The New House Maid
Chapter 1

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Interracial Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sequel to The House Maid. Thomas starts his new life, but old habits still continue.

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie  

Thomas rode onto his new property around mid day on a cold January day. His future plans were thrown into turmoil and his last chance at any future. His new home and business was also a new start for him as well.

A two story farm house built some fifty years prior to his birth. Resting on 300 acres, the farm itself only took up 20 acres. The rest was subdivided out to sharecroppers. The prior occupant was only managing it for Thomas's father. Originally ran by his uncle, Thomas now stood as the sole owner of this working farm. The weight of the task was only lifted by the fact the sharecroppers pulled in most of the farm's profits.

When Thomas walked up to the front porch, the front door opened and a colored woman stepped out. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. She wore a head scarf, but could see the long black hair in neat tight braids pulled back. Her dress was white and stained with use. Although her size was not overweight she did not look small. Her large breasts were noticeably not pushed up, and were barely held back.

She smiled and walked up to Thomas to grab his saddlebag from his horse. "You must be Mista Childs. I's Susana Grist, buts people just call me Sue. I be Clayton's wife, we be on the back field from here"

Thomas bowed his head and replied back. "Nice to meet you Sue, you can call me Thomas."

Sue grabbed the bag from Thomas's hands and followed him into the house. When then both entered, she softly questioned him. "Mista Johns had me as a house help to offset my bills. Will you be wanting to keep me on as help?"

Thomas looked at her in the eyes and smiled back. "That would be great for now, but I may not need you as much in the future."

"Well, I can be a great help in whatever you need. I be close by too. My house be on the back field." Sue smiled and bowed to him as she spoke.

The rest of the day was Sue showing Thomas the house and the grounds. Thomas felt that she was fighting for her job even though her family was farming one of his back fields. Thomas smiled politely and said thank you every chance offered to him. Each time she would stare in disbelief when he did.

Since it was winter and much of the farm was simple maintenance, Thomas was able to maintain the ledgers and receipt books left to him. Even though he skipped college; Thomas as a quick study, and was more concerned about how to run a farm then keeping up with the sharecroppers.

It was more than a week since Thomas first arrived in his new Georgia farm. He was far removed from his father who had all but disowned him. Thomas knew what he needed to do to make a life for himself and was ready to start once spring came around. The money he brought with him would be used for sharecropper loans. This in turn would be an added profit once the final harvest was sold and loans repaid.

Thomas was thankful to have Sue around, but after a few days there was little for her to do. Against his better financial judgment he decided he would keep her on until the spring. The money he brought with him could afford to pay her, and Thomas knew he needed the company. Even though her work load around the house was considered light, her company for a few hours a day was needed.

No matter where Thomas was in the house, Sue made a point to enter the room to offer something to him; either a cup of lemonade, water, or coffee. Even though her duties ended before noon, she still came back a different time to make supper and clean up. Sue was not shy about letting her kids come with her as she made sure Thomas was looked after. Thomas was always thankful and would force her to have a conversation. It came clear to him that she was not use to be talked to like an equal, and would only give short answers, but each conversation seemed to get longer.

Although she was at least ten years older than him, she was quite attractive. She was almost the same height as him, and had a medium frame to her. Although her dress covered almost all of her curves it was clear she was well endowed. With three children who visited often it was common to have a noisy house at times. Thomas once looked over to see her bend over exposing her cleavage to him. They exchanged glances, but it was Sue that smiled at Thomas when she saw him doing it.

It was almost a year since Thomas's loss, and starting another relationship was far removed from his mind and heart. Thomas let things lay as they were when he arrived, and did not pursue anything except a profitable farm.

With each passing week, Thomas made progress with the mess that was left to him by the former occupant. When the ledgers, with all the outstanding loans were finished, Thomas realized that Sue and her husband owned the most. Each passing year they owed more than was borrowed while their harvest yield decreased. All the other sharecroppers owed a small amount, but Clayton's outstanding loans were almost five times as much.

Before the sharecropper came to Thomas to discuss the terms for loans, he told Sue the bad news. He felt guilty about what he had to do, but he knew business came first. He remembered what happened when you let personal feelings get in the way. The pain he felt from his loss helped him make his decision.

