Mount Dominance
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A citadel of female matriarchy where males are simply disposed of. A cruel fate awaits all those taken there. Those that are used as drones are duly rewarded for their genetic contribution. A simple tale of raw lust for those who crave the ultimate in submission to the absolute dominance of the female; there can be but one final price to pay for being male.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy  

The black silk caped women ensured he would experience the utmost humiliation as he was taken on his ascent to his final destiny. He had no idea of his fate, but the extra multitude of women who looked over the open topped punishment compound he was confined in, gave more than hint of this being his final day there with the fervour, and chattering excitement they expressed. There had always been a large audience of women looking down from the balcony, lustily enjoying the breaking of the male as he endured the various punishments meted out So expertly by the chastisers, but today was different; his cock stiffened as he was whipped toward the platform before the gated entrance, he knew his time had come.

He had not been able to escape the riders; working in the fields beyond the walled village that provided sanctuary, the alarm siren had come too late. Run down by the equestrian women, he had been lassoed, trussed and cruelly dragged in triumph by one of the caped women, back to their citadel where he would provide sport for the women. It was the way of this world; those males selected were put to good use in providing pleasure for the hedonistic and completely female dominated society of the citadel, those males lucky enough to be chosen to provide seed to perpetuate the line lasted a little longer, but all who were taken were destined to suffer a similar fate. He had known this from the moment of capture, his heart pounding in disbelief at his foolishness, as he was dragged through the grass, already resigned to his fate as his eyes fixed on the the horse which cantered before him; the black silk cape of its rider flowing high as her rounded leather clad buttocks rose and fell on the stallion's back, her cunt already wet with excitement as her mount felt the whip which would be used most thoroughly on the prize which trailed behind.

He had writhed and struggled in vain as he was dragged to the huge gate in the stone walls of the citadel, the following horsewomen whipping the iron cages which hung from gibbets on the approach to the gate, ensuring he took good notice of them; each contained the grisly remains of males subject to earlier pleasures. The gate opened and closed behind him with a crash which stayed with him forever.

The gathering women jostled for position on the balcony overlooking the platform as his caped tormentors dragged him onto it. Defeated and broken by several days of intense and cruelly delivered punishments, he offered no resistance now as he knelt naked and looked up to the woman who had brought him there. The overlooking crowd of women were suddenly hushed as the severely dominant woman looked to the sky with a grin of satisfaction and closed her piercing brown eyes for a moment. She slowly lowered her head and looked down at the male, her eyes full of the wicked pleasure she was to enjoy at his expense. She swished her long black cape to one side, revealing she was naked but for the thigh length boots which graced her supple legs; her cunt bulged invitingly, and the male leaned forward automatically and sniffed at the scent he had become so familiar with. He had been thrashed into performing this action without thinking, on each occasion he was presented with the opportunity to worship the glorious cunt of Zara, the magnificent and supremely dominant woman who had delivered him; his cock rose to a full erection as he took in the scent of the mature woman who had defeated and broken him so thoroughly, his will had been erased, his submission to her absolute.

She stepped back to allow the crowd to witness the shame of his boning erection, stroking its underside with her horsewhip.

'His submission is complete! He is ready to endure our final pleasure!' The crowd of women jeered in anticipation as the cowering male was immediately dragged onto his back by two more of the caped women, one sweeping hers back as she straddled his face and pulled his erect cock back, making his balls lift. As the male sniffed and snorted at the deliciously wet cunt and sticky arsehole, a plump woman in white robes approached him with a huge pair of iron tongs. Zara delighted in pulling his balls toward her, stretching and exposing the neck of his scrotum.

The male squirmed in pain, gasping for breath under the hot wetness of the now fully aroused cunt which was ground into his face; he felt the cold metal clasp applied to his sack by Zara, and the crowd of watching women applauded deliriously as the woman in white grasped it with the tongs and clamped it tight. The male cried out in pain as his balls were smartly ringed, the broad clasp forcing his balls tight to the end of his tortured sack, the symbol of his masculinity would now be prominently displayed. A ring which was attached to the clasp, jingling with his every tortured movement.

