Island Fever 3: Matrimony
Chapter 1: Postpartum

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Spanking, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Postpartum - The third installment in the "Island Fever" series, this is a quick check-in on Jeremy and the seven women he shares his life with. Oh, and Trish and Lindsay are getting married!

Sandvika, Norway

"You're doing good tonight," I cooed, my voice soft and tender, as I cradled Piper - my three-week-old daughter - in my arms. "Oh wow ... you're doing really good."

Her breathing slow and heavy, and her expression relaxed and serene, Piper had just drifted off to sleep as I held her. She had been quite fussy for most of the day, but settled down and now had fallen asleep without much resistance.

This was a milestone of sorts for me - it was the first time my newborn daughter had actually gone to sleep in my arms. It was a common occurrence for her to do so while Pamela - her mother and my beloved wife - held her, but this was a first for me. As a result, I found myself nearly ready to melt. The process of watching this tiny infant fall asleep as I cradled her was absolutely intoxicating to me.

It was easy to tell that Pamela was Piper's mother because they shared some very similar characteristics. Piper had blonde hair and brown eyes just like her mother (although that hair was just a sparse covering at such an early stage of life), and the same type of gorgeous, adorable face. Piper was, simply put, a miniature version of Pamela. Quite the proud, doting father, I could not be any happier.

"Wait until she is a teen-ager," a friend once warned us.

Piper Michelle [Last Name], who was born into the world on November 25th at 6 pounds and 2 ounces, was my angel in life. Pamela and I had been through quite a lot of ups and downs together in the 17 months we had known each other - including the last three-and-a-half as husband and wife - but the birth of Piper was, without a doubt, the most bonding moment of our entire relationship. Piper was our little miracle.

I held and kissed Pamela's hand throughout several hours of painful labor, doing whatever I could to ease and guide her along. But when the moment came and I saw my baby girl for the first time, I felt so overwhelmed that I broke down and started crying. I was happy for myself, of course, but much more thrilled for Pamela. I believe that was where the extra emotion came from. After everything Pamela had been through in her life, all of her dreams had finally come true. She was not married and finally happy, but now also a mother.

"Aren't you the sweetest, little thing?" I commented, laying Piper down in her crib and then wrapping her into a baby blanket. She had difficulties sleeping in the crib unless the blanket was all nice and snug around her body.

Her doctor theorized that Piper missed the cozy comfort of her mother's uterus, and did not like being put down into a big, open space where she could flail about so easily. Thus, we took the doctor's advice and kept Piper bundled up in a lightweight blanket. So far, the tactic was working. Piper must have felt safe and confined in the blanket. She had been sleeping much better in the crib as of late.

"You actually got her to sleep?" Pamela whispered with a grin, stepping into the room. "Ohhhhh." Pamela continued smiling as she strolled over to the crib and glanced down at our precious daughter. "Isn't she something special?"

I planted a simple kiss upon my wife's lips. "Piper is going to be your twin one day, sweetheart. She is the most beautiful baby girl in the whole, wide world. Never in my wildest dreams could I have asked for a more beautiful baby girl. But look at who her Mommy is. It's understandable."

Pamela offered me a smile, then leaned down and planted the most gentle of kisses upon Piper's forehead. "That is our little pumpkin, Jeremy. I still cannot believe that she is my daughter. To just know ... that I carried her inside of me for OVER nine months. And now, she is alive, and perfectly healthy. I still cannot believe it. You and I helped make a life, Jeremy. Think of that. We helped make a LIFE!"

"Our love for each other is what made that life," I told her. Thinking ahead, I laughed. "Whenever Piper asks us where babies come from - maybe ten years from now - that is going to be our answer. A man and a woman has a baby when they love each other. It's a great answer."

"Whoa ... one step at a time," Pamela giggled, her voice gentle. "Piper still has her first word and first steps ahead of her. It's a little early to start thinking about what to say when she asks about the birds and the bees."

"You have a point there..." I conceded.

Pamela wrapped both arms around my shoulders and smiled once again. "Come on, Jeremy. Let's go to the theater room. The baby monitor will let us know if Piper wakes up and starts crying." Pamela kissed me and coyly added, "Kristanna is waiting for us there."

Pamela was not my only wife, nor the only woman who lived with me and I helped care for. Piper was not my only newborn child, either. My life, as you may imagine, was as hectic and as busy as ever. And it kept getting more frantic each day.

I spent eight hours Christmas shopping for my collection of three wives, one fiancee and three girlfriends earlier in the day, all of whom resided here on the farm in Norway with me and shared our lives together as one. Christmas shopping for seven women - each with their own individual interests and wish list - was not an easy task! What made things even more difficult was the simple fact that I felt compelled to spend an absolute fortune on every single one of them.

Winter in Norway could be quite chilly, especially at night - it was -12ºC at the moment (or 10ºF), so it felt good to be home and warm after fighting my way through waves of shoppers earlier in the day. It was also an opportunity to kick back and relax, and get some much-needed rest.

Tomorrow, our little entourage would be traveling on an airplane flight across the Atlantic Ocean to first Canada, then the United States. Why? A mere seven days from now - in Cincinnati - Trish and Lindsay were going to marry each other in what promised to be a memorable church ceremony. Like everyone else, I could not wait for it to happen!

"I got you a new book to read today while at the store, Jeremy," Kristanna, who was one of my three wives, said to me with a vibrant smile as Pamela and I stepped into the theater room. "You can read it on the flight tomorrow if you like." Kristanna held up its cover and showed it to me. "It's a book about being a father, with tips and advice."

Standing at my side, Pamela chuckled and smirked at me. "Oh, yeah. You need all the help you can get with that, Jeremy. Not only do you have Kaden and Piper as children now, but Amy is five weeks pregnant and Lindsay wants you to get her pregnant too." Pamela paused, then shook her head emphatically. "By this time next year, there will be four screaming and crying babies ruling this house, and YOU will be the father of all of them. At least four..."

I laughed, unsure what to make of that vision. "What if Devon, Trish and Scarlett suddenly want to become pregnant?"

"Trish already does want to become pregnant," Pamela informed me. "She just hasn't told you yet."

"Oh really?"

Pamela nodded again. "Trish and Lindsay want you to get them both pregnant at the same time, so they give birth around the same time. But you didn't hear that from me."

Exasperated for a split-second, I shook my head and lightly growled. "You girls must think I'm a machine."

"You're the only man amongst seven women," Kristanna reminded me, reaching out with both arms and signaling for me to come closer to her. "Eventually you will have to get all of us pregnant - some of us two or three times each." She waved her arms about in an exaggerated manner toward me and concluded, "You know we all want to be mommies."

Once I closed the distance between us, Kristanna embraced me lovingly and pulled me down into a kneeling position just in front of her. After the mutual hug lingered for a good 20 or 30 seconds, Kristanna retrieved Kaden - my son and first-born child - from the portable baby bed next to her and extended him to me. I gingerly took him into my arms.

"Be very gentle," Kristanna advised me. "Kaden has been cranky and upset most of the day, but he seems settled down now and in much better spirits. Don't want to upset him."

"Kaden will be fine with me," I assured her.

Kristanna's smile was beaming as Pamela strolled up to us and sat down in the chair next to her. "How is Piper, honey? Were you and Jeremy able to lay her down without issue?"

"Piper fell asleep in Jeremy's arms," Pamela murmured. "You should have seen the look on his face."