When Sue came to work the next day, Thomas was waiting for her. He could not help but stare into her dark brown eyes as he broke the news to her. "I have some bad news. I am going to have to have Clayton and you off the farm."

Before Thomas could finish telling Sue she turned around and locked the front door, as if she was fired and told to leave. As she turned to Thomas her expressions changed. "I guessin you be wanting the same deal as Mista Johns. Been waitin for you to ask. Thought you be just young and shy at first. Then I found you were just nice as they said."

Thomas stood in utter disbelief as Sue walked to him. His curiosity took over and he questioned her. "What deal did you have with Mr. Johns?"

As Sue finally got to Thomas her hands were now on his shirt. "He be lettin bills slide for me helping out. You know with his needs and all."

Thomas fought the urge to not think about having Sue in his arms and bed. The simple thought of her naked brought forth his erection. It was his need for love that brought him back to reality. He knew that this was nothing more then forced prostitution. "I am sorry Sue, but I can't. I find you very attractive and ... it's not right is all."

Sue's face was more determined as ever. Her hand now slid down his shirt to Thomas's pants. Feeling the bulge grown under her touch she replied back. "I feel you be wantin it. Besides ... I see you lookin at me that way."

The thought of having Sue give herself to him for a loan broke Thomas's heart. "I can't do it. It's not about you though. A woman should not have to give herself like this."

When he moved back, the look in Sue's eyes swelled with tears. She turned back and quickly walked out the door without saying a word. Thomas could not bear to be in the room as she walked out and left before the door even closed.

Thomas went out to the farm to find something to do to keep his mind occupied. Since his farm had no help it was easy to find something to do. The day seemed to fly by as Thomas worked on repairing holes in the fence and barn. Before he realized what time it was, the sun was about to set. He packed up and put away the tools before heading inside to pass out. Not even eating, Thomas found his bed to crash. The whole time he thought back to his Aunt's house and the time he spent with Sarah. The more he thought about the past, the more he felt guilty about Sue, and her situation.

Right as Thomas finished eating breakfast he heard a light knocking on the door. When he opened it, Sue stood before hm. She wore the same dress as the day before, except her face was swollen. Her right eye had been punched and was now swollen.

"What happened?"

"I be wanting to know if you still be needin help round the place is all?"

The look of anger could not be hidden from Thomas's face. "Come in and tell me what happened."

Sue shuffled her feet in the house and stared blankly at the floor. "Clay said I was not be pretty enough for you. Said ... I better have a job at least."

Seeing that she was not crying, but the wounds looked fresh. Thomas walked her by the hand to the kitchen table to sit her down. Finding a clean towel to clean her face, Thomas still fumed inside. "Is he home now? Is Clayton at the house?"

Sue looked up for the first time to see Thomas's face. Noticing his anger, she pleaded. "Please no. Be makin it worse if you do. Be taking me to another place, and do it to me there is all. Best let things be"

Thomas sighed heavily and eased her fears. "Ok, but Clayton is not going to be too happy when I demand he pay all the back money he owes."

Sue smiled the best she could. "I understand you not wantin to be with me and all. Mista Johns told me about you before he left."

Thomas still continued to clean her face as he replied. "What did he say?"

"Said you be a disowned nigga lover and all. Said that you the reason he had to leave and all."

Thomas was able to easily dismiss the comments. He had heard it countless times in his head. The conversation he had with his father played on repeat in his mind. "That two people who are now wrong."

Sue looked up to get an answer. "Who be wrong?"

"My father was wrong about me, and Clayton is wrong about you. You are pretty, and I would be with you if things were different. I am sorry you had to be with Mr. Johns like that for all that time."

Sue smiled when she replied. "Thank you for thats. Mista Johns would not be with me like that. He be likin other things."

Thomas finished cleaning her face as Sue began to look somewhat presentable again. "Well you don't have to worry about doing that any more. I can keep you on as help, and you don't have to do those things again."

Sue placed her hand on Thomas's thigh and the other hand on Thomas's belt. As she reached to unbuckle it, he gently reached over to stop her. As their hands touch, she spoke out. "Please ... I know I don't have to. It's just that I be wanting to now."

Thomas let his hands drop to his side. He watch as Sue took her time undoing his belt and pulling it apart. Once it was apart, she undid the top button just as carefully. Thomas was about to change his mind about the whole thing until he saw her look up and smile at him. It was then she continued undressing him from the bottom down.

