The Video
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John's Mom would do anything to keep her son out of jail.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Wife Watching   Mother   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Foot Fetish   Slow  

My life was over. That was all I could think sitting in the Principal's office with my parents watching that video on the screen. I remember mom and dad going visibly pale as they realized it was really me on the screen. I knew it when the video started; hence I just sat there silently as the Principal went on threatening and accusing.

I think I should start from a week ago to make things clearer. I'm John, an 18 year old high school senior and as of May I'm about to graduate. I really like school so far, except for one thing, our school Principal old Mr Jones. He must be the scariest man I've ever met. Everyone in the school agrees; he rules it with an iron fist. Discipline is very strict and he actually keeps a file on everyone. Every slight mistake goes in there without exception. He must be pushing towards his seventies, a big man about 6'4" with a huge belly and receding hairline. He can easily turn the meanest guy into jelly with a slight glance.

Thinking about it again I can't still believe I had the guts to do what I did.

To cut a long story short, me and my idiot friends thought we would be school legends if we pulled a prank on big old Jones. We staked his house for a month and discovered that he went out for a drink or whatever every Saturday at exactly 8 pm. So, the next week, we waited after he had left, put two on watch at both ends of the street and with cans in our hands we started to paint obscenities and slurs all around the house. I was in the process of drawing a fat man and writing "Fatty Jones" underneath. That was when I noticed it.

Peeking through the window I saw the big old discipline dossier sitting on a coffee table. I had no idea why he kept it in his home but it was there, just for taking. Being the idiot I am, I tried to pry the window open and quickly succeeded. It must have taken me about half a minute just going in there, taking the file and sneaking out. That's it, 30 seconds to ruin my life.

Lifting the dossier high in my hand I called out to my friends "Let's get the fuck out of here; I have hit the mother lode." Laughing like idiots we ran off.

How was I supposed to know he had a security cam in his living room? I was the school hero for a week. We read through the files laughing our asses off then burned the contents. I left the empty dossier on the hood of his car. It felt like I was the school celebrity at this point, life was good.

Then it happened. My parents were called to the school and he showed us the video.

"See! I have evidence to back it up." Mr Jones told my parents, their eyes glued to the screen, the short clip playing again and again.

I noticed his eyes were fixated on my mother, lingering all over her. I didn't think it was possible for me to feel more uncomfortable, but seeing him with an odd glint in his eyes watching my mom made me squirm in my chair.

"It was just a prank just a -" I tried to explain.

Turning to me angrily, my dad yelled "Just shut the fu ... shut your mouth," cutting off any further chance of me continuing.

He's a really angry man usually, especially when agitated, so I took the hint and slumped in my chair.

"Not only am I kicking him out, I am pressing charges." Mr Jones announced.

My dad, his face becoming redder, immediately started arguing and yelling, but he was ignored. Mr Jones' eyes were still on Mom and I just heard a faint desperate "No!" from her.

Hearing that desperation in her voice, my heart sank. Mom is usually a very outgoing and happy person. She is the one that always assures me everything's going to be ok when things get rough. Now she just sat there, with an unbelieving, pale face, unable to meet the Principal's eyes. Which were now lingering over her cleavage as my dad went on furiously.

With a pang of irritation and jealousy, I just wanted to stand up and tell Mr Jones to fuck himself. But glancing at mom, couldn't blame him for keeping his attention on her. She was wearing a white dress, the hem a little higher than her knees and it had a slightly deep neck. She was wearing matching white heels with straps and her legs were demurely closed together.

She's 37, about 5'3" with shoulder-length brown hair. She's not overweight but really curvy. I've been always teased about how much a "milf" she is by my friends. I had been in some fights for it but at this moment I couldn't blame them either. With her smooth pale legs sticking out from her dress, pink toes squirming inside her heels and her back muscles contracting with unease she really looked hot.

I shook my head, chiding myself for checking my own mother out, particularly given the circumstances. Then I realized their heads were all turned to me and my dad was shouting at me.