"Awwwww!" Kristanna giggled, teasing me.

"Hey, that was the first time Piper went to sleep while I was holding her," I said, defending myself. Then, I focused my attention toward my four-and-a-half month old son and observed, "Wild Man looks more tired to me than anything else." I turned toward his mother and clarified, "Was the last time Kaden napped just before dinner?"

"Yes," Kristanna answered.

My eyes went wide as Kristanna then offered Pamela a very slow and deep, sensuous kiss. Surprised, Pamela was glowing in its aftermath and had a heartfelt, genuine smile as Kristanna mused, "I'm so proud of you, honey. Piper is going to grow up with the best mother in the whole, wide world. She is such a lucky little girl."

"Kaden and Piper are also lucky to have the best daddy in the world in Jeremy," Pamela quietly offered, her eyes full of pride and devotion, as she glanced at me.

"Not as lucky as I am to have you and Krissy as my wives," I told Pamela in response, before kissing her for emphasis. Pamela smiled and grasped my right hand, then Kristanna took hold of my left and squeezed thoroughly.

Kristanna was still smiling. "You've come a really long way since your old life in Maryland. Haven't you, Pamela?"

"Yes, I most definitely have," Pamela responded, her tone insightful. "I have a husband in Jeremy, I'm going to marry both you and Amy in January ... hopefully Devon, Trish and Lindsay soon after that, and maybe even Scarlett down the road. This is a lot different than how I ever imagined my life would be. My life is truly AMAZING now."

"You have me and the other girls, yes," I told Pamela. "But you also have Piper." A tear streaked down Pamela's face as I continued, "You are going to be an awesome mother; a GREAT mother. I can already tell." I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it. "You have no idea just how much I' m looking forward to watching you grow and develop as a mother over the next several years."

"Everything for our trip tomorrow is done and ready to go, right?" Kristanna said to me, wanting clarification. "You have all of our luggage and belongings packed in the SUV?"

"Yes, Krissy."

"Great!" she returned. "I just cannot wait for Trish and Lindsay to finally get married next week in Cincinnati. Trish loves Lindsay SO MUCH. She is floating on cloud nine right now, knowing that in just seven days, she will marry Lindsay in front of all of her friends and family in a big, proper church wedding. I just wish it was happening today!"

Pamela pouted. "It's going to be tough for me to leave Piper behind here in Norway, but I cannot bring her on such a long flight. Not this close from being born. If it was anyone other than your parents looking after her, Krissy, I simply would not go. But I trust them to take care of her."

"We COULD bring Kaden along if we wanted - he is more than developed and old enough to withstand a transoceanic flight - but Jeremy and I ultimately decided to leave him with Momma and Papa too," Kristanna said. "I just want to focus all of my effort and energy onto Trish and Lindsay while we are in Cincinnati. It will be THEIR time. Though, it will be tough for me to leave Kaden behind, too."

"Can you imagine just how beautiful Trish and Lindsay will look in their bridal gowns?"

"Not any more beautiful than you looked when you married Jeremy in your bridal gown," Kristanna told Pamela.

"I was six months pregnant and big as a rain barrel..."

"That made you even more beautiful!" Kristanna exclaimed, giggling for an added effect. Next, she took Kaden from me and began to sway the infant back-and-forth within her arms. "Oh, you're a tired little dude, aren't you? Sleepy! You're exhausted! Why don't we give you a nap right now?" She proceeded to lay Kaden down into his portable baby bed and, after making certain he was tucked in and comfortable, Kristanna returned to her seat here in the theater and rested the side of her face upon Pamela's shoulder.

"I don't know about the two of you," Kristanna remarked, "but I'm never going to get tired of this wedding business. I LOVE weddings! We have so many more weddings to go through before everyone in our little family is married to each other. Each wedding, whether big or small, is so exciting."

"I still remember your wedding with Devon," Pamela said to Kristanna. "I will never get the image of it out of my mind. I never really thought of two women getting married to each other before, but sure enough, it happened. It was a truly beautiful ceremony. You and Devon are perfect together."

I chuckled. "I now pronounce you wife and wife."

"Let us not forget, Jeremy, that YOU are going to marry Lindsay here in Norway a mere five days after she marries Trish in Cincinnati," Kristanna mused. "Are you excited?"

"Of course I am," was my response.

"Lindsay is Jeremy's little sweetheart!" Pamela chirped.

"But I am focusing on Lindsay's wedding with Trish," I told my two brides. "I want everything about it to be perfect because all of their families will be there to witness it. My wedding with Lindsay, by comparison, will be much smaller and take place here on the farm."

Kristanna chewed on her lip momentarily and smiled. "Then I get to marry Pammy in just a few short weeks, and she will be marrying Amy shortly thereafter. I want to marry Lindsay, too. I think I will propose to her Christmas Day."

"Pamela!" came the quick correction, before those eyes of hers flashed and she fixated upon Kristanna. "Why do you insist on calling me PAMMY?"

Kristanna offered a playful, mischievous expression. "Oh, I don't know." She twirled her head about several times in succession and snickered, "Maybe because it is your NAME?"

"You know I don't like being called Pammy!" she retorted with a giggle, smacking Kristanna's shoulder in playful, mock disgust. "I need to come up with a bad name for you!"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Jeremy?"

"I don't know," I told Kristanna, offering her a quizzical expression. "What are you thinking?"

She pointed toward Pamela's chest. "That those titties need to come out and play."

Indeed, I had already noticed that about Pamela (on multiple occasions) since arriving home from my day of holiday shopping. With an awe-inspiring pair of majestic, 38d-sized breasts, the form-fitting blouse that Pamela wore actually seemed two or three sizes too small for her. As a result, those breasts of hers appeared ready to explode and burst free from the confines of the white, clingy fabric.

"What are you doing, Krissy?" Pamela squealed, as the 25-year-old reached out and began to not only fondle her breasts with both hands, but pop a few of the buttons as well. She tried to shoo Kristanna's hands away, but was unsuccessful. "I don't want to have sex yet. You know the doctor suggested that I wait a whole month to be safe."

"You gave birth three weeks ago," Kristanna countered. "You'll be fine. That same doctor told me to wait a month as well after Kaden was born, but I was back to having sex and enjoying myself in LESS than three weeks. Trust me, Pammy. You'll be fine. We will take it slow."

She grunted. "My name is Pamela!"

Kristanna snickered. She loved getting that reaction out of Pamela. It was all in good-natured fun.

"Oh yes," Kristanna swooned, now having undone all of the buttons and pulling the stretchy blouse down across Pamela's shoulders. "Those titties definitely need to come out and play." She unsnapped her bra in back, then peeled it upward and finally, those bare breasts were free.

"What do you think, Jeremy?" Pamela wondered, glancing my way for confirmation. "Do you think I'll be okay?"

"I haven't tasted that delicious, little pussy of yours since before Piper was born," Kristanna offered, now tugging and yanking at her dress pants. "I do not want to wait any longer. I don't think Jeremy does, either."

"Do you know where the others are?" I asked Kristanna.

"Devvy, Trish, Lindsay, Amy and Scarlett are all in the recreation room watching some superhero movie on the big television there. Why? Would you like me to go and get them, and turn this into a REAL party? You know that everyone wants a piece of Pamela in the worst way possible. We all have been waiting patiently since she gave birth."

"No," I chuckled, shaking my head. "Being with the two of you is plenty enough for me tonight."