Taking a deep breath, Thomas felt his manhood awaken at the touch of his new house maid. When Sue finally pulled down the last part of Thomas's clothes exposing his erection to her, she instantly had her hand on his shaft. "Best you relax while I be doing this."

Without a protest, Thomas watched Sue's large dark lips engulf his hard member. The feeling of her wet lips wrapped tightly around his head was amazing. His dick almost wanted to jerk up from the immense pleasure of her mouth. It only got better as Sue moved further down just as quickly until her nose was pressed against his waist. Thomas let his mind go blank as he watched her mouth move back up again keeping a tight seal around his erection.

Thomas's erection would swell up again each time Sue's lips would reach the head of his penis. Never releasing it from her lips, she kept a steady pace of going back and forth. Occasionally looking up to see the sheer delight in his eyes, she knew the pleasure she was giving him.

The impending release of his erection weighed on Thomas's mind. He did not think it was right to let go in her mouth. The only alternative he thought of was just to end it. "Have to stop now."

Sue instantly looked up and moved her lips back up until it was only on the head of his penis. When she did this, she shook her head back and forth to let Thomas know she was not going to stop. Pushing her tongue hard on the slit of his head and holding it there as she moved down again on his pulsing shaft. As her lips still held firm, she let her tongue glide along the shaft until she reached the bottom.

The intense feeling was too much for Thomas to handle. He put his hand down on the table for fear of falling over. Letting go from trying to hold back his body let forth. Grunting, as his cum shot out of his penis with full intensity; it was like a water hose was turned on full blast. Sue held her mouth steady about halfway on his pumping erection. Not letting go and letting it flow straight into her mouth. She never moved or made any sign of displeasure.

After a few moments Sue moved her mouth again up and down on Thomas's still solid manhood. This time her lips were not wrapped so tight around his shaft. When she finally let go from his white erection she looked up with a big smile. "Your white thing sure did have a lot. Now sit down and let me fix you a proper meal."

Thomas sat at the table and watched Sue working in the kitchen like it was second nature. Each time she would do something she would turn back and smile at him. Thomas did not know what to make of this until he finally broke down and asked. "You keep smiling, did I do something?"

Sue slide a plate of food in front of Thomas and answer back in a giddy tone. "It just be I never met such a nice young white man before. Guess the stories bout you be true."

Thomas and Sue both smiled back at each other. "Sometimes they are."

Over the hours Thomas let Sue work around the house undisturbed. Allowing her freedom to do and use whatever she needed in the house. During that time, Thomas struggled with getting his fence fixed, as he noticed a few animals had escaped. The frustration built up and he resigned the task and went inside defeated. He knew the season was starting and he did not have enough money or credit to buy more animals or another fence.

The next day was the same and Sue was there bright and early. She did not knock on the door, but had breakfast on the table when Thomas entered the kitchen. "Morning Mista Childs."

Thomas smiled and corrected her. "Please, call me Thomas."

Sue smiled back and replied. "Ok."

Before Thomas even took a bite he motioned for Sue to sit next to him. "Please. I hate eating alone. Thank you for doing this."

Before Sue sat down she walked right beside Thomas and hugged him. Thomas made no movement to move away but let his body be pressed against hers. Thomas could not help but notice that her breasts were pressed right against his face. It was like she was leaning down to make sure the open part of her dress was right in his face. Before Thomas could do something he felt the top of her dress being pulled down. The soft skin of Sue's breast was now against his face. Thomas knew where this was going and tried to pull away. "Shhhh, just suck on them."

Stopping his quick struggle, Thomas kissed her dark areola before sucking on her long nipple. It seemed to fit perfectly in his lips. As he kissed and sucked on her nipple, he felt his pants being undone. It did not take long before his erection was full strength and open to her touch.

The intense pleasure of having Thomas suck on her breasts cause her voice to moan out her next plan. "If you wants it in me, you can."

Thomas moved away to reply. "No. You don't have to do anything like that with me."

Sue moved her leg over Thomas as he sat in the chair. She moved his plate back and sat right on the table directly in front of him. "I wants it though. I want you to do it."