"Didn't you hear me? Where are the files?"

I could only stammer, "I ... I can't get them, I'm sorry."

Mr Jones grumbled," It's settled then."

Dad's face got redder and redder and he seemed like he was on the brink of saying something but instead he stood up and announced, "We are leaving."

As he walked to the door, he turned his head, saying pointedly to Mr Jones "This is not over!"

"I give you a week to work this out yourselves. Next Friday I'm going to the authorities." Mr Jones replied smiling at mom and to my horror I noticed her blushing.

My dad kept yelling at me during the drive home while mom was silent. I ran upstairs to my room as soon as we got there. I could hear my parents arguing and I was on the verge of crying listening to them. After a while they stopped and I heard a knock on my door.

Mom entered with her usual sweet expression on her face.

"Honey, were you crying?" She asked me with a pained look.

"No Mom, I'm sorry. I know I messed up really bad this time" I replied meekly trying to hold back my tears.

Mom sat on my bed placing her palm on my cheek. "You made a mistake but I promise you it'll be alright. Your dad and I will take care of it."

Staring at her big blue eyes I wanted to believe her. But Mr Jones' threats were still ringing in my ears. I managed to smile a little. In response mom pulled me to her chest and hugged me tight.

"That's my boy, everything's gonna be alright" she said soothingly.

She was still wearing the white dress she wore this afternoon. I could feel heat radiating from her chest and two globes pushing on me. I chided myself silently "Get a grip you idiot". Mom placed a soft kiss on top of my head and left. I drifted to sleep full of self-pity.

It was Sunday morning while we were having breakfast that the phone rang. Mom got up to take it, then came back a few minutes later. I stared at her confused, seeing a red glow on her face, but there was something else too – hope perhaps?

"It was Mr Jones. He wants to talk about John's situation over dinner tonight" Mom said sitting down.

"What? We had one week. I told the fucker I need to leave for a work trip until Wednesday," Dad replied visibly getting angry again.

"I ... don't think he forgot that," Mom was blushing again, "he assured me it would be ok if I came alone."

Dad was silent, staring at her, then turned to me saying "John go to your room, your mom and I need to talk."

I got up meekly but changing my mind halfway, I stopped just outside the door and turned around to listen.

"You don't understand, he said red would look better on my toes rather than pink. He's creepy," Mom was saying.

"So what? You have nice feet and we both noticed how he looked at you." Dad was oddly the calm one now. "Just give him a good view, tease him a little and save our son."

Mom sounded hurt and angry replying, "Do you think I'm some kind of tramp, huh?"

"Keep it down. I didn't tell you to let him ... He's an old man for God's sake Mary. He's what? 70? 80? And it's not like he's going to jump on you in a restaurant." Dad went on.

"I ... I have a bad feeling about this hon." Mom stammered.

"For fucks sake Mary, is it so hard to eat dinner with him," Dad interceded, "He's just an old fat man with a bloated ego. Flatter him and make him see the situation through our eyes."

"Ok! Ok!" Mom yelled frustrated, "I know it's just a dinner but he really creeps me out. But ok, I'll go to dinner with him."

"That's my girl, but Mary honey. No drinking. You know what happens when you drink. We wouldn't have 'that' problem if you could take your alcohol".

I somehow sensed 'that problem' was referring to me. Mom sounded calmer now.

"Come on, everybody makes mistakes, he's just a kid. We'll be over this."

I heard her standing up so I rushed upstairs. She was talking on the phone but I couldn't make out anything.

In the afternoon they announced Mom was going to talk to Mr Jones over dinner. We were supposed to leave at 7pm, Mom taking her car and me driving Dad to the airport. She came down wearing the same white dress and heels, her toes were painted red. I couldn't help but enjoy the view as her hips swayed this way and that way as she walked to the door.

"You like that dress that much?" Dad called as she was out the door.

