What Happens to Bad Girls in Juvenile Detention


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Desc: Sex Story: Sentenced to a juvenile correction facility, Alyssa is alone and afraid, but coping. Her pain is about to get worse.

I was a bad kid. My parents said so. My school said so. And now the court had said so also. I sat there listening in shock as the judge told me I had to go to a juvenile detention center. I heard my mom crying. My dad looked angry. How could this be happening? I had gotten suspended for giving boys blowjobs in the school bathroom. Then I had gotten arrested twice for smoking pot. My parents had tried to warn me. I kind of wish I had listened.

They took me in a van to the Bloss juvenile detention facility in Rural PA. It was exactly 10 days after my 14th birthday. When they checked me in I was pretty surprised. It was a decent looking place. But then the woman named Mrs. McAllister informed me that I needed to remove all of my jewelry and all of my clothes and any personal effects that I might have. She issued me a standard uniform. It wasn't sexy at all. A plain gray T-shirt and black sweatpants. I was informed that make up was a privilege I would have to earn, as was television and phone. I was alone and scared but eventually I fell asleep anyway.

After about two weeks I had kind of gotten used to the place and had relaxed a little bit. I had made a couple of friends and it really didn't seem that bad. Also the staff quit watching me as closely. I hadn't put up much of a fight so they assumed that I was under control. During our "unstructured free time "a girl named Megan asked me if I wanted to sneak off and go into town for a pack of smokes. Seemed kind of fun to me so I agreed. We were only gone about 20 minutes. Our unstructured free time lasted 45. It should've been okay. I was wrong. Nothing was okay.

When we got back to the school Mr. James, the headmaster was waiting for us. He put us on restriction for one month. He also canceled our home visits. I was disappointed of course but I didn't say too much, after all I shouldn't have snuck out. All in all, it could've been worse.

After lights out at 10 PM I heard a knock on my door. The floor leader, Mrs. Barnes said that Mr. James would like to see me in his office immediately. I felt my heart start to pound inexplicably. I pulled my long brown hair into a ponytail and got my clothes back on. I went upstairs to Mr. James's office and knocked on the door timidly.

"Come in Alyssa."

I walked into the room and stood there waiting. I had no idea what was about to come in for some reason I was scared.

"Have a seat. We need to discuss additional punishment for your violation of code today."

My mouth went dry and I started to shiver a little bit. I told myself I was being silly after all it was a state run school. They had rules.

"I have read your case file Alyssa, and frankly I was afraid that you would need extra discipline. I am aware of your history, and you must realize that you will not be allowed to act that way at this school. I have decided to take a personal interest in your discipline. Stand up please and bend over my desk"

My eyes got huge. He couldn't possibly mean what I thought he meant. I stood slowly nervously and walked over to his desk but I didn't bend over.

"Sir, you cannot physically discipline a student."

So quickly I didn't even have time to scream he grabbed me by my hair and shoved me over top of the desk. I tried to struggle but he was very strong.

"Grip the desk Alyssa. And if you move your hands off of that desk I will whip you until you scream for mercy. Do you understand me?"

I believed him. I held onto the edge of the desk as I felt him yank my pants down. Then he yanked my underwear down. I tried to fight down the rising panic.

"I'm going to give you 20 hits with my paddle Alyssa. I will not break the skin. I can promise you however, the pain will be intense. This will most definitely hurt you more than it will me."

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