The Woman in the Grey Business Suit

by Silverhawk

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I was happy with my life and happy with Friday and Saturday nights at "The Saddle Horn", a country bar in Nashville, Tennessee. The food was good, the girls sexy, and one older woman in particular seemed to like me. When the woman in the grey business suit walked in one night, all that seemed to change.

Mom and Dad were adamant that I'd do better in life than they had, though I thought they'd done all right. We weren't poor, by my standards anyway. Jimmy

Clarkson was a high school friend of mine and the Clarkson's were poor.

My dad was a farmer. We ate roast beef or chicken or pork steaks with mashed potatoes and gravy and some other vegetable, usually green beans or corn or peas every night. Dad raised and butchered the meat. Mom raised and butchered the chickens and canned all the vegetables. Jimmy's Dad worked at the filling station in town, and didn't make much money so they bought cheap.

They ate spaghetti or beans every night.

Our old farmhouse was big and leaked cold air in winter, but I had my own bedroom. Jimmy shared his with two other brothers. Dad bought a new car about every five or six years. Jimmy's dad just kept fixing up their old one.

Yes, I figured compared to the Clarksons, we were rich, but Mom and Dad didn't see it that way. They wanted the Malone family to have at least one college graduate, and their Jason was going to be that one. I wasn't looking forward to four more years of school, but I sent in the application for three state schools and took the SAT. Mom and Dad were ecstatic when I got accepted by MTSU.

After the first week of classes, I sort of changed my mind about more school.

The classes, with the exception of the required English and History classes, were pretty interesting. They were also pretty hard work, but I was getting it. The basic engineering classes were a blast. Those classes let me see the science behind the farm equipment I'd worked with since I could remember. They were also something for which I could see a future use.

The other thing that changed my mind was my distance from home. Mom and

Dad were only an hour away by car, but they only came to visit once a month.

The rest of the time, I could do pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted. I liked being an adult instead of their child.

That four years turned into five years of working part time at various jobs and studying my ass off, but I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and accepted a job offer with an architectural firm in Nashville. The first week at

Peterson, Burns and Partners was pretty confusing, what with reading all their policies and design guidelines and finding and setting up an apartment. The second week went better, and after a month, I was doing real work that I enjoyed.

There were several younger engineers and architects at PBP. On Friday night we'd head out for a couple of drinks and dinner, and then go club hopping for a while. The dinners were nice, but cost as much as Mom spent in a whole week when I was living at home. I've never been much of a drinker, so I usually got elected to be the designated driver. Life in the fast lane was interesting for a while, but I soon tired of it. After hearing my same excuses twice, the other guys stopped asking if I was going out on Friday.

I'm not sure why I stopped in at The Saddle Horn that night. The sign out in front of the little bar said they served food. Maybe I was just tired of my own cooking.

Maybe it was that Friday night TV wasn't to my liking. I'd passed the sign going to and from work every day for six months without giving it a thought. That

Friday night, my car just seemed to turn into the lot all on its own.

Inside, the place was only lit by a few neon beer signs, so it was pretty dark. The only actual light seemed to be over the bar, so I walked there. The woman tending bar smiled and asked what I wanted. When I said a cheeseburger and fries, she smiled again and pointed to another light at the back of the bar.

"You'll have to see Sadie about that. Just tell her how you like 'em and she'll fix you right up."

Sadie was probably a little over fifty, with a body some would describe as voluptuous. She had dark brown hair with a few silver streaks I thought were sexy, and she wore it pulled back in a pony tail. She grinned when I walked up.

"Hey there, what can I get for ya'"

"A cheese burger and fries."

"You like your burger rare, medium, or burnt?"

"Medium would be fine."

"Medium it is then."

Sadie walked over to a freezer, retrieved a burger patty, and tossed it on her grill.

She went back to the freezer, pulled out a bag of fries and dumped a generous pile in the basket of her deep fryer. After shaking the basket to level them out,

Sadie lowered it into the oil, took the fries back to the freezer, and then walked back to the counter.