"Oh my God!" Pamela abruptly exclaimed, her long, delicate fingers tightly grasping my wrist, as Kristanna burrowed her face between her thighs and immediately began lapping away. "Jeremy..." Pamela suddenly moaned, her face awash with sweet desire and ecstasy, her eyes focused squarely on me. It was clearly obvious that she did not expect Kristanna to begin performing oral sex on her right out of the gate.

"I think it's time that Krissy and I - as well as the others - start to enjoy your body again," I told Pamela, answering her earlier question. "Three weeks is more than enough time for you to fully heal. Do you think you're up for a little fun, and will be okay?" When Pamela nodded her head at me, I again took her hand into mine and kissed it tenderly. "As Krissy said, we will take it easy."

"Hmmmmm, this pussy is delicious!" Kristanna rumbled, her face literally jammed between Pamela's inviting thighs. "I think I forgot just how good it tastes!"

"Krissy!" Pamela mewed, reaching down and resting a hand upon her head. "Krissy, let me kiss you."

I smiled as an instant later, Kristanna darted upward and met Pamela's mouth with her own for a searing, tongue-filled kiss. The two ladies basically attempted to devour each other through their savory exchange of lips and tongues. At the same time, Kristanna was copping cheap feels of Pamela's breasts. She responded in kind by squeezing and massaging Kristanna's lush, drum-tight ass with both hands.

"I need more of that pussy," Kristanna moaned, suddenly breaking the kiss, before going down on Pamela yet again. She proceeded to offer Pamela's clitoris a series of slow, rhythmic swipes with her tongue. Meanwhile, I helped Pamela get rid of the remainder of her blouse and bra. She was now nude, sprawled out across the chair, in front of me.

"How do you think I look?" Pamela asked me, more than a hint of trepidation in her voice. Like most new mothers, Pamela was way too overly self-conscious and insecure about her physical appearance.

Truth is, there was not much change in Pamela's body from how I remembered it from when before she was pregnant. There was a little extra weight, yes, but that was to be expected after giving birth just three weeks ago. I certainly was not going to complain or harp about it. She still maintained all of her wondrous curves and luscious charms, though.

But most of all, however, she was still Pamela. Whether needing to lose 20 pounds or even 200, I would always feel the same way about Pamela. Nothing would ever change that.

"You look beautiful," I assured her, which brought forth a smile. "You look more beautiful now than you ever have."

"Trish will have any excess weight off of you in no time flat," Kristanna told Pamela, her tongue still humming away upon those precious folds. "You know Trish is our resident fitness expert and instructor. She had me back to my old weight of 115 pounds in just two months with a good diet and plenty of exercise after Kaden was born."

"You look amazing," Pamela told her fiancee. "No one would ever guess that you gave birth in July, Krissy. Your body is so lean, and muscular ... it's so perfect."

"I need to get you pregnant again," I teased Pamela, which elicited an expression of surprise and momentary fright from her. "That belly of yours needs to be full again."

"Not yet!" she shot back with a nervous smile. "Not yet!"

Taking an aggressive stance, I leaned forward and moved my lips to Pamela's mouth and proceeded to kiss her with an equal amount of lust and devotion. When she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her large, luscious breasts upon my chest, something inside of me snapped. It just snapped. I crushed Pamela into my embrace and ravaged her mouth with my own, my tongue diving far and deep to taste its recesses.

Once Pamela squealed out in arousal, I was assured that she enjoyed my lustful advances. Thus, I decided to go further. I slid one hand between our squished bodies, only to cup and massage one of her breasts. Pamela responded by trailing her right hand all across my shoulders and lower back, finally coming to a rest near my hip.

The 31-year-old broke our shared kiss and then glanced down at Kristanna, whose tongue was still blazing a heated trail over and across her clitoris, before re-focusing upon me. Pamela was breathless as she said, "Leave it to you and Krissy to get me all hot and bothered like this following such an ordinary, simple discussion."

"We try our best," Kristanna chimed in, the sounds of animalistic hunger present in her voice, as her tongue continued to flick and work its magic over Pamela's pussy.

"Oh, Krissy!" Pamela screeched, and I quickly got the sense that she was very close to an orgasm. I went silent and motionless, standing there on my knees, as I watched Pamela's cover-girl face go through a myriad of positive emotions and expressions. Soon, that face tightened up, and then her eyes went wide and bulging as she hemmed and squealed in the joyous bliss of orgasm.

"God, Krissy!" Pamela cried once the pleasure wave crested, then faded away. She wiped her brow with a forearm and moaned, "No one licks my pussy quite like you do! No one!"

I moved out of the way as Pamela reached down with both hands and cupped Kristanna's face with them. She gently pulled upward, causing Kristanna to finally dislodge herself from between her moist, tantalizing thighs. Of course, Kristanna's face was coated with pussy juice.

"I love you!" Pamela told Kristanna, her voice full of fervor and affection. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too," Kristanna returned, leaning up and planting a simple kiss upon Pamela's forehead.

"I want to watch you and Jeremy together for a bit," Pamela offered, those words definitely catching my attention.

Kristanna wasted no time in granting Pamela's request. She placed both hands upon my chest and pushed forward until I was flat on my back upon the carpeted floor of the in-home theater. She then slithered over top of me and closed her mouth upon mine, her tongue seeking out and finding my very own. I encircled Kristanna's body with both arms and held her warmly, tasting Pamela's release upon her face at the same time, but eventually my hands roamed downward and squeezed her nice, denim-clad ass. Kristanna wiggled her pelvis upon mine in a lewd, suggestive manner, sending hot pulses of sexual electricity coursing throughout my soul.

Not only was Kristanna's ass firm, but it was also ripe and luscious. I pinched and squeezed the supple, taut flesh, and even slipped my hands into her back pockets. Kristanna seemed to wiggle about some more as I did that. But I soon realized that she enjoyed the sensations of her pelvis rubbing itself over and across the hard, aching bulge within my trousers. That really seemed to get her going.

Kristanna yelped and giggled with arousal once I spun her around and pinned her beneath me upon the floor. I looked at Kristanna for a moment - admiring her face and its beauty - then kissed her with great abandon. This time, I groped her breasts with both hands and got rid of her tank-top, too.

She snaked her hands underneath my own shirt and ran them alongside my shoulder blades and back, her long, sharp fingernails sending erotic shivers down to my very core. I broke our mutual kiss, but quickly descended upon her neck and began to lick and nibble upon the sensitive skin. The erstwhile, energetic blonde now cradled my head with both hands and cooed out her approval.

When I unhooked Kristanna's white bra and slid it from her shoulders, I was insatiable and hungry as I attached my lips to one of her pert nipples and began feasting away upon it. But as was often the case whenever Kristanna and I were together, things began to spiral and eventually reach a whole new level.

The ravenous hellcat spun me around and pinned me beneath her, her mouth now assaulting my own. Turnabout is fair play, of course, so I returned the favor by flipping her over and doing the same to her. Our shared kiss had reached staggering proportions by the time we both rose up to our knees, our bodies entwined and violently bumping together as one.

I did not even realize during that maddening sequence that I had unbuttoned Kristanna's denim jeans and pulled them, as well as her white G-string underneath, down to mid-thigh. Pamela sure did, though, and she used it as an opportunity to seize the moment and have a little fun with Kristanna.