I almost scared myself to death before I realized the question was targeted at Mom.

"Oh no, he told me to wear this." Mom shot back and left.

I could see Dad was frowning. Not half a minute had passed when he rushed after her. I think he wanted to call it off but Mom was gone already. So we left too, driving to the airport. On the way Dad called Mom on her mobile.

"I just wanna know the restaurant, that's it Mary!" Dad was trying to suppress his anger.

She must have told him because he hung up cursing under his breath. He seemed to be considering something then turned to me telling me the address.

"What am I supposed to do with that?" I asked confused.

"I want you to look out for your mom, just follow them," he replied.

I left the obvious question 'why?' unasked. Recognizing the address I understood his concern. It was a really expensive diner and the biggest in town. I remember mom wanting to go there but dad saying "Honey, that's where you go on a first date and if you are desperate to get lucky". I recall mom didn't like his answer.

Before he left the car he gave me hundred dollars, telling me strictly again, "Just look out for her John and don't get caught."

I drove to the restaurant and went in trying to keep my head down. Looking around discretely I noticed mom and Mr Jones sitting at a remote table. I sat down at a distant table with a big plant next to it so I could peek through it. I ordered the cheapest things on the menu and sat watching.

Mr Jones was loud and obnoxious as ever. I must have seen food fly out of his mouth a few times as he laughed loudly. Mom kept a polite face, obviously uncomfortable. He tried to offer her wine but she refused covering her glass with her delicate small hand. I saw his leg extend and touch hers but she pulled her fer under her chair, her face going visibly red.

I think at some point, seeing his face go all serious, she tried to bring up my situation. They argued for a while and I noticed mom was getting visibly upset. All I could make out from the conversation was "married". Then suddenly mom got up telling him something with a strict face. Then she started walking to the door. My heart sank realizing she couldn't make him change his mind, but he called after her, not making any attempt to stand up. This time the only word I could make out was "jail".

Mom stood still in her tracks then turned around and went to the restroom. I didn't know why Mr Jones was grinning happily. I watched him as he filled her glass to the brim with wine.

She went back to the table and shook her head seeing her glass full of wine. He nodded and must have said something, so she sat down. Then to my surprise she lifted her glass and took a sip. Mr Jones was encouraging her, making a 'drink up' motion with his glass and soon he was pouring her another glass.

The atmosphere around them slowly changed. Mr Jones was his obnoxious self as usual but mom's demeanour changed little by little. It was obvious she was getting more comfortable each time she sipped from the wine. I think she must have had three glasses when I noticed she was now leaning forward with her elbows on the table. I had no doubt what Mr Jones was seeing because he his eyes were glued down, looking at the front of her dress. Mom slightly turned her head and for an instant I thought I was caught, but she was just looking down, her face red. Then she leaned back on her chair.

I could clearly hear him laughing and her giggling at this point. Soon he extended his leg again trying to rub hers under the table. This time mom didn't move her leg back, she stayed still looking down at her plate. He said something, so she raised her eyes to meet his gaze. Then to my shock she reached down with her hand untying the straps of one shoe and soon it was off her delicate foot.

Confused, I raised my eyes to look at Mr Jones. He was telling her something and his huge belly was shaking from his loud laugh. Then I noticed it, mom's bare foot wasn't on the floor. I got dizzy realizing she must have extended it and her foot must be resting ... god knows where. They were silent now. Mom was staring at her plate and Mr Jones in turn, staring at her.

Mr Jones stopped eating and remained still, grinning, as I noticed mom sliding forwards on her chair. Her buttocks were resting barely on the edge of the chair and it was obvious her leg was moving. My head was spinning, "Is she giving him a foot-job?". I wondered. I almost got up and rushed there to put an end to it but I couldn't be sure. What if it wasn't what I thought and I embarrassed myself, then ... jail?