"You're new around here, aren'tcha?"

"Not to Nashville, but this is the first time I've been in here. Why?"

Sadie grinned.

"That white shirt and tie aren't gonna fit in. Why don't you take off the tie and roll up those shirt sleeves?"

After I'd done that, Sadie looked me over.

"That's better. You really oughta be wearing jeans, but at least the regulars won't toss you out on your butt now. Here, gimme your tie. I'll keep it back here until you get ready to leave."

I ate my burger at the bar, accompanied by a beer that Janet, the woman behind the bar, got for me. There weren't many people in the bar, and Janet stayed with me while I ate. She asked where I was from.

"Ah, you probably never heard of it. I was raised on a farm just outside of Archer

Wells, about two hours west of here."

"Nope, can't say as I have, but there's lots of little towns I don't know about.

Whatcha doin' now?

"I work for an architectural firm. I'm a mechanical engineer."

"Well, Honey, I'd just keep that to yourself if I was you. Somebody asks you what you do, just tell 'em you're in construction. The regulars are a bunch of great people, but they're pretty common folk. They might not like a college man, especially if he goes tryin' to pick up on their girls."

I chuckled.

"I'm not in the market for a girl, not yet. I need to get my feet on the ground before I start thinking about a family."

Janet laughed.

"I wasn't talking about a family. Most of these guys aren't looking for anything more than to get laid. Our girls are pretty smart, and they've figured that out, so they play the game, but they don't let the guys get too far. You being the good looking guy you are, you'd probably stand a better chance. That's what the guys won't like."

I liked Janet. She was straightforward as well as being good looking. The wedding ring on her left hand said some other guy thought a lot of her too. I figured she'd had her share of proposals as well as the other women in the club.

I grinned, and put my hand over my heart.

"I swear I won't try to take any girls home with me."

Janet laughed too.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna lose the extra ten pounds on my ass and the lines by my eyes too. Well, it's about eight. The regulars'll start coming in any minute. You just remember what I said, OK?"

The place started to fill up and by nine, what had been a quiet little country bar had turned into a bar full of laughs, loud country music, and some very good looking women on the little dance floor.

For women who didn't want to get picked up, they sure didn't understand how to dress not to. There were women in jeans so tight you'd wonder if they weren't just body paint. There were women in little jean shorts that almost showed the curve of their butt cheeks. Their tops were even more revealing. Most were little midriff tops were held up only by thin little strings if even that, and if the top actually had a neck line, it was cut so low even a girl with small breasts had visible cleavage. I thought it was pretty great. Evidently Janet picked up on that.

"What you grinnin' about. Never seen a girl before?"

"Oh, I've seen girls before, just not this much of so many at one time all in one place."

"Yeah, we have to watch pretty close or we'll have boobs hanging out all over.

Last week, we had to send one home because, as she put it, she forgot to put on her panties. Now, I'll tell ya', I might forget to feed the dog, and I might forget to lock the back door, but I'd never forget to put on my panties."

Janet laughed.

"Well, there was this one time ... but I was a lot younger then."

"You could still give most of these girls a run for their money."

"With my big ass and what two kids did to my tummy? I don't think so. Besides, most of these guys are young enough to be my son, and that just wouldn't seem right to me."

Janet's brow wrinkled as her eyes narrowed.

"Say, are you one of those young guys who like older women?"

I was, but it didn't seem right to tell Janet that so soon after we'd met. I liked women my own age, but there was something about a woman in her forties or even a little older that really tripped my trigger. It was all Lisa's fault, and I'd loved every second of it.

The last semester of my senior year at MTSU, my schedule was sort of messed up as far as working anywhere during normal hours. One of the hotels in

Nashville had an opening for a bus boy from five to ten at night and was the only job I found that would work.

The job wasn't hard, just delivering room service to people who didn't want to go out for dinner, so I could usually work in some study time during my shift. By eleven, I could be home and study for another hour, and then get six or seven hours of sleep before my first class. On weekends, I worked noon to five cleaning up the kitchen, and then went back to delivering room service in the evening. The job itself didn't pay all that much, but it was an up-scale hotel, meals were free when I was working, and the tips I got were enough to get me through that last semester.