Also on her knees, I watched intently as Pamela slid behind Kristanna and then offered her bare ass a hard, back-handed slap which, needless to say, surprised the Norwegian to no end.

She responded by breaking our kiss and shooting a look back at Pamela, before re-attaching her mouth to mine. Seconds later, however, Pamela slapped her ass again. And again.

After a fourth blow, Kristanna squealed madly and shot another glance Pamela's way. "Stop that!" she said, staring at Pamela, who could barely contain her laughter, for several seconds. Kristanna seemed to be stewing as she turned back around to face me, only to kiss me once more.

"You know you love it," Pamela sneered, before she gave the 25-year-old's backside a series of hard, unrelenting swats. Kristanna finally screamed out and, in the process, flung around and focused all of her attention on Pamela.

"Stop that!" she insisted, albeit in a playful tone.

Pamela offered an innocent expression, but the very instant Kristanna turned away, the busty blonde smacked her ass yet again. This caused Kristanna to turn and stare an absolute hole through Pamela, who only had these five words to say in defense of herself:

"Oops ... I did it again."

This time, Kristanna brought Pamela into her arms and held her close, then screamed, "Get her, Jeremy!"

It was a playful and spirited attack as I knelt down on the other side of them and began to spank and pepper Pamela's own ass with my right hand. I could never hurt Pamela, nor was she into the bondage lifestyle like my other wife, Amy was, so this definitely qualified as a pleasure spanking. Still, Pamela overreacted - flailing her arms around like a fish out of water as she attempted to escape our dual clutches.

"You deserve to be spanked for calling me Pammy!" she roared at Kristanna, now unable to control her laughter. "Not me, but you! You should be spanking Krissy, Jeremy!"

"We need to get that big cock inside of you," Kristanna said to Pamela, her tone strong and emphatic, as she released her and I put an end to the pleasure spanking. "Yes we do."

Kristanna reached into my trousers and took a firm grasp at the very base of my erection, then fished it out and into open view. Her blue eyes darted that way for an instant and she licked her lips at the sight, before using her other hand to help pull my trousers and briefs further down my legs.

"Just please be careful," was Pamela's only request of me, the uncertainty from earlier returning to her eyes. I did not enjoy that look from her whatsoever. It was multiplied ten-fold once Pamela started to weep and sob completely out of the blue. Thus, I came to an immediate decision.

I could see the disappointment wash over Kristanna's face as she tilted her head and inspected Pamela. She wanted this coupling to end by holding onto my shaft and helping insert it into that sweet, tender pussy, only then to sit back and watch as Pamela and I rocked each others' world. But she knew me too well. Kristanna knew what my decision was.

Pamela was just three weeks removed from childbirth, and it was obvious that the act of sexual intercourse with me was not something that she was ready for just yet. Kristanna could surely empathize with that. After all, the doctor did tell Pamela - and Kristanna before her - to wait a full month after giving birth before resuming full sexual activity. The absolute last thing we needed was for something to go wrong, and Pamela to wind up in the emergency room because of excessive bleeding, or an infection.

This was also a prime example of the way Pamela had been acting over the previous three weeks. She could all happy and smiles one minute, then feel down and depressed - even to the point of crying - the next. Was it baby blues?

Tonight was her best yet since giving birth. Pamela was cheerful and engaging, but that came to an abrupt halt once Kristanna suggested that I penetrate her. I hoped that this was nothing more than a phase that she was going through.

"Okay, honey," Kristanna relented, reaching out and gently stroking Pamela's face. "It's okay," she tried to soothe her, but Pamela kept crying. "Maybe Jeremy can lick your pussy like I did, and help get you off that way instead."

"I'm not having full-blown sex with you until you are 100 percent comfortable and ready with the idea," I told her. "It is YOUR body, Pamela," I added, as she wiped tears away from her bleary eyes. "You make the decisions for it."

She sniffed her nose. "I'd like to wait a month like the doctor said. I know Krissy started early, and was okay."

"You're not Krissy."

"No, I'm not." She dabbed away some more tears and then pined, "I'd like to watch you and Krissy together some more, Jeremy. I want you to fuck her for me."

"Oh really?" Kristanna chirped, obviously very keen to that idea, as she slipped her jeans and G-string the rest of the way off. "I cannot argue with that!"

As I nodded my head, Pamela helped roll Kristanna onto her back upon the floor. Seated on her knees directly behind Kristanna, Pamela reached forward and tightly latched onto her fiancee's long, lean legs, and spread them far apart. This gave me an open invitation to plunge myself into that pussy. It was an opportunity that I simply could not pass up.

"Fuck her, Jeremy," Pamela encouraged me, trailing one of her hands over and across Kristanna's firm, tight breasts. "Fuck her for me. Fuck her HARD. Give her what she needs!"

"What you need is a spanking!" Kristanna said to Pamela, an instant before I forged my way into her. The look upon Kristanna's face changed accordingly. She tensed up and glared at me with hot, smoldering eyes. "Yes, Jeremy. Oh yes ... hmmmmm. That feels so good..."

"Fuck her!" Pamela squealed, and soon I was doing just that. I thrusted myself in-and-out of Kristanna at a good, brisk pace, my hard shaft invading the depths of her pussy. Everything was going according to script until Pamela pressed her lips close to Kristanna's ear and whispered something into it. Then, Kristanna whispered something in return to Pamela. A moment later, both ladies giggled and looked at me.

Pamela maneuvered herself around so she was now behind me upon the floor. She encircled my body with her arms and then pulled me (and my thrusting cock) away from Kristanna. I was curious as to what was happening until Pamela had me lay down flat upon my back. When I did so, Kristanna swung one leg over my pelvis - so she was straddling my hips upon her knees. Eventually, she lowered herself onto my shaft. Its head slipped into her pussy, which caused Kristanna to groan as she slowly nudged her way further downward. Soon, my entire length was embedded deep inside of her.

Kristanna began riding me slowly, rocking back-and-forth. She reached down with both hands and used my chest as her balancing point. The blonde then sighed in utter lust as her gyrations and motions slowly but surely quickened.

Eventually, Kristanna squealed and cried in total arousal as she was bouncing about at maximum speed. Her face flooded with passion, Kristanna's modest, firm breasts flopped about wildly as she continued to scream out her approval.

Laying flat upon my back with an unobstructed view of the beautiful Kristanna as she sat atop my erection and rode me like a cowgirl, I was in pure Heaven right now. My shaft was deep within the confines of her sweet, little pussy, filling it to the absolute hilt. Could this night be any better?

Yes, as a matter of fact ... it could.

As if having one gorgeous woman was not enough, I was quickly reminded that there was another in the room.

From seemingly out of nowhere, Pamela swung a leg over my face and then lowered her pussy to my mouth. Instinctively, my tongue went to work - lapping away at Pamela's wetness. Clearly, Pamela was comfortable with the idea of having oral sex performed on her. Due to the health risks and possible complications, though, this was where she drew the line. I was fine with her not wanting to go any further just yet.

Pamela responded to my oral probing by cupping her full breasts with both hands and offering them healthy squeezes. Her entire body squirmed and writhed about atop my tongue.

"OH MY GOD!" Kristanna roared, still bouncing about wildly upon my cock. "I'm ... I'm gonna CUM!" Kristanna settled down upon my erection and then screamed out at the very top of her lungs, "OHHHHH! I'M CUMMING!"