The straddling woman arched her back and moaned with pleasure, bringing her self off as she enjoyed his pain, before releasing her bladder and pissing over his face. He spluttered and gurgled under the hot stream before she lifted herself off and helped turn him onto his front. The plump woman in white grinned with pleasure as she exchanged the tongs for a whip; the male's cock boning as he was summarily whipped by her for good measure, her cunt moist with excitement as her large breasts rose and fell in the white uniform in unison with the whip which cut his flesh.

He now knew his disposal was imminent and was ready to beg for the end. As she moved back leaving him writhing in pain, Zara stepped up onto the platform, and kicking his legs apart sneered down and put the spiked heel of her boot to his balls. The audience of women jeered with delight as the heel was pressed home, threatening to burst his testicles; his groan of pain was met with a look of spiteful ecstasy from the caped dominatrix, her cunt dribbling as she exacted her cruel dominance over the broken male.

Another of the caped women now approached him, holding a vicious anal plug high to delight the onlooking women; a tail of white feathers splayed from the blunt end to enhance his visual humiliation, two of the women held his cheeks apart and the seven inch plug was squeezed into his anus. The male gasped and came close to losing consciousness as the searing pain wracked his body while the plug was forced home. He was then dragged up on to his knees and as he gasped for breath, trying to come to terms with the pain with his eyes streaming, Zara showed him a thin leather collar and leash which was buckled about his neck with her pleasure expressed so obviously as it was buckled tight.

He was then tugged forward on all fours by the supreme woman, his eyes fixed on the strutting feminine form in flowing silk cape as he moaned in discomfort while he was paraded in circles for the delight of the jeering crowd. His anus stretched wide by the huge plug enhancing a perpetual state of fear, and rudely nursing his prostate to ensure his cock poked rigid below him, his balls swinging low and exposed by the cruel band. The woman in white followed, whipping the top of his arse and those balls on occasion, as the tail of white feathers was shown for the benefit of the leering throng of female spectators; the broken male now ready to beg for his own dispatch as he was whipped back to the platform on cut and bruised knees. Two more smiling black caped women approached the platform, both carrying items.

Zara had the male kneel and his cock stiffened in obedience as she parted the cape of the first woman, revealing a moist cunt beneath; without any need for any spoken order, the male shuffled forward and sniffed at it in reverence, it's intoxicating scent making his balls tingle, its owner grinning with contempt. The same service was awarded the second as the crowd of onlooking women sneered with haughty indifference at the actions of a broken male who now knew his place. Zara took the first item, another leash, which was then attached to the ring on the clasp about his balls. Zara nodded to one of the women who held the male's shoulders, and Zara pulled the leash tight, yanking his tortured sack up and forward; the male gasped with pain as his exposed balls were stretched for the benefit of the onlooking crowd who applauded loudly.

'See the feeble symbols of his masculinity! They are ours now and he will be led to his destiny by them, to remind him that they alone are reason enough for his punishment!' She released the tension only slightly and passed the leash to the woman who had brought it; she teased the tension eagerly. Zara took pleasure in tightly binding his wrists behind his back before taking the other item from the other caped woman; this was a white silk sleeveless shawl which when placed over his head came down only as far as his waist. The crowd of women laughed and jeered, as the flared garment looked very feminine and served to create a fittingly humiliating spectacle of him. The male's cock rose to rigidity as the soft silk cloaked his upper body and the women jeered; along with the feathered butt plug which held his tingling anus wide, and the leashing of his ringed balls, he knew he was now ready to face his fate and would suffer glorious humiliation before he knew his destiny.

The growing audience of women roared in anticipation as the gate to the compound was opened and the black caped women stood behind the male, ready to whip him forward to his fate. The magnificently dominant Zara stood before the doomed male and swished her cape aside to reveal her glistening cunt, now fully aroused as she savoured the cruelty she would bestow on her broken victim. The male's cock dribbled pre-cum as his eyes surveyed the superbly firm thighs and inviting cunt, his anus clenching at the plug in fear and erotic submission as he bent obediently forward and took in her dominant scent for the final time before beginning the final humiliating journey to a cruel disposal.