When Thomas sat up he was directly in front of Sue. He could not help but kiss her. The moment his lips touch hers, he felt her arms around his body. Sue pulled him close as Thomas let go his emotions for the first time. His erection was now between her legs and aiming at her. Sue opened her legs and lifted her dress to allow him to come closer.

Thomas move closer and let his white member slip right into her love folds. He felt the instant tight wet feeling he so longed for. It was Sue that broke the kiss and jumped when her dark love hole was penetrated by him. "Can't be in there. Mista John's always puts it in the other one to make sure nothing happens."

Thomas moved his hand to her cheek and pulled her face towards him to resume kissing her. Not listening to her concerns, he kissed her to stop her protests. He felt her reaction when he slid deeper in her though. Her body seemed to go limp with pleasure as his erection entered deep only to pull out. Her continued moans were all but drowned out by their kiss.

Thomas began thrusting harder as he continued kissing her. Sue's hands gripped his back hard as her body let go a let his white member take her dark love canal. With each thrust Thomas felt her hole tighten and loosen from his thrusting. There was almost no friction as he white manhood slid deep and retracted. It was as if he vaginal hole was made just for him.

Wanting it to last longer, Thomas tried to slow down but his body would not let him. The strong pulse of his member was letting him know it was close. Finally breaking the kiss, Thomas looked at the passion in Sue's dark eyes. Sue was panting just as much as Thomas as she spoke. "If you finish in me everyone will know its' yours."

Thomas slowed down his thrusting, but still continued to enter her black love hole. When Sue grabbed a hold of his throbbing penis, he looked up at her. Sue stared back as she moved his white prick out of her vaginal hole. Thomas felt it free from her body before touching something else. "Push it ins. It going to feel good, trust me."

Thomas did as Sue said and felt his member slip into her again. It was much tighter and felt amazing. The sensation of being close and the snug warm feeling of her anal cavity sent him over the edge. With only the head in her, his white penis was not able to move it in further before releasing a flood of hot sperm in her tight ass. Grunting with his dick spurting cum, he dropped down in the seat to see the look of utter satisfaction from Sue.

"Oh my, you be good and giving a woman what she wants. Be thinking it runs in the family."

Thomas laughed it off but wondered what Sue really meant. The rest of the day went like the day before. The struggle with his only tractor continued with no end in sight. It was when a wagon pulled up that Thomas finally stopped working.

A colored man no older than twenty jumped down to greet Thomas. "Hi there Mr. Childs. Names, Willie Anderson, I have the farm over by the creek. Was wondering if we could talk some."

Thomas extended his hand to greet him and surprised Willie. He looked shocked by, but took his hand quickly in a joyful surprise. "I guess you're here about this year's loan?"

"You figured right. Thought we could talk bout me extending some more money and maybe get some more land wit that."

Thomas smiled and shocked Willie again." I may have some land available soon, if you want."

Before Willie could answer he took a few steps towards Thomas's torn fence. "I can be fixing that right quick for ya."

Thomas smiled at Willie. "You fix that fence of mine and I will make sure you get more land."

Willie replied with a similar laugh before answering back. "Get those lost cattle too."

Thomas's face went to business mode. He knew that Willie was serious and was able to get him back to not losing money for the season. "You get me my cattle and I will make sure money is not a problem this year."

Willie laughed and shot back. "I knew when Mista Johns was being fired he would do something sneaky like this. Waited for him to do it for weeks. Found your cattle last night and the most of them I had when he let them go a month ago."

"You mean I have more. Johns only had twenty listed." Cried Thomas.

"Reckon he been cheatin ya. But I be gettin them back to you by right quick."

Thomas could not hold back the excitement as Willie left his farm. After thanking him, he decided to give Clayton's field to Willie so he can harvest both. He then realized he would have to break the news to Sue. He wondered how she would take it.

When he entered the house he wondered why she was still there. She normally worked only four hours a day before heading back home. When he got to the kitchen the smell of her work overpowered him. There he saw her singing a song as she cooked. "There you be Thomas. Fixed you a good supper tonight."

Thomas answered back. "I thought you would have left by now. Not that you have to go but I thought Clayton would wonder."

Sue walked over to him defeated. "You see, Thomas. Clayton already left. He knew that you would try to get past money from him. I understand if you be wantin me to go too."