"Cum inside of her pussy!" Pamela told me, as Kristanna experienced the ultimate in pleasure and release atop me. I heeded Pamela's words and released the inner grip I had on myself, which allowed my cock to erupt and coat the lush depths of Kristanna's exquisite pussy with my sperm.

After both of us rocked together for several seconds in mutual climax, Kristanna took a very deep breath and then dislodged herself from my shaft. Still nestled atop my face, Pamela leaned all the way down and grasped my deflated cock with her hand and stroked it tenderly. She then took it into her mouth, her tongue leisurely twirling across it.

Still, I had Pamela's prime and delicate pussy staring me right in the face. Even though my body felt as if it had been drained because of that experience with Kristanna, I continued to lick and swipe away at those glistening folds. Needless to say, Pamela's pussy was absolutely scrumptious.

The feast was taken away from me, however, as Pamela suddenly removed her pussy from my face. It was replaced with her own face. Pamela nestled down on top of me and pressed her lips to mine, offering me a full, deep kiss. I moaned as waves of sensations swirled throughout all of my soul. Soon, I was embracing Pamela with both arms.

God, I said to myself, lost in thought for a brief moment. Could my life possibly be any better than it already was?

It certainly had been quite an eventful past couple of months for yours truly following the events of what was supposed to be the final chapter of my "Island Fever" diary and series. Several readers kept begging and pleading for more, so here I am with a quick check-in on my life.

The previous chapter detailed the birth of my first child with Kristanna (Kaden) and the raucous celebration which took place once they returned home from the hospital. Lindsay shocked everyone by proposing marriage to Trish (we were all waiting for the opposite to happen (i.e. Trish popping the question to Lindsay herself)). Then, Lindsay made her intentions of wanting to marry me be known as well. Mere seconds after her proposal to Trish, Lindsay basically informed me that she and I were now officially engaged, too.

The chapter ended with a brief mention of a newcomer to our little family, Scarlett, and the fact that she was fitting in quite nicely ("Scarlett sucks cock with the best of them" was how I simply (and poorly) described her). I will talk about Scarlett in much more deserved detail later.

As for each of the ladies individually, who better to start with than the one and only Kristanna? Even after going through the grueling ordeal of giving birth - a process which saps many women of their strength and motivation - Kristanna seemed as energetic and as lively as ever.

For as long as I had known her, Kristanna always seemed to enjoy attacking life head on. Being a new mother and dealing with its challenges was no different. That good, upbeat attitude of hers always persisted no matter what. Kristanna and that outgoing, gregarious personality of hers was still the life of the party, so to speak, but I also must amend that by saying that she had a lot of help from the others - most notably Devon and Lindsay - when it came to watching and taking care of Kaden. Being a new mother had not overwhelmed her because she had so much love and support, and was more than happy to let the others assist her.

There was no denying the fact that since the birth of our daughter in late November, Pamela seemed subdued and even somewhat depressed. Pamela had been uncharacteristically irritable, had trouble sleeping and did not have much of an appetite. This was perfectly normal - many women have similar emotions after giving birth, especially for the first time. The good news? Eventually, their feelings return to normal.

Do not misperceive what I am saying here, though. While Pamela may be going through a mild to moderate form of Postpartum Depression, she was overjoyed with the birth of Piper and the fact that she now had her very own daughter to take care of and raise. Of course, I was going to be there by her side - as her husband and Piper's father - for every step of the way. I had confidence that in due time, Pamela would conquer these troubling feelings and get back to her normal self. Much like Kristanna, she had all of the love and support that any one person could ever ask for.

I should also point out that between the events of the previous chapter and now, Pamela and I had gotten married (at the end of August, here on the farm in Norway). Pamela was my third wife, and that list, of course, was about ready to expand. Obviously, I could not wait.

My second wife was none other than the truly amazing and vivacious Amy. She and I had exchanged our vows on Valentine's Day much earlier in the year. Suffice it to say, Amy had her own list of personal issues and demons that she had dealt with throughout her life - many of which she had overcome, but some she still battled on a daily basis.

One of Amy's biggest regrets in life was at the age of 21 (a good nine years before she met me), she made the decision to have a surgical procedure done called Tubal Ligation. In more common terms, Amy had her tubes tied - thus eliminating any chance that she would have of ever becoming pregnant.

This allowed Amy to enjoy a varied and carefree sex life throughout her younger years without fear of becoming pregnant - which was what she wanted - but she came to absolutely resent the decision once finding true happiness later in life with yours truly and the other ladies.

When Kristanna got pregnant, that was one thing. But when Pamela became pregnant less than four months later, Amy was suddenly jealous and longing for the opportunity to be a mother herself. It was not a negative jealousy, nor did it cause any issues within our relationship, but I knew it was there and needed to be dealt with appropriately.

Thus, after Kaden was born, Amy went back under the knife - this time having a procedure called Tubal Ligation Reversal. Its objective, obviously, was to undo the effects of the first surgery by reconnecting Amy's fallopian tubes and, at the very least, giving her the opportunity to become pregnant.

The success rate is not favorable (only 40% of women who undergo this procedure ever give birth), but it was all Amy had. Even worse, the success rate goes drastically down for women who are over 30 (Amy was 32). We waited a couple of weeks - per doctor's orders - and then I literally began pumping everything I had into Amy in an all-out effort to get her pregnant. She was present for every sexual encounter I had for nearly two months, and every single one of them ended generally the same way.

Whether I was with Kristanna or Pamela, maybe even Trish and Lindsay together, Devon or Scarlett, or even all of them at once, I would invariably sink my cock into Amy and fill her womb with my life-giving sperm at the end. In some cases, Amy would simply sit back and idly watch until it was time. She desperately wanted to become a mother herself.

As each unsuccessful week went by, however, Amy began to lose hope. At one point, she was so despondent that I made her go and see her psychiatrist for some counseling.

I will never forget the events of December 4th, though. Not only was it Lindsay's 20th birthday, but I took Amy to the doctor for a routine check-up and once she emerged from his office an hour later, there were tears of unending joy in her eyes. It was confirmed - Amy was pregnant!

Upon arriving home, Amy was so hyped and excited that she literally took a victory lap throughout the mansion - singing and dancing for anyone who would pay her any attention. All of the others, needless to say, were simply elated for her.

It was not until I saw this reaction from Amy that I fully realized just how important it was to her that she actually become pregnant. I had never seen her quite so happy and lively before. She must have kissed me and said thank you literally a thousand times that night.

Although Devon's heart belonged to Kristanna - those two went together like bread and butter - she had grown on me a tremendous amount over the past several weeks and months. Devon was just so damn sweet and irresistible. I also liked it that she was the wife of my own wife. What a concept!

Devon (much like Lindsay) was eager to help Kristanna as she made the transition into motherhood. They would watch Kaden whenever Kristanna needed a break. Both of them were a tremendous help, indeed; I just wished that Pamela allowed Devon and Lindsay (and the others too - they helped as well) to do the same for her in regards to Piper. Pamela, though, did not seem to want the help. She had always been stubborn that way. I believe it was one of the reasons why Pamela felt so overwhelmed right now, and ultimately depressed.

As for Devon, she was undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most friendly ladies I had ever come across in my entire life. Although she was very loving and protective toward all of us, it was clear that her ultimate loyalty was toward Kristanna. I had no problem with that, nor did anyone else. Of course, the same could be said for Trish in regards to her feelings for Lindsay. Trish was crazy in love with Lindsay.

