The Family That Plays Together
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Leigh Barrett is the coach of the basketball team at St. Damian's Preparatory Academy, an elite - and secluded - all boys' private school. Will the team - and her family - survive her rather unconventional methods of motivation?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Indian Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Squirting   Food   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School  

It was the noise coming from the living room that bothered Leigh Barrett.

As the attractive forty-one year-old high school mathematics teacher and basketball coach unlocked the door to the house, she'd expected to hear nothing but silence. The campus of the prestigious private high school known as St. Damian's Preparatory Academy for Boys was just a stone's throw away from the small but cozy Victorian house where Leigh lived with her teenaged children.

With classes over, Leigh had hoped for a quick shower, an even quicker cup of coffee, and a change from the rather formal blouse and woolen pencil skirt that she was wearing into something more comfortable before heading off to basketball practice. Just fifteen quick minutes to catch her breath, and to take a moment to relax in her quiet house before heading back to the school to coach practice.

But as Leigh stepped through the front door ... it wasn't quiet. Noises were definitely coming from the living room. At first, Leigh thought she or one of the kids might've just left the television on, but quickly realized that wasn't the case. Then, she thought maybe her sons Matt and Lucas might be home from school – they attended St. Damian's as well, as students – but decided that wasn't right, either. It didn't quite sound like them ... and besides, they both always headed straight from their last class to basketball practice. She couldn't imagine why they'd come home first.

Slipping off her high heels, Leigh walked quietly through the foyer, down the shirt hallway to the living room. She could hear quite a bit going on as she made her way there. Such as:

A teenage boy's voice, cracking with excitement.

"Good girl ... lick those nuts, show me how much... mmmmm ... I swear, your tongue is the best, I... mmmMMM!!! ... damn, girl! Nothing's pretty than watching those lips slide up and down my dick... mmmmm ... look up at me, I wanna see that pretty face of yours with my dick in your mouth... yeahhhhhh ... so fucking pretty..."

Soft moans, and some enthusiastic grunts.

Another teenage boy's voice.

"Wow, you are one nasty little slut, huh... uunngghh!!! That's right, bitch, take it all, take it alllllllll ... yeah, like good sluts do..."


A loud smack of slapped flesh – ccrraacckk!!! – followed by two more.


Muffled squeals of pleasure.

More laughter.

Then more grunts. And groans.

Leigh's eyes widened in surprise as she finally reached the living room. Down on all fours in the middle of the living room floor was Leigh's slim, beautiful fifteen year-old red-headed daughter Jenny, completely naked except for a pair of dirty white gym socks pulled over her feet. Kneeling behind her was Reggie Washington, a sixteen year-old handsome, athletic black junior at St. Damian's Preparatory Academy. The starting point guard for the school's basketball team, Reggie was also completely naked except for a pair of dirty socks ... and he was enthusiastically fucking Jenny doggystyle, his big hands gripping her pale, supple asscheeks as his glistening shaft slid relentlessly in and out of her tight, pink pussy. There was a huge, incredibly happy grin of blissful satisfaction on Reggie's face as he pounded her from behind, with the soft, wet squishing sounds of sinfully decadent sex filling the air every time he thrust himself into her.

Meanwhile, kneeling in front of Jenny while she was getting fucked nice and hard was another of the fine, upstanding members of the St. Damian's basketball squad – Tyler Jenkins, the starting small forward for the team. Also a junior, Tyler – who was the only one of the three apparently had found time to remove his socks, along with the rest of his clothing – was taller and more slender than Reggie, with his hair carefully braided in zig-zagging cornrows. His thick, meaty cock was busy being sucked and messily slurped by Jenny as his teammate continued to fuck the nubile teenage girl good and hard, her small tits bouncing around wildly as her body was filled with big, thrusting dicks from both ends.

With a sigh, Leigh stepped into the room. "What ... ohmigod, Jenny, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" she said irritably. "You know team practice starts in half an hour, right? Why the fuck did you bring them here to the house to fool around?" She put her hands on her hips, glaring at her daughter in disappointment. "You know I want my team completely focused at my practices..."