One Sunday night in March, about nine-thirty, Maggie, the night cook, said she had the order for six-nineteen ready. I put on my white bus-boy jacket, picked up the heavy tray, and headed for the elevator. When I knocked on the door of six- nineteen and said "room service", it was opened by a woman.

She was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, and smiled at me.

"Come on in. Our plane got in late, and we didn't know what would be open this late on Sunday night. I'm starved."

I sat the tray down on the table beside the bed, and then turned to give her the little speech that the hotel had taught me in training, and one that usually resulted in a nice tip.

"I hope you enjoy your meal, and our stay with us. I'll be here until ten, so if you need anything else, just call room service and ask for Jason. I'll be more than happy to do anything I can to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible."

The woman fished in her purse, found a wallet, and handed me a five.

"I'm Lisa, and I'll be sure to ask for you if I need anything."

The next evening, I was trying to solve an equation for stress in uniformly loaded beams when Maggie rang her bell.

"Six-nineteen, and she asked for you."

The door to six-nineteen opened after I'd knocked twice. Lisa smiled and held the door open for me as I went through.

"I decided not to go out again tonight. We went to that big shopping mall today, and I'm worn out from walking."

I'd figured out early on that talking with guests was a sure way to increase my tips. I guess when you're away from home and don't know anybody where you are, any person who seems interested feels like a friend.

"I know what you mean. I don't go there very often, but it's huge. Find what you were looking for there?"

"Oh, I didn't go there to shop, just to look, but I did buy a few things. I'm here for a week on vacation with a friend, and I want to see everything I can while I'm here."

"Do you like country music?"

"Yes, that's one of the reasons I came here."

"There are brochures in the lobby of all the places to see in Nashville. There are some good country bars where songwriters sing what they've written, and some of them are really good."

"Oh, I intend to see some of them, and the museums too."

"Well, if you need directions, don't be afraid to ask. I know where most things in town are and how it's easiest to get there."

Lisa smiled.

"I'll keep that in mind. Oh, I almost forgot your tip."

She pulled out her wallet, and then frowned.

"I'm sorry, I spent most of my cash at the mall. My friend went out to eat, but she'll be back later and I can borrow some money from her until I can get to an

ATM. When do you get off work?"

I said ten.

"She'll be back before then, so come back after ten and I'll have your tip for you,


I clocked out at ten-o-one, and took the elevator to the sixth floor hoping I wasn't going to get stiffed. It had happened before, usually with men in Nashville on business. I knew they were all traveling on expense reports and I couldn't understand why they would do that, but sometimes they did.

I knocked softly on the door to six-nineteen, and a few seconds later, Lisa opened it, except she wasn't the same Lisa. The Lisa I'd met before was a little like my Aunt June - pretty without realizing she was, and not seeming to pay much attention to what her clothes did to her figure. The woman who answered the door wore an almost transparent, short, black robe that didn't do much to hide the black lace bra and thong panties underneath. It didn't do anything to hide her shapely legs or anything else.

Lisa grinned.

"Come on in, Jason. I hope you don't mind how I'm dressed, but I felt like relaxing a little. Now where did I put that five?"

She bent over to pick her purse up from the bed, and the robe rode up high enough to uncover the bottom curve of her ass cheeks. Those cheeks weren't the tight little cheeks most of the girls at college had. They were soft and creamy white and a lot more erotic.

"There it is", she said, and turned around with a five in her hand. Her smile was a little impish.

"Did you mean what you said about helping me with anything?"

"That's why they pay me, to help our guests."

Lisa untied the belt at her waist and let her robe fall open. Her breasts swayed softly when she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"I wasn't thinking about directions to somewhere. I was thinking about something else, something special."

She didn't have to say what she wanted, and things like this were strictly off limits as far as the hotel was concerned. I had to tell her no, but in a way that wouldn't make her feel badly.