Thomas pulled out a chair without a second thought and motioned her to sit. "I knew he would leave Sue. I did not know he would leave you too. It doesn't matter now. You and the kids can stay until you find work. The field is taken but the house you can use."

Sue stood back up to hug Thomas. "You be too kind Thomas. Know you can't keep me on working for you. But you letting me stay is more than I can ask for. I do need to fetch the kids. They be staying at theirs Aunts. Tell them the good news."

As Sue left Thomas retired for the day wondering how his life ended up the same even though he moved away from it. He knew the more Sue stayed around the more his feelings would get hurt in the long run. He also knew that she was something he should not have. The torn feelings with her sent him to bed confused.

The next morning was a bit of a surprise. Thomas walked downstairs to an empty house. Sue was nowhere in sight. The kitchen was how he left it and there was no evidence she came and left something for him while he slept. This new found start sent Thomas wondering if he did the right thing. All the thought and wondering would have to wait for him though, as he knew this week was going to be busy for him.

Thomas was more than happy to spend the day with Willie retrieving his lost cattle. He knew this would make sure his farm could even turn a profit this year. Although Willie did not ask for anything past their arrangement, Thomas offered to give him more land to work while he got use to handling his own farm. The thoughts of failure seemed to subside each time he was with him.

By late afternoon, Thomas was back on his own farm and could see his fireplace bellowing smoke. When he finally entered the house he could smell the home cooking before he saw Sue. She was in the kitchen stirring a pot when he came upon her. "Thought you were not going to come back today."

Sue turned around to greet him with an immense smile. "Mista Jones offered me a job few week ago. Mista John said I was no good to him. Since Mista John not be in town anymore, and how Misses Jones needed help ... Mista John offered me the job again."

Thomas responded with outward joy, but inside he struggled with his feelings. "I would match the pay if I could. I am sorry I am not able to give you more work."

Sue smiled and walked over to Thomas to give him a hug. "You not be needing to worry bout me anymore. I can even pays you the rent for the house."

"Thomas returned her hug and said back."You don't need to pay. The least I can do. I am sorry Clayton left."

Sue glanced back a little confused but stern about her feelings. "I don't be worrying bout him no more. I know I am better off without him too. New job makes more than his sorry ass ever did. But I can't be taken your charity. People be thinking things, and we can't have that."

Thomas laughed at her before answering back. "Let them. I am use to it and it won't stop me from living the way I want to."

Sue walked back to her pot. "Knows how you feel now, but you best think about finding you a wife. Nice good white girl who can take care of you right. Can't be thinking of having a life with some poor negro girl."

Thomas's hearty sank as her words hit home. He knew his fantasy life would come to haunt him and whatever future he wanted. The life he wanted died in Charleston a year ago. The only thing left for him to do was pick up the pieces and move on. He just thought there was a chance at a life with someone he was getting to know and love. Thomas now pushed all the feelings of love to that of strong fondness and appreciation.

After a well cooked meal, Thomas thanked Sue and told her he was going to turn in for a much needed sleep. Thomas was more than happy to explain to her about how Willie helped save his profit for the year. The second his name came up, her face smirked with laughter but held back from saying something.

As Thomas finished his last part of his supper, Sue was already cleaning up. Thomas tried to stop her, after explaining to her she no longer needed to help out. Sue gave a loud hush sound and continued to work. When Sue went to grab Thomas's plate, she looked down to see his eyes were fixated on her exposed cleavage. Sue knew that when she bent down the tops of her breasts were clearly visible. Not too many people looked, but Thomas made no attempts to hide his stare.

"I can shows you them if you like." Sue uttered to him softly.

Thomas mumbled back. "I am sorry. I just..."

"It's ok. I likes when you touched them before."

Thomas broke his obvious stare to say. "It's not right. I can't be expecting you to do those things."

Sue was already pulling down the top of her dress when she replied. "I lets you do it because I wanted to do it, not because I had to. I knows you a good young man."

Thomas did not have a chance to respond before Sue's breasts were inches from his face. Taking her lead he placed his mouth on her nipple. Sucking on her nipple, he could feel it grow slightly in his mouth. After a few moments he felt her body push away and her hands move his face to the other nipple. Again Thomas repeated his sucking. The more he teased the nipple and sucked on her, the more he heard her deep breaths.