Instead I remained seated, watching. Mr Jones reached under the table cloth and mom's hips stopped moving. For a second I thought I could glimpse something white and delicate in his hairy hand. As my mind was trying to process this Mr Jones shook his head. That must have been the cue because mom's delicate foot came into view and reaching down she put on her shoe. Then she gulped down another glass of wine.

I sat motionless, my food forgotten. Have I just seen my sweet innocent mother touch my school Principal's hard on? It felt so surreal and I could feel my stomach sinking. She drank alcohol even though dad had warned her about him, was that it? Suddenly an image flashed in my mind, her delicate frame pinned down under Mr Jones's fat body, her dress around her waist and his cock disappearing between her legs.

I shook my head with anger realizing I was getting a hard on. Jail was one thing, but I needed to stop this before this went any further.

Jail and a high school dropout, a voice in my head added. "No, I don't have to go there and mom wouldn't let him do that," I assured myself feeling a bit relieved.

Then I turned my head and saw mom slowly stand up on shaky knees. She had drank too much alcohol, I knew it, but I was feeling relief that all of this was over. The image of him abusing her lovely body her flashed in through my mind again, and I shook my head to clear it. Mr Jones left some money on the table and putting his arm around her waist, lead her out. I immediately called for the check as they left through the door and paid for my food. Then I followed them out to the parking lot.

I saw them walking to Mr Jones' car. "Damn it!" I wanted to call out, "Let her go to her car," but even I knew she was in no state to drive.

Mr Jones had now lowered his hand down cupping her buttocks and rubbing his big hairy hand all over them. Mom either didn't mind or didn't notice. She was having trouble standing up. I hastened my pace cursing under my breath. This had gone too far.

"You are being rude, just drive me home." I heard mom slur as she leaned her back on his car. He had put his hands on the car trapping her between them as he looked down.

"What are you waiting for? My family's waiting for me." Mom slipped over her words.

I was about to rush there and yank him back when I heard him say,"So that's it, you are sending your kid to jail?"

Mr Jones was still holding that over her. That made me stop, I stood in my place undecided for a moment then slowly ducked beside a car.

"I ... I ... oh fuck you!" Mom yelled. "I'm a married woman and I've already done my best to make you cum."

I don't know what shocked me more, my sweet mom swearing or admitting she tried to make him cum.

"But you didn't, that was our deal. Come on Mary it's not like I want to get inside your married pussy. Just make me cum however you can."

At that point he leaned forward and a visible bulge in his pants was pushing on her soft stomach. I saw his hand go inside the sleeve of her dress and paw at her breast. From how much she squirmed and how much the smooth globe of her tit flattened, I guessed he was being really rough.

Again I had the compulsion to run there, but mom squirmed a bit then pushed him back staring up into his eyes for a minute seemingly trying to decide something. The next thing she did blew my mind.

She extended her delicate hand and pulled his zipper down. She looked around and I ducked down hastily.

"We can go to my house if you don't want to do it here," Mr Jones said, standing still but leaning on the car again.

"Fuck that!" Mom said obviously drunk, "this ends here you creep!"

I saw her hand disappear inside his trousers then come out wrapped around his thick cock. Even from here I could see it was literally huge. Her other hand was on his shoulders as she struggled to remain upright.

Her eyes were closed now, her breathing heavy as she pumped his cock furiously. I sat there dazed watching and getting hard despite myself. Her delicate, white hand made a stark contrast with this thick veiny monster. It seemed that out of the three of us, only Mr Jones was unaffected by this. He just stood there, very still, staring down at her. I was praying silently it would all just end soon.

Suddenly mom's eyes were open as she raised her head.,"Why ... why aren't you coming?"

Mr Jones didn't answer but wrapped his hands around her waist almost lifting her off her feet. Then he pushed his mouth on hers. Mom wriggled in his arms a bit, but soon her arms were around his neck and I could see his tongue pushing between her lips as if trying to penetrate her, exploring and prodding.