"Well, if you're thinking what I think you are, I really can't. It's a rule of the hotel."

Lisa moved closer.

"I thought that might be the case, so I asked one of the maids this afternoon if sometimes a man didn't ask her for what I called special favors. She understood what I was asking, and said yes, but she'd never done it. When I asked her why, she said it was against hotel policy. I asked her if that was all the time, and she said it only applies when you're working. You're not working now, are you?"

"No, but there's another reason too. Unless I miss my guess, that's a wedding ring on your finger."

Lisa sighed and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Yes, it is, but he's not here. Even if he was, he's more interested in his business than in me. He'd just be on the phone talking to his managers or to his broker.

That's why he's still in Chicago and I'm here by myself."

She put her other hand on my shoulder.

"He wouldn't care even if he knew, and he won't know. Please don't make me beg."

That night, I learned what most men never learn. The guys I knew talked about older women like they were somehow used up and weren't as exciting as young girls. Lisa was more exciting than any young girl I'd dated, and she knew more about pleasing a man than any of my few dates ever thought about knowing.

Her body was full and sensuous, and the way she moved was so erotic she'd have made any man want her if they'd been able to see the real woman instead of her age. When she undid her bra and let her big breasts fall softly to her chest, I stopped trying to resist. She pulled off my T-shirt, pressed those breasts into my chest, and whispered, "I've been thinking about this all day, and I can't wait any longer. Take me now, Jason, any way you want."

Lisa stayed at the hotel until Saturday. I took her dinner to her every night, and then went back after my shift to take care of her other need. In the process, she taught me a lot about what women like and don't like, and how fantastic sex can be with the right person. That last Friday night, after she'd cum three times, she eased her body down on top of mine and laid there panting. Once she was breathing slower, she kissed me, and then nibbled my ear lobe.

"Umm, I'd like to take you back to Chicago with me."

"I think your husband wouldn't like that very much."

Lisa chuckled.

"I could hide you in the pool house. Bill doesn't swim, so he never goes in there."

"You don't think he'd notice something like that?"

"If you mean me being in my swimsuit all the time, no, he wouldn't."

"I really need to finish school."

Lisa sighed.

"I know. It's just a fantasy I had this morning. I'm old enough to know that's all it is, just a fantasy. I can still take the fantasy back with me, though. At night, while Bill is sitting at his desk making stock trades, you'll be there in bed with me.

Of course, you'll just be my little vibrator, but I can still fantasize that it's you."

Lisa checked out while I was in class, and was gone by the time I got to the hotel.

When I walked through the front door, Liz, the desk clerk waved me over.

"I've got an envelope for you from that woman in six-nineteen. She asked that I give it to you as soon as you got in."

Inside the envelope were five hundred-dollar bills and a note on a sheet from one of the hotel's note pads. In the flowing cursive of a woman's hand, were just a few words that said a lot – Thank you for this week. I'll always remember it.


Janet's voice pulled me out of the memory and back to the bar.

"The way you're smiling, I think you do."

"I suppose with the right one, it would be OK. What with working and going to school, I never had much time to think about anything involving women."

"Yeah, I'll bet. Well, if you want to meet some, young ones and older ones both, come in on Thursday night. Marilyn comes in to teach line dance lessons, and women get in free. There'll be a few guys here with their girlfriends, but it'll be mostly girls. You need another beer?"

I said thanks but I had to be going. In reality, I did have to leave. I'd planned to drive back home to see Mom and Dad that weekend. After picking up my tie and saying goodbye to Sadie, I went home.

One of the things some engineers in an architectural firm don't like is visiting construction sites. The rule is, if you designed it, you have to inspect it to see if the work is done properly. Over the next couple months, I was out of the office more than in on several trips to the sites where my designs were being built.

Mostly I did steel work, so I had to check for the right number and quality of welds and that all the bolts and nuts were put in and tightened correctly. If I found something wrong, I informed the construction manager who then instructed the sub-contractor to fix the problem. Once that was done, I'd go back to look at the fix. If all was well, I'd sign off on that phase of the job.