Their wedding was going to take place a mere seven days from now, but some 4,100 miles away across the Atlantic and near Lindsay's original hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. It would happen in the very same church where Lindsay's beloved father was once a well-known and respected minister before his untimely passing due to a heart attack two years ago.

It was also the church and congregation that Lindsay once wanted to devote her life to in an effort to become a minister herself - she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps - before she met and ultimately fell in love with all of us. Lindsay still had aspirations of becoming a minister one day, and seemed well on her way with a church that she was currently involved with located in downtown Oslo, Norway.

Tomorrow, our entire group was boarding a private charter jet in Oslo that I had recently purchased - complete with a hand-picked crew - that would fly us to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where we would pick up Trish's mother and father, as well as her two sisters and all four grandparents, and then ultimately proceed to Cincinnati, Ohio and make any last-minute preparations for the wedding.

As noted earlier, the two little ones - Kaden and Piper - were going to be left behind here in Norway under the watchful eyes and care of Kristanna's parents, Kristof and Rande. The doctor advised us not to take Piper on the flight since she was less than a month old, but said Kaden would be fine if proper precautions were taken beforehand. It would feel strange bringing one but not the other with us, so we decided in the end to leave both of them with Kristanna's parents until we arrived back in Norway on Christmas Day (today, it was December 16).

Last but certainly not least, there was Scarlett.

Having just celebrated her 30th birthday less than two weeks ago, we met Scarlett back on July 29th when Kristanna was rushed to the hospital with labor pains. Scarlett was the primary nurse for Kristanna at the hospital throughout her labor ordeal and the subsequent birth of Kaden.

"That girl is hot," were the words I remember Kristanna saying to me once she laid eyes on Scarlett for the first time. Even with all of the pain and discomfort accompanied by six hours of intensive labor, I caught Kristanna eyeing and ogling Scarlett several times throughout the day. The same could be said for Devon, who was present the whole way through. While she documented the events of the afternoon Kaden was born through video and pictures, Devon openly flirted with Scarlett. At one point, I suggested to Devon that she ask Scarlett if they could get their very own room!

I still do not know all of the details, but the following day - after Kaden was born - Kristanna was able to pull Scarlett into the hospital room and have a discussion with her. Scarlett admitted that she was bi-sexual, and was overly intrigued by the three-way relationship that she sensed Kristanna shared with Devon and yours truly.

It was at this point when Kristanna informed Scarlett that the other ladies who had been parading in-and-out since her arrival at the hospital - Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy - were not sisters or friends of hers as she was originally led to believe, but rather lovers and soul-mates. Kristanna explained that the seven of us were one big, happy family, and we did (and shared) everything together. Kristanna also mentioned to Scarlett that some of them - notably herself, Devon and Pamela - were wildly attracted to her.

Devon stopped by and joined in on the conversation as well. Scarlett seemed even more interested and intrigued, I am told, and Devon invited her over for dinner later in the week (I was kept in the dark while all of this was happening).

Scarlett showed up for dinner on the appropriate evening and, sure enough, things began to escalate from there. I will not go into details, but let me just say that a mere three weeks later, Scarlett went to sleep sharing our bed in a loving, naked eight-way mass of humanity. With my cum splattered across her face, and every hungry, lusty female tongue in the house having sampled her pussy that evening, Scarlett was hooked. She wanted to explore the possibility of something long-term and ever-lasting with us.

Despite my wealth - I was worth two billion dollars in American currency - and the fact that I could provide her with any material thing that she desired, Scarlett still wanted to keep her job as a registered nurse in the pregnancy center at the hospital in Oslo. I certainly understood why. Scarlett went through many years of hard work and studies at the university, and despite feeling tempted, she did not want to quit her dream job after getting it just six months ago. Plus, if things ultimately did not work out with us for her in the long run, Scarlett would still have her job and could return to her old life without issue.

We were able to convince her, however, to move from the dusty, old one-bedroom apartment she had lived in for the past three years into one of the luxury guest rooms here in the mansion. Occasionally, Scarlett went to sleep with all of us in the big bedroom (like that one night I mentioned), but generally maintained somewhat of a distance by spending most evenings in her own private quarters and allowing her feelings and emotions for us to develop at a natural pace.

"Scarlett will not only be your wife within two years, Jeremy," Kristanna told me just last week, "but she will be married to the rest of us as well. Bank on it!"

Scarlett's Norwegian accent was so sexy; it sounded almost like a purr. She was very easy to sit down and have a decent conversation with. Although Scarlett spoke English well, there were times when she asked for the thought or question to be re-worded, and she always seemed very laid back and happy to interact. As a registered nurse, she had the easy, caring nature that generally went along with the profession.

Scarlett was a strikingly beautiful woman at 30 years of age with a body that showed no signs of aging. She stood 5-foot-3 and weighed 126 pounds, with a mesmerizing 34c-24-35 figure and thick, shoulder-length healthy hair which, depending on her current mood, shifted between blonde and its more natural color of red. Right now, she was a red-head.

Indeed, Scarlett was a perfect fit for us and our unique lifestyle. Everyone seemed to adore her, and the feeling was mutual. She generally worked three or four days per week at the hospital - her shift and its hours was constantly changing, unfortunately - but had managed to talk her boss into allowing her to take an early vacation so she could attend Trish and Lindsay's wedding with us in Cincinnati. For Scarlett, this was going to be her first time ever in the United States.

On Wednesday morning - the same day all of us were going to embark on our private charter flight to first Toronto, then Cincinnati - I received quite the wake-up call when I was jarred from what had been a very peaceful and relaxing sleep by the sensation of someone pouncing onto the bed with me. Through bleary eyes, I was able to focus and notice that the adorable (and highly overcharged) Lindsay was bouncing up-and-down upon the mattress as if she was a small child trying to rouse her parents out of bed on Christmas morning.

"Jeremy, it is time to wake up!" the 20-year-old screeched into my ear. With a playful smile, Lindsay straddled my hips and flipped both blankets over top of her head. She maneuvered her head beneath the covers, then popped right back out seconds later just inches from my face and offered a mischievous pout. "I know you're old and you need all the sleep you can get, Jeremy, but it's nine-thirty in the morning. We have to be at the airport by noon!"

Now alert and aware of my surroundings, I took in the amazing sight of Lindsay as she was sitting happily on top of me. She peeled back the blankets, offering me a glimpse of her in a lacey white bra and a matching pair of panties.

Beautiful, intelligent and full of light, Lindsay was most definitely one-of-a-kind. A 5-foot-3 montage of absolute blonde perfection, Lindsay placed both of her small, delicate hands upon my chest and leaned down toward me. I could immediately sense that Lindsay had taken a recent shower; she was fresh and warm, and smelled of apricot and mango (her favorite scented body wash). My nostrils took in the fragrance and it flooded not only my senses, but my soul.

"So what are we going to do with you today?" she squealed in the sweetest tone imaginable, gently shifting herself so she was now seated upon my flaccid cock. "By the way, good morning, sleepy-head," Lindsay cooed, kissing me on the lips. A moment later, she resumed the spirited bouncing again.

I placed both hands upon either side of her waistline in an attempt to quell her energetic nature. When the motions slowed down and eventually ceased, I yawned theatrically and offered in response, "Good morning to you too, princess. You're awfully rambunctious today, I see."