Thomas moved his hands around her waist and held her tight. Sue was no longer able to move Thomas away as he nursed from her ebony breast. It was then Thomas heard her protest. "Needs to be stopping ... please..."

Thomas continued as his own lust was building. Thomas then tasted something coming from her breast. The taste was not unpleasant, but it was warm. Thomas moved away quickly to see the slight drops of white breast milk coming from the tips of her dark nipple.

Sue cried out. "Please don't be..."

Thomas smiled and went back to sucking. Not letting Sue stop him this time. Thomas then felt her body shift and move so she was facing him again like the last time they made love. Thomas backed away from her completely. "Not here. I want you in the bedroom."

Sue followed Thomas upstairs and watched him light the lamp in the bedroom. She watched him undress before he walked over to help her from her dress. Sue tried to protest and stop him, but each time he would kiss her and continue. It was after the third time, she let go her inhibitions and let him reveal her full nude form.

Thomas could see the effects of age and childbirth on her stomach. Although Sue's dress hid her body type, her slim features were now fully exposed to him. Thomas could see the instant contrasts his complexion had on her dark features. Feeling her stomach, she whimpered to his touch, as she held on to him for fear of falling from the anticipation. Thomas removed all her clothing and even let her dark braids hang down her back. Kissing her belly, he moved further up her body, only stopping to suck the droplets of remaining breast milk before meeting her waiting lips.

Thomas laid her down on the bed and got on top of her. Sue watched as his white erection was aimed directly at her entrance. She was more worried that he would reject her naked ebony body then thrust in her too fast. When his kiss broke the silence she relaxed and just waited for the moment he would penetrate her.

Thomas felt her body go weak from their passionate kiss, and knew it was time to push into her. The second his member entered her, he felt her body tremble with joy. The more it pushed in, the louder her muffled moans escaped their kiss. When his shaft was fully in her love sheath, he finally broke their kiss. Sue could do nothing but allow her young white lover to take his ebony prize.

Sue pushed her body up to encourage Thomas to take her. Knowing she was ready, Thomas commenced moving his body back and forth sliding his white rod deeper into her. Sue's mouth stayed open with moans of ecstasy each time Thomas's white muscle went in her. Thomas continued to enter and with draw from her love canal with more force.

As their body rocked with sweat and emotion, Sue had to grip his shoulders to express her orgasms. Thomas pumped away without stopping or slowing down. Each time he felt her hole close and get wetter, he would lean over to kiss her. The embrace and intimacy of their kiss would only cause Sue to push more of her fluid out of her dark love hole.

As Thomas neared his own orgasm, he was worried about the timing of pulling out of her. Before he was close, he slowed to warn her. "I will pull out when I am close."

Sue was lost in the moment before Thomas warned her. Sue could think of nothing else to tell him other than the truth. "Oh lords keep it in. Make it yours."

Thomas let go of his normal sense and body control. The feeling of his white erection throbbing was now overpowering. The moment his white seed flooded deep in Sue's black body, she cried out. "Oh dear lords I feel it! Keeps it in until it's done."

Thomas could only grunt as Sue demanded her cervix be filled with his fertile sperm. When the last of his fluid left his body he collapsed next to her. Thinking about how wonderful it felt, Thomas looked stunned when Sue quickly got up from the bed. Thomas needed more from her and pulled her back into his arms. In a loving embraced he held her tight kissing her. Thomas's lips touched hers, reassuring her of his feelings towards her.

Thomas made sure Sue fell asleep before he did, never releasing her from his arms. It was when the rooster woke Thomas that he found himself alone in the bed. Wondering down to the kitchen he saw the breakfast was left for him. Although Sue was nowhere in sight, she had left him food.

The rest of the day Thomas saw the rest of his tenants. Thomas was more scared then excited when the last of his money was left out. After countless loans Thomas prepared for his own planting. With the land given to Willie for planting, Thomas had only a few acres just for himself to work. Thomas was more than willing to take Willie Anderson's advice on farming and had him instruct him.

Although Willie made no judgments or comments, Thomas listened as if he was in charge. Thomas spent the entire day listening and following the instructions of his sharecropper. At the end of the day Thomas limped back to his own house an exhausted man. Thomas was worried that the other sharecroppers would see him as he was: a fraud.

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