On one of my last visits, I noticed one of the welders staring at me. Some construction workers don't really care to have an engineer inspect their work, so the stare wasn't all that unusual, but there was something different about this guy.

When I did my inspection, I found four places where the welds looked good, but hadn't penetrated both pieces of steel. There were also half a dozen that were really crappy welds, but nobody would see them in the finished building and they looked sound. I called the bad welds to the attention of the construction supervisor who said he'd take care of it, and could I come back on Monday. I said I would.

It was Friday night and I was beat, so I headed home a little early. After taking a shower, I started thinking about something to eat. I'd been at construction sites for four days that week and hadn't had time to buy groceries so my food supply was pretty low. A hot dog without a bun and some potato chips just didn't seem like enough, so I decided I'd let Sadie do the cooking for me.

Sadie whistled when I walked up to her counter.

"Look at you, all dressed up in jeans and a plaid shirt. Gee ... you even have cowboy boots."

"Yeah, these are the clothes I used to wear back home, but city people seem to think they're a little too hicky, I guess. They do feel pretty good, though."

"You'll fit in just fine now. All those cowgirls'll be fightin' over who gets to dance with you first."

"From what Janet told me, that's not really a good thing."

Sadie shook her head.

"It's not bad if you know how to dance with them. Just don't let 'em get too close and you'll be all right. It's when they mash themselves all over you, that's what gets the rest of the guys mad. You just watch tonight and you'll see what I mean."

I did watch. I sat at the bar and talked to Janet while Leonard, the DJ played songs for the line dancers. When he played the first slow song of the night, I turned on my stool and watched the floor.

What Sadie said was true. Most of the guys danced with several girls, but it was easy to tell which guy and girl liked each other more than just as a dance partner.

If the couple was just socializing, there'd be a good six inches between them, and the guy would hold the girls right hand in his left and put his other hand on her left shoulder blade. If the couple was doing more than just dancing, the girl would drape her arms around the guy's neck and press her breasts into his chest. The guy's hands would be either around her waist, or if there was really something between them, his hands would be on her ass.

"Thinkin' about getting' you a hand full of butt?"

I turned back toward the bar just as Janet set another beer down in front of me.

She grinned.

"Told you about that, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did, and I'm just watching. I've never danced before, and thought I'd see how it's done."

Janet chuckled,

"I hope you learn fast, because you're about to be asked."

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a very pretty redhead smiling at me.

I'm not a good judge of a woman's age, but she looked a little older than most of the women in the place, like maybe early forties. Her body was full and sensual, not slender and tight like the younger women.

"Wanna dance with me?"

I was always taught it was not polite to refuse a woman's request unless it was absolutely outrageous, so I said yes. The woman grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bar stool, and then dragged me onto the dance floor.

I held out my arms like I'd seen the other guys do, but she had other ideas.

Before I knew what was happening, she put her arms around my neck and did her best to weld her whole body to mine. I felt her big breasts flatten out on my chest and her tummy pressing against mine just before she laid her face on my shoulder and whispered, "You're supposed to put your arms around me and hold me tight."

I started rocking from side to side like I'd seen most of the couples doing and the woman followed. After she pressed her body in a little tighter I asked if her boyfriend wouldn't be mad at me for dancing with her like this. She just laughed.

"If he was my boyfriend, he might, but he's my husband. You're all right."

With that, she straddled my thigh and began rubbing her crotch against my leg.

Now, I'm just as much a man as the next guy, and with any of us, a woman rubbing any part of her against any part of us is going to have the same result.

My cock started to get hard.

The woman pushed her crotch a little higher on my leg and then giggled.

"I think you like dancing with me."

"Well, I've never danced before, but let's just say I never imagined dancing would feel quite like this."

"Oh, it can feel even better. Maybe the next time we dance I'll show you."

The music ended then and the woman grinned as she eased her body off mine.

"I'm Tina. Thanks for dancing with me."

"Tina, I'm Jason, and it was my pleasure."

