Another Best Erotic Night of My Life!


Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Maré, Monica Hershel, Mya Jane and Nina Mercedez experiences wild sexual encounters, which turns into another best erotic night of their lives.

The luxury SoHo condominium looked calm outside.

It wasn't, however, so cold as the two occupants in the bedroom snuggled with each other on the queen-size fourposter. Monica Hershel French kissed her beautiful girlfriend Nina Mercedez, the voluptuous Latina, who lay nude and vulnerable on her back like a delicacy to be devoured. Nina let the skinny Predator lick her neck and impulsively hugged the voracious lesbian, clutching her tee and sighed in anticipation to the dalliance she'd relish. The Predator had a talent of pleasuring girls and devouring their curvaceous bodies, through her mouth and hands.

Monica resolved to make the third osculatory tour of Nina's supple form. She had showered every nook and cranny of her curvaceous body with kisses and flicks of tongue, carnally arousing her that eve. Nina closed her eyes and smiled; her lover had perceived the heat that effused from her crotch. Uttering a sigh of contentment, she moved her arms around her head and opened her thighs in abandon.

Playfully grabbing and squeezing Nina's big round boobs; Monica pinched her light brown nipples. She opened her mouth and took a mouthful of one boob, letting the hardened knob throb against her tongue. Then she released it, before sucking its counterpart. Sucking Nina's charismatic globes repeatedly, she reached down and tickled the wet petals that quivered between her thighs.

Nina sighed and cupped Monica's face. They kissed once again and Monica resumed sucking her lover's boobs that still craved her attention. Grabbing them, she licked the perspiration on their toned skin and cleavage. Nina laughed and bit her lip as Monica twirled her tongue to incite every nerve in her nipples.

Monica unzipped her pants and licked Nina's linea alba down to her belly button. She kissed it as she would Nina's mouth, paused, and resumed showering her skin with feathery kisses. Clutching her thighs, she pushed them and ravished Nina's pussy like an avid feline devouring fresh meat. Pressing her mouth on the quivering erogenous flesh and capturing each labium, she sipped Nina's love juices.

Nina moaned and reached down, feeling Monica's close-cropped hair. She grabbed her head and pushed it between her thighs, trembling out of escalating desire. She loved Monica as much as she felt herself being kissed, licked, and eaten out. Soon, the sexual sounds and heated panting serenaded their bedroom.

"Huh ... huh ... yeah ... huh ... You do that ... huh ... good..." Nina moaned, as she squeezed her own tits. "Mmm ... baby ... mmm ... yesss..."

Monica lapped Nina's juices up her sensitive clefts, lingually probing her cunt along. She clutched her round creamy thighs and captured her clit. Kissing Nina's glans clitoris, she sucked her throbbing hood with relish. 'Moan for me baby! Coo the song of love for us! I'll devour your juices baby!' Monica thought, clawing Nina's thighs.

Nina's body shuddered. Her chest heaved as she uttered the guttural sounds of lust and pleasure. Grabbing Monica's head, she arched her back. Monica went untamed. The aroma of feminine essence incited her to lick Nina's delicate flower. She flicked her tongue on Nina's clit, circumscribing and licking it side to side, and teasing it vertically. Then she glued her mouth to the pulsating pussy, savoring the best taste ever! Nina closed her eyes and licked her lips. The pleasure was still shaking her all over.

"Don't stop, baby! Huh..." Nina pleaded. "Don't stop ... I'm ... huh ... CUMMIN..."

She pushed Monica's head into her open cunt, encouraging her to continue the carnal worship. Her toned belly tightened as the pleasure soared up to the peak. She cummed at once, letting Monica swallow her juices.

Nina lay quiet and sated, looking at her lover who was licking her spent pussy. As their eyes met, she smiled and asked, "How do I taste?"

"You're asking me as if we're frigging for the first time. You know how much I want you silly," Monica said, kissing Nina on her pussy.

"You're gonna do this again, aren't you?"

Monica laughed. "You're smarter than that curious babe, Mya. Hell, Yes! I wanna do you more," she said.

She reached under the pillow and fished out a strap-on. With a sultry smile on her face, she removed her pants before fastening the toy to her groins and hips. Then she hovered atop Nina and let the head probe into her open labia. Nina hissed as the shaft glided into her cunt. She pushed it and withdrew, gradually picking her pace up. Nina clutched at Monica's tee and moaned as she palmed her tits.

Monica continued jamming Nina's wet pussy, hitting her clit along. Nina's yells and grunts echoed through the bedroom; the pleasure overwhelmed her!