Mom tried to talk around his tongue slurring, "Mmmm wait a sec," and managed to push him off her again. Mr Jones just stood there staring down at her.

"I don't understand," Mom told him sounding confused.

She reached forward again to get hold of the monster, but he grabbed her wrist. He slowly raised his free hand extending his finger. Then he slowly pushed it inside mom's mouth. She just stood there shocked and surprised, her lips staying still, as his finger pushed in and out slowly. She slapped his hand away and almost fell over trying to do so.

"Is that what it takes?" she asked meekly finding her balance.

I saw him nod.

"Ok, ok dammit, but you'll let my son off the hook if I blow you?"

He was silent again as he nodded his head. Then he put his hands on her bare shoulders. He must have been pushing her down because I saw her head slowly moving lower. As her knees touched the ground he threw his hips forward, his thick cock sliding across mom's cheek.

She cried out, "No! Not here!"

It was Mr Jones' turn to be nervous as he looked around to see if anybody was watching. Then he opened the door roughly pushing her in and drove off. I ran to my car to follow.

I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't. Dad had said to look out for mom and I was pretty sure "looking out for mom" included not letting my fat Principal's cock go inside her mouth. The most unnerving thing was she had agreed to it. I couldn't believe I had heard the words "I'll blow you" from my innocent, prudish mother, but I knew she was just doing it for my sake and not because she wanted to really blow this obnoxious guy.

They had already parked on his driveway when I arrived. It was to the left of the house and the main door was on the right. Now what was I supposed to do?

Instinctively I left my car a few houses away. I had to move fast, that was for sure. Should I bang on the car door and demand for her come with me? Then she'd know I had followed them and seen whatever ... I've seen. What if he got my mom in his house and pushed his prick inside her mouth? I couldn't let that happen either. I shook my head, frustrated, as the image of my mom trying to fit that monster, that would barely fit, into her mouth flashed into my brain. The very thought of it made me decide and I rushed to the door of the house banging on it. There was no response.

I went around to the backyard, panicking as I looked through the windows. The house was empty. Where the hell were they? Then it hit me. I ran around again but all my determination was drained as I turned the corner and saw the sight through the open window of his car. I hid around the corner watching.

Mom's head was bobbing up and down, her hair a brown tangled mess. From the slurping noises she made It wasn't hard to guess her mouth was full of his cock. Mr Jones' head was thrown back and his eyes closed. I instinctively ducked down, but then realizing it was dark all around me I rose again, watching.

"Yes Mary, I knew you were a fucking little slut," Mr Jones was grunting.

I saw mom raise her head and her face came into view from the side. Her pouty lips were glistening and a strand of saliva, or something, extended down out of view. Her breasts were out of her dress apparently, because I could make out two white globes and dark nipples.

"I didn't say you can s -, " she blabbered, but he put his hands on her head roughly and her protests were cut short as her head sank back and her face disappeared from the view again.

"You didn't wanna go inside bitch, now finish your job," he replied hoarsely.

There was a wet slurping sound as her head kept bobbing up and down and he resumed grunting. The most disturbing thing was that she was moaning around his cock. I could hear it more distinctly each time he called her names.

I stood there dazed for a while, I don't know how long. Should I stop it?

I mean, I failed to stop him from fucking her mouth. His cock had already broken through her pretty lips. Would it make a difference if he were to cum in her mouth or not at this point? If I stopped it now it would be for nothing, I would still go to jail, but if I just stood silent until, until...

As if answering my thoughts I heard Mr Jones grunt loudly and raise his hips from the seat because it all came into view, Mom's face and his crotch. Her mouth wrapped around his thick cock, her jaw straining to fit it all in, her lips touching his pubes and balls.

Her eyes went wide as she gurgled, but Mr Jones held her fast. I saw her throat bulge then it must have exploded inside her. Her throat was moving furiously trying to gulp it down but it was too much. White streaks of cum rushed from the side of her mouth as he kept cumming and cumming. He was filling mom's pretty little mouth as I stood there, realizing I was almost cumming in my pants at the same time.