Tina grinned again.

"I liked it too ... a lot."

When I sat back down on my stool, Janet walked over and chuckled.

"What'd you think of Tina?"

"Uh ... well ... she's uh ... unique."

"I guess that's one way of saying it. Don't worry, she's harmless and so is her

Todd. He's the guy with white hair sitting beside her. They're a nice couple but a little different. Todd likes seeing her dance with other guys, and from what Tina once told me, it turns them both on. Just play along with her like the other guys do."

"Play along?"

Janet just laughed.

"I'm sure you'll find out what that means all by yourself."

Janet went down the bar to serve another couple guys and I turned back to the dance floor. There were about twenty women doing what I guess they call line dancing. They were lined up anyway. It was fun to watch. The dances seemed to be designed for the women to roll their asses a lot, and they did. Tina saw me watching and gave me a wink, then rolled her butt seductively. I grinned and she grinned back.

I heard a bottle land on the bar beside me and turned to look. A tall, lanky guy with a straw cowboy hat was staring at me.

"You're that engineer that was on site today, ain'tcha?"

I recognized him then. He was the same guy who'd been staring at me when I made my inspection.

"That would be me. Why?"

"Thought I reco'nized you from bein' here a few weeks back. Just wanted to be sure a'fore I done this."

He held out his hand.

"I'm Mike Rogers, lead welder on that job. We left them bad welds for you to find to see if you know'd a goodun from a badun. We left some that looked like shit but was good welds too. You seen the shitty ones, but you didn't say nothin'

'bout 'em. Most engineers we work with woulda marked all of 'em, but you only marked the baduns. That makes you OK in my book."

I shook Mike's hand.

"I'm Jason Malone. I wasn't there to make your life hard. I just have to make sure the steel goes up like it's suppose to."

"Aw hell, we know that, and we allus do the best we can. Just some engineers got big heads an' think they know more'n they really do so we try 'em out. You won't find no more problems with our jobs."

I offered to buy him a beer, and Mike smiled.

"I don't never turn down a free beer, but ya better wait until after this dance.

Tina's coming for ya agin.

Tina didn't ask this time. She just crooked her finger at me and smiled. Mike laughed.

"Go dance with 'er an' make her feel good. Tina's a nice woman, an' her man's a good guy too. Used to be a pipe-fitter afore he retired."

This time, Tina didn't say anything for a while. She just sighed when she wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her breasts into my chest. It didn't take long before she was riding my thigh again. It was right after that she licked my earlobe and when whispered, "am I turning you on?"

Well, Janet had said Tina was harmless, but now I wasn't so sure about that.

"Uh ... well, yes."

"Am I turning you on enough you'd like to fuck me?"

"Uh, well, if you weren't married..."

"You mean if I wasn't forty-six, you would."

"No, that's not what I mean. I sorta like women older than I am. And you don't look that old."

Tina licked my neck.

"Oh, I am, but you'd still like to fuck me?"


"Todd likes me to tell him other men would like to fuck me, and I like hearing that too. Just tell me you'd like to."

"OK, I'd like to."

"Like to what?"

"I'd like to fuck you."

Tina sighed.

"How would you fuck me?"

"Well, the normal way, I suppose."

"You mean with me on my back and you on top of me?"


"Would you move it in and out really deep and slow or just a little and really fast?"

"Well, it depends on what you like the best."

Tina thrust her crotch into my thigh and sighed.

"I like both. Deep and slow at first, then fast when I cum."

"Then that's how I'd do it."

"Ummm. You're making my nipples stiff. Can you feel them?"

Actually, I could. Tina didn't seem to be wearing much in the way of a bra, and what had been two soft bumps on her breasts were now trying to bore holes in my chest.

"Yep, I feel them."

"While you're fucking me, would you suck my nipples?"

"Oh yeah."

Tina stuck her tongue in my ear.

"God, you're making me all hot and wet."

"I'm sorry."

Tina giggled.

"Don't be sorry. I like being hot and wet. Talk to me some more. Tell me what else you'd do to me."

