he had a hard on in his trousers as he left the lift.

Simon thought no more of the enigmatic Miss Whitmore until he realised he had a meeting scheduled with old man Harrison downstairs on the 13th regarding a sponsorship contract in the diary.

"What the hell, I might bump into her again" he thought as he sprayed on some extra cologne and checked his tie was straight in his reflection.

He went down to the 13th, nonchalantly looking around trying not to be obviously looking for someone, but no sign of the auburn haired beauty,

Sighing he went to the appointed meeting room, knocked briefly and entered.

Instead of Jack Harrison though, Jayne Whitmoore was sat at the table...

Jayne looked up from the computer in front of her and a grin spread over her lips as she shut the lid of the laptop and set it aside. "Mr. Vaughn..." she purred. "I apologize but Mr. Harrison had to step out for personal matters and asked me to take his place. I hope that won't be a problem." She could smell a hint of spicy cologne and she took a deep breath. Jayne loved a man who smelled good. "You'll have to excuse me but I'm not one hundred percent up to speed with the contents of the meeting so you'll have to fill me in." Leaning back in the chair, she crossed her arms beneath the swell of her breasts. "Please, have a seat." Simon was non-plussed for an instant, but smoothly re-gained his composure.

"'Simon' please, 'Mr Vaughn' makes me sound like a stranger!" he said smiling.

His eyes flickered downwards to her breasts, "damn, she is flirting with me" he thought.

Then another darker thought entered his mind, "not likely you fool, she's simply playing you along like a matador plays a bull"

He pushed both voices down, not every woman was a bitch he reminded himself.

Still, no reason why he couldn't enjoy the meeting, she certainly was easier on the eye than Jack... "Simon it is then," she replied and tucked a strand of hair behind an ear. "Just what was this regarding?" She asked as she poured him a glass of lemon water from the pitcher on the table. She poured herself one and took a sip, watching him over the rim of the glass. Swallowing, she shuffled through some notes. "I don't even think Jack - er, Mr. Harrison - left me the right paper work!" With a groan, she shoved the papers away and offered an apologetic smile. "By the way, how's your head?" Jayne asked, after taking another sip and licking off a droplet of water that had clung to her bottom lip. Her steady gaze had caught his eyes drifting to her breasts, and she subtly shifted, giving him a better eyeful. "My head? Oh, that's fine now" he said laughing "I've a good constitution!" As he pulled a sheaf of papers out of the file.

"I can talk you through the critical points" and with that he got down to business.

Simon always prided himself on not being identified by the girls in the office as a lecherous old man who would leer at them the way some of his other colleague did.

That's not to say he didn't look, he absolutely enjoyed perusing the delights of the younger members of the female staff - he was just subtle about it.

The ensuing hour definitely qualified as one of the more enjoyable meetings he'd had lately - not only did Jayne clearly have a sharp mind, she was also vivaciously good company.

It also helped that he was able to snatch views of what he thought was inadvertent displays of her cleavage, and the fact that he was now adamant she had on lace top stockings had him slightly giddy at the end of the meeting.

"Well, Simon ... it was a ... pleasure doing business with you." Jayne said, standing and moving around to the front of the table where he sat. She perched herself so she half sat on the edge of the conference table. Jayne was surprised he hadn't been more blatant with his assessment of her body, as most men were wont to be when it came to her. The top of her thigh highs and a peek of creamy skin was clearly visible in this position and she watched his face to see if he noticed.

Holding out her hand for him to shake, she offered her best smile. "Perhaps we'll meet again?" "Same here Jayne - I think we've got most of the outstanding issues put to bed"

Simon cringed inwardly at the un-intended double entendre, "oh smooth fella, really smooth now she'll think your either a dick or creepy old man"

To conceal his embarrassment Simon busied himself putting the papers back away, not realising Jayne had moved around the table.

When he looked back up, he was confronted with a view of two inch deep lace, and a glimpse of her smooth thighs.

He quickly moved his glance up to her face, oh man busted!

Then to his surprise she smiled, and proffered her hand to shake.

Standing He smiled back, shaking her hand, "Actually Jayne, I usually take Jack out for lunch after a meeting - I wouldn't want you to think I was rude, would you... ?" He left the question hanging in the air.

She chuckled at his double entendre and the expression on his face when he realized he'd been caught obviously ogling her thighs. "Simon, if there's something you like, please do share." A slow grin tilted her full lips upward and she pushed herself off the desk. He was awfully flustered around her and it made him seem sweet.

Jayne licked her lips wondering if he tasted sweet, too.

Releasing his hand, she nodded. "Lunch sounds wonderful. I'm ... starving."

Simon relaxed when Jayne accepted the lunch invitation - the last thing he'd want was a stiffened reaction of "oh my god this guy is hitting on me" from her.

"Great - what's the point of having an expense account if you can't use and abuse it once in a while?" he wise-cracked

"I like the Olive Press - do you know it? It's not on the typical office lunch-time circuit so I think the quality of food and service is better - and here's less likelihood of getting hassled about work from colleagues"

... or from being talked about being seen in the company of this stunner he thought.

"Let me take these files back to the office, and I'll meet you there, in what - 5 minutes? If you speak to Mancini the maƮtre d' he'll sort us out with a decent table"

Jayne nodded at his joke and replied, "My sentiments exactly! Besides, I could really use a drink." She grinned and told him she'd get them a table and see him in a few.

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