"Mmmnnngghh ... MMMMMMMM!!!... hhhgggkkkk... sssllllppp ... s-s-sorry, Mom," Jenny whimpered apologetically, as she slid her mouth off of Tyler's spit-soaked ebony cock. Her eyes were closed as she struggled to speak, and a big smile crossed her pale, pretty face as Reggie kept pistoning away at her teenage twat. "T-they came to St. A-Agnes' ... Tyler that we had l-lots of ... oooOOOHHH!!! ... lots of time, b-before their prac..." Her voice trailed off for a moment, in a dreamy, incoherent whimper. "Right there, lover, ohmigod, OHMIGOD, RIGHT FUCKING THERE, I – OWWWWW!!!"

Jenny's pleas fell silent as Tyler gave her a sudden slap to the face – a playful slap, to be sure, but one that probably stung more than a little bit nonetheless. "Bitch, who told you to stop sucking my dick?" Tyler said, a lazy smirk crossing his face as he guided her soft, wet mouth back to his cock. "You can answer your mom after you're done... uhhhnnn!!! Yeah, baby, like that, do that nasty thing with your tongue..."

A hint of a wicked smile almost crept to Leigh's lips... almost. It took far more effort than she cared to admit to herself to keep a straight face.

"Tyler's right, Jenny," Leigh said chidingly. "A nice stiff cock shouldn't leave your mouth like that. Although she was trying to answer her mother, Tyler ... and also answer your coach. And listen to your coach, unlike others I could name." Leigh let those last few words hang out there, making sure that both Reggie and Tyler could feel the sharp edge to them.

"Sorry, Coach," Tyler said ... although the tone in his voice suggested that he probably wasn't entirely sorry at all. Leigh guessed that the soft, hot mouth eagerly sucking and licking his cock might have something to do with that. "We thought we could just have a little... aaaahh!!! Goddamn, Jenny, that's... aaaahh!!!"

"Never mind," Leigh replied wryly. She could see from the way that her sexy daughter's cheeks were hollowed as her face bobbed up and down between Tyler's legs – and from the way the fingertips of one small hand were lightly tickling and fondling his scrotum – that the poor boy wasn't quite able to keep his mind on conversation. Neither, for that matter, did Reggie look like he was capable of coherent thought. His hands had slid up from Jenny's pert, bouncing bottom to her slender waist ... and from the way he was frantically ramming himself into her pussy like a runaway jackhammer, Leigh thought that their minds might be elsewhere.

Resigned to letting the three horny teenagers finish up their fun, Leigh demurely took a seat on one of the plush couches facing the center of the living room, watching with feigned disinterest as her randy slut of a daughter was ravaged spit roasted by two sexy black studs. She was interested, of course. Very interested. And under different circumstances, she'd be stripping naked and joining the three in their naughty fun. At the very least, she'd be unbuttoning her prim-and-proper gray tweed skirt and brazenly shoving her hand right down the front of the wispy thong panties that she was wearing so she could finger herself to a wonderfully nasty orgasm, watching them fuck like crazed weasels in heat. It was so, so hot...

... but Leigh knew her priorities. She needed to be Coach Barrett. And this wasn't the time for fun.

Not yet.

Soon though, Leigh thought happily, as she watched the three teenagers writhe and grunt and moan in ecstatic bliss, very, very soon...

Still ... Leigh was secretly pleased to be watching the torrid, tawdry threesome right in front of her eyes. She especially loved watching her beautiful teenage daughter get stuffed full of cocks like a cum dumpster whore. She's gorgeous, Leigh thought proudly. Tall, willowy and pale-skinned, with a trim tummy and small perky tits, Jenny was indeed a stunner.

About the only thing marring the horny redhead's slender, beautiful body was a faint but ugly pink scar that ran down the front of her right knee ... remnants of the ACL tear that had ended an otherwise fantastic season as a freshman for the St. Agatha's basketball the previous year. It was a scar uncannily similar to the one on Leigh's own left knee, the one that had ended a promising college career many, many years ago. It pained Leigh a little to know what Jenny was going through, knowing her daughter's frustration...

... but she also knew it wasn't the end of the world.

And Jenny certainly seemed to be having some fun, at any rate.

"Uunngghh... uuunnnhhh!!! Yeaaahhhh ... take it, slut!" Abruptly, Tyler yanked his cock out of Jenny's sucking mouth. Holding the base of his hard-on in one hand, giant ropy blasts of his hot seed right into Jenny's surprised face. The randy teenaged redhead let out a shrill shriek of surprise as the first few spurts of his milky cum splattered all over her cheeks and her forehead, with some even shooting into her curly hair. However, it was only a moment before Jenny was eagerly opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue, catching as much of Tyler's semen as she could on her tongue – and in her mouth – as she could, letting him completely frost her face with his tasty jism.