Thankfully, the song ended about then. Tina kissed me on the cheek, said "See you later", and then walked back to her table. I went back to the bar and Mike.

He was chuckling.

"Don't look now, Jason, but you got a hammer handle in y'ur jeans."

"I know. Is she always like this?"

"Nope. Sometimes she's hotter. Too bad about her husband. The way I hear it, he can't get it up unless she tells him what some guy said to her and what she did to him. She's a little old for me, but I'd still fuck her in a second. She won't have none of that, though. Most of us have tried, but she all'ys says no. It's only

Todd who gets to poke that little pie. How about that beer?"

Mike walked back to the bunch of guys playing pool after Janet brought our beers. She grinned at me as he walked off.

"So, you find out about those other things?"

"What other ... oh, you mean with Tina. Yes. She could tempt a saint, and I'm far from a saint. The only problem is dancing with her is it's like being a kid in a candy store with no money."

"Just don't think too bad of her. She'll get laid tonight and she appreciates being told you'd like to be the one. You did tell her that, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, after she pulled it out of me."

Janet laughed.

"Be glad she didn't pull on something else. She's been known to do that."

"And Todd doesn't mind?"

"No, he likes it. You'll find that out."

I laughed.

"Maybe, if I can manage to keep my hands off her. He probably wouldn't appreciate that."

Janet smiled.

"You might be surprised."

With that, she went to the other end of the bar.

I nursed that beer through half an hour of line dances and was almost ready to head for home when the DJ played another slow song. I hadn't seen Tina walk up beside me, but I felt her hand when she gently squeezed my thigh.

"Up for another dance?"

"Uh ... yeah."

Once Tina had pasted her curves against me, she blew gently in my ear. Her voice was deep and lusty.

"So, what else would you do to me when you fuck me?"

"I don't know. What ever came to mind I suppose."

"Would you squeeze my boobies?"

"Well, sure."

"Ummm. I like having my boobies squeezed. Do that to one now."

"I don't know ... I don't think the bar would like that."

"I know the guy who owns this bar and he doesn't care. I know Janet talked to you about me, too. She knows what I'm doing and she won't say anything.

Neither will anybody else. Just a little squeeze so Todd can see."

I slipped my hand up Tina's side and cupped her breast, then squeezed gently.

She gasped.

"Oh, yeah. Do the other one now, and pinch my nipple."

Tina's nipple was stiff and rubbery when I gently pinched it. She gasped again and whispered, "a little harder". I pinched her again, and she sagged into her arms and sighed.

"I'm gonna fuck Todd so good tonight. I'm so wet my panties are soaked."

"Well, I'm in pretty bad shape myself. You're one hot little lady, Tina."

She hugged me tight.

"I wish I could help you like you've helped me, but I can't. Thanks for telling me

I'm hot. None of the other guys ever told me that. It makes me feel good."

The song ended and Tina eased her arms down from around my neck.

"We have to leave now. Will I see you again some time?"

"I'm here about every Friday and Saturday night unless I'm on the road."

"Oh, good. Next time, I'll tell you how things went tonight. Thank you so much."

About half an hour later, I went home too. On the way, I kept thinking how odd it was to be thanked for letting a woman do everything with me except fuck me senseless. I hoped Todd realized what he had there and did his part when they got home.

The next Friday, I was standing at Sadie's counter waiting for my burger and fries. Sadie was humming to herself as she gave the burger a final flip and then put it on a bun. She was still humming when she added a thick slice of tomato and a mound of pickles.

"No onion, right?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Well, that's probably for the best. Wouldn't want you to be breathin' onion all over Tina tonight."

Sadie laughed.

"Caught you with your pants down, didn't she?"

"If you mean I was surprised, that's an understatement."

"Well, you're in for another surprise. Your supper's on Todd tonight. All you can drink, too."

"That sounds like he's paying me for dancing with her."