As he patted her head and let her go I was about to walk back to my car. My mind was blank; it was over; it was over. I could hear mom coughing and breathing heavily. I had a sudden uplifting thought, I wasn't going to jail, but remembering how her throat moved furiously drinking this fat old guy's cum and realizing his cum now must be all over her and sloshing around inside her tummy, my heart sank again. It was all my fault.

I waited as they got out of the car. Mom was still shaky trying to smooth down her dress and looking through her purse.

"What are you doing?" Mr Jones called out.

"I'm calling John to pick me up," Mom replied irritated, "we had a deal, now you'll back off him."

"Ok Mary, a deal's a deal. But are you sure you want your son to see you like this?"

Then I noticed it. One of her tits was hanging out because her dress was ripped. Moreover it was obvious there was cum on her dress and around her face. Her hair, a tangled mess, completed the picture.

"Then call me a taxi you idiot!" Mom tried to cover her breast, but the strap didn't hold. It seemed a few mouthfuls of cum had managed to sober her a little.

"Just come in and use the bathroom, then I'll drive you home. You did it just to save your only child Mary. Just chalk it up to one fun mistake and forget about it." He sounded almost pleasant, but there was a hint of desperation in his voice too.

Mom was standing covering her breast staring at him. I wanted to come out and yell, but I didn't. He could easily break his promise.

I just prayed silently, "Come on mom, it was drunken mistake, get the hell away from him."

I almost groaned in despair hearing her reply "Ok, but no funny business in there. Giving you a blowjob is one thing, but I'm married for God 's sake."

I didn't know if she was assuring herself or him.

He ushered her in and as I ran back around the house to the backyard again. I was almost caught when he walked to the window I was peeking through and opened it wide. While mom was in the bathroom he put two glasses on the coffee table and filled them with wine.

I raised my head again hearing mom "No, no more drinks."

"Just this glass and I'll drive you back. To wash down to taste," he added chuckling.

She had straightened her dress and attached the strap, her heels were off but her auburn hair had been brushed. She looked like the mother I knew, proper, demure, as long as you don't count the red blush reaching down to her cleavage when he said, "Wash down the taste."

"It's not like you didn't enjoy the taste anyway," the fat old guy was chuckling again.

"What? You!" Mom bristled up.

"I'm just saying you enjoyed it. I didn't tell you to swallow, but you did."

He stood up moving next to her with a the bottle in his hand. She was sitting with her legs closed, only her feet and toes moving, curling uncomfortably. She took a sip before replying.

"What was I supposed to do? There ... there was too much and fuck you, I didn't enjoy it."

"Is that so? At one point I thought you would just come from sucking my cock," he said putting an arm around her.

"I ... didn't." Mom stuttered.

Mom took a gulp again and realized her glass was empty. He immediately reached and filled it again. She seemed to consider for a moment, but shrugged her shoulders and sipped again.

He was dangling his hand over her shoulder, lower now, touching her breast. I couldn't believe where this was going, I had an idea though, but I felt helpless to stop it. She was the only one at this point that could stop it and I wasn't sure she wanted to.

"Then why are you wet?"

His hand was fully cupping her breasts and his other hand was on the bare flesh above her knee. He moved his hand higher, higher and soon it was under her dress. I could see she was pushing her legs together vainly as his hand probed closer and closer to its target.

"I'm not wet you, you ... aahhhh!"

Mom squirmed under his grasp. I could see his hand was moving between her legs and then he lifted it up. It was glistening from her wetness.

"See!" He chuckled and promptly pushed his fingers between her lips.

To my amazement she opened them willingly, her cheeks making a sucking motion.

"Just let me return the favour Mary, no one could accuse you."

"I would!" I thought helplessly.

"I ... I can't let you ... fuck me. I'm married."

Her legs were slightly parted now. He had worked her breast out of the dress and was rubbing her pink nipple between his thumb and fingers.