His head was held tight into the dominant woman's hot cleft for a good minute, so that his lungs were full of her exhilarating scent, while the crowd of impatient women bayed impatiently for his journey to begin and began to filter toward the gated end to witness the full enjoyment of his torment. His mind swimming with trepidation and heart racing, he gasped in pain as Zara moved away and tugged him to his feet with the leash to his punished scrotum, and the sneering caped women behind him whipped either cheek of his arse, making the plume of feathers from his butt plug dance. Though the pain from his balls was intense as they were drawn up and displayed prominently for the benefit of the crowd, his cock poked erect as the overpowering feeling of total submission created a carnal pleasure he could not hide; as he was mercilessly whipped and tugged through the gate, the huge plug nursing his prostate, he now yearned to suffer the final torment at the hands of the magnificent woman who led him.

The ever growing throng of leering and laughing women made it quite clear he knew he was now going to a satisfyingly grisly end as he emerged into the crowd, his humiliation intensified as the women enjoyed the spectacle; the plume of white feathers protruding from the stimulating plug, complemented so humiliatingly by the flowing and effeminate white silk top which left his arse and genitalia exposed, his ringed balls pulled forward, agonisingly taut and showing the very justification for his disposal. All males would face only one certainty in the feminine citadel and few would be allowed to provide their seed to perpetuate the matriarchy.

As the male was taunted up the hill between the throng of baying women through the winding street, the caped Zara led the procession first to an arena where five such seed providing males awaited their fate. The sun beat down on a sandy circular ampitheatre, a red circle drawn in the sand just a yard from the perimeter wall. In the centre, just 50 yards from the line was painted the glorious image of the core of womanhood itself; the labia spread in a sumptuous butterfly, proudly exposed in the sun. Upon this strutted a huge Amazonic women, naked but for a thin black thong which creased through the bulging lips of her cunt, displayed between her huge muscular thighs; her large but firm breasts poking nipples hard and excited. The woman held a huge scimitar aloft above her blonde hair tied in a pony tail, and wheeled with a smile to greet the growing crowd, and particularly the male who Zara had kneel at a place overlooking the arena. Zara pulled his leash tight and watched the pre-cum dribble from his cock as he viewed the formidable swords-woman with erotic awe.

'This is not for you my prize, her work is carried out far too quickly, but you shall enjoy before we continue.' His cock boned as the crowd erupted in applause as the spectacle unfolded. Five males who had been used for seed, had performed their duty admirably, knowing the soft pleasure of giving their seed up into the soft folds of womanhood. The results of their initial efforts long confirmed by the swelling of those women indulged initially. Their soft duties now over, they had been brought to the arena to pay for their crimes, whipped and beaten for two weeks with their cocks caged to prevent further orgasm. Now ready for display, they would spend their seed one final time in the goddess arena.

Their cocks had unfurled to a rigid erection as the cages were removed and each cowering and defeated male leashed and led out into the sun by one of the heavily pregnant women they had seeded. Chosen for their progressive condition to appease the crowd, each bulging and laden woman, white silk smocks showing their expectant condition admirably, had taken great pleasure in telling the males that the time had come for them to pay for their state; they would spend for the goddess and be extinguished. The frightened males who had been led to believe that they were special, now realised just how special as they were whipped out on all fours, leashed by the evidence of their sin, the crowd of women enjoying their reluctance as they stumbled awkwardly in the hot sand on their knees; a temporary preparation platform now placed next to the glorious vagina, the grinning women who would prepare them waiting eagerly with silken cords and black latex which would shroud the condemned.

Each were knelt on the platform, and their cocks boned at the sight of the huge Amazon who would deliver them; one received much delighted attention from the jeering throng of onlooking women as he begged for the mercy which could never be shown; the Amazon's cunt bulging proudly and consuming the tight thong as she had him kiss the sparkling blade. She would take much pleasure in dispatching this one; his pregnant mistress pulling the leash tight and laughing at his shameful plea, she would take equal pleasure in seeing her sire permanently neutralised.