"Good slut," Tyler said contentedly, as he gazed down at Jenny's cum-glazed face with obvious affection. "Damn, you are one nasty girl!" Playfully, he slapped his long, softening prick up against Jenny's cheek, his dark cockmeat smacking into the thick gobs of cum running down her pretty face. "But next time, I wanna cum inside that pretty little pussy of yours, okay?"

Jenny nodded, her big eyes shining with an almost pathetic eagerness ... and then she lowered her head, raising her cute little ass even higher in the air, as if trying to let her other teenage lover Reggie cram even more of his delectable dick into her sopping pussy. Reggie, for the most part, seemed quite willing to take up Jenny's challenge. Hammering away at the redheaded teenager's randy cunt, he put his hands on her pale, slender shoulders, grunting almost incoherently as his thrusts grew even harder and more insistent ... and then, with a loud yell – FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!! – he stiffened behind her, shuddering in obvious delight.

And as Reggie buried himself to the hilt deep inside Jenny's creamy snatch, Leigh found herself envying her teenage daughter, knowing exactly just how fucking good it felt to have that big, luscious black cock pumping what always felt like gallons of his hot, sticky seed inside her willing, welcoming cunt. And as she watched Jenny give a naughty little wriggle of her ass back against Reggie's hips, she grinned, knowing from the young stud's widening eyes that her daughter was probably squeezing her cunt muscles nice and tight around his pulsing prick, selfishly milking even more of his cum inside of her.

So glad, Leigh thought with wicked delight, that she pays attention to all the little tricks that I show her ... that one's a really good one...

"Goddamn, that is some sweet fucking pussy," Reggie breathed at last. With a reluctant sigh, he got to his feet, his long and slowly softening cock sliding out of Jenny's freshly-fucked cunt as he rose. Gobs of thick, creamy semen dribbled from the girl's puffy cuntlips, splattering onto the carpet in a messy puddle.

Leigh didn't particularly mind. The carpet had seen far, far worse since she'd begun coaching the St. Damian Crusaders two years ago. Hell, it was worse two weeks ago, Leigh thought wryly, and that was during fall break, when most of the students went home ... that rainy weekend with just me and the kids ... when Kyle was back from college...

"Now, boys," Leigh said chidingly to Reggie and Tyler, "I appreciate your, um, enthusiasm ... but try not to do this again. At least not during the season. You know my rules."

To the boys' utter astonishment, the older woman slid quietly off the couch, and crawled over to them on her hands and knees like a lioness stalking her prey. And then, she gave each of their cocks several long, slow licks, taking turns as she pleasured one with her mouth, then the other, her head swiveling back and forth between the two. Savoring the depraved taste of her own naughty daughter's pussyjuice mixed with her two lovely studs' sweat and cum, Leigh tried not to smile too much as she heard the boys both groan with wanton pleasure ... and as their dicks began to stiffen and stir once more with shameless desire.

"Don't get too excited... mmmfff," Leigh continued. "You boys are in a little bit of trouble." She swirled her tongue one last time luxuriously around the rim of Reggie's fat cockhead, swiping a dollop of milky sperm dangling from his piss slit away with a loving lick. Slowly, she stood up, absently wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Both boys groaned in frustration, giving her looks of pleading desperation ... looks that she ignored.

"But, um, Coach Barrett," Tyler said awkwardly, "can't we just–"

"No," Leigh said flatly. "You can't". She pointed at the disheveled pile of clothes she'd spotted in the corner of the room. "You two get dressed. Now. Then off to the gym, fast as you can. Twenty shuttle runs before warm-ups, since you're going to be late ... don't give me that look. And I'll ask the rest of the team to make sure that you really do them."

"Aww, Coach Barrett," Reggie said dejectedly, "please, we didn't mean –"

"And since you two are now making me late for practice," Leigh said, as if she hadn't heard Reggie say anything, "tell Malik and Matt that I'll be there in a half hour. Stretch and start layup drills. You all better be doing them when I get there. And once I am, it's going to be a closed practice."

Reggie and Tyler exchanged disbelieving – and incredibly excited – looks. "Closed practice?" Reggie said, the hope in his voice unmistakable. "Does – um, does that mean –"

Leigh waved her hand dismissively at the two boys. "Why are you still here?" she asked irritably. "Go. Before I change my mind."