"Ohh, yeah!" she moaned. "Yeah baby! ahh ... that dick feels so fucking good! mmm ... yeah..."

"That's right, cum all over this dick!" Monica drawled.

"Fuck ... huh ... fuck ... mee..."

"With pleasure," Monica said, withdrawing her shaft out of Nina's pussy. She rolled her over and inserted the shaft into her fanny. Then she resumed fucking Nina at the same pace, fortifying her tempo. The harness hit Monica's pussy over and over again, as she fucked Nina. Soon the pleasure drove her wild; she pulled Nina's long, lustrous hair.

"Yeah ... huh ... right there ... huh ... huh..." Nina chanted.

Monica grunted, ravishing Nina's rectum. The rapid pace made Monica extremely wet. Her love canal filled up and she felt the secretion dripping down her leg. She loved every second of this, as she knew the climax would ensue; so did Nina!

Within a matter of minutes, they cummed in unison. As they resolved, Monica untied the strap-on and slapped Nina on her ass cheeks. Nina gasped. Then she felt the wet flicks of Monica's tongue tickling her o-ring. She covered her face in the pillow to keep from laughing aloud.

The hot weather returned to New York City, reminding the Yorkers that summer was not over yet. At 92 degrees, in Central Park, it was not only the hottest day of the year but also the perfect time for me to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that had the country sweeping. I handed Mya Jane my T-shirt, who was there watching me go through the challenge. Half-naked and beautiful as ever, she stood there recording me with her smartphone albeit catching the attention of the people around.

"I've been nominated by Mya Jane to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge and so raise awareness for ALS." I declared. "I already donated a $100 to the fund. I nominate "The Predator" Monica, "Latin Sugar" Isa, and Tazzy. You have 24 hours to complete this challenge! As you can see, this bucket is filled with ice and water. I'm ready!"

I lifted the bucket and poured the water down my body. The subzero-cold water made me feel reinvigorated in the heat. The iciness of the water made me aroused with a funny feeling. I hoped that the few bystanders that cheered did not notice the bulging lump in my khakis.

Somebody in the crowd put on "Hot Nigga" by Bobby Shmurda. Three African-American urban teens and I started doing the infamous Shmurda dance. I could hear Mya laughing as she continued recording me. After three minutes of dancing, I stopped to join Mya.

"You were great!" Mya said, smilingly. "Thanks for completing the challenge."

"Anything for you, baby!" I replied, kissing Mya on her full rosy lips. "I feel refreshed and energetic! Shit, you are the reason why I had a crazy turn out for the Ice Bucket Challenge!"

She looked snazzy in her denim shorts and shark-white cropped T-shirt. Blessed with a voluptuous body and mouthwatering curves, she made men and women cast furtive glances at her. Her big melons and mammoth ass was a sight to behold. She was a sex symbol, the dream girl for men and lesbians!

"I'm a bad girl!" Mya said, punching me in the chest.

"That cold-ice water made my dick hard and it still craves ... some pleasure haven," I said, clutching her supple arms and pulling her into an embrace.

Mya reached down and touched my groins to stroke the bulge in my pants. "Is it the water that got you hard, or is it me you naughty boy?"

I laughed. "Both, and I wish you'd call me Nature Boy; hadn't heard the name since long," I said.

She raised a finger and touched my lips, "So Nature Boy," she quivered salaciously, "what are you up to?"

"Let's go before we start something that Central Park cannot handle!" I replied.

After drying off and walking around the Central Park, I led her to my red 2014 LaFerrari. We headed off to West. As usual, we were breaking necks on the road. Mya and I knew we were the CRUISERS! AZ's new song, "Red Magic" blared from the car that had the lively streets trembling.

"You know, the summer just felt like one long spring season." I exclaimed. "We are in September, and yet it's hot 'n humid!"

Mya laughed. "Really?"


"I thought there was something more on your mind than weather."

"Sort of," I rejoined. "The weather wasn't different when you were here with me and Monica. And remember, that was back in May!"

"Monica." Mya spoke her name and her cheeks turned red. "The Predator! How is she doing?"

"She's doing well." I answered, casting furtive glance at Mya. "She called me last night."

The tinge of excitement stole over her beautiful face.

"She is back in New York," I resumed.

"Last night?"

"Nope, for the last three days," I resumed and for an answer, she gasped.

"A big surprise for you, isn't it baby girl?"

"Umm ... yeah! That's a coincidence. We are in New York too," Mya affirmed.

"Looks like you haven't forgotten her," I said, grinning broadly.

"Yes. I longed to see her since we departed."

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