The squirming males were each laid on the platform and securely bound with the silken cords about their ankles, knees and thighs, their arms bound by their sides. They were then turned and had their cocks toyed with to ensure their bell-ends were slippery with pre-cum, before being shown the latex body bags which would tightly cocoon them. The women who had bound the males tightly, grinned with pleasure and stroked the quivering flesh and muscular contours of the males who gasped in fear as they were slipped into the black latex; further gasps just audible as their bodies were squeezed by the restricting rubber when they were zipped from head toe, their erect cocks boning as they slipped against the soft yet imprisoning latex as they wriggled and awaited their fate.

Zara's male watched in an awe, in an erotic fear mixed with a submissive pleasure, as the females in the crowd around him jeered and applauded the spectacle, many openly nursing their cunts as the five wriggling males were prepared for dispatch; he could see them shaking with fear as he too, wondered what his fate would be, his anus clenching at the plug.

The platform was removed, and the bound and latex clad males were each carried by four smiling, eager women, accompanied by the expectant woman each had sired; they were laid out face down in a star shape around the glorious matriarchal effigy, the feminine symbol of that which they had enjoyed and that which had brought them there. They faced the outer circle, squirming in the bondage which would be the last physical state they knew, their cocks rigid and bulging with the desire to spend the seed retained in denial for two weeks, despite their anuses tingling with dread on knowing their lives would be spent too, slipping in ample pre-cum against the latex which held them. The Amazon stood in the middle amidst the graceful labia, and gently touched the nub at the zenith of that gracious symbol, the noble clitoris, with the blunt of her scimitar. The gesture of gracing the very beacon of feminine dominance bringing the crowd of women to uproar.

The heavily pregnant women placed a foot on the arses of the males who had sired them, placing a hand on their bulging impregnated bellies, holding their sires firm as they squirmed with a repentance which would only be sated by the supreme and final justice of womanhood. The women had allowed them the intrusion to their feminine sanctuary, and now those women would enjoy seeing them pay the price for that violation. As they stood in total dominance over their male seed providers, the Amazon lifted her sword high to further applause from the baying feminine throng.

'These males will now know a final ecstasy upon our sacred arena. They will crawl as far as they can from the blessed and divine symbol and give up their seed in homage to womanhood. The one who retains his seed the longest will be granted a special final pleasure. Each will be dispatched when they give up their ultimate seed!'

The males quaked and bucked in a tumult of fear and submissive wonder as they realised their fate; the one who had begged for mercy now shed tears like a child within the clinging latex and fought to hold back his seed on learning his final humiliating end, he was already close to coming as his cock rubbed in the divine and unrelenting bondage. As the grinning woman he had sired lifted her foot from his arse, he knew he would not get far from the glorious symbol that had brought him there, before he capitulated to it in an ecstasy of submission to its feminine power.

Zara allowed the shrouded male a sniff of her thoroughly wet cunt as the crowd of women applauded wildly at the onset of the spectacle, and then tugged hard on the leash, sneering as his tortured balls were pulled forward, his boning cock flicking pre-cum onto his sack as he was jerked. She would have him enjoy what was to come, his bewildered eyes now turning back to the arena as he knelt obediently at her feet.

The women laughed, some of them hysterically, as the five males wriggled like black maggots in their doomed quest to move away from the feminine effigy, the likeness of which they had previously eagerly offered their penises up to, those owned by the pregnant women who now followed their progress and taunted cruelly. Like latent sperm spiralling away from an already impregnated ova, they had been rendered useless, the task complete. As they struggled away under the pensive eyes of the Amazon who wielded the scimitar which would end their torment, the hot sun focused on the black latex, baking the humiliated males in their cruel confinement.