The question of how fast can two horny naked boys get dressed and run out of my house at a full sprint? had honestly never once entered Leigh's head prior to that moment.

Twenty-one seconds later, though, she knew the answer.

"Boys," Leigh sighed as she watched Tyler and Reggie disappear down the hallway and out the door, half in exasperation, half in admiration. "They're all the same. And as for you, sweetie, come over here." Leigh sat back down on the couch, gently patting one of its full cushions as she gave Jenny a calm, expectant look. Sweaty and still lying on the floor in a dreamy, dazed heap, her daughter closed her eyes for a long, long moment before finally getting up, staggering over the couch and plopping down in exhaustion next to her mother.

"Was that fun?"

Jenny nodded eagerly. "Ohmigod, yes, Mom," the redheaded teenager said, her voice still shaking with raw excitement. "I mean two ... by myself ... and Reggie, when he said he wanted to ... they asked me to strip for them, I couldn't help it, I, I..." She slumped back in the couch, staring up at the ceiling, a lewd grin spread across her face as she cupped her tiny tits in her hands. "Mom, it was fucking amazing!"

"Good," Leigh replied earnestly. "That's what it should be. Amazing. Amazing, and fun. Just..." She gave her daughter a serious look. "Just try not to distract my team too much during the season, okay? You know how I do things. I want the boys focused. And when it's time for them to play, I need to tell them when. Not anyone else. Understand?"

Jenny nodded. "I do, Mom. I'll try."

And you'll probably fail, Leigh dryly to herself, but that's okay. You'll try. That's what's important. But horny fifteen year-old girls who love to fuck usually let their hormones do the all of the thinking ... just like boys...

Calmly, Leigh leaned over to her daughter, sticking out her tongue as she licked some of the sticky cum on Jenny's face away in a long, slow lick. Jenny shivered and giggled, but didn't say anything. Instead, she just sat still as her mother tenderly licked her face and her neck completely clean, like a cat licking up cream. She moaned softly as her mother cupped and fondled her tits while she lapped up all the boys' sweet, thick cum.

"So, um, Mom," Jenny continued, when her mother was finally finished with cleaning her face "when can I stop taking my birth control pills? I think I'd rather ... um, I don't want them." She looked down at her knees nervously, avoiding her mother's curious gaze. "I think I want to get, um, you know. Pregnant."

Leigh raised an eyebrow in surprised wonder. "My, my, my," Leigh said quietly. "What happened to wanting to be the starting point guard at Southern State, like me? I thought that was the dream, huh?" She reached over affectionately and tousled Jenny's long, curly tresses of hair. "And besides, I though you wanted your brother Matt to knock you up someday." Idly, Leigh brushed sweaty strands of Jenny's auburn hair away from the girl's sparkling green eyes, taking a moment to lean forward and lick one last droplet of cum off her disheveled daughter's flushed, dimpled cheek. "Have you decided that you want to be a black breeding bitch instead for the other boys on the team?"

"I, uh ... I don't know," Jenny replied uneasily ... but there was more than a hint of uncertain excitement in the young teenager's quavering voice as well. "All the rehab and stuff is just really hard. I don't know if I can do it, Mom ... if I can even make the team again, let alone get back to where I was." She rolled her eyes, giving a frustrated shake of her head. "I don't like the rehab, I don't like school ... I just want to get naked and fuck all the boys, all day..."

"I know," Leigh said. She put her hand on one of Jenny's pale, freckled shoulders, giving it an affectionate squeeze. "And I don't blame you. There's days - who am I kidding, it's every day – that I just want to do that, too. But I think you can do more than that, angel."

Tears welled in Jenny's big green eyes. "You think so, Mom?" she said softly. "Because ... I want to, but I'm just tired of the stupid stationary bikes, and icing, and ... all of it." She shook her head in dejection. "I just want..."

"Sssshhhh ... it's okay, sweetie," Leigh said soothingly to Jenny. "I know what you want. Let Mommy make you feel better." Gently, she stroked her fingertips along her daughter's cheek, making the girl shudder in wicked bliss. Jenny didn't resist as her mother pushed her trembling knees apart ... nor did she resist in the slightest as her mother wantonly dipped her face between her thighs.