"Can you blame me?" she chirped in response. "Not only am I getting married in just six short days, but I'll get to see my mom and all three of my sisters once our plane touches down in Cincinnati later today. Or is it tomorrow?" She grinned sheepishly, her face blushing a temporary shade of red, and openly admitted, "These transoceanic flights and the changing time zones always seem to confuse me to no end."

"It will be tomorrow in Norway, but today in the United States with that six hour time difference," I explained to her. "If that makes any sense to you."

"Not really!"

"I didn't think so."

Lindsay giggled with pure, wanton delight as she ground her panty-covered crotch over my cock for a few memorable seconds - injecting some life and vigor into it - before leaning over and finding my lips for yet another kiss. "Come on, Jeremy," she insisted with a smile, grasping my shoulders and then trailing both of her hands up-and-down my arms several times in succession. "You can have some breakfast before we have to go to the airport, but ONLY if you wake up and get out of bed RIGHT NOW."

"Where is your fiancee at?"

Lindsay stifled a laugh and retorted, "Umm ... I'm looking at him?"

"No, silly girl. Your other fiancee."

"Trish? Trish the dish? She is having breakfast right now in the dining room with the others. Why don't you come and join her? Join us?" Lindsay pouted in a sexy manner and concluded, "I don't want you to be hungry."

When I sat up in bed, I encircled Lindsay's petite, little body with both arms and held her lovingly. She proceeded to wrap her legs around my waist and offer a generous squeeze, then sought my mouth for another exchange of lips and tongues.

"How about I just stay here, and have YOU for breakfast?"

"Jeremy!" Lindsay whined incessantly, fighting the urge to laugh as she gently pushed me away from her. "Jeremy, come on! You have to wake up and get ready for our trip today. We don't have a lot of time! I don't want to miss the flight!"

I chuckled at her. "Miss the flight? Honey, we are the ONLY people on the flight. It's my own private jet and crew. I do not think they will take off without us."

"JEREMY!" Lindsay cried again, sounding as if she was five.

Remembering back to the prior evening and the three-some that I shared with Kristanna and Pamela, I found myself still buzzing somewhat from it. Who better to help with that, and fully satisfy me, than the sweet and adorable Lindsay?

"I'll make a deal with you, honey," were my words for her. "I will wake up and get out of bed, and go have breakfast, if you will first give me three minutes of your time."

"Three minutes of my time?" she asked, totally confused. "Three minutes for what?"

I looked at her and chuckled softly. "Well, you cannot expect to climb into bed with me in your little bra and panties, and then bounce up-and-down like a ping pong ball, without getting my juices flowing." Lindsay's face seemed to light up at the possibilities as I added, "Three minutes, and I'm yours. Wake up, breakfast, get ready for the airport."

Still seated atop my pelvis, Lindsay licked her lips and kept her eyes trained on me as she slid her bra straps down her shoulders one at a time. When both straps were loose, she nudged each slender arm through the loops and tossed the bra elsewhere. With a lithe, 95 pound frame, Lindsay's humble curves went perfectly well with the rest of her body.

I licked my own lips as I hungrily eyed each of her little nipples, thoughts of what I could do and how I could play with them running rampant throughout my mind.

After turning upon my lap and now facing my feet, Lindsay proceeded to arch her back, and her shimmering blonde hair cascaded in waves all the way down to her white panties. She lowered her ass onto my cock, which was still covered itself by a pair of shorts, and nudged it back-and-forth. "Hmmmmm, Jeremy," she moaned, suddenly full of desire. "Just what do you have in mind? How do you want to use me today?"

By the time Lindsay placed her hands on either side of my torso and leaned back, causing her silky hair to drape itself across my chest, I had a full-blown, raging erection. I reached up with both hands and cupped her modest breasts, rolling their flesh between my fingertips.

"I really want an hour with you, sweetheart," I told her, "but all I have is three minutes." I paused, then added in a breathless tone, "Your mouth. I want your mouth."

"A blowjob?" the young woman returned with glee, flipping herself over in one easy motion so she was facing me again. Lindsay lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me tenderly. "I would LOVE to suck your cock for you, baby."

"Something better than that," I said, maneuvering my way out from underneath her and rising to my feet as she sat beside me upon the bed. When I motioned for Lindsay to hang her head over the edge of the mattress, she smiled and nodded in response.

"I know what you want to do to me!"

"It's more like ... YOU want me to do this to you, honey," I corrected her, while dropping my shorts. My shaft, which was throbbing madly, popped out and wobbled before Lindsay's appreciative eyes in a truly obscene manner.

"Is that for me?"

"Open up," I teased her, pointing toward her mouth, as she reclined back on the mattress and placed her neck on its edge, allowing her head to dangle there as she faced me expectantly. "I only want to give you what you want most, princess."

The very moment Lindsay opened her lips, I stepped forward and jammed my cock hard and deep into her willing mouth. Her eyes wide, she glared up at me and made a gagging noise as I clutched the side of her head with my right hand. When the little minx gave me a reassuring nod, it was all systems go.

Lindsay nearly choked as I began to powerfully thrust my hips back-and-forth in a continual motion, my cock invading the far reaches of her throat at the same time. This was the one thing that Lindsay enjoyed perhaps more than anything else when she and I had sex together. She loved it when I thumped away at her sweet mouth with my hard, raging cock.

Those eyes of hers were locked upon my face, her breasts bouncing and flopping about with reckless abandon, as I burned a trail deep into her throat. I moaned and sighed out with my own pleasure, which was immense, and clutched the side of her head as a way to balance and steady myself.

Past experience told me that I could be as hard and as forceful as I desired whenever I speared Lindsay's mouth in this manner. The more extreme and powerful I was, it seemed, the more she enjoyed herself.

When Lindsay reached out and palmed my testicles with her right hand, I received a quick, sudden burst of energy. I absolutely hammered her mouth with my pulsing erection. Every muscle within my body was tight and clenched, and I was using all of the fiber and strength that I could muster to appease her. The heated, erotic sensations within me were multiplying by the second. Soon, I was on overload.

That load, as you may imagine, was pumped directly into Lindsay's willing mouth. When I sensed the eruption inside of me, I jammed my cock as far as I could into Lindsay's throat and then just let myself go. She did a nice job swallowing and guzzling down my sperm, though a portion of it billowed up and leaked out of each side of her mouth. All the while, it felt as though my whole body was going to spontaneously combust because of all the heat we generated. Of course, the moans and growls from me were deafening.

When it was over, I withdrew my deflated shaft from her mouth and took a step back. Somewhat exhausted, I watched with interested eyes as Lindsay wiped the excess flow of sperm from her face with her fingertips and licked them dry. She clearly enjoyed the taste.

The bride-to-be clenched her chin with her right hand and then opened and closed her mouth in a continual manner. Obviously, she was stretching her jaws. After the ordeal I had just put her through, she had ample reason to do so.

"You're okay ... aren't you?" I confirmed.

Lindsay looked at me and giggled. "Of course I'm okay! I wish I could get a mouth-fuck like that every single day!" She reached up and encircled my hips with both arms, bringing me closer to her, and nestled her face against my upper thigh. "Hmmmmm, I love you, Jeremy. I love you so much!"

"I love you too, honey," were my honest words for her. "I love you more than you'll ever know."

After taking a very quick shower, the sound of dishes clattering drew me into the large and spacious kitchen. Sure enough, Amy - our self-appointed maid and housekeeper (not to mention one of my three wives) - was at the counter, whipping eggs. From the entranceway, I stood there for a brief moment and silently admired her. A true red-headed ravisher in her own right, Amy was every bit as attractive as her counterparts in our relationship.