The male who had begged, gasped and spluttered for air as he sucked on the latex, his body now slithering in sweat which seemed to make the cords which bound him even tighter. His cock was nursed relentlessly by the desperate motion of his body as he squirmed against the tight bonds which held him; though there was no escape he was compelled by fear and the sheer erotic force of feminine authority. As his cock slid and bulged in the tight latex with the movement of his bound wriggling body as it made slow progress across the hot tortuous sand, he moaned into the latex as his balls announced he could hold back no longer.

His gleeful pregnant Mistress waved at the Amazon as the weeping male's progress faltered, and he began to judder and hump at the sand. She ground her foot into the small of his back to let him know his use was over and gave a triumphant sneer which created a clamour amongst the equally expectant crowd. The feel of the foot of the woman he had seeded and the uproar of the crowd pushed his defeated mind toward the point of no return as he writhed in submission; her words which came next pushed him beyond it.

'He is ready to pay, he seeds for the last time, he'll seed no one else; I'll have his head now!' He bucked and convulsed at her cruel words and the unmistakeably wicked delight of her tone in a delirious ecstasy of defeat, his body going rigid as he struggled against the unforgiving bonds, his flesh bulging against the tight cords as he wallowed in the submissive luxury of his bondage, his moan of defeat audible and pleasing to the women as his cock pulsed the first hot jet of semen in the teasing latex cocoon. He grit his teeth in utter ecstasy as his balls pumped jet after jet of hot slippery seed in total surrender, held tight in the latex skin and aware that his humiliating act was being witnessed by a horde of women, he knew he would now pay with his life and this brought on an orgasm which enveloped him in a pleasure the level of which he had never known.

As the other four wretches struggled on they were suddenly gripped by the cessation of the noise from the crowd; their hearts pumping as their own fearful struggles in the latex brought their cocks ever closer to their own final disgrace, the massaging sand against the hot latex making their seed rise from their balls with each movement, their own final ecstasy inevitable.

The Amazon lifted the scimitar high and brought a total hush to the crowd of leering, grinning women; the wriggling latex shrouded male sensing her movement, bringing the seed from his balls in a rapture of subliminal pleasure as he spurted endlessly into the tight black rubber, his mind convulsing in ecstasy as the woman he had seeded pressed her foot to his back and lifted her head to acknowledge her consent. The Amazon's cunt tingled, her thong wet with arousal.

'Your use is over, you'll not spend again nor win the prize, you are spent!' The male's anus tingled in defeat as his balls continued to pump his final sweet orgasm while he jerked against the bonds, his senses at an ecstatically divine apex as the hot seed jetted from his cock. With a crazed grin, she brought the sparkling scimitar down, and with a clean and resounding thump, his head was sliced from his convulsing body. The head spun free from the latex hood and faced upward, the expression on its face locked in a grimace of pure ecstasy, the eyes blinking frantically.

The sound of the raucous cheering and applause which broke the silence, reverberated through the the four surviving males as they wriggled aimlessly toward the fate which they knew had befallen one of them, one gasped as the sound brought his rigid cock beyond the brink.

The smiling Amazon stooped and quickly plucked the head of the defeated male from the sand, breaking into a cruel laughter as she watched the headless corpse continue to convulse and jerk under the foot of it's satisfied Mistress, the hot blood pumping from the cleanly cut stem of his neck as the body finished its spasm of the final ecstasy, the satisfying aftermath cruelly denied the executed male by the razor sharp weapon. The magnificent woman savoured the fixed gaze of carnal pleasure on the dispatched head for a moment, then passed it by the hair to the Mistress who had received its owners seed, his head delivered at her command. The triumphant woman lifted the head aloft and displayed the pitiful prize to the gleeful and leering spectators, then lifted her silken dress to expose her distended belly. She pressed the lips of the bemused and unknowing head to it, in a symbolic final kiss, then tossed the wretched severed head back to the effigy of which it had known the ecstasy that had resulted in his paying the ultimate price. The four others quaked in a mixture of fear and expectant lust as they wriggled pathetically under the cacophony of female noise which erupted as the head rolled across the inviting labia which welcomed the sacrifice.

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