"I won't fuck you, I'll just make you cum. Is that ok?" he said quietly.

"Ohh ... ok." Mom stammered covering her eyes with her arm, "but you can't put - " she was cut short as he stood up covering my sight. He must have then bent down to pull her dress off because when he moved sideways I had the best and the worst sight of my life.

My petite mother, breathing heavily, was lying down almost fully naked on the couch. Her breasts topped with her pink nipples were free and for the first time that night, I realized she had not had a bra on from the start. She must have thought she would tease the old guy a bit, but didn't think it would come to this.

Again he leaned down, this time grabbing her panties and pulling them off her legs. Mom had her eyes shut, her chest heaving up and down. He pushed her legs apart with his hands and roughly positioned himself between them. He started rubbing the tip of his already hard cock up and down her swollen pussy lips.

"No! Wait, you said... ! You can't put it in!"

Mom's eyes were wide open pushing at his chest with her hands. His huge belly was resting on her stomach as he resumed rubbing his cock up and down.

"I'm not putting it in Mary, just rubbing it." Mr Jones was relentless.

Soon mom was moaning softly, then more loudly. Each time she got louder Mr Jones slowed his pace rubbing more slowly.

"Ahhh! Please let me cum," she purred, but he slowed down again.

I could see her stare up at the big fat guy between her legs helplessly, turning her head to the sides in frustration and slowly realizing the situation she had put herself in.

She reached down with her hand, I guessed to play with her clit and have some release, but he promptly gathered both of her slim wrists in his big hand and held them over her head. His other hand was over her bare breast playing with the nipple, pulling it.

It took a long time, a really long time until I heard mom whisper softly.

"Do you have a condom?"

"I can't hear you?" Mr Jones muttered.

He kept moving his hips while mom squirmed under his body.

"A condom! I need you to... !" Mom didn't dare to finish the sentence.

"I may have a few, but I thought you said you weren't going to let me fuck you."

Mr Jones now stood still between her legs staring down at her nakedness. Mom turned her beetroot red face sideways unable to meet his gaze.

"Put on a condom and just put it in! Fuck me!" Mom suddenly cried out, pleading, "Fuck me."

It hit me like a shockwave.

My mom had just told this fat old guy to fuck her. It was too much, I tried to yell "stop" but only a faint voice came out that fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile Mr Jones grabbed mom's arm turning her roughly onto her stomach on the couch.

He was like an animal now, a predator that has caught his prey and was hungrily devouring it. He got on top of her, immediately pulling her cheeks apart. Mom gasped as he put all his weight on top of her trying to bury his prick between her cheeks.

"Calm down! You are crushing me!" Mom protested, as he was furiously trying to lodge his fat meat between her smooth cheeks.

She was wriggling her ass too; I think she must have realized what she had agreed to and changed her mind at the last second.

"Wait a second, I said put on a condom you -"

Suddenly mom gasped in mid-sentence and stopped struggling as her whole body went stiff. She cried out loudly and then and I knew it. My school Principals' cock was inside my Mom's cunt now, there was no denying it. His fat, hairy, old body had pinned down her petite, smooth frame. He jabbed forward with his pelvis and buried his cock more and more inside her with each move. Mom was gasping and yelping as I watched his cock disappear between her buttocks. Her knees were bent and her feet rose from the couch.

He was breathing heavily now lying on top of her, his cock buried inside to the hilt. I thought he would be as rough as he was before he broke through her pussy lips, but he wasn't, at least in the beginning. He just stood there rolling his hips around slowly. Mom was silent and I could see she was biting her lip not to make a sound.

Then he pulled back slowly and lunged forward again. This time a moan escaped mom's lips as I watched his cock disappear inside her. He kept fucking her slowly, but getting faster with each stroke. Mom was moaning constantly now like an animal in heat. I could see that she was trying to push her bottom up matching his thrusts.