"Oooohhh ... ohhhhhh!!!" Jenny squealed, as her mother's warm breath caressed the cum-soaked curls of her auburn muff ... and then the tip of her fluttering tongue traced its way along her creamy slit. "Yes, Mom, please, yes, ohhhhhh, yesyesyesYESSSSSS!!!!" The teenaged girl kicked her feet in wicked glee as Leigh ravenously began lapping away at her cum-filled cunt,

Much as her daughter had really enjoyed double-fucking from her two handsome studs ... Leigh could tell that they hadn't brought her to orgasm. Close, but not quite. So it really didn't take much to bring Jenny to the brink of the wickedly filthy orgasm that the teenaged girl so desperately yearned for ... some long, slow licks mixed with soft pussy kisses and teasing bites got her nice and ready. By the time Leigh had two fingers briskly pumping in and out of her daughter's sperm-filled snatch and was frantically tonguing her aching clit, the girl was writhing wildly on the couch, screaming and sobbing in ecstasy, pounding her small fists against its soft cushions.

With a cry, Jenny arched her back, shamelessly humping her mother's loving face like a dumb dog in heat, grinding her tender little pussy against her mother's slavering mouth as one powerful orgasm after another rocked her shaking, naked body. Pussycream gushed from the naughty teenage girl's spasming cunt like a runaway garden hose, spraying her mother's pretty face as she came again and again. Leigh didn't mind. She loved the thick, tangy taste of her daughter's fuckcream, especially when it was still laced with the gooey cum of a sexy teenage boy. So Leigh kept lapping away at Jenny's pussy, slurping up and swallowing as much of her daughter's sweet release as she could ... and letting the rest drip messily from her cheeks and chin as it coated her face, soaking the top of her white silk blouse as well.

"T-thanks, Mom," Jenny barely managed to whisper, once the throes of her orgasm had finally started to subside. "I ... I needed that."

"My pleasure," Leigh murmured ... and she scooted back up onto the couch next to Jenny, roughly shoving her sticky fingers into her mouth, forcing her daughter to suck then clean. And when Jenny was done with that, she leaned in close to give her daughter a slow, sensuous, cummy kiss, their tongues intertwining in a delicate dance as they tenderly embraced.

"So this," Leigh murmured to her daughter, as they finally broke away from her daughter's happy face, "is what you're going to do. You're going to go to the athletic center this afternoon. You're going to see the trainer, do your rehab exercises, and yes, ride the stupid bike. And get an icedown afterwards, like you're supposed to. You're going to finish rehab, and rejoin your sister Kelly on the St. Agnes team. And you're going to be great ... and if you decide you don't want to play basketball anymore, that's your choice. Not some stupid injury." Leigh closed her eyes, and let out a sigh. "And if then – and only then – you want to go off your birth control and get knocked up by one of the boys on the team, we'll talk about it."

Jenny's eyes shone with excitement. "Really?" she squealed happily. "Even Matt or Lucas?"

Given everything that had been going on for Leigh over the past two years, since she'd started teaching and coaching at St. Damian's – with her darling family, with the basketball team, with her math classes, everything – it was kind of hard to surprise the usually calm, collected blonde beauty about anything anymore. And she'd already been mildly surprised by Jenny's confession of wanting to get pregnant. But even her eyes widened a little in surprise as she heard her daughter actually suggesting that she might want her younger brother Lucas to put a baby in that sexy, taut teenage belly of hers.

And Jenny never holds back ... she always tells me all of her fantasies, even the most perverted ones, Leigh thought wonderingly. I had no idea that she wanted to fuck Lucas, too...

"Can ... can I go to practice with you today, though?" Jenny asked earnestly. "I heard you say it was going to be a closed one, so..."

" ... so no," Leigh finished gently. "Not today, anyway. The athletic center today for you, like I said. But the last practice before the first game of the season is going to be closed, too. I would love it if you came to that one."

"Oh, I'll be there," Jenny breathed happily. "Don't worry about that!"

"Good." Leigh gave Jenny a sharp slap on her pert derrière, making the girl yelp with surprise. "Now get dressed, and get to the gym. Remember..."

"I know, I know," Jenny replied, as she got up and headed for the stairs. "The stupid bike."

Leigh smiled. "That's my girl."

As Jenny disappeared from sight, Leigh sighed, and got to her feet. Thirty minutes is going to be more like forty-five, she thought in resignation, as she looked at the clock on the wall. Oh well. Somehow I don't think the team will mind. It's a closed practice, after all.

Casually, Leigh began to strip off her clothes, and to put on her practice sweats.

With just a few surprises on beneath the sweats.

She always wore those for closed practices, after all.

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