"Well, kinda, I guess, but that's not what it is. Todd owns this bar, and all or parts of half a dozen others in town. He can give Tina anything she wants and she likes playing with other guys, so he encourages her. He seems to really like it when she does, too. He's a nice guy, and he's just showing his appreciation. I don't think you mind what Tina does much, do you?"

"Well, no, but it's a little frustrating if you know what I mean."

Sadie grinned.

"I'd think a good-lookin' guy like you wouldn't have to look far to find a way to get rid of that frustration.

"I'm not really looking for that, not yet. I want some money in the bank first and a place of my own."

"Well, maybe you're not looking, but you might get found. A couple of the girls have asked me and Janet about you."

Sadie slid my basket of food to me and grinned again.

"You wouldn't mind being found, would you?"

I said I didn't know for sure, and then carried my food to the bar. Janet already had my beer open and sitting on the bar.

"Sadie told you your drinks are on Todd, didn't she?"

"Yes. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but she told me."

"Just enjoy it while it lasts. Tina will try out some other guy eventually. Speaking of Tina..."

Janet rolled her eyes in the direction of the door.

Tina and Todd were walking back to their table. Well, Todd was walking. Tina's jeans were cut really low, and as she walked, each hip made this really erotic up and down motion. When she turned around to sit down, I stopped breathing for a second. Her top was one of those little ones held up by just two tiny little strings like most of the women wore, but she was showing cleavage all the way down to the bottom curves of her breasts.

She saw me looking and waved. As I waved back, Todd looked at me, smiled, and waved too. I waved at them both, and turned back to the bar and my dinner.

I was expecting Tina to come over when the first slow song started, and she didn't disappoint me. Once we were on the floor, she didn't plaster herself all over me like before. Instead, she looked up at me.

"Look at my boobs."

I chuckled.

"I have been. They're pretty hard to miss."

"Do you like 'em?"

"Oh yeah."

"Would you squeeze 'em again?"

"Anything to please you, Tina."

"Good", she whispered as she pulled herself up tight against my chest. Squeeze my butt too."

Between squeezing her ass cheeks and her breasts and rubbing her nipples through the thin fabric of her top, we didn't get much dancing done. When the song ended, my cock was stiff as a board, just like Tina's nipples. Just before she let me go, Tina whispered in my ear.

"When we got home last Saturday, I told Todd about dancing with you and how it made me feel. It made him get hard, harder than he's been in months. We had a great time that night and the next morning too. It was almost like when Todd was younger. I need that to happen again, so just keep doing what we did last week, OK?"

After three more dances with Tina that night, I decided I wasn't just playing along with her any more. I really liked her and what I could do for her. The only thing bad was that I couldn't take her to the next step, but I had to respect her for that.

As I waved back at Tina and Todd when they left, I couldn't help but compare her and Lisa from my hotel job. Tina wasn't quite as sophisticated as Lisa in the way she spoke, but hearing her say what she liked and wanted wasn't any less erotic.

Both women were filled out enough to be sensuous without looking heavy, and I was pretty sure Tina could use her curves every bit as well as Lisa had.

I went home with a fantasy of my own that night. Tina was naked in my bed and riding my cock while I rolled and tugged on her swollen nipples. We came at almost the same time, and after a minute's rest, Tina wanted more.

The following night, Saturday, I went back to The Saddle Horn for dinner. I decided to try Sadie's chicken breasts because Janet said they were really good.

Sadie dumped four into her deep fryer, put some fries in the other basket, and then came over to talk.

"Last night, it looked like you and Tina went a little farther than she usually does."

"No, I don't think we did."

Sadie chuckled.

"I saw you slide your hand in her jeans. She never let any other guys do that."

"Well, you won't see that again. She said that was only for Todd."

"OK, just don't go reading more into what she'd doing than's really there. Tina's a friend of mine."

"Don't worry about that. I'd like to go further, but I wont. She seems to be pretty faithful to Todd, from what I hear, though it's a little hard to figure how what she does is being all that faithful."

"Well, I've never been in her situation so I can't say, but she and Todd have worked it out between them. That's all that counts."

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