"Yes! Yes! Ahhhhh! Fuck me yes!" she moaned out loud.

He got faster in response and was slamming his cock inside her full force. He was pushing her with his big hand on her back as he relentlessly nailed her. Mom could only lie down as he roughly worked his meat inside her.

"Slow ahhhhh! Slow down!" Mom cried out but he had other ideas.

Pulling her hair and yanking her head back he started fucking her even faster. His body was slapping against her's each time he buried it inside. Her bottom was flattening and a ripple moving through it from the force of his fucking. I could see both of their bodies were wet with sweat.

It is one thing seeing your own mother in a porn movie. I could guess that would be devastating, but this wasn't like porn, this was more like a nature documentary. It was like two animals copulating feverishly. My dad's words were echoing in my head. "Look out for her." I had obviously failed.

I realized too late that I was rubbing myself. I sat there jealous, frustrated and angry but undeniably aroused. It was like the time had stopped. Mom was biting her lip and trying to push the arm of the couch with her hands while he was working in and out like a machine, grunting. Mom's moans were coming out as little yelps each time he stretched her to the limit.

Then he groaned loudly and deliberately thrust inside her a few more times. Mom tried to hold onto something as he almost threw her body over the side of the couch. Then, pulling her hair back and pushing his cock as deep as he could, he stood still with Mom impaled on his cock. He groaned loudly like an animal and Mom gave out a cry. Realizing he was pumping his seed inside mom's unprotected cunt I blew my load too. Mom's whole body went stiff for a moment then started trashing under him, cumming hard.

They lay there for a while, mom's face buried on the couch, red with lust or more likely, shame.

"Get off me." I heard her silently whisper.

Then he was off her, his prick plopping out with a wet noise.

She just lay there, her head buried as Mr Jones went to the bathroom. Then she stood up slowly looking down at the mess between her legs. I couldn't believe how much cum he had produced. Thick globs of cum were already leaking out of her and landing on the floor. She gathered her clothes and glared at him as he walked in naked.

"You are an animal do you know that? I'm not even on the pill," she said holding her dress in her hands.

"Yes and you just let that animal inside your married cunt," Mr Jones chuckled, making no attempt to get dressed, he sat on the couch.

"Why the fuck are you not getting dressed, you promised to drive me home. Wait, forget about it. I'm calling a taxi!" Mom replied angrily and started walking to the bathroom.

"We are not done yet," Mr Jones mumbled looking down at his crotch, seemingly trying to wake up his soft cock with his hand. Mom froze in her tracks and turned to face him. He chuckled seeing her look down at his crotch.

"Don't worry honey, I took a pill, maybe two. Ok, ok, three."

Mom wasn't listening as she yelled furiously "We are done! If you dare to tell anybody about what happened tonight, I swear, I'll say you forced me. You don't come near me or my family ever again!" Mom was trying to sound stern and composed, but I knew it was weak.

"Really honey? Do you recall that video? Your idiot son stealing from my living room?" He sounded oddly amused and I understood his meaning right at that moment. How could I have forgotten?

Mom seemingly didn't get it because she just stood there as another glob of cum leaked out of her and dropped on the floor.

Mr Jones was pumping his now semi-hard cock as he continued "Hmmm almost there. Does this room seem familiar?"

He had a spy cam! I was too late, too fucking late. He had all of it recorded and I had just sat here watching him use my mom like a fuck toy. I clenched my fists in frustration and slumped down.

It was all silent; I think she must have realized his meaning at this point. Her eyes were probably darting around to see if she could spot a lens.

Mr Jones stood up holding his now erect cock in his hand. It was all silent until his gruff voice was heard again. "So say Mary does your wimp of a husband ever fuck you in the ass?"

I didn't wait for mom's answer. I couldn't. I crawled back and walked to my car.

Her answer didn't matter. I knew whether she had done it before or not, Mr Jones' cock would be buried in her ass before even I got to my car.

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