Finding myself unable to resist, I then snuck up behind Amy, brushed several strands of her immaculate red hair away from her neck, and nudged my lips to the soft skin behind her ear. "Good morning," I whispered, reaching around Amy's torso and placing the palm of my hand across her stomach.

Amy rested the back of her head upon my shoulder and groaned contently. "Hey, you. Lindsay says you're hungry?"

"Always," I sighed, now taking a moment to breathe in and luxuriate in the tantalizing scent of Amy. Lavender. Amy smelled like lavender. And cocoa butter.

"I mean for FOOD," the 32-year-old snickered.

"That too," I nodded.

"Cheese omelet okay? There isn't much else left in the refrigerator, since we're about to leave for eight days."

"Have I ever told you just how much I love ... cheese omelets?" I asked, but darted out of the kitchen before she had the opportunity to answer.

"Look what the cat dragged in!" Devon announced in a peppy, cheerful tone, motioning toward me as I scurried into the adjacent dining room. Most of the ladies (including Lindsay, now dressed in a bath robe) glanced up and offered me friendly smiles and various greetings.

Trish was the first to rise up from the dining room table and make her way over to me. She offered me a little hug and cooed, "I heard Krissy and Pamela pretty much wore you last night, huh? Apparently, you slept for close to 11 hours."

I made a face and flicked my wrist at her. "Psst. I wore Krissy and Pamela out. Not the other way around."

"Excuse me?" Kristanna countered, suddenly breaking out into a fit of heated laughter. Seated in a rocking chair away from the table and nursing our son, Kaden, Kristanna shook her head and giggled again. "You shouldn't lie like that, Jeremy. You're not very good at it, you know."

Speaking of beautiful ladies, I glanced over at Pamela, who seemed more desirable to me than ever before as she held and rocked our daughter, Piper, in her loving arms. What a truly wonderful sight - one that I was looking forward to getting used to over the coming months and years.

But there was something amiss - Pamela had not been the same since giving birth three weeks ago. Her eyes did not sparkle like they used to, and the skin beneath them was shadowed. That was troubling to me. Even more troubling was that judging by her breakfast plate, Pamela had barely touched her food. Her appetite had seemingly all but disappeared since the very moment that Piper was born. Was it a simple, temporary case of Postpartum Depression like I thought, or was there something more seriously wrong with Pamela?

"Why don't you eat your food?" I said to her.

Pamela sighed and shook her head in response. "I'm not hungry, Jeremy." She hugged Piper, whom she had been holding in her arms, even closer to her and pecked her forehead with a kiss. "I don't feel well."

"You should get some food into you," Lindsay urged Pamela. "We have a forever flight in front of us!"

"I'll get something to eat on the airplane."

I sighed as well - a bit exasperated at the situation - but offered Scarlett a friendly smile and a pat on the wrist as I sat down next to her at the table. "How are you?"


"Looking forward to visiting the United States?"

"Oh yes," Scarlett answered. "I have always wanted to travel there, but did not think I would ever get the chance. My sister and three brothers are all very jealous of me."

Devon watched Pamela for several seconds and frowned, then looked over at me. I already knew Devon's opinion on the subject. For the past two weeks, Devon was convinced that Pamela was battling some sort of clinical depression, and should have already went to the doctor to find out exactly what was troubling her. I thought about it, but decided to wait. If Pamela still seemed downtrodden and moody once we returned home next week, I was going to push the envelope and insist that she seek some sort of medical assistance.

"I love you!" Lindsay cooed at Kaden, nearly turned halfway around in her chair and eyeing him as he continued to feed. Lindsay was able to catch Kaden's attention long enough to make him glance over at her and attempt to grab at her hair with one of his tiny fists. Lindsay giggled and offered a bigger clump of her hair to Kaden, but he went right back to his meal. Kaden was a hungry baby.

"Save some of that breastmilk for me!" Lindsay cooed, her blue eyes now transfixed onto Kristanna.

"Lindsay!" Devon giggled in response.

"Oh, it's gonna be tough to leave this little guy behind," Kristanna frowned, dabbing Kaden's face with a towel and then flipping it back over her shoulder. "At least Momma and Papa have a web-cam installed for us now, so we can watch Kaden - and Piper too - on a live video feed during our vacation."

"Neither of you are being forced to go," Trish reminded Kristanna and Pamela for perhaps the millionth time, as she moved behind Lindsay and slinked both arms down across her neck and shoulders. "No one is going to blame you or hold a grudge if you want to stay and be with your newborn babies."

"Nonsense," Kristanna shot back at Trish, her tone defiant. "There is NOTHING that would make me miss your wedding with Lindsay. It will be tough to leave Kaden behind, yes, but I am doing it for a good cause. The best cause. I am positive Pamela will tell you the same thing about her and Piper. Neither of us would miss your wedding for anything."

"Maybe Trish and I should get married in Norway," Lindsay pouted, her lower lip quivering. "That way, Krissy and Pamela - and Jeremy too - would not have to leave their babies behind for seven or eight days."

"You're not getting married here in Norway," Kristanna told her. "Everything is already set up, Lindsay. Plus, we are not going to uproot the plans that your family - as well as Trish's - already has. Pamela and I will be fine. So will Jeremy. Momma and Papa are well-versed in the routines of both Kaden and Piper, and will take great care of them. It will be different and a little nerve-racking at times having them so far away, but all three of us will be fine."

Suddenly, the aroma of my breakfast omelette - filled with cheese, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers - wafted up to me. I glanced toward the kitchen, and smiled as Amy emerged with a plate and a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

"Here's yours. Be right back."

Amy returned a moment later and settled down on the floor next to me, holding her own plate across her lap and placing her glass of orange juice atop a nearby stool.

As a result, I shook my head at her. On occasion, Amy would find it necessary to try and eat her meals while seated on the floor beside me, instead of at the dining room table like a normal human being. Very simply, it was the submissive in her. She had to eat this way in a prior relationship.

"Get up here," I simply said, my voice strict, as I motioned with my head for Amy to come closer. When she did - plate and glass in hand - I pulled her down across my lap and slipped my right arm around her, and again settled its hand upon her stomach. Although she was only five weeks pregnant and showed no visible signs of a baby bump, I loved patting and caressing Amy there anyway.

Amy purred like a kitten and sighed contently as I brought a spoonful of her own omelette to her mouth, so she could take a small bite out of it. Amy then giggled and focused on the lovely and charming Scarlett in a flirtatious manner, who proceeded to reach out and caress her kneecap.

"Thank you for the food, sweetheart," I offered, sampling Amy's omelette by depositing the rest of the spoonful into my mouth. "Hmmmmm ... delicious, as always." Now, it was time for me to tear into my own omelette like a hungry man.

"Why does your mouth taste like cum?" Trish asked Lindsay, having just kissed her. When Lindsay glanced over at me and stifled a laugh, Trish folded her arms and nodded her head as if a light bulb had just went on inside of it. "Oh, I see," Trish offered, her tone insightful.

"No wonder Jeremy came into the dining room moments ago with that big smile on his face," Scarlett giggled.

I surveyed my surroundings - all seven ladies, as well as the two infants, then leisurely told Scarlett in response, "Oh, I have plenty more to be smile about than just that..."

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